5 Froob Shopping Tips

26 10 2009

Baba's Halloween 09 outfit, click for larger view.One of the greatest disadvantages Froobs face is how they are locked out of the Anarchy Online player shops and the shop searching mechanism. As players advance, there are basically two ways to acquire the best weapons, armor and buffing items. Get them directly by killing the appropriate mob or completing a quest. This is not always possible. This alternative is to buy the needed items from other players. Subscribers can browse player shops and/or search all player shops using the in game GMS search function.

There is a way for determined Froobs to find and buy their needed items. All it takes is a little more effort.

Here are 5 tips to help Froobs find and buy needed items:

1. AO Junkyard and Rogue. These two things combined make a Froob alternative to the GMS.  No, it is not the equivalent, but it can help you find sellers who are ready to sell what you need at the moment.  It involves using the Rogue in-game web browser and the AO Junkyard website. Rogue is a free in-game web browser that minimizes the CPU and memory load involved with running AO and a browser at the same time. It is coded to enable one to use it on top of an open AO window while still having full control of the game.  AO Junkyard lists in real time, all posts to the shopping channels in AO. It lists the actual text of the each selling Shopping Channel post and the name of the player that posted it. It will also tell if the poster is online at the moment.    NOTE: Since the time of writing, Rogue is no longer available, Google Chrome is a lightweight browser alternative to loading up your twinked out and most likely memory hogging regular browser (I am looking at you Mozilla and IE.) (10-25-2010)

2. Auno.org and AO Pricewatch These two web sites can provide valuable background information to help you be able to determine what a reasonable price for any AO item might be. Auno.or is a popular database of all things AO and it can provide helpful price and availability information. The comments under popular items often contain posts about the selling price of items, where they drop or can be obtained originally, and other pertinent information. While the comments can sometimes be way out of date, the more information one has the better one can bargain. AO Pricewatch, keeps a historical record of asking prices pulled from the AO shopping channels, which can help give one an idea of what the ballpark price for an item has been.  NOTE: Pricewatch stopped getting updates over a year ago.  (19-24-2010)

3. Friends List. Once a potential seller of a desired item has been identified, add their name to your toon’s friends list and keep the friends online tab open when online. This will let you spot when they come online so you can send them a direct personal tell immediately to make your offer.

4. Be Prepared to Deal. Have more than enough credits on your toon for the purchase, and make sure there is enough empty space in your immediate inventory to allow the transaction to take place.  Complete your research ahead of time so you will know what is the maximum you are prepared to pay for an item. If the item is unique, make sure ahead of time that you do not have a lower quality version and either get rid of it, or have it in your immediate inventory so you can delete it if required in order to pickup the new unique item. (AO will only allow a player to have 1 of any item marked unique).

5. Trade at OA or BOR Grid. Determine the best place to trade with your intended seller. It is important to do a whois check on the name of your potential seller to learn which faction they belong to. If they are clan, and you are clan, than Old Athens grid is probably the most convenient place to meet. If they are omni or neutral, then Borealis Grid will be the best place to meet. When both sides are omni or neutral, then Borealis Grid may still be the most convenient location to trade due to being reachable by whompa and grid.

When you do send a private tell to your potential seller make it short and to the point.


Hi  (name of seller), I want to buy your  (name of item) for  (number of credits) credits, meet at (name a grid location) grid?

This tells them what you want to buy, what you are offering to pay, and suggests a place to meet. Remember the other player at this point may be occupied killing mobs or completing a quest. Be patient and be prepared to agree on a future time and place to meet if needed.

Be flexible on where to meet and when. Players are often occupied at the moment, but still motivated to set up a future rendezvous or they may request you come to them.  As long as the alternative place they suggest is relatively safe, you may have to agree in order to get what you need.


Borgs and Backpacks

13 07 2009

Babaoroody headed out for Perpetual Wastelands from Newland City Sunday evening, determined to get back on the leveling train. His experience bar was sitting just past 50% towards a new level, so he was hoping to tick it over tonight.

He took his usual route there, which consisted of using the grid from Newland City to the Sentinels post in Mort. From there he flew due east in his Yalmaha, passing over sandworms, anuns and mantises.

