Samples and Hacking

25 10 2010
Baba's Halloween Outfit 2009

Baba's Halloween Outfit 2009, click for full view

Babaengy, Babaemphee and Tireen returned to the mutant caves to collect the bio-samples that are required by the next part of the “Collar of Amplification Quest”.  To save time, (i.e. only one trip to Ace Starr) Tireen would grab the three samples prior to talking with Starr, and then after getting the mission, she would hand them in and complete the mission.  Babaengy and Babaemphee have already collected the three pieces each during their many trips so far to the Delta section.

The samples required are: Pulmonary from Bio-Constructs, Cardiac from Shadows, and Liver from Vindicators.

As a side objective they would also try and reach the final section of the caves to get a Beta clearance tag for Tireen off the bodyguards there.

The run down there was fairly uneventful, save for some tool who  trained a blaster beetle from the hanger on to them while they were rebuffing in one of the rooms just outside the hanger.

The rest of the trek went well and Tireen was able to collect the three pieces she needed.  The caught up with another team by the time they hit the last section with the bodyguards and bio-constructs which helped as the bio-constructs in that area are rather close together and it is hard to avoid having to fight more than one at a time.

Tireen managed to grab a Beta clearance tag off on of the bodyguards and with some RL4 issues pressing they decided to use her Trader’s grid warp to leave, rather than fight their way out, or fight forward to the next golf ball and emergency exit.  This later required them to fly back out from Bliss, but hopefully they will not have to do that too many more times.

Gathering Next to Ace Starr

Gathering Next to Ace Starr

The next day they flew to meet with Starr, and each one in turn first talked to him to get the samples mission individually, and then again each one talked to him to hand in the samples and getting their rewards.  Tireen’s reward brought her close to dinging 79.  The then talked to Starr again and got the computer hacking mission.

Starr gives the person taking the mission a small hacking device and instructions on how to obtain some secret data on green slips from the terminals found in the computer core.  They fought their way through the mutant caves, and Tireen’s extra shotgun damage really did help make things go faster, however, her being quite a few levels below them, and having skimped on her body development, the have to stop often to give the heal pet a chance to top her off or in bad cases, use some of her own health kits.

When they reached the computer core, there was another small team there, which appeared to be doing the same thing.  Babaengy, Babaemphee, and Tireen took on clearing the west end of the room and then they each took their turn hacking one of the terminals closest to the entrance.  They all were successful in getting the needed green documents, so they only had to jog back to the emergency exit, and return to Ace Starr and give him the documents to complete the mission.  In their haste, Tireen forgot to loot the bodyguards for a Gamma clearance tag.

Bigger Shotgun for Tireen, QL 122 Vektor

Bigger Shotgun for Tireen, QL 122 Vektor

When they did complete the mission, it had no effect on Babaengy and Babaemphee as they have experience turned off (because they are level 100), but Tireen got her next ding (79).  She was excited after allocating out her new IP points as she would be able to equip a higher quality shotgun. Her current gun as QL109. First she had to check the ‘Baba’ group inventory database () to find that they had a QL 122 Vektor Shotgun on one of their mules named Babtrice.  After she retrieved the shotgun, she visited the nearest backyard to drain up of some low mobs which then allowed her to equip the new gun. With shotgun expertise running, she is just barely out of being over equipped with this new weapon.

The next day they returned to Biomare, but bypassed Starr.  He only has one more quest to give out, and that is the final one in the ‘Collar of Amplification’ quest which is to kill the Lab Director.  They did not want to take this until Tireen has Gamma Clearance and she has her own recapture beacon.  This way they can either camp safely at the end of Gamma section, or get there using the warp if they have to leave or get sent to reclaim.

Chillin in Bliss, Closest Reclaim for Clan.

Chillin in Bliss, Closest Reclaim for Clan.

The headed straight for the computer core specifically to let Tireen grab a Gamma clearance tag.  When they reached the narrow Vindicator section, they were caught behind a team consisting of a lowbie and an engineer with Mochams who had cast a Slayerdroid.  These two toons preferred to let the Slayerdriod do all the fighting, and while it looks impressive, by itself, it takes much longer to kill the vindicators than it takes TEAM PETS. They had very slowly advanced to the middle section of the ravine and the Slayerdroid was fighting the last vindicator by the bridge, when one of the vindicators just behind them respawned and attacked Tireen.  The team was focused on watching the Slayerdroid ahead, and did not notice Tireen was in trouble until it was too late.  Babaengy and Babaemphee ran back to the previous golf ball and took the emergency exit.  Since they have their Gamma clearance, they did not have to fight their way back.  Tireen soon rejoined them after a quick flight from Bliss.

