Planting Better Pets

14 10 2010





Babaoroody has been called out of semi-retirement to assist TEAM PETS with 1) a new net of implants, and 2) to blitz for higher pets for each.  Their previous level 100 implants (which they got when they were in their 50s levels) have started looking puny ever since they got into their 90’s level range, however their treatment still needed to be increased before they could equip QL125 imps.  They targeted 125s because those are the highest level store bought basic imps available.  Imps over that level must be custom made by stripping down looted implants. Making custom imps is not something they can try until Babaemphee is around level 120 due to the high requirements.  After some calculations it was clear that Babaoroody’s Nano Programming (with an additional 92 points from an MP buff from Babaemphee) would only be high enough to make about half the implants.  Trader Tireen was employed to shop for and collect the needed basic implants and the clusters.  She handed these over to Babaoroody, who was able to build about half of them.  Baba then had to ask for help from end-game level guild mates to combine the remaining implants.  Over the course of several evenings, Angels of the Night toon Herschol combined the implants by taking advantage of a Nano Programming boost provided by guild’s player city.  The generous implant combiner gracefully let it pass that Baba had a few errors in implant preparations, however they were fairly minor and did not prevent the completion of the key implants and clusters.

Next came the actual implanting sessions with both Babaengy and Babaemphee going through that involved drill.  This drill involves a)swapping body, arms, leg, glove and boots armor for Omni med suit pieces, b) swapping regular head armor for a Biomech helmet (buffs treatment), c) hitting up a surgery clinic machine, and swapping the old imps out and putting the new imps in.  Then the first two steps have to be reversed.  While QL125 imps may not be considered ‘twink’ level for level 90 toons, they still provided just enough of a skill boost to get them to be able to control pets +20 levels above them self-buffed.  (Note: They still require Babaempee’s Masteries and trader Tireen’s Wrangle to cast the pets.)

With this out of the way, it was time for Baba to blitz a better bot for Babaengy (He had already given Babaemphee a better attack pet that he has had in his bank for quite some time.)  As the new Engy nano was level 146, it would be interesting to see how difficult the mission would be.  This usually depends on the type of mob.  The most dreaded mobs for him now are Slayerdroid types.  A one on one with these can often be fatal given the slightest error or bit of bad luck.  This mission turned out to be packed with Slayerdroids, but fortune smiled and none of them were placed squarely in the path to the mission objective.  He did have to kill a few Infector types but these are manageable.

COH-Empty first section, must be a team ahead

COH-Empty first section, must be a team ahead, click for larger view

Once Babaemphee and Babaengy had equipped their new imps and their new pets, it was time to return to the ‘kill 3 of’ mission that was running for them both at COH.  Tireen was able to log off right away, as they did not need her help opening the front door.  Someone else must have fairly recently opened it, as they strolled right in.  The found the Blorrg and Skincrawler areas completely empty.  This meant there is most likely a good team just ahead of them.  They caught up with the other ‘team’ at the pool area where the entrance to the serpent tunnels is.  It was another ‘pet team’ this one consisting of a 85 crat with droid, and 110 Engineer with Slayerdroid II.  Despite the Slayerdroid firepower, they were not moving very quickly through the tunnel, so TEAM PETS passed them and proceeded to the southern tunnel section to complete their kill 3 serpents objective.  It actually worked out to both teams favor in the Kizzermole tunnel, as it was fully populated, and having two teams prevented anyone from being swarmed.  The other team then went to pull the switch to spawn the Pit Demon.  TEAM PETS had been looking at their time displays and decided that responsibilities in RL4 were pressing so after the other team vacated the switch room to go and kill the Pit Demon, they moved next to the switch and logged off.  A review of the combat logs later showed the new Flawed Warbot critting for 1100 points and averaging 700 point regular hits.  The new attack pet was hitting for around 675 points.  It was also clear that the additional evades from the imps was resulting in more log entries of the ‘Kizzermole tried to hit you but missed’ type.

Babaente Starts Kiting Again


Overlooking Claw Camp in SW Pleasant Meadows

Overlooking Claw Camp in SW Pleasant Meadows


The last time NT Babaente was out kiting was quite some time ago, before TEAM PETS started.  Her last kite had been at South West Claw Camp in Pleasant Meadows.  At that time, kiting there was a very dangerous proposition.  Her net run speed, self buffed with a hacked boosted graft Playful Cub morph, and the Boots of Infinite Speed, was just barely enough to allow her to outrun the Claws there, but just barely.  There was very little margin for error, such as forgetting to right click the boots to activate the ‘Terrain Knowledge’ +40 run speed buff.  The boots themselves only give a +3 boost to run speed when equipped.  The +40 run speed buff only lasts 30 minutes, but can be re-cast as needed.

She returned recently determined to see what a difference a whole additional 100 runspeed from her new Ring of Haste would make.  After scouting the area from her yalm she determined that some one had previously trained off the three Slayerdriods that usually guard this camp.

