Temple of Twinks Working

31 07 2010
The once busy meeting place that was the Temple of the Three Winds, deserted.

The once busy meeting place that was the Temple of the Three Winds, deserted.

A few years ago, a Friday evening  visit to the Temple of the Three Winds would find the area outside the entrance crowded with low level 1-60 toons and high level 120+ toons.  The lowbies were there for the Temple and the high levels were there for Inner Sanctum.  Babaoroody, our Froob Enforcer has many fond memories of evenings spent there.   Showing up as a sub level 61 player, one first had the challenge of finding a team in the crowd.  On busy nights, this could take a while as many people were just sitting around chatting, or waiting for someone else to show, or looking for a specific person or team.  It was a great exercise in people watching, and listening (vicinity chat).  Most TOTW pickup teams were usually just 6 toons running from mob to mob and wailing away on said mobs.  Occasionally, in the top Boss room, teams would emerge that actually functioned as teams, with tanks tanking, healers healing, CC toons controlling adds, and damage dealers, damaging.  Once and a while a twink would show up to “pwn” Azzy, but for the most part, these were leveling new toons.

Back then, the Guardian of Time was far more likely to be camped by one or more twinks and their customers/friends.  The fact that every mob there, even low 30s cultists, will aggro every player including level 60s combined with the design of the place and the many new players, led to frequent massive trains.  These trains were lethal only to low end players, and a nuisance for every one else.

Babaengy and Babaemphee (at level 59)  made their first visit this past Friday evening, and things have definitely changed.  TOTW could now very well stand for Temple of Twinks Working.  After teleporting in from the portal in Newland Dessert  they were first struck by how deserted the outside area was at prime time.  There were perhaps 4 players to be seen, and each of those was a level 60 solo twink. Not a team to be seen.  After entering they did not see another player until just before the Defender of Three’s hall, where they spotted a level 60 twink with a baby crat in tow.  Inside DOT’s hall, the only other players to be seen was a smattering of low level solo Enforcers leveling up off of cultists.  Those were the closest we saw to new players for the evening.  After easily wiping the floor with DOT, our team headed down to left wing.  Here they had a short fight with the Re-animator and netted Babaemphee a Skull of Lamentation for future use.  Once they made it down to Lien, they found he was being camped by another 60 Enforcer twink.

Coming back out from Lien’s , they passed another solo Enforcer leveling on Deathless Legionnaires.  A couple of the Legionnaires aggroed our team and after putting them down, Babaengy looted a Frosted Scythe just for the fun of it (if he changes his mind at some point to go 2 hand edged.)

Next was the north middle wing, where they had a short and victorious fight with the Curator that  netted the rock crusher gloves but no notum rings.    Nematet had just been killed by the only full team we saw all night.  They appeared to be systematically camping Nematet-‘s room.  Our pet team decided that was enough for the evening, and headed out and back to Newland City via the player city whompa just  west of the Temple.   It had been a good excursion.  They were basically doing recon this time around, mainly to get a feel for how their current set ups would fair.  The set ups were doing very well.  They never lost a pet, and no one every saw their health dip below 75%.

Babaengy and Babaemphee are now debating adding level 60.  They may very well need it to equip slightly better pets and nanos to take on the top Bosses at TOTW.

It was a bit disheartening to see TOTW, SO once lively and full of newbie’s reduced to a handful of leveling solo Enforcers and polished level 60 twinks farming items.

The next day, Saturday, our pet pair were back for their second TOTW run.  This time they headed for the East hall hoping to net some Exarch Robes.  This did not happen however.

Where is Azzy?  He was too much for the lvl 60 soldier and crat that did so well with Uklesh and Khalum.

Where is Azzy? He was too much for the lvl 60 soldier and crat that did so well with Uklesh and Khalum.

