Temple of Twinks Working

31 07 2010
The once busy meeting place that was the Temple of the Three Winds, deserted.

The once busy meeting place that was the Temple of the Three Winds, deserted.

A few years ago, a Friday evening  visit to the Temple of the Three Winds would find the area outside the entrance crowded with low level 1-60 toons and high level 120+ toons.  The lowbies were there for the Temple and the high levels were there for Inner Sanctum.  Babaoroody, our Froob Enforcer has many fond memories of evenings spent there.   Showing up as a sub level 61 player, one first had the challenge of finding a team in the crowd.  On busy nights, this could take a while as many people were just sitting around chatting, or waiting for someone else to show, or looking for a specific person or team.  It was a great exercise in people watching, and listening (vicinity chat).  Most TOTW pickup teams were usually just 6 toons running from mob to mob and wailing away on said mobs.  Occasionally, in the top Boss room, teams would emerge that actually functioned as teams, with tanks tanking, healers healing, CC toons controlling adds, and damage dealers, damaging.  Once and a while a twink would show up to “pwn” Azzy, but for the most part, these were leveling new toons.

Back then, the Guardian of Time was far more likely to be camped by one or more twinks and their customers/friends.  The fact that every mob there, even low 30s cultists, will aggro every player including level 60s combined with the design of the place and the many new players, led to frequent massive trains.  These trains were lethal only to low end players, and a nuisance for every one else.

Babaengy and Babaemphee (at level 59)  made their first visit this past Friday evening, and things have definitely changed.  TOTW could now very well stand for Temple of Twinks Working.  After teleporting in from the portal in Newland Dessert  they were first struck by how deserted the outside area was at prime time.  There were perhaps 4 players to be seen, and each of those was a level 60 solo twink. Not a team to be seen.  After entering they did not see another player until just before the Defender of Three’s hall, where they spotted a level 60 twink with a baby crat in tow.  Inside DOT’s hall, the only other players to be seen was a smattering of low level solo Enforcers leveling up off of cultists.  Those were the closest we saw to new players for the evening.  After easily wiping the floor with DOT, our team headed down to left wing.  Here they had a short fight with the Re-animator and netted Babaemphee a Skull of Lamentation for future use.  Once they made it down to Lien, they found he was being camped by another 60 Enforcer twink.

Coming back out from Lien’s , they passed another solo Enforcer leveling on Deathless Legionnaires.  A couple of the Legionnaires aggroed our team and after putting them down, Babaengy looted a Frosted Scythe just for the fun of it (if he changes his mind at some point to go 2 hand edged.)

Next was the north middle wing, where they had a short and victorious fight with the Curator that  netted the rock crusher gloves but no notum rings.    Nematet had just been killed by the only full team we saw all night.  They appeared to be systematically camping Nematet-‘s room.  Our pet team decided that was enough for the evening, and headed out and back to Newland City via the player city whompa just  west of the Temple.   It had been a good excursion.  They were basically doing recon this time around, mainly to get a feel for how their current set ups would fair.  The set ups were doing very well.  They never lost a pet, and no one every saw their health dip below 75%.

Babaengy and Babaemphee are now debating adding level 60.  They may very well need it to equip slightly better pets and nanos to take on the top Bosses at TOTW.

It was a bit disheartening to see TOTW, SO once lively and full of newbie’s reduced to a handful of leveling solo Enforcers and polished level 60 twinks farming items.

The next day, Saturday, our pet pair were back for their second TOTW run.  This time they headed for the East hall hoping to net some Exarch Robes.  This did not happen however.

Where is Azzy?  He was too much for the lvl 60 soldier and crat that did so well with Uklesh and Khalum.

Where is Azzy? He was too much for the lvl 60 soldier and crat that did so well with Uklesh and Khalum.

They were prevented from farming Exarch robes when a twink 60 soldier and a crat friend or dual log started in on the final three bosses.  It took them quite a while to fight the first two placeholders successfully.  During this time Babaengy and Babaemphee took down all the mobs in the south, west and east parts of the final hall.  They even pulled a couple of Exarchs while the soldier was still busy with Khalum.    Once Azzy came out, the soldier and crat seemed to really have their hands full.  Babaengy and Babaemphee kept their distance and watched as Aztur eventually sent the soldier and crat to reclaim.  In retrospect this would have been a great chance for team Baba pets to take on Azzy due to the first two mobs being out of the way.  They had not really even started to think about what their strategy might be, so they decided not attack Azzy and went looking for Gartua the gatekeeper instead.

They did find one notum ring on an Exarch corpse left by the Soldier, so that was a plus.  The did find Gartua the door keeper, but after a short fight, he dropped nothing.  They then noticed that the Guardian of Time was blocking the exit door.  After topping off all the teams buffs, including the pet combat buffs, they rushed GOT.  They were surprised on just how easy it was.  Neither toons or pets took much damage, with only one heal had to be given to the attack bot during the fight.  For their efforts GOT dropped a Guardian Circuit board, amplified bracelet and a damage ring (ring of tattered flame).

After fighting their way out through the obligatory halls of grays, it was back to Newland City to peruse their take for the day.  Babaemphee got a nice ncu boost from a platinum ring of three, plus some ac, health and damage.  Babaengy equipped the Guardian Circuit board to enjoy the additional 15 NCU it provides.  They also turned experience back on, hoping to tick 60 for the benefit of a few more IP points.  Babengy is 12 BM points away from equipping Beacon Warp, which Tireen and Babaente looted during their token mission grind and gave to Babaengy.




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5 08 2010

I would of been there but my level 50 trader got a daily mission to go to Biomare and kill 3 9 different mob types. I did go to ToTw last night after joining a second team with higher level toons (No XP) at Biomare to get my Gamma badge. The team eventually died because someone attacked Captain Rik-Rak Jones and the high level players got stuck. Captain Rik-Rak Jones killed me once he realize he did not like me healing them. I did get my gamma badge for my next try.

So with no team, I went to ToTw and formed/joined two separate teams before calling it a night. Yes some players had an alt in tow and yes there was only a few people outside, but it was fun and exciting. Playing in a team has not changed much, there are good teams and teams that were not so good.

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