Implanting Belts and Monsters

26 06 2010
Map with directional arrow, people, and monsters upgrades showing.

Map with directional arrow, people, and monsters upgrades showing.

Belts and map upgrades do not go O.E. (Over Equipped.)  With this fact in mind, new characters on Ruby-Ka can get the benefit of a 5 slot belt and most of the useful map upgrades without spending a great deal of IP points. This is done by implanting the skill points just long enough to equip the items.  Once the items are in, the implants can come out, so these temporary implants only need the bare minimum of clusters for the desired skill and another cluster if required to make the implant be based on a preferred ability (Agility in Baba’s alts).  The implant slots can then be filled with implants buffing other more important skills.

Babaengy and Babemphee as pet classes, have been putting the max amount of IP into their nano based skills which determine how high a pet they can cast, at the expense of being very stingy with IP points to map navigation.  They have also maxed computer lit at every chance.  At level 29 after a quick review of their stats, it became clear that they were within range to implant enough computer lit and map navigation to be able to equip five slot belts (259 for QL 103) and get the map upgrades for direction, people, monsters, and machines (130 Map nav).  They enlisted Babaente to build two sets of implants. One set of 3 to buff computer lit, and one set of 3 to buff map navigation.

Five slot belt equipped with 5 memory chips.

Five slot belt equipped with 5 memory chips.

Both Babaengy and Babaemphee are level 29 and have the same base computer lit stat at 190.  Their map navigation stats were, 62 and 66 respectively.  The computer lit implant set gave 71 IP points, and the map navigation set gave 75 IP.  Combined with expertise buffs of +20 in each skill and +12 to their basic skills the total should put them with enough points to equip the 5 slot belt and add the map upgrades.

Babaente, a level 75 NT was called on to purchase and assemble the implants as she has just about the right level to nano-programming skills to create QL65 implants.

Not wanting to spend all day camping for QL65 basic implants, Babaente constructed the implants in varying levels between 62 and 65 depending on what she could find in shops.
Since it was a Saturday morning and the 9th anniversary celebration was going on, the OA shops were crowded.  Babaente took the grid to Newland City and then two whompa hops later started shopping in a deserted shop in Hope.  After about a half hour, she had been able to get the required basic implants ranging from 62 to 65 in quality.  Only two implants required more than one cluster and that was solely to change the skill base to Agility, so credits were saved by only buying 8 clusters for the six implants.

Once the two sets were constructed, she handed them off to Babaengy in the Newland City shop.  He proceeded to don his med suite, buff up, and then tagged the surgery clinic.  First the computer lit imps were swapped in.  Once they were in he stripped his memory chips and then his belt.  The new QL 103 5 slot belt went in with no hang-ups and with several IP points to spare.  After scrounging another NCU memory from Babaemphee, he sported a five slot belt with 5 memories giving around 98 NCU (an increase of 18.)  Hopefully this will suffice until he levels up further and his computer lit gets within range to equip a six slot belt.

Babaemphee graduates to 3 pets.

Babaemphee graduates to 3 pets. Larger image available.

Done with the belt, the computer lit buffing implants came out, and a set of map navigation implants was inserted.  With well over 130 map nav, he bought the map upgrades and installed them immediately there in the shop. Next he removed those implants and put his original QL 50 implants back in the slots the map buffing imps had taken.  He then handed off the backpack with the computer lit and map buffing imps to Babaemphee.

Babaemphee tried to repeat the whole process but even though she started out with the same base computer lit as Babaengy, she came up short of meeting the 259 requirement.  She was showing 253.  It seems that she had more computer lit implanted already with her QL 50 implants, so that in swapping them out of the 60+ buffing implants she did not have as much of a net gain as Babaengy did.  She will just have to hit another level or two to make up the 6 points.  She did manage to get the map navigation buffing implants in, and did manage to install the same map upgrades as Babaengy.

The 9th Anniversary party was going on at the time, but none of Baba’s tele-presences felt like making it this year.  The Froobination of the generic composite nano buffs is the best Funcom birthday gift so far, so the other items like the headphones and the duck social clothes just did not interest Baba or his alts.