They were prevented from farming Exarch robes when a twink 60 soldier and a crat friend or dual log started in on the final three bosses.  It took them quite a while to fight the first two placeholders successfully.  During this time Babaengy and Babaemphee took down all the mobs in the south, west and east parts of the final hall.  They even pulled a couple of Exarchs while the soldier was still busy with Khalum.    Once Azzy came out, the soldier and crat seemed to really have their hands full.  Babaengy and Babaemphee kept their distance and watched as Aztur eventually sent the soldier and crat to reclaim.  In retrospect this would have been a great chance for team Baba pets to take on Azzy due to the first two mobs being out of the way.  They had not really even started to think about what their strategy might be, so they decided not attack Azzy and went looking for Gartua the gatekeeper instead.

They did find one notum ring on an Exarch corpse left by the Soldier, so that was a plus.  The did find Gartua the door keeper, but after a short fight, he dropped nothing.  They then noticed that the Guardian of Time was blocking the exit door.  After topping off all the teams buffs, including the pet combat buffs, they rushed GOT.  They were surprised on just how easy it was.  Neither toons or pets took much damage, with only one heal had to be given to the attack bot during the fight.  For their efforts GOT dropped a Guardian Circuit board, amplified bracelet and a damage ring (ring of tattered flame).

After fighting their way out through the obligatory halls of grays, it was back to Newland City to peruse their take for the day.  Babaemphee got a nice ncu boost from a platinum ring of three, plus some ac, health and damage.  Babaengy equipped the Guardian Circuit board to enjoy the additional 15 NCU it provides.  They also turned experience back on, hoping to tick 60 for the benefit of a few more IP points.  Babengy is 12 BM points away from equipping Beacon Warp, which Tireen and Babaente looted during their token mission grind and gave to Babaengy.


Open Those Little Brown Boxes

26 07 2010
Open those little brown boxes, and you just might find this... Instruction Disk for Grid Armor Mk I

Open those little brown boxes, and you just might find this... Instruction Disk for Grid Armor Mk I

Babaengy and Babaemphee (aka Team Pets) have been on a roll and hit the jackpot recently.  It was a QL 60ish team mission where they found a Instruction Disk for Grid Armor I in one of those non-descript small square boxes. AOPriceWatch.com lists the current average asking price to be 15.5 million credits for this item.

This is the third time is similar circumstances, our toons have found a Grid Armor ID.  The small square boxes are sometimes hard to spot, and often are just plain empty.  On the plus side, unlike barrels and chests, they are never locked, so opening them is a simple single click.  When we first started doing missions with Babaoroody, we often skipped those small brown boxes thinking that nothing of worth could be found in them.  We certainly had never read on any forum or web site about valuable loot showing up in those.  After Baba opened the one where he found his first Grid Armor, we require all of our toons to always open small brown boxes.

TEAM PETS, Babaengy and Babaemphee, with matching helmets!

TEAM PETS, Babaengy and Babaemphee, with matching helmets!

Team Pets (Babaengy and Babaemphee, both level 57), also made significant progress over the past weekend, bringing them to within a couple of more missions to getting their 120 token boards and the juicy 350 health, 300 nano, +3% experience, and +10 defense.  Those mission should also put them at or very near their target level of 59 for optimum Temple of The Three Winds phatz.  The more we play this pair, the more it feels like this could be the combination that goes all the way to 200.

Evolving Boss Room Tactics

Due to the many factors in play, there is no ‘typical Boss room’ encounter.  Bosses can special auras that give them extra strong defenses, ranging from reflects, to strong evades, and just plain loads of health.  There can be one or several minions, additional mobs that will aggro you on sight.  The larger the room, the more flexibility the team has in choosing it’s battles.  In a large enough room, some mobs or the Boss can be avoided by distance while the team takes out another hostile.  Placement of the Boss and the minions in relation to the elevator is crucial.  Rezzing on top of the Boss and it’s minion(s) bring with it several disadvantages beyond just getting instant aggro from all.  The worst disadvantage to these scenarios is that it is very difficult if not impossible to quickly identify each mob and then target them appropriately.

Video Glitch, the joys of dual logging.  Requires a hard zone or re-log to fix.

Video Glitch, the joys of dual logging. Requires a hard zone or re-log to fix.

