Claw Camp, the NT Magnet

6 07 2009

Our level 72 NT returned to Claw Camp in Pleasant Meadows again on the last day of the long 2009 July 4th weekend. Tireen, our 72 Trader came along to make a two person team.

One of Babaentes successful kites at Claw Camp.

One of Babaente's successful kites at Claw Camp.

First Tireen scouted the area in her Yalm for Slayer Droids.  While the camp has been known to have up to six Slayer Droids arranged in guard duty around the perimeter, tonight there was only one, and it was situated about a 100 meters to the south east.  It was far enough away that Babaente could safely run around the outside of the camps fence and not get close enough to pull aggro from the Droid.

Babaente’s pre-kite buff was her usual, with the addition of also popping one of the 8th Anniversary experience boosting items.  Since Babaente had leveled there recently just before the lag canceled visit, her run speed is getting better, so that combined with Playful Cub and Terrain Knowledge, she found she can now comfortably out run the Claws far enough so she can stop to cast securely.

Babaente was greatly relieved as she pulled the new kite out from the camp and to the area next to the small hill to see that lag was not present.  She did experience a re-occurrence of something that seems to be happening fairly often now.  If she gets too far ahead of the Claws, or does not nuke them often enough, some of the kite break off and leave the kite.  This causes problems because although the Claws that break off from the kite start walking back towards the camp, they do it so slowly, that it becomes difficult to avoid them while circling the kite.  Get to close and they may attack and cause serious damage.

Tireen watches Claws leave after sending Babaente to reclaim mainly due to lag the previous day.

The previous day under bad lag conditions, Tireen watches Claws leave after sending Babaente to reclaim.

She was able to manage the few who did break off, by arching the kite wide and bringing it around behind them so as to re-gain aggro by having a nuke go off in the kite when the kite was next to them.  This stills leaves a minor problem because the returning Claws will not drop when the rest of the kite does.  As a result, Babaente missed out on a nice piece of loot.  Even though she managed to bring down the errant 3 Claws fairly soon after the rest of the kite dropped, the corpses from those that dropped first started vanishing before Babaente could get to them.

In one particularly galling case, she opened one corpse to find an Instruction disk for Enfraam’s Major Fortification, an NT nano that usually costs a bit, but her inventory was full so she could not pick it up.  By the time she transfered an item from her inventor to a backpack, the disk and corpse vanished.

It has been quite a few levels since she equipped her current AOE nuke “Limited Shrapnel Spray” and it is really starting to show.  Babaente tried modifying the frequency that she nukes her kites there.  It had been taking her 7 to 8 minutes from start to finish there.  This was at a rate of casting her AOE nuke after every 6 running steps while in Playful Cub form. The seemed to work well in regards to managing nano, as her nano level would rarely drop below 75% at this rate where clearly her buffed nano delta was working well.  When she increased her rate to nuking once every 5 steps, the kite did go faster, ending in about 5 minutes, but the increased nano use rate brought her nano down to around 10%.  When this happened she had to do a quick F1 toggle to target herself, and activate a nano stim, and then toggle F1 back to a Claw so as to resume nuking.  This brought her nano level back up past 50% and allowed her to finish the kite.

Babaente is a bit dejected that it seems it will be another 8 or so levels before she will have increased her Mater Creation enough to equip the next step up in AOE nukes.

Babaente was able to get 3-5 more good kites in before here Playful Cub hacked boosted graft timed out.  During that time, Tireen dinged, and Babaente was at about 95% towards a level.  Babaente still felt fresh, and went ahead and recast Playful Cub when it ran out.  She was just about to go pull another kite, when she noticed that another kite team had shown up and was currently kiting most of the camp.

Babaente retired to sit at the top of the hill and observed the new team for a while.  There were two high level MP’s and an NT at about Babaente’s level.  With various buffs and healing from the 2 MP’s the NT was able to dispense with most of the running.  Babaente decided that the best use of her limited remaining time for this session would be for her and Tireen to return to the outpost to save their experience and allocate out their new IP points.


Ignorance is

11 08 2008
Ignore at your own risk, Drill getting territorial at the starship crash site in Milky Way.

Ignore at your own risk, Drill getting territorial at the starship crash site in Milky Way.

In preparation for getting back to the wild and wooly world of pick-up teams on Rubi-Ka, Baba dusted off his ignore list, reviewed it and did a little checking up on where these toons are now using’s character information page to look them up and display their AO level history.

The product of playing in random teams, i.e. pickup teams, mostly at the Temple of Three Winds, Borg hunting and Foreman’s pickup teams, Baba’s ignore list, has perhaps 30 names on it. Most of them got there at TOTW.

The list reveals a nature of TOTW that many people never mention because they are too busy relating their TOTW train tales. Trains aside, TOTW seems to bring out some of the worst behaviors witnessed in Anarchy Online. The sins only start with deliberately training bosses onto teams. These are situations where the person purposely aggroed the boss in question and then trained them to where they knew the a specific team was. Several of the trainers were not TOTW trainers, but practiced this sad act at Forman’s, where it seems they were to lazy to obtain security clearance cards coming in, or to use the emergency exits when leaving.

Then there is a collection of generally rude and juvenile behavior that spans the gamut of foul and bigoted language. Another popular way to get on the list was to abandon your team without so much as a bye or thank-you, just log off and vanish, usually at the point that the team was already down to just 3 or 4 people. Sometimes this was practiced by pairs, i.e. buddies who decide to bail, but neglect to communicate by any means other than their sudden absence.

The rest of the members of Baba’s ignore list are a bizarre collection of people acting badly. Like the team leader who set team loot to leader only and would not change it after all of the team requested it. The enforcer mongo nut, who spammed his mongo button for the health, while ignoring wiping the team repeatedly until none returned, A certain totw twink that lurks in GOTs room and waits for a team of lowbies to bring GOT down to 60% health, then jumps in and outdamages them for the kill and the loot rights, and then holds the corpse open while they try to auctioned off the GTA in the shopping channel. A certain teammate who decided that 1 million credits and the respect of his teammates was an acceptable price to pay for a GTA.

So you might be asking, Baba, why don’t you publish their names, so we might also avoid them? Baba’s first response is that would be wrong because it would be unjust, and it would promote the idea of anyone posting accusational lists with no proof etc. Just take it as an example of what to anticipate occasionally and know why and how to use your own ignore list.

The great thing about the ignore list, is it helps you avoid ever teaming with any of these individuals, or it can remind you of who they are if you happen to be in the same vicinity again. It can also be instructive when looked at historically, which is exactly what Baba did recently. He used to look up the individuals on his list to see what their current status in AO is.

It was quite instructive what Baba found. Not surprisingly, most of the people on the list, quit playing, usually within 10-20 levels. A handful seemed to have decided to make a career of being TOTW irritations, as they have not advanced past level 60 and only play occasionally during school breaks. Only one person on the list advanced to level 220. Only 3 ever made it past level 100.

Using the ignore list is simple. The command in game is /ignore nameofplayertobeignored. Once on the list any tells from this player will be ignored. Baba also makes an entry in an ignore.txt file on his computer in which he lists the name, level, profession, guild and a note as to why they belong on the ignore list.