Borgs and Backpacks

13 07 2009

Babaoroody headed out for Perpetual Wastelands from Newland City Sunday evening, determined to get back on the leveling train. His experience bar was sitting just past 50% towards a new level, so he was hoping to tick it over tonight.

He took his usual route there, which consisted of using the grid from Newland City to the Sentinels post in Mort. From there he flew due east in his Yalmaha, passing over sandworms, anuns and mantises.

He paused at the Mantise Dyna camp name Tranquility just inside Perpetual Wastelands, but although he is levels above the 105 Dyna, the enclosed nature of the ‘fort’ style camp and the fact it is packed with 70-100ish mantises, leaves him unwilling to try and find out if he can attack that Dyna without getting swarmed by the rest of the Mantises.

Bridge of Escape, the plateau is too small to out run a Dyna borg.

Bridge of Escape, the plateau is too small to out run a Dyna borg.

Baba did drop down at the next Dyna camp with two 105 and 110 type Borg Dynas.  The spot is called ‘Ruins’ on the map, and is in a small platueau surrounded by gorges, with two large suspension bridges for access.  He thought he had had approached so that he could just pull one of them, but when he got close enough to trigger aggro, they both came running.

Baba made the mistake of trying to stand toe to toe with these two, and before he knew it, he was down past 50% health.  As soon as Baba dropped one, Baba started running east and crossed the suspension bridge with the other Dyna in chase.  He needed to run long enough to use and cycle his First Aid stim at least twice.  Once he had done this to bring his health back up, Baba circled around and kite killed the remaining Dyna.  While the loot both dropped was nothing Baba could use, it was good shop food.

Borg Highway, levels 110-140 Borg, in North East Perpetual Wastelands.

Borg Highway, levels 110-140 Borg, in North East Perpetual Wastelands.

Baba headed a little farther east and when the road turns from going due east to heading North East, he could see Borgs every few hundred meters, guarding the area.

Baba got buffed up and started kiting Borg singly and in groups of two to three.  These Borg were for the most part in the 110 to 140 level range, and a fitting warm up for Baba.  Eventually he planned on hopping over the Borg mine and main base and work on the level 175+ Borgs in the dunes north of the Helipad.

His experience bar was gradually moving towards the top the farther up the road he progressed.  Just before he reached the area labeled ‘town’ on the map, he stopped to rebuff and then recharge his nano.

Taking a break from kiting, to watch an Alien raiding a player city nearby.

Taking a break from kiting, to watch an Alien raiding a player city nearby.

As he was sitting there, he spotted an Alien ship raiding a player city off to the south east.   By the time Baba had worked his way to the ‘town’, he was very close to getting a level.  There is now a Tower field just west of the town, which eliminates pulling Borg to that area for kiting.

Baba first proceeded around the outer perimeter of the base and pick off the Borg he found there.  He started making careful forays into the town, to pull single Borg out.  When he approached the center portion, he spotted a high level 200 Dyna, General Chira Sulanol, unmistakable in her shiny greenish aura.  Baba took note of her position, and retreated to the back side of the base, where he picked off the remaining Borg that were outside of the Base.

General Sulanol where she made short work of Baba in PW

General Sulanol where she made short work of Baba in PW

He was getting so close to leveling that he was starting to think about his return trip from this expedition, when things took a wrong turn.  He tried to stay around the North side of the base because General Sulanol had been spotted on the South central portion.

After pulling several Borg from the North West corner of the Base, he squeezed through an alley between two buildings to try and taunt a few Borg he could see in the North central part of the base.  They came running soon, but they were trailed by General Sulanol.  He guesses that the General had a habit of waking around the base more than the typical high ranking officers.  Baba did a 180 and ran a fast as he could, but her level 200 skills enabled her to up the distance quickly and she sent him back to reclaim in a few seconds.  Baba is not sure if this is a new Dyna, or if it had been trained from a spot located due east of the town on the other side of some hills. Several maps show a 200 level mob located there.

After rezzing to at the Newland City reclaim, (the one on the hill overlooking the city), he was a bit discouraged, but he also knew that when he returns to kite the Borgs his experience pool will speed up the leveling.  He was feeling good about his Borg Kiting skills, had he not gotten too close to Sulanol, he took hardly any damage while kiting this evening.