This time when they reached the vindicator section, there were no other players around, and the made their way through very methodically.  Babaengy is making good use of his blind/debuff aoe.  In addition to debuffing the tough mobs, he tries to cast his bots short term aggression trim at the same time and then be able to time them together.  The trimmer has no way to know when it is in effect other than trying it and getting an error message saying it is already in use.

Team Pets and Trader Tireen, Relaxing With Gamma Clearance

Team Pets and Trader Tireen, Relaxing With Gamma Clearance

They got to the computer core eventually and after Tireen collected a Gamma clearance tag, they retired to the room just before the golf ball where she swiped her badge and upgraded it to Gamma clearance.  She walked up to one of the respawned bodyguards in that room and was ignored as she wanted.  They then decided to camp there, as their next objective was to get Tireen a recapture beacon.  It had been close when just Babaengy and Babaemphee completed it, so hopefully Tireen’s additional firepower will give them a better margin of victory there.  Once she has that, they may all return to do an Insurance save in Borealis, and then return to Biomare to camp for the Lab Director.

In a few days the Halloween festivities will kick in on Ruby-Ka, and the creepy Uncle Pumpkinheads will most likely return.  They may take a break from Biomare to go hunt Pumpkinheads with Baba with hopes of finding some nice Lya’s gear.   Babemphee is just two points of MC away from equipping a better attack pet and only 10 or so away from the next heal pet.


Naked Lab Director

22 10 2010
Killed Lab Director at base of West Tower, with no Executive Defenders spawning

Killed Lab Director at base of West Tower, with no Executive Defenders spawning

Team Pets have been having a hard time trying to get at the Biomare Lab Director.  This past Thursday, they made the run down to his office, only to have a solo level 78 Crat pass them and beat them to it.  We are not sure if the Crat was victorious or sent back to reclaim.  It appeared that lost as when his dot disappeared there were still several defenders and guard dots to be seen on the mini map.

Babaengy and Babaemphee waited until the area had re-spawned and the made their run.  After taking out the two outside guards, Babaengy waited standing on one of the down ramp platforms at the top of the west tower, while Babaemphee with her pets put on wait by the Engy, ran back and from the open door tagged the director with her main debuff and then high tailed it back to Babaemphee.  Once there she put her pets back on guard her, and the team waited.  The director ran right past them, and landed on the bottom level of the tower.  Babaengy’s attack-bot jumped down after him, but when Babaemphee sent her attack and mezz pet down, they took the long way down the ramp.

Golfball or Security Teleporter?

Golfball or Security Teleporter?

She forgot to sent the heal-pet on the attack pet, but soon the attack pets had the director down to about 25% health, and he had not spawned any defenders.  Babaengy has read in some forums that there is an 80% chance of the defenders spawning.  The director managed to take out Babaemphee’s attack pet, but Babaengy’s bot and a lower level attack pet that Babaemphee could cast without trader Tireen’s wrangle were able to finish him off.  Two of the bodyguards at that level were attracted and Babaengy and Babaemphee jumped down there to help the pets finish them off, so they could still loot the director before his corpse rotted.  This time around he only dropped a single executive order, no CDR.

Floating Building in VW, Seen on a practice run with trader Tireen joining TEAM PETS

Floating Building in VW, Seen on a practice run with trader Tireen joining TEAM PETS

The next day, after some thinking it over, Team Pets decided it would be worth it to do what-ever was needed to bring trader Tireen along.  She brings some healthy damage dealing, but most importantly her wrangle so they can recast top pets if needed.  It took several hours to for them to accompany her through the quests to get her alpha card.  The combination for their high level, max pets and the traders extra damage, made the beginning quests a breeze.

At one point  a tool noob trained about 15 floaters and bloaters on to them when they were getting rebuffed in the room just outside the first sewer section.  That was fun, as it just helped Tireen level faster.  They had no trouble putting that train to rest.

Once they get Tireen her gamma clearance, the team can camp there and not have to put up with the boring 10 minute jog down there from the front door.  They mainly want another CDR for Babaengy, but if things go well, they may all try to complete the full quest line for the collar reward.

Directors Office Backed Up

19 10 2010
Teams Backed Up at Foreman's Director's Office

Teams Backed Up at Foreman's Director's Office

Babaengy and Babaemphee got all pumped, buffed and cast their best pets and made their way down to the Lab Director’s Office in Biomare Monday evening.  There needed to be a peg on the wall in the hallway with a “Take a Number” sign.  There was one team doing the Director, and another that looked to waiting for them to vacate.  The team fighting the director appeared to be a pair similar to Team Pets, except they had been blessed with Mochams and had much higher pets, which had no trouble doing the Director by themselves.