She only pulled a few Claws on her first kite, and it’s a good thing she did.  Early into the kite, she experienced some control issues that resulted in her momentarily getting stuck and the kite piling up on her.  She managed to get away, but with about 10% health, which caused the rest of the kite to take a long time as she had to be extra cautious since here run speed was reduced due to the low health.  After she sorted out the control issues, the next kite went really well.  At full health, and with the added runspeed from the Ring, she was easily able to pull the entire camp and lead it about with impunity.  This was the first time, self buffed, that she had enjoyed this surplus of speed.  By having more than enough speed, she could easily keep her distance when needed, and had greater flexibility in manipulating the kite to keep it together.  With the extra margin, she could take her time, tabbing through the mobs to find the strongest to use as the primary area of effect nuke target.

This large kite was more than enough to push her to ding level 90 as when she started she already had about 75% of a level built up.  The loot was nothing remarkable,  but she dutifully picked it up and tossed it into backpacks.  She ran a few more kites and then retired to the top of the little hill overlooking the camp to allocate out her new IP.  Besides pumping up her MC for better nukes, she is currently trying to build up her SI so she can equip her next best calm. While her calms are not as reliable as trader Tireen’s they come in very handy in dungeons and missions where kiting is not an option.

Solo NT kiting was a nice change of pace for the complexity of TEAM PETS.  It is quite the opposite kind of experience.  The NT only needs to cast a handful of self buffs, and then it mostly run, stop, nuke, run, etc.  It is very easy to get into action, get a decent amount of experience and then log out in under 50 minutes.  In the time it takes TEAM PETS to simply buff up, cast pets, and buff pets, NT Babaente can complete several kites.

Now that she is confident in the nice speed margin given by her new ring, she will invite trader Tireen to team up and leech experience.  While the Claws still give decent experience, it won’t be long before it will be time to start scouting out a higher level kiting spot.


Team Baba Pets Moves to Foreman’s

19 08 2010
Foreman's Front Door Mischief

Foreman's Front Door Mischief, click for larger view

Unceremoniously, Babaengy and Babaemphee’s last trip to TOTW was this past Friday evening.  They have everything on their must have lists, and wanted to give another try for the two elusive Notum rings.  They both have the PM/SI versions but the MC ones would be more useful, however they came across some posts which point out that Rings of Presence usually drop frequently for players as they level up, and they buff from +2 or more (depending on quality), all nano skills.  In fact between all of Baba’s alts, there are about 8 of various quality sitting in their banks.  The nugget of information convinced Babaengy and Babaemphee that it was not worth putting up with the trains and spite camping twinks at TOTW any more than they already had.

On this last trip they saw several variations on the “spite camping” twinks.  These are twinks, equipped with top shelf expansion goodies, much costing billions or only available from higher level players, while in and of themselves are of passing technical interest, stand out because of the actions.  They tie up bosses by camping them for hours, preventing anyone else from getting access while they already have all the items they can equip.  One Enforcer twink who choose to run a circuit around the three main wings and their bosses, when it saw other players coming through Gartua’s room, went and popped several mongoes and trained every spawned Windcaller, Exarch and reverend to the area just inside the door to Aztur’s hall just as our pair were entering.   It actually saved our team time, and just meant all of their objectives were in one spot.  While it did take a little extra work for the healpet, they soon had all the mobs down and looted, but no Notum rings were found.

Babaengy and Babaemphee then ran back to DOTS cross roads, and found a twink and a tagging on lowbie fighting DOT.  Babaengy and Babaemphee waited for the fight to finish and then started to run towards the door to the middle hall where Nematet is.  The twink and lowbie saw this and immediately also ran for that door, exhibiting that ‘me first‘ attitude prevalent in these juvenile epeeners.  Babaengy smirked to himself how well his miss-direction had worked.  He watched them run off towards Nematet, because he and Babaemphee really wanted to go visit Lein.

They had to fight their way all the way down to Lien, which is always a good sign, i.e. that no one else was around or camping Lien.  They did see a curious spectacle play out.  When they had progressed to having just two more corners of Legionnaires left to kill and pass, this 38 or so lowbie with a Neleb’s rod, but not much else, tried to run past the remaining Legionnaires.  The lowbie got all the way to the second set of Legionnaires, aggroed them, and then realized he was in trouble.  He was trapped by six Legionnaires, and they wiped him long before Babaengy and Babaemphee could get near.