His many backpacks were mostly full, so he took some time to sort them out.  He had gained almost a half bag of various Miy’s armor, which he is sure Babaente and Tireen will thank him for eventually. After sorting out the Miy’s, the monster parts, 125+ implants and clusters, and interesting items, he handed off 8 bags to Babaente, our Nanotechnician, who in turn transferred the bags to Tireen, Baba’s trader alt.

Tireen took the bags to the Trader terminal in Newland City and was turning in the shop food there, when a fellow Trader, Sypherdias (level 93 male Omni Trader, member Good Old Days) took note of Tireen’s Solar Powered Backpack.  The trader offered Tireen a bag of 60 of the experience stims, which Tireen might sell for many credits.  Tireen had no idea what the going market rate was for these, and had no idea as to just how liquid such a resource might be.

The Solar Powered Backpack was a promotional gift handed out by NPCs during the 7th AO Anniversary weekend celebration.  It looks nifty, and works like a standard backpack in both capacity and function (it gives no buffs).  In the year or so since she acquired it from an NPC at the ICC Whompa center, she has perhaps seen one or two other players wearing one.  So while in a typical stroll down the streets of Borealis you will spot many copies of supposedly rare or hard to get back items, Tireen very rarely sees another Solar Powered Backpack.  Since traders as a profession seem to lack a trader specific back item, she feels her nifty backpack sets her apart.

It is the most unique possession Tireen has at the moment on Rubi-Ka.  She may not sport the best implants, armor or weapon, but she is proud to display her unusual backpack.   She ended up turning down the offer.  She knew how much she got out of wearing the unique backpack and she did not really want to use the experience stims to speed up leveling.  Beyond that, she did not savor trying to sell them.  Even though she is a trader, trying to hawk stuff on shopping chat channel is not her preferred way to pass the time.

So after she declined, and finished feeding shop food to the terminal, she traveled back to meet up with Babaente, to return Baba’s empty backpacks and his new credits (Baba’s 8 backpacks of mostly Borg loot, netted around 800,000 credits).

Solar Powered Backpack and the Refitted Backpack

Solar Powered Backpack and the Refitted Backpack

When she met up with Babaente, they posed for a picture framing both of their special backpacks.   Babaente’s backpack is the second type handed out by NPC’s during the 7th Anniversary celebration.  It is named a Refitted Backpack and it looks exactly like the Empowered Robust Backpack, which is one of the harder to get rare items since it must be made by combining two items which drop in Camelot Castle in Avalon.  The items are dropped by a mob called Administrator DeValos who spawns following the death of Tarasque. The two items are the Robust Backpack and an Infusion Device.  Combining the two items makes the Empowered Robust Backpack which provides 1000 in all ACs and +80 in all damage to the wearer.

Customize your AO HUD GUI

27 06 2009
OUr old AO HUD GUI, click for larger view.

Our old AO HUD GUI, notice the distance between player health and team health bars, click for larger view.

Anyone can have a high performance, minimalist heads up display graphical user interface in Anarchy Online and it does not require coding, deleting existing GUI files, or installing additional third party software.  Babaoroody the enforcer, and his alts, Tireen the trader, and Babaente the NT, have relied on the Notum/Darktech Dark Mini as their custom minimalist HUD GUI in Anarchy Online for quite some time.  When the most recent patch (18.1 ) from Funcom refused to install, a number of things came together, like a perfect storm, that made us want to customise the classic AO HUD GUI.

When we logged in for what we thought would be a fun time surrounding the eight anniversary of Anarchy Online, we were greeted with the need to patch message.  This was one of those huge patches, that took over a half hour to download and unpack.  When that finished, it gave us an error message, that was of course pretty much useless.  Another hour or so later after searching both the official forums and the AOFroobs forums, it became clear that our problem would not go away until we had completely removed the Notum/Darktech GUI directory and files.

Once this was done, up came the shiny new game, and as we went about our business with Baba and friends, we noticed that several things had improved immensely.  The most obvious new change was that the time from hitting the login submit button till Rubi-Ka was before us and Baba could start walking around, had been halved or better.  It only took about 20 seconds.  Previously it would always take 45 seconds to a minute to accomplish the initial log in.