After the first team had killed the director it was obvious they were then going to sit and wait for him to spawn again, so TEAM PETS did a 180 and ran back to the emergency exit and left.  Before leaving Foreman’s they tried an experiment.  They had always wondered if the Engineer’s warp would work within the dungeon.  While it was clearly posted in many forums that Engy warps would not bring some into the dungeon from outside, it was never clear if this also meant that an Engy could not warp a team mate from one section of the dungeon to another.  The short answer is it does not work. They had trader Tireen enter the dungeon and Babaengy then tried to warp her to the hallway around the corner from the receptionist.  The nano cast, but nothing happened.

Odd Bridged Mine Entrance In North Milky Way

Odd Bridged Mine Entrance In North Milky Way

With nothing else to do, TEAM PETS logged off and NT Babaente logged in.  She went exploring Milky Way, Southern Artery Valley, and Stret East Bank.  She did not find much worth kiting.  She found a few 100 to 120 mobs in eastern Stret East Bank. The snakes and vultures were easy to kite, gave about 20k per mob, but not numerous enough.  She found some Anun-Tearers in west Southern Artery Valley, but she must have hit some lag, as although she appeared to be some distance from them, she suddenly got wiped.

The exploring ate up most of her time, so she plans to refresh her acquaintance with AOFroobs and a nice FROOB kiting spots thread there before she goes kite hunting again.

In the mean time, Agent Baba logged in and pulled the ridiculously easy Grid daily.  Click a device at a few different grid locations and get your level!  This brought her to level 40.

Take Out Lab Director – Visit Reclaim

18 10 2010
Lab Director's Office Waiting Area

Lab Director's Office Waiting Area -Note the one toon in the mini map, click to enlarge.

Babaengy and Babaemphee, both now level 100 and pretty much as well implanted and equipped as Babaoroody (level 149) can manage, decided it was time to have their first go at  Biomare’s final boss, the Lab Director.  The good news is that the Lab Director did go down, and Babaengy did get to loot one Custom Desert Reet.  The downside was that the team wiped very soon after the Lab Director went down.

The team enjoyed giving their new Recapture Beacons a work out.  After using a neutral backyard in Borealis to cast pets and buff up in, they then walked out into Borealis proper, and activated their beacons.  In a moment they were just outside the Foreman’s front door.  The ran inside, activated their security clearance badges and made the long jog down to the Director’s Office.  They did find the computer core fully spawned, so they did have to fight their way through that and later two bodyguards in the west tower had to be put away.

As soon as they had hit the Computer Core, Babaengy noticed that his combat chat window was showing that someone was at that moment in a battle with the Lab Director.  They must have been quite seriously twinked toon as Babaengy could only see one white dot in the Director’s Office.  The log at first only showed this player and the Director trading blows.  The mini map showed the guards to be in the room, so they must have been rooted, or stunned or something as they did not show to be attacking the player.  It looked as though the director eventually spawned 3 Executive Defenders.  Once the director must have died, as there were no more entries for the player hitting the director, or the director taking fire damage, the player took down the defenders and the body guards one by one.

By the time Babaengy and Babaemphee had fought their way up to the directors level, the other player was down to only two red dots left.  Babaengy and Babaemphee first took out the two guards outside the doors and then waited at the end of the hall for this mystery player to finish.  The logs show the player was doing melee damage.  The players name was made of up various no alphabet characters, so there Babaoroody could not later figure out how to look him up via whois or  Baba does not have enough to go on to even guess what profession the player is.  One last clue, when the player had killed everything in the office the player just vanished, which means they could have died, logged off, or somehow been warped or meeped out.

While waiting outside the Lab Directors office the team’s reviewed their strategy which was first to take out the two guards at the outside of the office and then try and pull just the Lab Director using a TOTW flame ring. Babaemphee would be waiting back at the corner of the hallway where Babaengy would pull the Director to.  It did not quite work out as planned.

Babaoroody and Babaemphee on a Blitzing Mission

Babaoroody and Babaemphee on a Blitzing Mission -Nice sunrise

Both toons refreshed their attack pets combat nanos, and Babaengy fired off his Area of Effect Blind.  He then snuck up close enough to cause the door to open, and tagged the Lab Director with his flame ring.  Once he could see that the ring hit, he ran back to Babaemphee.   Perhaps he had tarried too long by the door as one of the Bodyguards in the office also ran out after them.  Both Babaengy and Babaemphee unloaded their TOTW Eternal night Rings on the Director and Babaemphee hit him with her main debuff.  They were holding their own with the Director and making good progress on the Director’s health bar, when  two more bodyguards appeared.  They had forgotten that while most of Biomare’s mobs are on 10 minute respawn timers, all of the bodyguards in this final section are on five minute timers.  Then about 30 seconds in to the fight, the Director started spawning the Executive Defenders.