He paused at the Mantise Dyna camp name Tranquility just inside Perpetual Wastelands, but although he is levels above the 105 Dyna, the enclosed nature of the ‘fort’ style camp and the fact it is packed with 70-100ish mantises, leaves him unwilling to try and find out if he can attack that Dyna without getting swarmed by the rest of the Mantises.

Bridge of Escape, the plateau is too small to out run a Dyna borg.

Bridge of Escape, the plateau is too small to out run a Dyna borg.

Baba did drop down at the next Dyna camp with two 105 and 110 type Borg Dynas.  The spot is called ‘Ruins’ on the map, and is in a small platueau surrounded by gorges, with two large suspension bridges for access.  He thought he had had approached so that he could just pull one of them, but when he got close enough to trigger aggro, they both came running.

Baba made the mistake of trying to stand toe to toe with these two, and before he knew it, he was down past 50% health.  As soon as Baba dropped one, Baba started running east and crossed the suspension bridge with the other Dyna in chase.  He needed to run long enough to use and cycle his First Aid stim at least twice.  Once he had done this to bring his health back up, Baba circled around and kite killed the remaining Dyna.  While the loot both dropped was nothing Baba could use, it was good shop food.

Borg Highway, levels 110-140 Borg, in North East Perpetual Wastelands.

Borg Highway, levels 110-140 Borg, in North East Perpetual Wastelands.

Baba headed a little farther east and when the road turns from going due east to heading North East, he could see Borgs every few hundred meters, guarding the area.

Baba got buffed up and started kiting Borg singly and in groups of two to three.  These Borg were for the most part in the 110 to 140 level range, and a fitting warm up for Baba.  Eventually he planned on hopping over the Borg mine and main base and work on the level 175+ Borgs in the dunes north of the Helipad.

His experience bar was gradually moving towards the top the farther up the road he progressed.  Just before he reached the area labeled ‘town’ on the map, he stopped to rebuff and then recharge his nano.

Taking a break from kiting, to watch an Alien raiding a player city nearby.

Taking a break from kiting, to watch an Alien raiding a player city nearby.

As he was sitting there, he spotted an Alien ship raiding a player city off to the south east.   By the time Baba had worked his way to the ‘town’, he was very close to getting a level.  There is now a Tower field just west of the town, which eliminates pulling Borg to that area for kiting.

Baba first proceeded around the outer perimeter of the base and pick off the Borg he found there.  He started making careful forays into the town, to pull single Borg out.  When he approached the center portion, he spotted a high level 200 Dyna, General Chira Sulanol, unmistakable in her shiny greenish aura.  Baba took note of her position, and retreated to the back side of the base, where he picked off the remaining Borg that were outside of the Base.

General Sulanol where she made short work of Baba in PW

General Sulanol where she made short work of Baba in PW

He was getting so close to leveling that he was starting to think about his return trip from this expedition, when things took a wrong turn.  He tried to stay around the North side of the base because General Sulanol had been spotted on the South central portion.

After pulling several Borg from the North West corner of the Base, he squeezed through an alley between two buildings to try and taunt a few Borg he could see in the North central part of the base.  They came running soon, but they were trailed by General Sulanol.  He guesses that the General had a habit of waking around the base more than the typical high ranking officers.  Baba did a 180 and ran a fast as he could, but her level 200 skills enabled her to up the distance quickly and she sent him back to reclaim in a few seconds.  Baba is not sure if this is a new Dyna, or if it had been trained from a spot located due east of the town on the other side of some hills. Several maps show a 200 level mob located there.

After rezzing to at the Newland City reclaim, (the one on the hill overlooking the city), he was a bit discouraged, but he also knew that when he returns to kite the Borgs his experience pool will speed up the leveling.  He was feeling good about his Borg Kiting skills, had he not gotten too close to Sulanol, he took hardly any damage while kiting this evening.

His many backpacks were mostly full, so he took some time to sort them out.  He had gained almost a half bag of various Miy’s armor, which he is sure Babaente and Tireen will thank him for eventually. After sorting out the Miy’s, the monster parts, 125+ implants and clusters, and interesting items, he handed off 8 bags to Babaente, our Nanotechnician, who in turn transferred the bags to Tireen, Baba’s trader alt.