The next pleasant shock was when Baba made his first post 18.1 whompa trip.  Stepping in the Whompa door, he found himself walking out at his destination a within 15-20 seconds.  Previously zoning was like the initial log in, taking 45 seconds to a minute or more.  This really caused game play issues in places like the Temple of the Three Winds and Biomare, two places where teams have to negotiate numerous zoning type apertures ranging from doors to teleporters.   Very often Baba would step into a portal in Biomare with his team, and exit on the other side a minute later, with his team far ahead out of sight.

This left us wondering just how much of this performance improvement is due to 18.1 and how much is due to using the original classic HUD GUI.  We have heard several reports in the forums that 18.1 has split the item database into several chunks where the database used to be one huge file.  It might be that on older PC’s like mine, loading several smaller files is faster than loading one huge one.  We not seen wide spread reports of other players seeing these improvements, so we suspect that it may appear only for those with older machines.

We do not want to give the impression that we think the Notum custom GUI caused poor performance.  After seeing that we could get a HUD we liked using the classic components, we saw no need anymore for the Notum skin.  It may very well perform just as well with the new patch.  We simply are not interested in having to perform a number of extra intricate steps each time there is an AO patch.

Our next quest was to see what we could do to get the most out of the old school classic AO HUD GUI.

For inspiration, we turned to YouTube videos of AO gameplay and specifically AO Battlestation PVP.

We did this not so much to watch the players technique or to pick out specific details of their screen layouts, but more to spot some overall trends and similarities of the screens used by several hot shots.  Looking for videos of players cleaning up in Battlestation we spotted several things common to the screen layouts of these masters of mayhem.

One common trait was to move the team panel towards the upper right corner of the screen along with the health and nano bars of the player.  This allows one to see both the health of the player and team mates with one glance.  In team versus mob and team versus other human team combat, it is very important to keep situational awareness of the relative health levels of the entire team.

We also noticed that many players relied on only one or two hotkey bars plus an open actions panel.  The number of buttons included in the actions panel seems to depend on profession and types of attacks.

The other main take away from looking at both Battlestation (PVP) and dungeon videos (PVM) was the absence of menu bars or the wings of the classic GUI.  We did a little reading up in our dusty printed copy of the AO manuals and found the keyboard commands to open any of the menus or panels.

Here is what we found:
1    WEAR
5    TEAM
6    MAP
9    STATS
0    NCU
Y    TOGGLE hotkey bars
Shift + #      Select hotkey bar layer
CTRL + #        Select active hotkey bar
1-0            Activate hotkey
I            Inventory
U            Skill (IP POINTS)
F10            Options Menu
|            Cycle layout ???
Shift F        Team Search (LFT)
Our new custom HUD GUI using classic AO, click for larger view.

Our new custom HUD GUI using classic AO, click for larger view.

All we needed now was a way to remember the 10 control key combos.  One way to approach this is to rename our utility backpack, the backpack we keep open in order to use items during missions or combat, like rings, stims, etc.  We re-named the backpack WAKMTMFPSN from the first letters of the panel names.  This provides a small easy to spot aid for remembering which key combo to hit to pull up a needed panel, so no more need for the menu wings of the classic GUI.  The wings can be disabled from within the F10 options windows.  We also used the F10 options to set the agg-def bar and the experience/NCU bar to fade out within 2 seconds of not being used.

We also took advantage of another AO feature that has been around for ages, and combined our multiple chat windows into one by using the tab function.   Simply right click on the title of a chat window, and then drag the title and drop it on another chat window.  The title will now appear as a tab in the second window, so you can get rid of the previous window.

The only thing left that we really wish could be changed is the placement of the ‘action’ or ‘swing’ bar(s).  These appear during combat and animate the progress of either casting nanos, shooting and reloading, or swinging melee attacks.  There does not seem to be an option to move these and they resist dragging with the mouse.  Let us know if you have found a way to move them.

It would be ideal if these could be moved to the right so as to be just left of the drop down panels.

