Level 134 and Ohtizz

19 07 2009
Ohtizz, old friend of Baba, reacts to request for credit card, click for larger view.

Ohtizz, old friend of Baba, reacts to request for credit card, click for larger view.

Baba stared out across the lake next to Newland City, watching the holo-advertisements for the various flying vehicles spin, as his long time acquaintance Ohtizz filled him in on his arrival on Rubi-Ka.  Ohtizz had been on another planet when Baba sent him a ‘free pass’ to Rubi-Ka that was supposed to include access to Jobe and what mainly interested Baba, access to the Global Purchasing Terminals.  Baba never got his access via his pal to the terminals.  The sponsoring corporation, in return for the ‘free’  30 day trial of these services, required your credit card number and the right to start charging it once the 30 days were up.  Ohtizz explained to Baba, that even though he really would have liked to see how the Planet wide shop terminals work, it just was not worth handing over his credit chip number.  Ohtizzes world had a funny way of shaking things up in such a way that he sometimes forgets to cancel free trials before the 30 days is up, and ends up getting charged.

Addys are Easy!  Ohtizz makes short work of a Boss, click for larger view.

Addys are Easy! Ohtizz makes short work of a Boss, click for larger view.

Ohtizz explained to Baba that he still enjoyed the trip to Rubi-Ka and how he had chose the Adventurer class when required by the bureaucracy running the welcome/processing orbital station.  “It’s like 10 times easier than Enforcer, or NT or even Trader.  Practically all my skills are green and unlike these professions, the starter IP allotments are more then enough for keeping the basic abilities maxed.”  There is only a handful of important skills to raise, so the IP goes much further than they did for Baba’s Enforcer, or Babaente’s NT, or Tireen’s Trader, at least for title levels 1-2.

The Shuttleport Island has been quite easy for Ohtizz thanks to the advise Baba, Babaente, and Tireen had laid out for him. They had laid out for him the following:

The Froob’s Shuttleport Island to Mainland One Page Guide

  1. Talk to Brandon Thorn, do as he asks, get a light bar,  a belt and a level.
  2. Kill beach mobs in the immediate area to level up to around level 6, be sure to loot everything.
  3. Give Thorn monster parts, he will give you first aid stims, health and nano kits. You will be outgrowing these soon, so only get a few.
  4. Take the belt to Stacklund who will upgrade it. Aslo ask him about weapon upgrades.
  5. Sign up with Clan or Omni, then trade your loot with your sides equipment vendor.
  6. Talk to  Adri Afeli by the docks and get your weapon(s) upgraded.
  7. With the cash you earned from all the mobs you killed leveling up. Buy you beginners nano package.
  8. Do Travis Molen’s sided shoulder pad quest twice to get a pair.
  9. Do Travis Molen’s 5 quests for the Newcomer’s Armor pieces, gloves, pants, body, sleeves and boots.  (There is no helmet). Use the best helmet you find looting mobs.)
  10. Buy sided badges and upgrade each of you Newcomer’s armor pieces.
  11. Don’t waste your time doing the backpack or other quests. You can buy a backpacks cheaply on the  main land.
  12. Optional, kill all the Dyna-camps you can find on the Island.  You may get a decent buffing item or two, like a Ring of Power (extra damage), Ring of Offense (extra offense points) and a few others. These are nice to have, and only cost a few minutes it takes to kill the mobs.  Not worth camping for however. If you need experience in order to level up so you can equip something new, then do these quests, and repeat them if more experience is needed.
  13. Go to the Mainland. Ignore the drunk.  Enter the subway, find the Vagabond that hangs out in the passage way between the 2nd and 3rd set of doors beyond the entrance.  Kill him and loot the Vagabond cloak.  If it drops, place it on your back slot. The +25 all defense is golden at these low levels.  If the cloak does not drop, take note of the time, proceed to the left wing off the large main hall.  Kill robots, muggers, looters and Vagabonds (the other Vagabonds may also drop the Vagabond cloak) for 20 minutes, then return to the first Vagabond and kill him again.  Repeat this process until you get a cloak. This cloak and the newcomer’s armor is all you need for the next 15-20 levels armor wise.
  14. Get a Bio Communicator to turn monster parts into more valuable blood plasma.  For sale in shops for a few thousand credits, or get a free one by talking to the woman standing near where you first arrived. Agree to return her Bio Communicator to a guy over by the shops.  He will end up giving you one for your very own.