Once team pets, had cleared out all Legionnaires, they had a 5 to 10 minute wait for Lein to spawn.  They spent this time, rebuffing, and recharging, so when Lien did spawn, the whole team was primed.  The attack went by the book.  Keeping their distance, Babaengy first ticked his bots positive aggression trimmer into gear, and Babaemphee, cast her attack pets combat buff on it.  Then Babaengy sent the bot in to attack.  After the bot had a chance to get in several good hits, Babaemphee sent in her attack pet and mezz pet.  By keeping their distance, Lien’s Ju Ju dolls were immediately rooted by Babaengy’s root aura and were too far from Babaengy and Babaemphee to hit them.  After the meatballs got in a few hits, Babaemphee cast her debuff on Lien, after which Babaengy and Babaemphee started to let loose with their alphas, various TOTW damage rings for Babaengy, and a cold nuke from Babaemphee.  The team took less damage in this battle than any previous Lien fight.

They were well rewarded at the end, with Lien dropping two dark memories and a memory loop.  This just happened to be exactly what was left on team pet’s Lien checklist.  On their previous trip they had both managed to fill their 5 slot belts, and this trip gave them both an extra DM for when they upgrade to six slot belts.

Babaengy and Babaemphee decided to head out to Biomare, having reset their profiles to start collecting experience again, and looking to get back on the leveling path.  They first stopped at the small base just outside the Biomare facility to grab the first quest from Ace Starr, who hands out the clan Biomare quests.  Entering Biomare, for clan, is a bit dicey, especially for pet classes.  Due to the fact that the base is an Omni controlled area, trying to walk in, will result in attacks from the many well equipped guards.  The best way to get in, is to fly in using Yalms, quickly so that any guards around don’t have time to take any shots.  Neither Babaengy or Babaemphee likes flying with pets cast.  It just seems like a cruel thing to do.  Fortunately the entrance to Biomare consists of a quite long hallway with the first mob at the other end, which means clan can enter, go to the side, buff up and cast pets without getting attacked.

They have spent the last few evenings working thought the first set of clan quests.  Babaente, Baba’s NT, and Tireen, his trader alt, skipped Biomare entirely, relying solely on Babaempee’s kiting to get them to their 70s.  They both are currently stuck trying to do the ‘System Intrusion’ daily mission.  Tireen’s calms just don’t cut it, she rarely gets past the first L shaped hall.  Babaente’s calms work much better, and she can calm her way all the way to the end boss who is level 90.  Babaente can calm her, but not kill her, so she can’t complete the mission as long as she has aggro from this boss.  She is strongly considering calling in Babaoroody to throw his level 149 weight around for help.

Babaengy and Babaemphee are finding Biomare alot more fun that it was for Babaoroody.  When Baba did it, he barely found teams often enough to complete the basic security card guests, but he also had to do alot solo.  Soloing is not recommended there unless you are talking about a twink.  Mobs are placed in close together groups, and most of the time it is impossible to pull single mobs before one gets security clearance.  The sewers can be soloed, as can the second golf ball cave section, but the bodyguards in the third section, are very strong and hit hard, and present quite a threat to solo players.  The three bosses are tough also, requiring a good full team, or a much higher level toon with top level pets cast.

The completed the first quest, disable 6 security cams, by focusing on the 3 cams, the first one outside Rodriquez’s area, and two more further down the same hall.  This required dealing with guards which go down fairly fast when Team Pet’s attack bots have their best combat buffs running.

The next set of quests, kill 6 floaters and then kill 6 bloaters is where they first ran into trouble.  Getting swarmed by floaters and bloaters is common when other players sometime train them on to others, but Team Pet was getting swarmed repeatedly.  The got badly swarmed by bloaters once where Babaemphee got sent back to reclaim, which meant Babaengy had to beat a hasty retreat via the emergency exit. Babaengy had just dinged 62, so after she returned, they spent a good 30-40 minutes killing floaters so she could catch up and also ding 62.  They filled up all their bags about half way through, so Babaengy inspected each corpse and only looted really expensive or valuable items, like battle suits or Notum chips.

Babaoroody had told them that he thought Biomare was much better designed than TOTW.  Things like the security cards and the emergency exits go along way in preventing the epidemic training like what goes on at TOTW.

Later they reviewed their various running buffs and are guessing that ‘Intrusive Aura of Entanglement’ is aggro-ing every mob within 20 meters, so they are going to try not using it on their next visit.   It also has the negative effect of getting Babaengy flagged for PVP, and open to ganking by some opportunistic higher level omni there.

They decided to level up some more before taking on the kill Tri-Plumbo boss quest.  The sewers provides fast leveling for them, and TONS of loot.  The best thing about Biomare, in addition to good leveling, is the income.  Mobs at Biomare drop tons of semi-valuable loot.  A single average bag can easily bring 90,000 credits when vendored by Tireen.  It’s quite easy to fill 10+ bags while getting a level in the sewers.   With all bags full and both hitting 62, they left for the evening.

Later while allocating out their new IP in a Newland shop, Babaengy realized he had just increased his skills enough to be able to use ‘Beacon Warp’ which Babaoroody looted a year or two ago.  This opens up a lot of possibilities, from warping lowbies in for phatz, to warping Babaoroody in for places like Crypt of Home.