Tireen took the bags to the Trader terminal in Newland City and was turning in the shop food there, when a fellow Trader, Sypherdias (level 93 male Omni Trader, member Good Old Days) took note of Tireen’s Solar Powered Backpack.  The trader offered Tireen a bag of 60 of the experience stims, which Tireen might sell for many credits.  Tireen had no idea what the going market rate was for these, and had no idea as to just how liquid such a resource might be.

The Solar Powered Backpack was a promotional gift handed out by NPCs during the 7th AO Anniversary weekend celebration.  It looks nifty, and works like a standard backpack in both capacity and function (it gives no buffs).  In the year or so since she acquired it from an NPC at the ICC Whompa center, she has perhaps seen one or two other players wearing one.  So while in a typical stroll down the streets of Borealis you will spot many copies of supposedly rare or hard to get back items, Tireen very rarely sees another Solar Powered Backpack.  Since traders as a profession seem to lack a trader specific back item, she feels her nifty backpack sets her apart.

It is the most unique possession Tireen has at the moment on Rubi-Ka.  She may not sport the best implants, armor or weapon, but she is proud to display her unusual backpack.   She ended up turning down the offer.  She knew how much she got out of wearing the unique backpack and she did not really want to use the experience stims to speed up leveling.  Beyond that, she did not savor trying to sell them.  Even though she is a trader, trying to hawk stuff on shopping chat channel is not her preferred way to pass the time.

So after she declined, and finished feeding shop food to the terminal, she traveled back to meet up with Babaente, to return Baba’s empty backpacks and his new credits (Baba’s 8 backpacks of mostly Borg loot, netted around 800,000 credits).

Solar Powered Backpack and the Refitted Backpack

Solar Powered Backpack and the Refitted Backpack

When she met up with Babaente, they posed for a picture framing both of their special backpacks.   Babaente’s backpack is the second type handed out by NPC’s during the 7th Anniversary celebration.  It is named a Refitted Backpack and it looks exactly like the Empowered Robust Backpack, which is one of the harder to get rare items since it must be made by combining two items which drop in Camelot Castle in Avalon.  The items are dropped by a mob called Administrator DeValos who spawns following the death of Tarasque. The two items are the Robust Backpack and an Infusion Device.  Combining the two items makes the Empowered Robust Backpack which provides 1000 in all ACs and +80 in all damage to the wearer.

Push and Pull; Kiting PW Borgs

6 06 2009
Greetings from Baba, click for larger view of his mug

Greetings from Baba, click for larger view of his mug

Babaoroody was doing his aerobic routine with some ancient pre-nano musical artifacts as someone called “Rufus Thomas” sang about the “Push and Pull”.  His routine had been fairly unchanged for decades, the last major change instigated by the time they pieced him back together after getting torn up pretty bad by some high level Claws on a day the reclaim service was down.  The Med Vac team had rushed him to one of the best micro surgery theatres on Rubi-Ka, but this was back in the days before insta-grow nu-bone, when they had to use medieval kludges like steel rods, plates and screws.  After that, he had to drop the drop-splits from his routine, and just replaced them with more running in place.

He had just passed the point where the splits had been, always a reminder of that ordeal, when he noticed some activity on his guild chat channel.  It was Heschol, a general in his org “Angels of the Night” with an  invite for PW Borgs.  Although Baba was still pretty rusty, this would be only his second outing since his recent absence, asking an Enforcer to pass up a Borg team can only have one outcome.  He flew his Yalm from his apartment in Newland City, out to the grid entrance next to the city and then took the Mort Sentinels exit from the grid.  From there he had to fly over half of Mort and most of Perpetual Wastelands to get to the Northwest Borg base.  It must be nice to have access to the Fixer Grid and be able to get to PW minus the long slow flight he thought as he watched familiar PW geography pass by below. When Baba arrived the team was  waiting at the Helipad. Baba said hello to the team:

  • Aoephreek  131 Nanomage male NT, clan
  • Babaoroody 131 Atrox Male Enforcer, clan AOTN
  • Habanerina 166 Solitus Female Agent, clan, AOTN
  • Heschol 131 Solitus Male Soldier clan
  • Thermospy 131 Opifex Male Agent
Tireen inspects Newland Guards all trained up 06-05-09, click for larger view.