For about another 30 seconds, these seemed to be countered by Babaengy’s AOE blind, causing them to mostly miss.  After about a minute that seemed wear off, and with now four of them spawned, they were rapidly bringing down the teams health.  With some health stim juggling, they managed to hold out long enough to take down the Director, one body guard and one Executive Defender.  Babaengy could see it they were not going to out last the other defenders and bodyguards and with both of their health bars at around 25% and still falling, he quickly made the effort to loot the Lab Director’s corpse to at least make the attempt worthwhile.  The mezz pet was the first to fall, with Babaengy next and then Babaemphee.  Babaengy was still happy back at reclaim as he inspected the Custom Desert Reet and executive order that he had looted.  Note: The loot did not include the “Director’s Identification Card” which only appears directly in your inventory if you are running the specific kill the director mission.

After thinking it over they may try a few things differently next time.  One alternative will be to try the Pets Only approach which is to have only the pets attack the director while the toons hide.  Team pets was leaning toward this approach, but in thinking it more about it, most of the forum posts about taking down the director, were from people running mochams and using top of the line pets.  The lowest bot we have read about surviving solo with the Director was a 176, while Babaengy’s best bot now is 149.

The other alternative is a variation of the original pull the Director plan with a few modifications.  The got into trouble last time by killing the outside guards and then waiting for the other player to finish meant that by the time they did pull the director, the guards were close to popping again.  This time they will wait until they know the Director is there and pull him immediately after taking out the two outside guards.  Babaemphee will do the pulling using her debuff nano, which Babaoroody reports he found a video on the nets that showed an MP doing just that.  Babaengy will wait at the top of the West tower.  This may be far enough away from the office bodyguards and hopefully the bodyguards at the lower level of the tower will not be attracted.  This way they only have to take on the Lab Director and the Executive Defenders.  It may again be a “loot-before-reclaim” try, but hopefully Babaengy will have his second CDR.  Also in preparation both Team Pets toons scoured their banks and re-equipped their fire reflect bracers.  It may only be a few points but they need every point they can get at their current non twinked state.

Mortiggs, Scorpiods and Beacons, Oh My!

16 10 2010


Babaengy's Look at Level 100

Babaengy's Look at Level 100


Babaengy had recently equipped a Disruptive Photon Absorber which sends out an Area of Effect blind for 3 minutes, and he as anxious to try it out.  TEAM PETS debated making another run at Emile Zuduwaza or returning to Biomare to either take on the Director or do the Recapture Beacon mini quest.  They eventually decided to do the Recapture Beacon quest a try, as they figured it would be the most likely to be successful.

The Recapture Beacon Quest has three steps.  The first is to collect one (they are unique) SD Power Core.  These drop from many of the mobs in Biomare, and you should have seen at least one drop by the time you make it to the final section.  The second step is to travel to the East tower, and give the core to the Containment Unit System Droid waiting there.  Once the core has been handed to him, it proceeds to start releasing five Mortiggs, one by one, and after them, two scorpiods.  If you can manage to kill each mob fast enough so you do not have to fight more than one at a time, and you survive them all, the dead Scorpiods will drop Recapture Beacons.  The Transgenic Experiments (the Mortiggs) and the Scorpiods are level 90, however the Mortiggs health bar is much larger of the two.


The Biomare Jog in Progress

The Biomare Jog in Progress, From Front Door to 3rd Golf Ball


When they completed the jog down to the third golf ball they got there just in time to see a pair of tunes taking TIM down.  They then completed buffing up and proceeded to the Computer Core room, and found it occupied by a team that appeared to be farming experience there which meant the way was clear for them.  They decided to try the west tower, as Babengy was not sure if any of his defensive nanos would aggro Rik-Rak.  Previously when they first entered the west tower they were attacked by 3 body guards.  This time there was only two near the first door, and the third was on the other side of the large circular room.  They put away those two guards with no problem and proceeded up the spiral ramp.


Babaemphee's Look at Level 100

Babaemphee's Look at Level 100


Next they had to take down two more bodyguards outside the Director’s office.  The then proceeded to the East tower and ran down to stand next to the droid waiting at the base of the tower, surrounded by 5 red dots encircling the room.  Babaengy and Babaemphee used this situation to re-cast all their short term pet combat buffs, and freshen up any other nanos needing it.  Once everyone was ready, Babaengy gave the power core to the Data Collector droid.  At first nothing happened, but eventually after a minute or so, it started to unlock each of the 5 holding pens that ring the room.  Babaengy made sure to cast his Disruptive Photon Absorber and then the team attacked the first Transgenic Experiment (looks like a Mortigg).  The Mortigg had a health bar quite a bit larger than the Bodyguards, and Babaengy drew his breath at first in awe.  After about 20 seconds, it was clear that the AOE blind was quite effective, as none of TEAM PETS, were taking serious damage.  It was clear that they would prevail against this one, but the question was, would they be able to kill it fast enough so that it would be dead before the droid released the next one.  They just manage to slay each one a few seconds before the next arrived, so there was no chance to pause to heal or rebuff.