It the room is big enough, one can often run away enough to be able to separate and ID the mobs.  A small room may prevent this and this can lead to a very confusing battle that is likely to end badly.  The MP may not be able to id and target the weakest mob for mezzing.  With Pets on guard mode, their is no telling quickly which pets are fighting which mobs.  The MP also has to quickly size up the situation and decide who to put the heal pet on as soon as possible.

The Baba chart of Boss Room Encounters looks like a reverse geometric grow chart (i.e. it goes down very quickly to a long tail).  The most damage can be potentially done to team members in the first few moments of the encounter.  If targets are not coordinated and attacked in those first few moments, the mobs gain a lead in damage, that it may be impossible to overtake.

We are currently favoring the MP being the lead into the room, mainly because she can enter with the heal pet on her, so that she can afford to take some damage, while the Engy teleports in and takes the few precious moments to target and start attacking.

Once both team members are in the room and engaged, we have also been favoring controlling the MP, due to the fact that she recently acquired her first rally  decent nuke which can really help whittle down the Boss’s health.  It is a nano drain, so we are happy we have been keeping her nano pool maxed.

Aliens City Raid Passed Trekking to Missions

Aliens City Raid Passed Trekking to Missions

She also recently graduated to a fairly decent mob debuff, so we have added it to her standard operating procedure attack (select team leader, hit assist macro, hit attack button, hit macro for debuff.

For most of the non-Boss room antics, we still drive the Engineer who pulls targets and sets his bot on them.  Once the Bot had had a chance to get a few good blows in, we have the MP start her attack sequence.  If she attacks too soon, she draws aggro and the Engy ends up having to health stim her, or we have to switch the heal pet off the Engy and on to her.  It would be ideal if we had a good multi-boxing macro that would reliably toggle the heal pet between the two of them, but so far, we have not written one that is reliable enough.

Having the MP select herself is foolproof with the %m chat command.  The f2 key to select the team leader does not always work as expected because if the leader was already selected, it toggles to select the MP.  It’s a shame you can give chat commands directed by name, like you can with Pet commands.

140 Rolls By

8 09 2009
Baba at max detail settings, hunting bots in Omni Forrest

Baba at max detail settings, hunting bots in Omni Forrest

Baba was getting a little tired of PW Borgs and thought he would try some leveling off mobs in the wild.  He found a canyon in Southern Foul plains that looked like it had a mix of snakes, Drills, and big cats, at around level 120 which he thought would be tough enough to give some decent experience, yet not be risking reclaim all the time.  Well it turned out that yes he could handle them smoothly individually, but the layout of the canyon was too tight and it was impossible to keep from picking up more adds while kiting single mobs.  He picked up a train of 4 or 5 120 level mobs which he had to run across half the zone to lose.

He then spent some time hunting low level bots for the last piece in the first part of the Alvin/Dodga quest.  He had started this quest back when he was in his 60s, but gave up after collecting 6 of the seven pieces.  That seventh piece was just not to be found by him.  He killed about 90 in one trip which yielded two drops of quest items, but not the item he needed, the scrap of notum.  The next day he killed about 150 bots in a session which yielded 0 quest pieces.  Somebody noticed what he was doing, and could not resist mocking him for still doing this quest at his level.  I guess compared to expansion shoulder pieces, the ones from this quest are pretty wimpy.  Maybe so, Baba just hates too leave things like that unfinished, so every once and a while, he goes out looking for the last quest item.

Strange clump of mobs in river, click for larger view

Strange clump of mobs in river, click for larger view

While traveling around he came across one of those strange clumps of mobs, this time in Athens near a bend in the river.  It must be something in the virtual geometry that causes so many unlike mobs to congregate in one illogical spot.   AgentBaba our agent alt spotted a similar thing near one of the player cities just north of the Rhinoman valley in Newland Dessert.

Speaking of AgentBaba, she leveled up to around 25 out in Newland Dessert, and then returned to the Subway in Borealis to see how far she could level in there.  The  Gripo-Com AKR 1K21rifles recommended by Hahnsoo’s guide worked out extremely well for her.  She was doing damage close to what several true twinks were getting in the Subway.  The Gripo’s are fairly fast and have a very nice crit.