Take a look at the pictures of the old layout using a custom GUI and our new layout using our tweaked out classic GUI.  We are very happy with our new arrangement using our tweaked classic HUD.  We wish continuing Notum users well and good luck with thier extra post patching activities.

Crashing a Rhino social club

26 07 2008
Baba on Home's Tower

Baba on Home's Tower

Still pulling missions towards his 1k token board, Baba had a couple of close calls durring the same mission in Clondyke. The first occurrence was definitely caused by inattention on his part, or as the mil-spec types would say in war porn speak ‘a failure to maintain situational awareness.’ The map upgrade that shows mobs as red blips and human mobs as white blips is a major advantage, but it also has a few gotcha’s. Although this map upgrade ‘sees’ through walls, and lets you know where mobs are, it does not tell you where the walls are. Until you enter a room, that area is blacked out on the map. Two red dots in a black area could be two mobs standing side by side in one room, or two mobs in two different rooms separated by a wall. In this particular situation one red dot was obviously in the room he was about to enter, but there was a second dot, further away that looked to be in a different room. Baba let down his vigilance for just long enough to decide to enter the room with out first checking it out using the gimpy ‘run up to the wall next to the door, switch to 3rd person view, zoom out, and then move the camera angle to view inside the room’ method.

Baba’s reward for not running this brief ritual, was to be attacked by a Bileswarmer and a wolf. The wolf had been the mob that appeared to clearly be in the room on the mini map, and the Bileswarmer had been along the wall to the right of the door, far enough away to appear in a different room on the mini map.

Even with kiting, mongo-ing, alphas, and a Challenger nano, they took out 50% of Baba’s health before it was over.

The second close call was a cold and calculated risk. When running missions for tokens, it is necessary to kill all the mobs in the mission before completing the mission goal. Sometimes if there are allot of mobs, and Baba manages to kill at least 95% of the the mobs, he can still get the token reward if he completes the mission with 1 or two mobs still standing. No one seems to know if there is an actual numeric limit or percentage. Baba has also been denied his tokens with 95% of the mobs put down. So to not kill all the mobs before completing the mission can put the token reward at risk. In this mission, near the end, Baba had located the kill person target in one room, with one other mob next to the target and two swarmer mobs together in a separate room. Baba can handle single swarmers with no problem, but two requires concentration and errors can be fatal. With the luxury of it being a solo mission with no time lock running or impatient team mates involved, Baba took a minute or two to review his situation, make sure all his buffs were running with plenty of time left, recharged health and nano, and waited a minute or two to make sure all his alphas were not locked.

He approached the room with the two swarmers and visualized his plan of action. First he would target himself and cast Challenger, and then he would right click on his Assault Class Tank armor for it’s 15 second 2k AC’s, and then attack the swarmers by running right up to the first and unloading with his flurry of blows, followed by a Fast Attack and then a Brawl. By the time the ACT was running out, the first swarmer was hitting the floor, so Baba targeted the second swarmer and kited it out to the hall. Baba’s health was down to around 50% so while kiting the remaining swarmer, did a mongo. This swarmer must have gotten lucky and landed a couple of crits at this point as Baba’s health was down to the 10% range and kiting was turning into a slow motion version since both he and the mob had very little life left.

While Baba’s equipment may be fairly mundane, it did allow him enough nano left to be able to cast another mongo, which gave him the edge to outlast the swarmer. Baba savored his victory during the prolonged time it took him to get his health back up to 100%. Yes, Enforcers have lots of health points, but they have to use the same health kits to recharge that everyone else gets, so it can take 3-5 charges with their related lock out times to heal up.

Baba has been doing a little thinking about what achieving the 1k board will bring. In addition to some big boosts to his health and nano, there are nice buffs to defense, offense, damage, and experience. There are some huge jumps, at least for an enforcer of +210 run speed, computer literacy and nano programming. Baba may just be able to equip a six slot belt. Then it will be time to start teaming again to focus on leveling in order to raise his skills and abilities so he can equip higher level enforcer nanos.