At this point you are on your own.  You should know how to play your character, how to kill mobs to level and how to earn credits.

Ohtizz breezed through Newbie Island and hit level 13 on the Mainland without ever once visiting reclaim.  Poor Baba got to know reclaim at starter Island right away as did Babaente and Tireen. “It’s so easy” he told Baba, “I hardly take any damage, and the mobs are usually dead before I break out a sweat.”  With evades maxed, and dual wielding a pair of fairly powerful pistols, Ohtizz rarely has to use an many med kits and first aid charges as Baba did.

Baba listened patiently to his old friend.  He had know Ohtizz, long ago, on other planets in other solar systems, other times.  He was glad his friend had finally found something at which he could excel.  Not wanting to bring up some of Ohtizz’s previous less than glorious undertakings, Baba encouraged him to continue with the Addy thing.

Baba would never choose the Adventurer route, but he did feel a bit cheated.  Newbie island has been a somewhat difficult undertaking for him.  He was mostly envious of the Adventurer’s solo/self healing nanos.  You would think that a profession that is designed to take damage, would have nanos to replenish the health lost while tanking.  All Enforcers get are nanos that increase the overall health point base.  The problem being that once it’s used up, in battle, there is nothing except first aid stims, to keep his health for running out in a hard fight.

Baba shook Ohtizz’s hand, wished him luck, and hopped in his Yalm.  Baba had some leveling to do in Perpetual Wastelands with some Borg.  When Baba arrived over the dunes in north east PW he was happy to find no other hunters there to compete with.  There was evidence however, that someone had recently left there.  The main dunes section, that has a somewhat elevated altitude to the extent that one can see far in all directions, was itself only about half full of the usual complement of Cyborg soldiers and officers.

Baba quickly buffed up, and popped a anniversary experience boosting stim and went to work.  It did not take long for Baba to clear the rest of the main dune section, however he could swear that his experience bar was hardly moving.  The combat log clearly still showed massive experience being awarded with each Borg downed, so it must have been one of those time/reality dilations that occur sometimes due to stress or excitement.  Baba had to move further south to the section of undulating dunes that sit next to the acid lake and the Heli-pad.  He greatly reduced the distance by which he would kite his prey away from the main body. This helped speed up the process, but also caused him to catch unwanted aggro from Borg which re-spawned close to where he was recharging or looting resulting in multi Borg kites, and/or sustaining 50% or more damage before dispatching the Borg involved.

Baba hits level 134 at PW Dunes, click for larger view.

Baba hits level 134 at PW Dunes, click for larger view.

By the time Baba dinged 134, darkness was falling.  He hopped in his Yalm and few north just a bit to set down in his usual safe spot where he could sort his recent loot and heal up via his health and nano deltas rather than use of costly kits.  There were several Miy’s armor pieces in this take, but nothing he could equip any time soon.  While not in his loot bags, he did cogitate a bit over seeing not one, but several Experimental Cyborg token boards dropping during this outing.  It was a shame to have to let them rot, but since they are no drop, and he already had a clan board, they were of no use to him.


Team mission change of pace

17 08 2008
Standing around Broken Shores, great place to run missions.

Standing around Broken Shores, great place to run missions. Click for full size version.

Saturday afternoon found Baba wandering around Mort and Perpetual Wastelands. He had heard that PW was the next logical place to go for Borgs that are higher in level than those in Mort. After this past Saturday afternoon, this needs to be clarified. Some of the Borgs in PW are of a higher level. Many are actually lower level, but even though they may only be 100 to 120 ish, they do seem to consistently drop like level Miy’s armor. The high level Borg in PW are so high they don’t have a level number, just ‘much higher than you’ etc. They give around 140k XP so they are definitely worth it; however there is just one problem. The higher level Borgs tend to stay in the most secure Borg areas, surrounded by other Borg that may or may not be as high, but are numerous. Couple this with the fact that PW has an insanely high map reading requirement, (700) it is very difficult to hunt them without a mini-map showing the position of all Borg in the vicinity.

