Boss aura help file

12 12 2008
DIYS in game help file, view full size.

DIYS in game help file, view full size.

Having a fairly good run kiting Eye Mutants and reaching level 65, Babaente and Tireen decided to take a break from kiting and run some team missions for tokens.  They got taken for a major surprise several times in a row, when at the end of missions where the mobs had been fairly easy, they faced Bosses that were extremely hard to put down.  One of the bosses seemed to do massive damage, while another had a health bar that took forever to beat down.

After beating both of these bosses after rather long drawn out battles involving repeated trips back to the previous floor to heal, they knew they needed to get a better handle on what to expect and how to deal with it.  That brought them back to a beginners guide at Anarchy Online Vault, The Comprehensive Newbie Guide, Part 3.

This section of the guide outlines the various boss aura colors and what each signifies.  Team mission bosses, and also many dynacamps, come with visible colored auras that indicate a particular strength or ability.  While the guide goes into some detail we will summarize it below.

DAMAGE BOSSES – Green, white, blue, red, aqua, or purple auras indicate what kind of damage this boss specializes in.

Green – Chemical
White – Cold
Blue – Energy
Red – Fire
Aqua – Poison
Purple – Radiation

ENHANCED DAMAGE BOSSES – Tan, orange colors indicate the boss does higher than average damage for its type and level.

Tan  – increased critical hit probability – 60% size increase
Orange – damage shields  – 40% size increase

MAXIMUM DAMAGE AND HEALTH BOSSES – Yellow, light red, pink, or gray can have increased damage, size, and more health points.

Yellow  – lots of added damage -increases boss size by 80%

Light red  – increases health MASSIVELY -increases in size by 100%  Massive Health Booster

Pink   – increases health geometrically by level + increased energy type damage – 40% size increase

Gray Aura  – massive HP + massive damage, cycles all damage types
Melee, then Radiation, then Poison, then Energy, the Fire, then Projectile, then Cold, then Chemical.

So now we know that if the Boss has a yellow, light red, pink, or gray aura, that we may want to proceed with extra caution and load up our best extra buffs such as our hacked boosted grafts

We inserted these notes into an in game help file.  There is a good tutorial on how to create your own in game help files at Anarchy Arcanum.




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