On her arrival to the entrance to the stairs to the deep subway she was challenged by Eumenides, who she was quite able to put away with little fuss or muss.  To her delight, he dropped the best bit of subway loot, the ring of Nucleus Basalis, so she then had no need to join suicide Abmouth teams.  She then spent a day or two leveling up.  With the great damage from the rifle and her evades, she had no trouble with any mob in the subway.  The only one that was a threat were Virgil Aneid and Abmouth, which she did her best to stay away from.

One of the more curious mobs in the subway is a small female is the deep subway named “Redundant Scan”.  During AgentBaba’s extended Subway experience, she must have fought this mob 20-30 times.  Very often “Redundant Scan” will break off from combat when her health gets to about 40% and start running away.   For a ranged toon like AgentBaba, this is no problem, as poor “Redundant Scan” is unable to outrun projectiles.

After she hit level 32, the number of mobs that would give her any experience was reduced to a very small handful.  The two giant spiders, the shades in the Vergil Aeneid section, and the two cyborgs in the room before Virgil were the only ones to give experience after hitting 32.  It was getting boring having to sit around waiting for them to respawn, so AgentBaba decided to quit while she was ahead and was in the process of leaving when she reached the stairs that go up to the rooms with the sand fleas.  At that point she got a join team pop up.  She had been posted on looking for a team the whole time, and gotten 0 invites so far, so she just as she clicked yes, the ugly form of Abmouth filled her view.  A trox doctor that had been teamed with a semi-twink looked to have lost his team-mate to Abmouth, and was now determined to avoid reclaim.

AgentBaba first impulse was to flat out run away, run away, Monte Python style, but decided to try and help out as best she could.  Not only was there Abmouth, but the doc/trox had also picked up a train of several infectors and cyborgs as well.   AgentBaba was surprised that even though she was pouring damage into Abby, neither Abby or any of the adds, paid her any attention.  The doc/trox seemed to be going into that slow motion, death spiral dance, so AgentBaba knew that it was now time for her to split, or she would be next.  She ran for the exits and was quite surprised that she managed to escape.   I have got to note at this point, after taking an Enforcer, Agent and Adventurer through the subway, that the Agent was by far the most effective.  The Enforcer’s non twink weapons were too weak, they lack self healing, and have no evades.

Player City south of PW notum mines, click for full view

Player City south of PW notum mines, click for full view

Baba did go back to Perpetual Wastelands and resumed hunting Borgs there.  He used to be able to expect to grab a level in about an hour there by himself, but ever since he hit around level 135, the experience each Borg gives has taken a nose dive, and it now takes him 2 to 3 hours to get a level at the same spot.  It has become less dangerous.  He can flub a pull and survive pulling 3-4 Borg at a time.  Baba still has his eye on moving up to a Pained Panther from his Panther.  While trying to compare the two, he ran them both through the Auno damage simulator. The simulator asks for the input of your initiatives and your add/def setting.  This nudged Baba to to check his Agg/Def setting at the Unity of the Rose site.  The Agg/Def calculator told Baba that he could set his all the way back to 25% and maintain the same attack speed.  He tried this on his last Borg hunting trip and it did seem to help with fewer Borg crits landing.  This is an easily overlooked benefit of the Panther weapons, and most likely other fast melee weapons.  Once they are in the less than 1.5 seconds range, they enable enforcers to adjust thier Agg/Def settings quite a bit at no loss in damage.

Styling and Nuking

8 06 2009
Babaoroodys more traditional look, click for larger view.

Babaoroody's more traditional look, click for larger view.