Baba’s following mission was in one of the most difficult to reach for clanners, Eastern Foul Plans. With no grid outlets, or clan accessible whompas, it quite a trek. There is a neutral whompa in Belial Forest at Wine, but there is a barrier between the regions that cannot be crossed. Baba located the grid at Harry’s to be the closest he could get and then had to yalm the rest of the way. The mission was inside an Omni Base, however it is actually very lightly guarded with just a few low level guards. The mission was easy to reach and Baba was not attacked by any guards.

This was a find person mission, and it looked to have about the average number of mobs. Baba quickly located the objective and then scoped out the rest of the area. There were two large rooms ringed with adjoining rooms plus the usual mix of single rooms etc. Baba left the large room with the target for last. When he had finished all the other mobs, he peeked into the targets large room. Bad news, the target was right in the very center of the room, and there were 7 other mobs spread out around the room in adjoining rooms. Baba was afraid he was not going to get his token this time around, since there was no way he was going to get past his objective and kill the 7 remaining mobs without getting attacked by the target.

Baba decided to go ahead and write this missions tokens off and went ahead and targeted the objective mob. He got the reward and he got the tokens, despite having 7 mobs still standing (about 90% had been killed.) Baba is wondering if this is something new, a tweak of the game settings, or if the rule about awarding tokens is more flexible than he had thought.

The next mission found Baba in the picturesque city of Home in Broken Shores. Before entering the mission Baba stopped off on the top of the majestic temple tower that stands over the city to take a quick snapshot. He also paused on top of the tower to distribute his skill points, since he leveled in the last mission to 114! After allocating them out, it looks like Baba can now equip the next step up in Enforcer shields, Barbaric Blades.

It may be Baba’s imagination, but the loot tables seem to have been shaken up some during his absence. In the last mission, quite a few of the mobs yielded absolutely no goodies. Every other mob in this next mission seemed to have multiple high quality items. Since the mobs in this mission were mostly Rhinomen, Baba was happy to see a number of Rhinoman armor pieces.

This was a find item type mission and things were going smoothly until he forgot something he had learned months ago the hard way. There was a Rhino mob in the center of a large room that was surrounded by single rooms all around the perimeter. Baba had forgotten that Rhinomen could quite possibly be the most social of all the mobs. When aggroded, they alert any other Rhinos within 15-20 meters. They can be in other rooms, but if the doors are open to the those rooms, they will respond. Had Baba remembered this he would have pulled the 1st one in the middle of the room out into the hall, but instead, he ran up to it and attacked. Immediately two other alpha level Rhinos joined in from surrounding rooms. Despite several mongos, challengers and even a desperate activation of the Assault Tank Armor’s 15 second 2k shield, Baba went down. He did manage to take all three with him, but that was little consolation as he had to rez back in Old Athens and make the trek back to Broken Shores. After completing the rest of the mission, his token count stood at 682.

While all this was going on, Baba had a personal chat with Puppyhugger, one of Esdian’s toons. Baba’s chat challenged, and at one point mistakenly sent a response meant for Esdian to Baba’s guild, causing considerable confusion and makeing Esdian wonder why there was no response.

Baba recommends AO’ers to check out Esdian’s blog. Even though in game chat is great and the basis of the social aspect of AO, there is so much that in game chat is just not conducive to. Chat is really great in that you can be doing anything in the game and also carry on a chat conversation. Blogs are not constrained by the need for short, terse messages, so players like Esdian can share more about what they know about Rubi-Ka.

Baba returned to Old Athens and was sitting down to log out, when a lowbie stranger run up begging for a ES (Essence of ____), which Baba quickly cast on them. Inside Baba got all warm and fuzzy, knowing this was a sign of progress, when lower players start asking you for buffs, at least for Enforcers.

Token on down the line…

25 07 2008
Baba perched in Clondyke

Baba perched in Clondyke

Baba seems to have been on a roll pulling missions to either Pleasant Meadows, Upper East Stret, Clondyke, or Lush Hills for the last few nights. Despite not changing his mission settings, he has also seen a very wide variety of mobs for a change, including, humanioids, manteezes, avain mates, Aquans, droids, and one of his least favorites Hellhounds.