They made a short follow up visit the following night, and refrained from using the Intrusive Aura as well as any reflect damage things, and as a result, had a much more manageable time in the sewers, grabbing about 10 bags of stuff, and a level each (level 63).  This finally allowed Babaemphee to be able to cast her first Chant, so she cant’ wait to try it out.  Babaengy however is in one of those stages where it will be several levels before he can bump up a level on his bot or any of his nanos.   They both are also still inching towards equipping level 70 first aid and treatment kits.  Stores only sell these in 50 and 70 steps so they have been trying to make do with some 60s that dropped in a team mission a while back, but these have been used up and they are stuck with using puny 50s now.

Keep your Rings of Luck On

25 10 2009
Halloween 09 at the Grind, Baba spotted Abmouth, several other bosses, a huge Uncle Pumpkin, and the worst monster of all, the Lag Monster.

Halloween 09 at the Grind, Baba spotted Abmouth, several other bosses, a huge Uncle Pumpkin, and the worst monster of all, the Lag Monster. Click for larger view.

Wear them, or keep them in your immediate inventory, or sell, give away or delete Rings of Luck.  Never leave Rings of Luck in your toon’s bank, or it may prevent you from picking up a much higher quality one later on.

Many players pick up the Ring of Luck (Offensive or Defensive) at low QL levels during their beginnings on ICC Shuttleport Island. While these may prove to be helpful at when first starting to level up, they are often swapped out soon for better buffing items that come along. What many player don’t know is that both the Offensive and the Defensive versions of the ring acquire the unique and no drop tags at higher Quality Levels. We recommend that players either get rid of any low quality Rings of Luck (sell, or equip an alt, give to friend) or keep them in their immediate on character inventory. This will enable a player to pick up a higher quality Ring of Luck that has the “unique tag”. Even though a lower quality Ring of Luck does not have the unique tag, the system will not allow a unique tagged Ring of Luck to be picked up, if ANY QL Ring of Luck is in a toon’s possession. If the low QL item is in one’s immediate inventory, then one can delete it on the spot, in order to then be able to pick up the new, higher quality one.

Here is a brief outline of the status of Rings of Luck at varying Quality Levels:

  • 1-67 – no restriction
  • 68-133 – no drop with some restrictions (unique and/or special)
  • 134+unique and some specials
  • 200 no drop

Inventory, Attack Rating, and HUD Tweaking

22 08 2009
Sunrise at PW Dunes, click for larger view.

Sunrise at PW Dunes, click for larger view.

Baba’s still working on level 138. Ever since he hit level 136, leveling for Baba at Perpetual Wastelands Borg spots has slowed way down. Where he used to get 90 to 100k for each Borg, it is has dropped down to around 60-70k now, so it is taking much longer to level there than it did before. As a result of having to fell more Borg per level, Baba is amassing quite a decent Miy’s armor collection.

He went to try and organize it some and turned to a program he has used for several years, the Anarchy Online Inventory System from halorn. Unfortunately it does not recognize Miy’s armor and only identifies the quality level, but not the type. As an alternative, Baba tried out the Anarchy Online Backpack Parser found here.

The AOBP is actually more convenient to use than the AOIS because it only requires you to move a bag from the bank to inventory to get the contents. The extra step of having to actually open each back pack is eliminated. When going through an entire bank, this saves a good deal of time. The program also offers quite a few options in terms of output formats, csv, txt, html, etc. What made Baba happy, is that it does recognize his Miy’s armor and another big plus is that it parses the backpack names which makes it easy to actually locate the items.

Baba relied on AOBP to help him come up with his current almost all Miy’s armor outfit. Using AOPB it was easy to copy the Miy’s entries over to a spreadsheet where he could further sort and organize it.

When he was done he had a list sorted by Miy’s type of his collection. He was able then to pick out and quickly locate the highest level Miy’s ranged pieces he had.

The reason he choose Ranged my surprise you. Why not the Tank, or Scary? Tank would be ideal but for one factor. It buffs 2 hand blunt skill, which is useless to Baba. The Ranged is almost identical except it buffs two useless skills to Baba rather than one, but, the equip requirements are Agility and Strength. With Ranged, Baba can equip higher quality levels than with the Tank that requires Stamina and Strength. Baba can equip QL 172 Ranged and QL 133 Tank, so for the time being, Ranged is the better choice since it yields higher buffs and AC protection.

Another detail Baba became aware of during this exercise was how items that buff your primary weapon skills, increase your attack rating. He had been wearing a pair of 130 Rhinoman leather gloves. When she switched them out for some 172 Ranged gloves, his attack rating went down a point. The Rhinoman leather gloves have buffs for 2 hand edged, Fast attack and Dimach which are supported by his current weapon, the Panther. This also highlights one other reason for using the Ranged or Tank Miy’s. They both buff strength and stamina, which have very strong trickle down to his weapon skills.