Baba stayed in Sunday, his pride still smarting from his noob like actions the day before in a Perpetual Wastelands Borg Team with several org-mates from Angels of the Night.  There’s an old saying that if you want to build up your confidence, wear some nice clothes.  Armor-wise, Baba always wears his best, but what he wears in his social tab is something else.  For some time now, Baba has been sporting a garish white and blue zebra striped jumpsuit with his red Albrecht tank armor.  His real armor, hidden by his social items, is an eclectic mix of found/looted Miy’s of various flavors, and various colors.  He was not happy with that patchwork look and had chosen the jumpsuit to cover the drabness of the mainly dark colored pieces.  After rummaging in his bank inventory for sometime, he came up with a redish looking pair of Flowers pants, some gold gloves and forearm guards, with like colored short sleeves to show off his still impressive biceps.

While Baba was staying in, Babaente and Tireen were out running team missions for tokens.  Both leveled during the day, with Tireen hitting 70, and Babaente hitting 69.  It has been one of those long dry spells for Babaente in terms of getting new Nukes.  The last time she was able to go a step up in her single and area of effect Nukes was before level 60. As the mobs kept getting stronger with each new level, the Nukes got less effective.

NT’s are blessed or cursed depending on the situation, with a huge selection of Nukes.  It’s like having a gun that has an ammo selection switch that allows you to instantly start firing the perfect type of damage ammo suited for the opponents weakest armor types.  The Nukes cover just about every damage type there is.  We have to admit that so far we have not found a way to quickly determine the best damage type to use for each mob.  Babaente has thought of filtering and sorting known armor types for thier weak points, and then try and identify where possible the type of armor used by known mob types.

Until she has something more to go on, she had Tireen make a buying trip to Omni Trade to pick up the next step up area of effect Nuke Limited Scrapnel Spray, which according to      Ramorak’s nuke tables, should give her about 6,700 damage points in your typical 30 second mission clash.  This is roughly 1,000 more that the Plasma Swirl AOE she had been using.

Meetmedere, from directly above, click for larger view.

Meetmedere, from directly above, click for larger view.

Next they pulled 3 missions, all in Newland Dessert, with on at the Rhinocockpit and 2 in Meetmedere, almost door to door.  They came across several rooms with multiple chests and/or barrels which alas, yielded nothing Uber.  The new AOE nuke proved a big improvement whenever they had to fight more than one mob at a time.  Fortunately, all three Bosses were nothing special and were found in mostly spacious rooms.

By the end of the 3 missions, they had increased their token counts by 9 each.  When they got back to Newland City, they sat atop the Miir shop to people watch for a while.  Targeting individuals as they pass below and hitting shift right click brings up the basic identifying information. They usually try the info pages link to the person’s equipment layout, but it seems quite a few players disable this feature so as to keep their AC holes a secret from potential PvP contenders.

3 things to open, click for larger view.

3 things to open, click for larger view.

When the inspected toon turns out to be level 150 or above, our pair likes to also then do a !whois command to one of the games bots, like AOFroobs (/tell AOFroobs whois xyzperson) to get more information such as the players history.  It is interesting to see that on average the higher the level, the longer the person has played.  It seems to be a geometric kind of increase.  Where many players show fast progress from 1 to 50, 60 to 110 seem to take a bit longer, and then the period from 120 to the 200’s seems to require many months and for some years.

Many of the most popular game titles yield little more than a few days or a few weeks of game play.  Anarchy Online offers a truly outstanding extended game-play that can last many years.

Small square Boss rooms

5 06 2009

Babaente and Tireen are so close to thier 250 token boards, they can almost taste it.  It won’t be much longer till they reach it, and can go back to Kiting and possibly the Biomare dungeon.  They may even take a vaction, while Babaoroody gets back to leveling.

Rhinoman Cockpit Oasis - Click for larger image

Rhinoman Cockpit Oasis - Click for larger image

June 4 found them rolling team missions in Newland Dessert City.  After the drubbing of the previous outing, they have dialed down the difficulty level a few points. They completed three team missions Thursday. The first was left over from the day before, and the other two were new rolls.  All three were in mine type locations with an odd mix of mech dogs, mutants, and mantises.

Using the north gate mission terminals in Newland Dessert City, they have been pulling missions located mostly around Meetmedere or to the east near the Rhinoman Cockpit Oasis on the other side of the acid river and the high flat top ridge.