Even with kiting, hellhounds seem to drop Baba’s health more than any other mob of the same level, or about the same as the T-700 driod things. Baba definitely thinks twice about approaching a room with two or more of either types inside. If he does, it is not without casting a few extra nanos like a Challenger, making sure his alphas are unlocked, and places one finger over his mongo button. More than once repeated mongos, is the only way to survive soloing a pair of hellhounds or T-700s.

The Avian Mates were a seen by Baba for the first time on a recent mission. They look like a flying demon with 2 sets of wings. Since they kind of fly around and hover, Baba likes to train these into large rooms or halls and then use his prodigious Enforcer jumping skills to fight them, kind of like rocket jumping in Quake.

Baba is primarily doing missions right now to collect tokens for his 1k board. In the last six missions recently he got two with Plasteel Battle Suits as rewards. Tireen pulls in 175,000+ for these from the shops. He also found something he had not hear of before. A personal grid converter is what it is called. The description seems to imply that it provides grid access from org city’s by clicking on their grid controller. Sounds like just a curiosity, since at this point Baba doesn’t spend much time at his org’s city being a froob, and also it looks like it can only be used once (one charge.)

While researching the personal grid converter we found a site in french with a nice collection of AO dungeon maps.

One thing Baba has noticed that appears to be new in Rubi-Ka following his return is that in mission mobs seem to move around more. They used to mostly just stand on one place, or at best walk back and forth a few paces. The mobs now traverse whole lengths of halls and some even change rooms. It was quite a surprise when after he trained a mob into a hall way and was working on it, another attacked him from behind. The second mob had come through a door way from a room out into the hall and Baba is sure he did not bump into the door and open it for the mob.

Fortunately, the mobs are still mostly stupid and non-social between life forms, so using Enmity, it is fairly easy to pull single mobs away from clumps of several in large rooms, without the whole pack getting involved.

Baba's 1st Alt Tireen & 1st mule Babtrice

Baba's 1st Alt Tireen & 1st mule Babtrice

Baba, his alt Tireen, and their mule Babtrice had been meeting in backyard #1 in Newland City. Baba had picked it out initially because it was off the beaten path, and hopefully they would not be interrupted, and because this was his first time dual logging, he wanted as few distractions as possible. Now that dual logging is becoming old hat, the run from the whompa for Tireen is getting to be a drag, so Baba moved their meeting place to the backyard that is on ground level right next to the Reet’s R Us bar, which is much more convenient for Tireen, being just a few steps from the whompa to ICC.

Baba tried setting Babtrice to follow Baba and attempted to lead her from one backyard to the other. This quickly showed Baba some of the problems he has read about with pathing. Babtrice got hung up in several places on the way. What was really odd, however was on Baba’s screen he could see Babtrice a few steps behind him in the middle of the square they were crossing, but then she disappeared. On Babtrice’s screen she was still back at the last point where she had gotten stuck, and when she ran under her own power to where Baba was, he was nowhere to be seen, however, switching back to Baba, and he could then see her. No wonder dual logging is mostly just used for transactions and buffing!

Baba and Tireen used this last trade off of loot to be shop fooded, to also do some price comparisons on stock commodity items like health kits and nano-rechargers. Baba even with computer lit skill that is several hundred more than Tireen pays what looks to be around 5-8% more for these kinds of items, than Tireen does from Omni Shops.

Armored tank train outside of 20K

Armored tank train outside of 20K

On his last mission for the night this past Thursday, as he was leaving a completed mission in 20K in Pleasant Meadows, he spotted a very wierd looking land vehicle. Actually it was as a train of huge military (armored and armed) transporters of some type. They had tank treads instead of wheels. Just one of those surprises that pop out as one explores the expanses of Rubi-Ka. Baba has no idea if these things are just eye candy or if they ever move or get involved in gameplay. Baba tried right clicking them, but got no info displayed.

We came across a nice online utility that will help Anarchy Online players determine what maps they lack, and of those, which ones they could equip with their current skill level ‘Which maps am I missing?‘ is an online form that you give a list of the maps you have and your navigation skill level, and it comes back with a list of maps you don’t have, but could equip. Much faster than going through the map list one by one at a shop machine. The site also offers a ‘Premade imps filter’ page which helps you find premade implants to fit a specific need.