After filling 5 bags of loot off the lower level ones in the town just south of the ‘Borg hideout’ and the mining facility Baba logged off for the afternoon.

When he returned in the evening, on a hunch he used the insurance terminal in Newland City, rather than wait to use the one at Sentinels. It would have been more logical to use the Sentinels one, since he was heading for PW, and the Sentinels reclaim would be the closest clan reclaim to PW. His hunch told him to save in Newland City.

Baba returned later that evening and started pulling Borg out the north gate of the Borg hideout. He was doing very well until he started having to go deeper into the base to find the higher level Borg, and without the aid of the mini-map, rounded a corner and was face to face with 3 high level Borg. Earlier in the day he was able to survive a similar match with 3 low level Borg. This match did not go well, and Baba was only able to fell one before the other two sent him back to reclaim.

When he rezzed in his Yalm at the Newland reclaim, (the one on the hill overlooking the east end of the town) he spotted Puppyhugger (title 4 female adventurer) also rezzing at the same spot. They had been playing chat and email tag, but up until tonight had never really had a chance to meet in person. Puppyhugger is now working on the 1k token board and had been running a mission when she got sent to reclaim. (Puppy is one of Esdian’s many alts. Check out her excellent web log where she recounts a recent Froob test server RK1 and 2 combined raid. Baba looks forward to hitting title 5 and getting in on these efforts.)

Puppyhugger and Baba decided to run a team mission in the 137-139ish range, and were soon buffing up in a mission entrance in Broken Shores. It was really Baba’s first time running a mission with a player within his own range. Previously he had only done team missions with a few very high level org mates, so there had always been plenty of back up firepower if needed.

Buffed and in big cat and wolf morphs, they started the mission. The mission went rather well considering there were only two on the team. The mobs were humans another thing Baba is somewhat unfamiliar with. When he rolls missions solo, he always goes for non-human mobs. Being a melee fighter, it’s better to fight melee mobs or Borgs. When he does encounter human types, he had never before run into MPs, or engineers with pets. Baba is not complaining, just outlining how the experience was new for him.

Fortunately they got through the mission without any super mistakes, although Baba did run in before properly reconning a room/hallway with two floating sentry driods, and Baba had to do the fly quick back from reclaim maneuver. Later in the mission the team handled a much trickier situation. There were 3 sentry droids, and several mobs in a square shaped or O shaped hall. We were able to taunt the moving mobs one at a time away from the sentries, and then successfully took out the sentries one by one.

Puppyhugger demonstrated how adventurer’s have some of every profession in their toolkit, providing speed buffs, heals, and plenty of damage. At another point about mid way through the mission, the team got separated briefly and Baba mis-interpreted his mini-map and ran into a room with 3 mobs all close together, mistaking one of the mobs for Puppyhugger. Lucky for Baba, the mobs were only some squishy ninjas, but he might not have made past that point if Puppyhugger had not bailed him out eventually.

When they reached the final Boss room, Baba did not survive the first try, and Puppyhugger was able to retreat to the previous level to wait for Baba to return. After they successfully took down the other mob in the boss room, they healed up and then attacked the final boss. Unfortunately it was Puppyhugger’s turn this time to visit reclaim. They had beaten the boss down enough that Baba was able to outlast it. He opened the corpse for the loot and was greeted with a nice list of 130-ish goodies, mostly good shop food, but no rare items. Baba thought he would hold it open so his teammate could have first pick, but it vanished before they were able to return. Baba had thought that all mobs were on a 20 minute timer before they vanish, but apparently not. Since the main purpose in the first place had been tokens for Puppyhugger, the mission was still a win. Once Puppyhugger returned and completed the mission (fix something, or put something in something etc.) they did get their tokens.

If you have a chance to team with Puppyhugger, be sure to do so, she is great player and team mate.