Small square Boss Room with obstacle - click for larger image

Small square Boss Room with obstacle - click for larger image

They also had a run of the the smallest type Boss rooms.  This room type is immediately recognizable for it’s small square layout and a large square rock/pillar in one corner from which the team can often conveniently hide and lure minions to without aggro-ing the Boss.  Generally this room is one of more easy and flexible Boss battle grounds.  There is one variation that they ran into with the first Boss room of the night that was not so easy.

It is one of our least favorite Boss room arrangements, where the  Boss and minon(s) are waiting practically on top of the teleport spot.  This presents a curious bit of a strategy conundrum.  Should the team concentrate on one mob at a time and if so which one?  The popular consensus seems to be that the team is most effective if it concentrates fighting one mob at a time, in what order however is up for debate. In traditional real time strategy scenarios, the rule is eliminate the greatest threats first.

This may not be wise in the Boss room scenario, because some Bosses may take quite a long time to down due to thier special abilities or defensive strengths above that of normal mobs.  Long enough that if not stopped a minion could go through the health of one or more players in that time.

So far in most scenarios our pair have faced, the best strategy has been when faced with the necessity of fighting the Boss and one or more mobs at once, has been to focus on the weakest target first, eliminate it, and then retreat to the previous level to heal before returning to take down more minions, or if none are left , the Boss.

What about crowd control?  What about using calms and roots you say?  These topics are rather sore with our pair at this stage in thier career.  From levels 1 to around 40, the calms and roots they could equip seemed to be mostly unreliable and ineffective.  Around level 50 they found that roots started actually working, at least 50% of the time.  Even if one lands, the longest lasting they currently have is about a minute

Rhinoman Cockpit Oasis mission entrance - click for larger image

Rhinoman Cockpit Oasis mission entrance - click for larger image

We have not been able to determine from our reading and asking around if this is par for NT’s and traders in the 50 to 70 range.  So far the most success our pair have has been with roots in mission situations where a mob can be spotted from a fairly good distance, like a mob in a room at the end of a long hall.  At thier current levels multiple re-casting is out, either to get a landed cast or to re-root a mob that is about to have its root time out.

This is mainly because roots take a pretty healthy chunk out of Babaente’s nano supply.  This is not advisable because nano is Babente’s ammunition.  If she uses up 50% or more of her nano with more than one root cast, she does not have enough nano left to bring the mob down.  The few times she has tried this, she was able to escape by using her Notum splice to refresh her nano supply, but this is not a routine strategy since the splice has a 30 minute cool down.


13 11 2008
Spotted hovering over Omni HQ

Spotted hovering over Omni HQ

Babaente and Tireen have been steadily slogging their way through team missions for that last week or so.  Babaente has locked her experience for now at 60, in case she needs to escort Tireen at the Temple of the Three Winds, which Tireen plans to visit after she dings 60.  While they both have been there before, Tireen needs to be able to get to Lien for dark memories mainly.  She also still lusts after an Exarch robe.  Babaente has hers along with a Notum splice which she has yet to have utilized beyond equipping it.

When they started running this string of missions, there was a pretty good sized gap between the two team mates, with Tireen in the low 50s and Babaente in the high 50s.  With Tireen rolling the missions, the mobs were pretty easy for Babaente at first, but now that they are both about the same, the boss mobs are getting to be pretty hard to handle.  Time to dial back the difficulty level a bit when rolling.

For a week or so now they have been diligently using mission buddy to choose only missions with rewards they could use or sell. Beyond the rare and not likely to be seen loot, they have been mostly going for boosted grafts which can then be hacked to remove the profession requirements.  For them the most sought after are the Hasty Augmentation Cloud, a damage booster, Lesser Protective Field, an AC booster, and Blood Circle, a heal and health delta booster.

Bank mules line up, with names like Armorbank, Buffsbank, etc.

Bank mules line up, with names like Armorbank, Buffsbank, etc., seen at ICC whompas.

After about 15 or so missions, they had collected one or more of what they were seeking and could reasonably expect to find.  With this in mind Tuesday evening they thought they would cut out the time required to roll and select missions, and just take the first missions that came up which they could reach.