Since Ranged and Tank Miy’s buff 2 enforcer primary skills, strength and stamina, Baba realized that it would be in his best interest if he cast all his self buffs in order to be able to equip the highest level Miy’s he could. Once he did that he was able to get into pieces ranging from 184 to 168. See his latest set up here.

Baba has also been working on his always engaged HUD layout and made a few more tweaks recently. He moved several attack special rings out an open backpack to sit in his main inventory. The reason for doing this, is so they can be made into hot buttons on his hot key bars. He moved his health kit and nano recharge hot key buttons to a secondary hot bar. He then put the hot keys for the rings into the recently vacated primary hot bar slots. Now when kiting Borg or in any combat, he can use these rings without having to change hand positions or using the mouse. Baba has found, and others report in the forums that mouse control can lag at times, at least compared to hot key response.

Now Baba’s attack specials available to him on his primary hot bar include,

  • Flurry of Blows
  • Library of Foul Language
  • Ring of Eternal Night
  • Tattered Flame Ring
  • Bloodleech Ring
  • Weeping Flesh Ring
  • Memory Loss Ring

Baba uses Flurry as often as he can, but due to it’s cool down, it works out to about every other Borg.

He uses the Library of Foul Language only when everything else is on cool down, or when in teams and then it is used to get and keep aggro. Because of their cool down rates, Baba cycles between Eternal Night, Tattered Flame, Bloodleech, and Weeping Flesh, so that he can use at least one in every fight. He rarely uses the memory loss ring, keeping it around for team situations where it could be used to wipe a mobs hate list so Baba can then hit the mob and become it’s new number one on the hate list, and hopefully saving the squishy that the mob may have been attacking. None of these are knockout or even equivalent of an average hit from his current weapon, but they do help shorten the time it takes to bring a mob down.

Baba usually carries 6-7 loot bags currently, so when they fill up, it’s time to transfer the good to our Trader Tireen who fences them for top credit amounts. Recently while feeding loot to the Trader shop terminal in Newland City, another player noticed her Solar Powered Backpack and commented favorably on it. Baba now sees them listed on the shopping channel for 40 million credits. Then just a few nights later, while waiting for Babaente to show up, Tireen spotted a level 50 twink sporting the same back pack. This twink was an enforcer, so the Solar Powered backpack actually grows or shrinks according to the breed that is wearing it. When worn by an enforcer, it appears to be twice as big as Tireen’s.

Level 134 and Ohtizz

19 07 2009
Ohtizz, old friend of Baba, reacts to request for credit card, click for larger view.

Ohtizz, old friend of Baba, reacts to request for credit card, click for larger view.

Baba stared out across the lake next to Newland City, watching the holo-advertisements for the various flying vehicles spin, as his long time acquaintance Ohtizz filled him in on his arrival on Rubi-Ka.  Ohtizz had been on another planet when Baba sent him a ‘free pass’ to Rubi-Ka that was supposed to include access to Jobe and what mainly interested Baba, access to the Global Purchasing Terminals.  Baba never got his access via his pal to the terminals.  The sponsoring corporation, in return for the ‘free’  30 day trial of these services, required your credit card number and the right to start charging it once the 30 days were up.  Ohtizz explained to Baba, that even though he really would have liked to see how the Planet wide shop terminals work, it just was not worth handing over his credit chip number.  Ohtizzes world had a funny way of shaking things up in such a way that he sometimes forgets to cancel free trials before the 30 days is up, and ends up getting charged.

Addys are Easy!  Ohtizz makes short work of a Boss, click for larger view.

Addys are Easy! Ohtizz makes short work of a Boss, click for larger view.

Ohtizz explained to Baba that he still enjoyed the trip to Rubi-Ka and how he had chose the Adventurer class when required by the bureaucracy running the welcome/processing orbital station.  “It’s like 10 times easier than Enforcer, or NT or even Trader.  Practically all my skills are green and unlike these professions, the starter IP allotments are more then enough for keeping the basic abilities maxed.”  There is only a handful of important skills to raise, so the IP goes much further than they did for Baba’s Enforcer, or Babaente’s NT, or Tireen’s Trader, at least for title levels 1-2.