Biomare's West Tower, Cleaned of Varmints For Now...

Biomare's West Tower, Cleaned of Varmints For Now...


The two scorpiods did arrive before the last Mortigg went down.  Fortunately TEAM PETS took little to no damage from them, as by not yet attacking them, the blind nano was proving effective at hindering the scorpiods.  The scorpiods seemed to have about half the health of the Mortiggs, but were still formidable since they were released two at a time.  A review of the logs after the battle showed that Babaengy’s Ql146 Flawed Warbot was outdamaged by Babaemhee’s QL139 Superior Frenzy Embodiment by about 60%.

Once the last scorpiod dropped,  Babaengy was quick to loot his Recapture Beacon.  Babaemphee decided to see if she could find one, and did manage to loot one for herself off one of the other dead scorpiods.  Most of the guides out there have been a bit vague about this, and do not say if each scorpiod drops a beacon, or just one.

After they returned to Newland City, the rest of the team logged off, then Babengy headed over to Borealis because he wanted to try this new toy out to see how it worked.  Once in Borealis, he kept his yalm equipped and simply right clicked on the Recapture Beacon. In a few seconds he was hovering in his Yalm just in front of the Foreman’s main doorway.

So he learned that it works with Yalmaha’s equipped, which might be the best way to approach this maneuver, there is still the very dangerous possibility that an omni guard could be waiting in the area just as one zones in.  With the yalm equipped, one can make a fast get-away.  Having proven to himself the utility of this nifty item, he flew out of the Foreman’s base and over to a nearby player city whompa in order to get back to Newland City.

This item will certainly make TEAM PETS remaining outings at Biomare more convenient.  It will also be a boon for any future Biomare twinks.  Now they will be able to meet with trader Tireen in Borealis, cast and buff pets, and then instantly be at Foreman’s front door.  Of course all that remains for them is to take on the Lab Director, mainly for Babaengy who could use the nice CDR pistols.


4 09 2010
New looks, Links Engergized and Solar Guard, click for better view.

New looks, Links Engergized and Solar Guard, click for better view.

Babaengy and Babaemphee dinged level 75 in the Biomare sewers while working in Tri-Plumbo’s area.  This section has the bloaters placed with much greater distance between them than in the sewer sections where it is common to get swarmed by 6 or more at a time.  There are six bloaters in this section that make a nice loop where the mobs respawn fairly quickly so there is no waiting.  They gave Tri-Plumbo a go and got sent back to reclaim rather quickly.  At this point they decided that it was time to go run team missions in order to roll some much needed new non-shop buyable nanos.

The went back to sitting around a mission terminal rolling missions while keeping an eyeball on Clicksaver.  At level 75 they were pulling missions at around 82-83 level.  They must have seen at least 5 go by with Beacon Warp.  They took one of those, but since Babaengy already has one equipped, it was just as an investment.  The most badly needed nano is the next best healing pet Calling of Restite.  Sanoo can not out heal the damage dealt by level 80+ mobs at this point.  A better mezz pet would help, and a better bot heal could make the difference in Boss fights.  Solar Guard would help immensely with Babaemphee’s survivability since it adds +100 to all defense.

They took break from RK2 and were doing some necro post reading in AOFROOBS in the professions sections.  One post in particular Easy Froob MP formula from Llie pointed out that the measure of a pet profession was the best pet they could command and stay out of OE self buffed, meaning the best pet that even with a outside buff to cast, that they could continue to keep under control with self buffs.  Pets operate under the same Over Equipped rules as many other AO items.  As long as the pet caster maintains their required skill at 80% or more of the requirement, they will remain in control. This meant that Tireen could help them  with wrangles to each cast a higher pet, with the limit being what they could keep out of OE.

Creation: Solar Guard gives 169 to ACs and +100 Add All Def

Creation: Solar Guard gives 169 to ACs and +100 Add All Def

After some calculations it was clear that with a +40 wrangle from Tireen, Babaengy could cast a level 113 bot and Babaemphee could cast a level 111 attack pet and keep them out of OE with Babaemphee’s masteries.  This required a bit of log-in juggling at first.  With Babaemphee first buffing up herself and Babaengy.  She then logged off, and Tireen logged in to put a wrangle on Babaengy.  With this wrangle running he was able to cast his better bot.  With the shell in his inventory, he logged out, so Babaemphee could log in and get her wrangle from Tireen.  This done, Tireen logged off after giving Babaemphee her wrangle and seeing her cast her better pet.  (They later found that triple logging would make this much more convenient.)