They figured that if this could buy them time to even run one or more missions per night it would increase their odds of finding something phat while getting to their over all goal of filling out their token boards as fast as possible.

Well, it did not quite work out that way.  The bosses in all three missions were way over anything they have faced before.  The first one, a ninja type, surprised them by warping them back to him, if they tried to exit the boss level to heal.  This resulted in Tireen getting sent back to reclaim.  Babaente finished off the boss, and then waited for Tireen to return to apply the fixit item to complete the mission.

Tireen with Flag of Sacrifice award

Tireen with Flag of Sacrifice award

The next boss was a super engineer that had some kind of aura that made it almost immune to Tireen and Babaente’s damage.  Babaente tried to exit to heal, but got warped back again, with the result being sent back to reclaim.  Tireen was able to finish off the Boss and she went ahead and picked up the ‘find it’ item.  This was a mistake, as it caused Babaente to miss out on tokens for that mission. Apparently if you are not in the mission when it is completed, you get no tokens.

The last boss was also very hard.  This one also seemed to have an aura that stopped most of Tireen’s energy damage.  Babaente’s poison nuke worked, but the only way she would survive was to kite the boss by running around the walls of the end room.

At the end of the evening, Tireen exactly 120 tokens, so she quickly upgraded her token board resulting in her total health topping out at 1440 now, compared to lvl 60 Babaente at 1k now.  Tireen was also able move from a ql81 Vektor to a 96.  Her stats are starting to get high enough to start replacing her maxed out ql 47 living Cyber Armor with a grab bag of hand me downs and looted armor including a Miy’s nano helmet.

Tokens and Loot

6 11 2008
Find the Boss elevator.

Find the Boss elevator.

Everyone remembers the times they popped a chest in a mission and had a rare or semi rare item show up for the taking.  This positive reinforcement gets a privileged place in the memory cells.   The myriad times where popping a chest only disclosed bizarre and obscure items that at first glance have you crossing your fingers while you look it up on Auno.org or by using a bot in game.  It is easy to forget all of these disappointments.

While slogging away at collecting tokens via QL 47-60 team missions, Tireen and Babaente have been noting some peculiarities of the recurring loot and rewards.

After running perhaps 30 or so team missions, our pair of female hunters have turned up exactly 0 of the big Phatz purported to be possible at this level.  No Home Defenders for Tireen.  No dyna only nanos, no grid armor, and so on.  They have noticed a steady stream of Ithaka k8s, old English pistols (QL 47), and S. A. Confident Home Defenders.

Will Babaente get an apartment just to have somewhere to display her new frig?

Large Frig

They are not sure why, but during this time, they have found about 5 additional clan tokens on individual mobs within the missions and only 1 omni token.  So far the most unusual or ‘I have never seen that before’ bit of loot is the large refrigerator that Babaente found in a chest.  It appears to be place able on the ground, so it could be used to outfit an apartment.



Tireen’s odd loot find is a ‘chair’, which can be used as a melee weapon.  Tireen discovered something about the social tab that was new to her.  She and Babaente were in a Boss room after they thought they had killed all the mobs there.  They had just looted some weapons they had not seen before and Tireen was trying them out in her social tab so they could see what they really looked like.  Just then they were attacked by another mob that had been hidden behind a pillar.  Babaente had not yet healed after the previous boss fight so her health was already down to 50% and she really needed Tireen’s help now.  Unfortunately, Tireen was to learn first hand that when a weapon is equipped in the social tab, you cannot fight or attack at all.

While thinking of loot Babaente wants to take the opportunity to rant about another of her sure fire ideas to pump life and interest into AO without requiring a ton of new development.  Her idea tonight is have mobs drop as loot the weapons they use against you.  Continuity wise, it is normal to expect that if you drop a mob that was shooting at you with a shotgun, that you would then liberate the same shotgun off the corpse.  Ditto for ammo.  How hard could this be?  The model is already called up, why not extend its use?  While this might not have much of a monetary effect, it would give the whole thing a greater sense of continuity.