The previous evening Tireen inspects Newland Guards all trained up 06-05-09, click for larger view.

Thermospy was in a kiting mood and obliged the rest of the team by False Profession-ing as an NT and doing most of the heavy lifting.  He was so skilled he easily had rounded just about all of a full spawn of the dunes area north of the Helipad and they were soon looking for more Borgs.  They found a few stragglers the small base just north of the dunes, and then they headed to the south entrance of the Borg mines, where the NT proceeded to pull pretty good sized kites out of the mine site and finishing them off, often all at once.  They then moved north and while the Agent/NT Thermospy cleared out the Borgs between the mine and the Helipad base.

The NT went ahead, but after he did not come bounding back with Borgs in tow, the team heading into the base in the hopes of catching up with the NT who was probably out on the Helipad by now, pulling Borgs from the Dunes.

This assumption was wrong.  The NT got hung up in the notorious south gate of the Helipad base, and had gotten sent to reclaim as he struggled with the entry.  When Baba got to the gate, he too was delayed, but just enough so that when he did manage to try and pass through the base, he ran into bunches of Borgs near the north entrance.  By the time he reached the helipad he had 5-6 Borg chasing him.

Meanwhile another NT kiting team had showed up and was busy working the Helipad with Borgs from the Dunes.  Before Baba could get things sorted out as to where his team mates were, and who was aggro-wing which Borgs, he got wiped by several stray Borgs.  Baba met up with the also reclaimed Thermospy at OA grid where Baba got his first taste of the Fixer grid.  When Thermo asked if he was ready to grid, Baba said OK, not wanting to admit he had no idea what to do next.  After a minute or so of inaction on Baba’s part.  The Team patiently explained to our challenged brute the simple process of watching for the data receptacle to show up in his inventory and then selecting it and dropping it on the Grid Terminal.

Data Recepticle, pick it up from inventory, place on grid terminal, and shazamm!

Data Recepticle

Baba can be a bit slow, especially if he has not had done any homework research on a topic.  Even after they explained it patiently he, was having trouble until, his little Atrox brain realized he was supposed to be looking for the data receptacle in his inventory, not his NCU list.  There was some side chatter going on in the team channel about the NCU list, and Baba misinterpreted some of those comments to be related to trying to get into F-grid.

The Fixer Grid, the first time is spooky.

The Fixer Grid, the first time is spooky.

Once inside the Fgrid, Baba was quite dis-oriented at first.  It looks somewhat like the regular grid, except more exotic.  There is one entrance elevator in the middle on the the ground floor.  Each level is circular and has two up/down elevators each.  The exits are arranged around the periphery of the levels.  It took Baba a few moments to get a handle on the situation, find and navigate to one of 3 Perpetual Wasteland grid exits.  After materializing from that he found himself standing somewhere near the far north border of the zone, so he popped into his Yalm and started heading south.

Before long he was back with the team, who were now just south of the Borg mines. After the NT cleared out the mine area they proceeded to the area between the mine and the next base.  This was about the time that Lyanka joined the team.  Some one pulled a group of 3 or 4 Borg out near the group and it turned into a major fur-ball type conflict.  Baba was still pretty rusty, this being his 2nd outing in more than 4 months, so he was trying to play conservatively, but conservative is really not a term used much by Enforcers.

Teams just keep getting better the higher you level. By Title 4 team mates can soup up their team with a wide collection of buffing nanos.  Tonight Baba was lucky to have Dr. Hack N Quack, Grid-space Freedom, an NT nano HOT, and a couple of other buffs he forgot to make note of at the time.  This resulted in him having really amazing run speed for an Enforcer.  He was having difficulties adjusting to the massive run speed buff.  He found he was outrunning the Borgs too quickly, and he did not have the moves down on how to effectively use this speed in kiting Borgs, but he was doing the best he could and was starting to get a handle on it.

He was trying to hold down the forward button while quickly tapping the right key to run a tight circle around 3-4 Borgs.  For some reason, he failed to hit the forward key and was suddenly spinning in place, before he could correct his mistake. 4 Borgs shot him almost simultaneously, and there could be no doubt that 4 900 plus dips in the health bar are an express ticket back to reclaim.