With both higher pets cast, team pets then headed out to their missions.  These two new attack pets went through the level 82 mobs like a hot knife through butter.  Even the mission bosses were done away with quickly.  Too quickly, in fact as in one mission, Babaemphee’s pet finished killing the mission target before Babaengy could take the elevator into the Boss Room to ID the target, so they forfeited that mission.  Even thought they did not get the wanted nano, they did nab a few nice pieces of Miy’s and Nova Dillon armor.

As part of their break from Biomare to mission for much needed nanos, Babaengy and Babaemphee invited Tireen to tag along for several team missions.  Tireen is level 75 so she would get experience and she would always be there to help them cast the highest attack pets.  It put a bit of a load on the computer, but it was manageable.  If dual boxing two toons was a juggling challenge, triple logging is even more so.   The three missions they pulled went very well as Tireen’s massive shotgun crits helped put the mobs away that much faster.

The only problem was that Tireen is by far the most squishy of the three, and the team had to be careful to manage aggro by letting the attack bot build up aggro before the rest of the team launched into any particular mob.  There were two fatalities, both caused by the same issue.  Babaengy was running a new hostile AOE nano, and several times it attracted a number opf unwanted adds.  The first casualty was Tireen, and the second time it happened it was Babaemphee.  After that, Babaengy canceled that nano, and will not be running any hostile AOE nanos.  Probably the only time they might be used would be in PVP, which they do not plan to take part in for some time, if ever.

Full set of Links Energized armor (in social tab), click to view larger version.

Full set of Links Energized armor (in social tab), click to view larger version.

Babaengy used these occasions to demonstrate the worth of the Beacon Warp nano, by bringing the team mates back from reclaim much faster than them having to revive and then make their way by grid, whompa and flying.  Out of six or so missions they netted for Babaemphee the following nanos, Creation Solar Guard, and Creation Summon Absum.  For Babaengy they netted Rebuild Casing, while Tireen bought him an Overdrive Combat Array from a store.  At the end of the missions, Tireen had dinged 76, and Babaengy had dinged 77 to catch up with Babaemphee who had just hit 77 before Babaengy’s trip to reclaim.

They estimated that it would be 3-4 more levels before they can equip higher attack pets, and there was not much else they needed that they could roll so they were about to head back to Biomare, when Babaoroody showed up and offered to pull a few missions for their level 123 combat pets.  123 is at the lower range of what Baba can pull, and should be pretty easy, however he asked Babaemphee to come along to provide healing support.  Baba knows all too well that having to self heal after every fight with health kits is very tiresome.  They were a little concerned that Babaemphee would be too squishy around 120+ mobs.

Baba was successful in pulling missions for the desired items, however, Babaemphee was too low to team with him according to the team mission machine, so Baba had to pull regular solo missions.  He did duplicate the keys and gave the copies to Babaemphee so she could accompany him in the missions.  This went way much better than any one of them had thought.  Any time a mob even looked sideways at Babaemphee, Baba would mongo and keep Babaemphee safe.

While Babaemphee’s current heal pet may still be somewhat weak against 120+ mob damage, it did very well.  While several times it had a hard time keeping up with the healing, Baba’s health never dropped below 60% in each fight, and was usually back at 100% by the time the next mob was faced.  Babaoroody the Enforcer is fun when he does not have to worry about self healing.  It gives him the freedom to use things like rage and mongos more freely.  He can see that it may be worthwhile to start putting IP into Nano Init so he can cast his Rage and Mongos faster.

Baba Loves His Black Clan Tank Armor, (even if it is just social and Veil of the Revoked does the work)

Baba Loves His Black Clan Tank Armor, (even if it is just social and Veil of the Revoked does the work)

It was also great to have the extra damage from Babaemphee’s attack pet, especially in those unavoidable times when two or mobs are found close together in a mission and have to be fought at the same time.  It might be different in a team mission, however Babaemphee does so little damage comparatively, that there is little trouble keeping the aggro on Babaoroody.    Baba still has the daily mission kill x smugglers in Smuggler’s Den running and he is seriously thinking of bringing Babaemphee with him.  Tireen would be useful, however she is on the same account as Baba, so they will never share a team.  Babaente might be useful if her calms and/or roots will land on the 120ish Mantis crowds that have to be waded through to get to the heart of the dungeon.

In addition to acquiring an Inferior Frenzy Embodiment level 123 for Babaemphee and a Semi Sentient Guardbot level 123 for Babaengy, the was an added bonus of finding a Creation Living Shield of Evernan in one mobs loot.  The shield provides around 140 ACs, some parry skill and 342 health.  It is odd that even though it is a higher quality level than the Solar Guard, it provides less protection and cannot compare to the +100 add all def provided by the Solar Guard, so we suspect Babaemphee will be using the Solar Guard for some time.  There also turned up a few pieces of Miy’s and Rhinoman armor, which Baba let Babaemphee loot as they were too low to do him any good.