The Shuttleport Island has been quite easy for Ohtizz thanks to the advise Baba, Babaente, and Tireen had laid out for him. They had laid out for him the following:

The Froob’s Shuttleport Island to Mainland One Page Guide

  1. Talk to Brandon Thorn, do as he asks, get a light bar,  a belt and a level.
  2. Kill beach mobs in the immediate area to level up to around level 6, be sure to loot everything.
  3. Give Thorn monster parts, he will give you first aid stims, health and nano kits. You will be outgrowing these soon, so only get a few.
  4. Take the belt to Stacklund who will upgrade it. Aslo ask him about weapon upgrades.
  5. Sign up with Clan or Omni, then trade your loot with your sides equipment vendor.
  6. Talk to  Adri Afeli by the docks and get your weapon(s) upgraded.
  7. With the cash you earned from all the mobs you killed leveling up. Buy you beginners nano package.
  8. Do Travis Molen’s sided shoulder pad quest twice to get a pair.
  9. Do Travis Molen’s 5 quests for the Newcomer’s Armor pieces, gloves, pants, body, sleeves and boots.  (There is no helmet). Use the best helmet you find looting mobs.)
  10. Buy sided badges and upgrade each of you Newcomer’s armor pieces.
  11. Don’t waste your time doing the backpack or other quests. You can buy a backpacks cheaply on the  main land.
  12. Optional, kill all the Dyna-camps you can find on the Island.  You may get a decent buffing item or two, like a Ring of Power (extra damage), Ring of Offense (extra offense points) and a few others. These are nice to have, and only cost a few minutes it takes to kill the mobs.  Not worth camping for however. If you need experience in order to level up so you can equip something new, then do these quests, and repeat them if more experience is needed.
  13. Go to the Mainland. Ignore the drunk.  Enter the subway, find the Vagabond that hangs out in the passage way between the 2nd and 3rd set of doors beyond the entrance.  Kill him and loot the Vagabond cloak.  If it drops, place it on your back slot. The +25 all defense is golden at these low levels.  If the cloak does not drop, take note of the time, proceed to the left wing off the large main hall.  Kill robots, muggers, looters and Vagabonds (the other Vagabonds may also drop the Vagabond cloak) for 20 minutes, then return to the first Vagabond and kill him again.  Repeat this process until you get a cloak. This cloak and the newcomer’s armor is all you need for the next 15-20 levels armor wise.
  14. Get a Bio Communicator to turn monster parts into more valuable blood plasma.  For sale in shops for a few thousand credits, or get a free one by talking to the woman standing near where you first arrived. Agree to return her Bio Communicator to a guy over by the shops.  He will end up giving you one for your very own.

At this point you are on your own.  You should know how to play your character, how to kill mobs to level and how to earn credits.

Ohtizz breezed through Newbie Island and hit level 13 on the Mainland without ever once visiting reclaim.  Poor Baba got to know reclaim at starter Island right away as did Babaente and Tireen. “It’s so easy” he told Baba, “I hardly take any damage, and the mobs are usually dead before I break out a sweat.”  With evades maxed, and dual wielding a pair of fairly powerful pistols, Ohtizz rarely has to use an many med kits and first aid charges as Baba did.

Baba listened patiently to his old friend.  He had know Ohtizz, long ago, on other planets in other solar systems, other times.  He was glad his friend had finally found something at which he could excel.  Not wanting to bring up some of Ohtizz’s previous less than glorious undertakings, Baba encouraged him to continue with the Addy thing.

Baba would never choose the Adventurer route, but he did feel a bit cheated.  Newbie island has been a somewhat difficult undertaking for him.  He was mostly envious of the Adventurer’s solo/self healing nanos.  You would think that a profession that is designed to take damage, would have nanos to replenish the health lost while tanking.  All Enforcers get are nanos that increase the overall health point base.  The problem being that once it’s used up, in battle, there is nothing except first aid stims, to keep his health for running out in a hard fight.

Baba shook Ohtizz’s hand, wished him luck, and hopped in his Yalm.  Baba had some leveling to do in Perpetual Wastelands with some Borg.  When Baba arrived over the dunes in north east PW he was happy to find no other hunters there to compete with.  There was evidence however, that someone had recently left there.  The main dunes section, that has a somewhat elevated altitude to the extent that one can see far in all directions, was itself only about half full of the usual complement of Cyborg soldiers and officers.

Baba quickly buffed up, and popped a anniversary experience boosting stim and went to work.  It did not take long for Baba to clear the rest of the main dune section, however he could swear that his experience bar was hardly moving.  The combat log clearly still showed massive experience being awarded with each Borg downed, so it must have been one of those time/reality dilations that occur sometimes due to stress or excitement.  Baba had to move further south to the section of undulating dunes that sit next to the acid lake and the Heli-pad.  He greatly reduced the distance by which he would kite his prey away from the main body. This helped speed up the process, but also caused him to catch unwanted aggro from Borg which re-spawned close to where he was recharging or looting resulting in multi Borg kites, and/or sustaining 50% or more damage before dispatching the Borg involved.

Baba hits level 134 at PW Dunes, click for larger view.

Baba hits level 134 at PW Dunes, click for larger view.

By the time Baba dinged 134, darkness was falling.  He hopped in his Yalm and few north just a bit to set down in his usual safe spot where he could sort his recent loot and heal up via his health and nano deltas rather than use of costly kits.  There were several Miy’s armor pieces in this take, but nothing he could equip any time soon.  While not in his loot bags, he did cogitate a bit over seeing not one, but several Experimental Cyborg token boards dropping during this outing.  It was a shame to have to let them rot, but since they are no drop, and he already had a clan board, they were of no use to him.