Tireen is going to be busy shop fooding most of loot Team Pets and Baba netted recently.  Babaengy and Babaemphee are now planning on heading back to Biomare for some more levels.  They make take a shot as Tri-Plumbo after they level enough (80ish) to equip their QL123 pets, and may even ask Tireen to help out.  They are also starting to think about when they should make a run to Steps of Madness for Neleb’s robes and later COH for even better robes, and to Beacon Warp Baba in so he can farm some phats.  Baba smiled as he watched Team Pets discuss these things with enthusiasm.  He envied them. For FROOBS, level 70-100 is a very good time to be on Ruby-Ka, with several dungeons open at that level offering serious buffing items both for use and selling for profit.

Team Baba Pets Moves to Foreman’s

19 08 2010
Foreman's Front Door Mischief

Foreman's Front Door Mischief, click for larger view

Unceremoniously, Babaengy and Babaemphee’s last trip to TOTW was this past Friday evening.  They have everything on their must have lists, and wanted to give another try for the two elusive Notum rings.  They both have the PM/SI versions but the MC ones would be more useful, however they came across some posts which point out that Rings of Presence usually drop frequently for players as they level up, and they buff from +2 or more (depending on quality), all nano skills.  In fact between all of Baba’s alts, there are about 8 of various quality sitting in their banks.  The nugget of information convinced Babaengy and Babaemphee that it was not worth putting up with the trains and spite camping twinks at TOTW any more than they already had.

On this last trip they saw several variations on the “spite camping” twinks.  These are twinks, equipped with top shelf expansion goodies, much costing billions or only available from higher level players, while in and of themselves are of passing technical interest, stand out because of the actions.  They tie up bosses by camping them for hours, preventing anyone else from getting access while they already have all the items they can equip.  One Enforcer twink who choose to run a circuit around the three main wings and their bosses, when it saw other players coming through Gartua’s room, went and popped several mongoes and trained every spawned Windcaller, Exarch and reverend to the area just inside the door to Aztur’s hall just as our pair were entering.   It actually saved our team time, and just meant all of their objectives were in one spot.  While it did take a little extra work for the healpet, they soon had all the mobs down and looted, but no Notum rings were found.

Babaengy and Babaemphee then ran back to DOTS cross roads, and found a twink and a tagging on lowbie fighting DOT.  Babaengy and Babaemphee waited for the fight to finish and then started to run towards the door to the middle hall where Nematet is.  The twink and lowbie saw this and immediately also ran for that door, exhibiting that ‘me first‘ attitude prevalent in these juvenile epeeners.  Babaengy smirked to himself how well his miss-direction had worked.  He watched them run off towards Nematet, because he and Babaemphee really wanted to go visit Lein.

They had to fight their way all the way down to Lien, which is always a good sign, i.e. that no one else was around or camping Lien.  They did see a curious spectacle play out.  When they had progressed to having just two more corners of Legionnaires left to kill and pass, this 38 or so lowbie with a Neleb’s rod, but not much else, tried to run past the remaining Legionnaires.  The lowbie got all the way to the second set of Legionnaires, aggroed them, and then realized he was in trouble.  He was trapped by six Legionnaires, and they wiped him long before Babaengy and Babaemphee could get near.

Once team pets, had cleared out all Legionnaires, they had a 5 to 10 minute wait for Lein to spawn.  They spent this time, rebuffing, and recharging, so when Lien did spawn, the whole team was primed.  The attack went by the book.  Keeping their distance, Babaengy first ticked his bots positive aggression trimmer into gear, and Babaemphee, cast her attack pets combat buff on it.  Then Babaengy sent the bot in to attack.  After the bot had a chance to get in several good hits, Babaemphee sent in her attack pet and mezz pet.  By keeping their distance, Lien’s Ju Ju dolls were immediately rooted by Babaengy’s root aura and were too far from Babaengy and Babaemphee to hit them.  After the meatballs got in a few hits, Babaemphee cast her debuff on Lien, after which Babaengy and Babaemphee started to let loose with their alphas, various TOTW damage rings for Babaengy, and a cold nuke from Babaemphee.  The team took less damage in this battle than any previous Lien fight.

They were well rewarded at the end, with Lien dropping two dark memories and a memory loop.  This just happened to be exactly what was left on team pet’s Lien checklist.  On their previous trip they had both managed to fill their 5 slot belts, and this trip gave them both an extra DM for when they upgrade to six slot belts.