Double Flags of Righteousness at Dawn

15 06 2009
Goodbye to Rhinoman Cockpit Oasis, click for larger version

Goodbye to Rhinoman Cockpit Oasis, click for larger version

As Babaente and Tireen, ascended in their shiny silver Yalmahas into the clear blue Rubi-Ka sky and the Rhinoman cockpit oasis recedes from view below, they shared a warm feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment.

They said their goodbyes to this mission location, a lonely desert setting on the fringe of the Newland Desert, just past a huge ridge wall and an acid river.  They probably would not be returning to this place again now that they both had completed their quests for their 250 token boards.

They had chosen to limit their token board missions to Newland Desert so as to limit travel time and take advantage of Newland City’s neutral status, although out in the desert Tireen has to keep a wide distance from any Watchers and other clan sided guards.

Babaente gets her Dawn token board, click for larger view

Babaente gets her Dawn token board, click for larger view

One really nice feature is that when one first gets the new token board, epaulets appear over the toon’s  shoulders showing the symbol for that particular board.  It would be awesome if the epaulets stayed visible for a few days so one could walk around Rubi-Ka cities to show off. Unfortunately, they vanish as soon as your toon zones.

Babaente was awarded her “Dawn” token board, in the middle, not the end of a mission.  How?  She got her 250th token as a Clan Bravery Award when looting a mission mob.  View the larger version of the picture to see that the mini-map shows an uncompleted level.  This is something to keep in mind when running team missions for token boards.  Looting of mobs needs to be rotated or some agreement needs to be made about how the bravery awards are taken.  If an omni player loots the mob, it will be an Omni award and if a clan player loots, then it appears as a Clan award.

Tireen nets her Double Flags of Righteousness token board, click for larger view.

Tireen nets her Double Flags of Righteousness token board, click for larger view.

Since Babaente and Tireen have been teaming as a result of ‘dual-boxing’, it was too much trouble to try and switch back and forth on looting, and normally we have Babaente do all the looting.  As a result she got her 250th token about 2 missions before Tireen.

When Tireen finally collected token number 250, she got a much more impressive token board title “Double Flags of Righteousness.”  Besides the mind-numbing grind that missions can become, this stint has been somewhat profitable for them. Since they had been pulling missions in the 55-60 range, they had come across 2 Grid Armor Mark I instruction disks, fairly valuable finds for title 3 toons.

The 250 token board is the highest level board title 3 froobs can hold.  It gives substantial buffs to the holder.  Here is the breakdown:

Max Health      +500
Max Nano        +500
Add all Off.    25
Add all Def.    35
% Add Exp.      6
Add Damage      10 (Proj., Melee, Energy, Chem., Rad., Cold, Fire, Poison)

It’s hard to think of any loot items that title 3 toons have a reasonable chance of acquiring that offer comparable  or better benefits.

Here is a quick cheat sheet outlining title levels, and token boards:

Title        Levels          Token Boards
1            1-14            10 tokens
2            15-49           30 and 60 tokens
3            50-99           120 and 250 tokens
4            100-149         400 and 1000 tokens
5            150-189
6            190-200
7            205-220

One minor gotcha, is that token boards are for sided players only. Neutrals have no token boards other than Cyborg token boards that are dropped by mid level Cyborgs.  For title 5 and above, there are additional token boards, but the requirements for each are very specific and different quests.

Our pair are now itching to get out in the open, and for Babaente to get back into practice kiting.  Because the levels can fly by pretty fast while NT kiting, our pair need to make sure they stop some time in this short run to title 5 (level 100) that they again run a like number of team missions AGAIN in order to pick up the next token board, which requires 400 tokens. They also will need to make sure they get through Biomare/Foreman’s dungeon as it is level locked to 100 and below.

Mort Crater, the circle track of DOOM, click for larger view

Mort Crater, the circle track of DOOM, click for larger view

Babaoroody was prodded by Babaente, out of his title 4 rut, to make 3 passes through the Sentinels base small building with Babaente tagging along.  They are looking for a Ring of Haste to drop from an level 115-ish Entwined soldier, but this week end they cleaned out the static dungeon 3 times, but came up dry in regards to a Ring of Haste.  The ring is a no drop item, but it adds +100 run speed, so it definitely would be a bonus for Babaente when kiting.

It was fun lumbering around and popping Challenger and Mongo nanos when any of the Sentinels mobs put up a decent fight.  Pumped up with the increased size of a Challenger nano, adjusting the camera became a bit of a problem in the tight quarters of a mission setting.  In third person view, the only way to see a fallen mob is to have Baba sit.