Babaengy and Babaemphee decided to head out to Biomare, having reset their profiles to start collecting experience again, and looking to get back on the leveling path.  They first stopped at the small base just outside the Biomare facility to grab the first quest from Ace Starr, who hands out the clan Biomare quests.  Entering Biomare, for clan, is a bit dicey, especially for pet classes.  Due to the fact that the base is an Omni controlled area, trying to walk in, will result in attacks from the many well equipped guards.  The best way to get in, is to fly in using Yalms, quickly so that any guards around don’t have time to take any shots.  Neither Babaengy or Babaemphee likes flying with pets cast.  It just seems like a cruel thing to do.  Fortunately the entrance to Biomare consists of a quite long hallway with the first mob at the other end, which means clan can enter, go to the side, buff up and cast pets without getting attacked.

They have spent the last few evenings working thought the first set of clan quests.  Babaente, Baba’s NT, and Tireen, his trader alt, skipped Biomare entirely, relying solely on Babaempee’s kiting to get them to their 70s.  They both are currently stuck trying to do the ‘System Intrusion’ daily mission.  Tireen’s calms just don’t cut it, she rarely gets past the first L shaped hall.  Babaente’s calms work much better, and she can calm her way all the way to the end boss who is level 90.  Babaente can calm her, but not kill her, so she can’t complete the mission as long as she has aggro from this boss.  She is strongly considering calling in Babaoroody to throw his level 149 weight around for help.

Babaengy and Babaemphee are finding Biomare alot more fun that it was for Babaoroody.  When Baba did it, he barely found teams often enough to complete the basic security card guests, but he also had to do alot solo.  Soloing is not recommended there unless you are talking about a twink.  Mobs are placed in close together groups, and most of the time it is impossible to pull single mobs before one gets security clearance.  The sewers can be soloed, as can the second golf ball cave section, but the bodyguards in the third section, are very strong and hit hard, and present quite a threat to solo players.  The three bosses are tough also, requiring a good full team, or a much higher level toon with top level pets cast.

The completed the first quest, disable 6 security cams, by focusing on the 3 cams, the first one outside Rodriquez’s area, and two more further down the same hall.  This required dealing with guards which go down fairly fast when Team Pet’s attack bots have their best combat buffs running.

The next set of quests, kill 6 floaters and then kill 6 bloaters is where they first ran into trouble.  Getting swarmed by floaters and bloaters is common when other players sometime train them on to others, but Team Pet was getting swarmed repeatedly.  The got badly swarmed by bloaters once where Babaemphee got sent back to reclaim, which meant Babaengy had to beat a hasty retreat via the emergency exit. Babaengy had just dinged 62, so after she returned, they spent a good 30-40 minutes killing floaters so she could catch up and also ding 62.  They filled up all their bags about half way through, so Babaengy inspected each corpse and only looted really expensive or valuable items, like battle suits or Notum chips.

Babaoroody had told them that he thought Biomare was much better designed than TOTW.  Things like the security cards and the emergency exits go along way in preventing the epidemic training like what goes on at TOTW.

Later they reviewed their various running buffs and are guessing that ‘Intrusive Aura of Entanglement’ is aggro-ing every mob within 20 meters, so they are going to try not using it on their next visit.   It also has the negative effect of getting Babaengy flagged for PVP, and open to ganking by some opportunistic higher level omni there.

They decided to level up some more before taking on the kill Tri-Plumbo boss quest.  The sewers provides fast leveling for them, and TONS of loot.  The best thing about Biomare, in addition to good leveling, is the income.  Mobs at Biomare drop tons of semi-valuable loot.  A single average bag can easily bring 90,000 credits when vendored by Tireen.  It’s quite easy to fill 10+ bags while getting a level in the sewers.   With all bags full and both hitting 62, they left for the evening.

Later while allocating out their new IP in a Newland shop, Babaengy realized he had just increased his skills enough to be able to use ‘Beacon Warp’ which Babaoroody looted a year or two ago.  This opens up a lot of possibilities, from warping lowbies in for phatz, to warping Babaoroody in for places like Crypt of Home.

They made a short follow up visit the following night, and refrained from using the Intrusive Aura as well as any reflect damage things, and as a result, had a much more manageable time in the sewers, grabbing about 10 bags of stuff, and a level each (level 63).  This finally allowed Babaemphee to be able to cast her first Chant, so she cant’ wait to try it out.  Babaengy however is in one of those stages where it will be several levels before he can bump up a level on his bot or any of his nanos.   They both are also still inching towards equipping level 70 first aid and treatment kits.  Stores only sell these in 50 and 70 steps so they have been trying to make do with some 60s that dropped in a team mission a while back, but these have been used up and they are stuck with using puny 50s now.