It brings us to Baba and why aren’t we leveling him?  After getting past the midway point of title 5, the options seem to have narrowed significantly.  It’s either team missions or PW Borg pickup teams.  While solo kiting PW Borgs is still an option, the experience is slow glowing when you have to kite and kill them one at a time.

We have nothing but admiration and wonder for froobs who have made it all the way to 200, and a ton more if they are ‘pure’ froobs.

Babaente and Tireen are really excited about getting out in the wild again for some fast kite leveling, but first, they will be sorting through and marketing thier loot from this last run of token missions.  Once that is done, they will be out scouting for a nice kiting area suitable for a 71 level NT.

Baba Heads Out to Sentinels

1 06 2009
Baba waves HI from Newland City

Baba waves HI from Newland City

Babaoroody, a level 131 froob enforcer, sat in his apartment with his eyes closed listening to the synthetic sea shore audio that always soothed him. Yes, it was definitely time to shake up these old and many times fractured bones and get them back into action. Somethings in RL had required his absence from Rubi-Ka, and he knew all to well how much he had probably forgotten. The cool down times for all his nanos, the best moves and combos in combat would all come back, but he really did not want to embarrass himself in front of others while re-learning them so he was trying to think of an appropriate venue to take this outing.

There was a time when his reflexes placed him as a serious contender, and his strength and stamina were solid. Years of battles, small and large, quick and fast or drawn out endurance marathons had taken their toll. There was not one part of his body that did not display the curious scar designs left there by fate and his many foes, most of which were deceased, and a few who still lived, but now carried signs of Baba’s work on their bodies. The battlefield favors the young. What does the Enforcer do when they leave youth behind? There is always treachery and experience that can be leveraged to defeat the young and fast.

When the steel apartment door slammed shut behind him, he let his musings fade out and he concentrated on navigating his 6 foot plus hulk in the direction of the grid entrance just outside of Newland City. He exited the city through the west gate and noted there were seven or eight guards on duty, twice the normal number. As he passed the shiny upscale flyer lot on the lake to his right and the Battle Station terminal on his left, he took in the group of 16 or so toons waiting to take part in BS. (Battle Station).

Sentinels (click for larger view)

Sentinels (click for larger view)

He made his way in the grid to the Sentinels exit and found himself suddenly deafened by one of those howling dust storms Mort is know for. Through the dust he could just make out 3 buildings, graduated in size much like the items in the house of the 3 little bears.

For those with out Grid access yet, Sentinels is in the Mort region and can be found just down the hill a bit from the outpost that sits near the northeast rim of the largest Mort crater.

Baba started with the smallest brown building. Inside it is laid out like a typical brown interior mission and featured level 115ish Rhinomen, Medusas, Entwined soldiers, and Bileswarms.

The second Entwined soldier he came across dropped a +100 run-speed Ring of Haste. Baba could not pick it up because he was already wearing one he had gotten off a Medusa months ago. Babaente, Baba’s NT alt would love to have one, so she hopped in her yalm and tried to make it there from Newland City before the corpse faded.

Ring of Haste, +100 run speed, NODROP

Ring of Haste, +100 run speed, NODROP

She might have made it, via the grid, but when she got to the Sentinels exit, it would not accept her. She had forgotten that the Sentinels grid exit has one of the highest computer literacy requirements on the planet of 461. She tried to fly from Meetemedere to Sentinels, but she was only half way there when Baba reported that the soldier had vanished. Even though she was disappointed, she now knew where to go to try and find her own Ring of Haste once she can handle level 115 mobs.

Baba finished clearing out the first building and proceeded to the next, which was the middle sized building. It held 140ish Aquans, Grunts, Human NPC’s and Penpods. By now Baba was pretty much re-acquainted with his hot bar layout and combos, so he had not trouble with any of these mobs.

After clearing the middle sized building out, Baba entered the final and tallest building houses which housed 150ish Cyborgs and Humans.

Baba at Sentinels (click for larger version)

Baba at Sentinels (click for larger version)

These mobs definitely meant business and Baba had to start using his Challenger and Mongo nanos to finish these mobs off. By the time he was finished he had accomplished what he had set off to do when he had marched out of his Apartment back in Newland City, and that was to re-familiarize himself with all his old moves and nanos. He came away with roughly 2 bags of loot plus change. The loot included several Miy’s armor pieces. He was also glad he had found a location for Babaente and future alts to look for the very useful Ring of Haste.

Doublesun Token Board, last of the token only boards.

Doublesun Token Board, last of the token only boards.

On the trip back to Newland City, he thought about what to do next. He checked his token bar and realized he had forgotten that he had already filled it to the Double Sun level. While there are several levels left to go, these are special levels that require completing high level quests or raids, rather than merely collecting tokens.’s page on token boards lists the higher boards and each boards page gives information on what is required to obtain them.

As he entered his Newland Apartment he thought about perhaps making his next outing to Perpetual Wastelands Borgs.