Some of the team had to call it a day, and a few decided to go to  Shadow Lands.  This was fine with Baba, since it was getting later into the afternoon, and he did need to take some time away from Rubi-Ka to take care of some RL business.  Despite getting himself sent to reclaim like a total noob, Baba did get to see an awesome fireworks display by  the team’s Agent/NT and he picked up a few nice Miy’s armor drops.  He took some notes on the NT kiting technique on Borgs which he plans to pass on to his friend Babaente, a now title 3 NT.

Keyword Search Bkmarks

Find your AO information quickly with handy keyworded search bookmarks.  When you need to look up a character in the Auno.org character database, open your browser, type “auno nameofcharacter” and hit enter.  You will be sent to the results for searching Auno’s character database for the nameofcharacter you entered.

Here is a page with keyword search bookmarks for Auno.org’s database, Auno.org’s character database, AO Pricewatch, Xyphos database, Google using “anarchy online +”, and AOFroobs.

You can also subscribe to a RSS feed to get new AO related keyword bookmarks as they are created here.

More information on how to create your own keyword search bookmarks.

Got Borg?

10 08 2008
Lightning and Sandstorms, perfect Mort Borg weather! Click for larger view.

Lightning and Sandstorms, perfect Mort Borg weather! Click for larger view.

On his first outing since equipping his 1k ‘Double Sun’ token board, Baba chose to return to one of his old stomping grounds, Mort, where the Borg are. Baba used this occasion to inaugurate his use of the Sentinels grid exit. With the extra +210 computer literacy from the board, he is now able to get to the third floor of the grid and use most of the terminals there. Once at the small outpost that is Sentinels, it was time to make a quick save to an insurance terminal, even though he has practically no experience due to leveling before logging off the previous night. He ran the short distance over to the Mort crater and said hello to a few of the Sentinel guards, before buffing up. He then started counter clockwise around the crater. He met a steady string of single Borg until he reached the Borg outpost at the southern portion of the crater. There 8 or more Borg bunched up close together there, so Baba did not feel confident yet enough to risk pulling the whole lot, so he hopped back into his Yalm, flew a short hop over the outpost and dropped down to running on foot on the other side to continue around the crater. By the time he made it around to the northern part of the crater rim, the 90k to 150k per Borg experience points had brought him very close to leveling.

Baba was perhaps was feeling over confident at this point, when he came upon a group of 5 Borg fairly close together. He waited for a minute or two, until it appeared that one had ventured closer to him and away from the others. Baba went ahead and used his 30m range taunt, but the one Borg was still close enough to the others to call them join in. Baba has survived such encounters before, even if it meant losing quite a good deal of health. When he switched from mouse control to keyboard at one point, something unfortunate caused him to start spinning. Nothing seemed to work to snap him out of it. While the keyboard was responsive, the mouse was not, and nothing could be done to stop the spinning.

Spinning in place, is definitely NOT a Borg survival technique, and Baba got a fast but instructive review of just how hard Borg hit, and how few Borg hits it takes to wipe out all of Baba’s health.

Baba has been caught by this technical glitch a few times in the past. It seems to require some very odd sequence of unlikely events to occur in the just the right permutation. We suspect the cause may have been an optical mouse, but so far we have not been able to recreate the problem for diagnostic purposes.

Thanks to his wise decision to do a terminal save at Sentinels, Baba rezzed back there, and used the now briefer rez sickness period to enter the shops and review the various requirements for the higher levels of health kits and first aid kits. Ever since hitting level 110 or so, Baba has started to find very high QL level advanced health and nano kits as mob and chest loot, such that he rarely has to buy any. He has built up quite a stash of such kits that are of such high level that he can not equip them yet.

When he was at lower levels, say 50 to 100, he used to buy these kits in large quantities, because they rarely came up as loot, and it was insurance against running out of them when on a team or far from shops. He is finding now, that with his growing stash of high quality kits, he only needs to buy one or two, at any one time, since with luck, he will loot something he can equip fairly soon.

While in the store, Baba used the surgery clinic to bring his health and nano back up to 100% before leaving when the rez sickness passed. After a quick run back to the crater rim, he was back in business, picking of single Borg. This time with a large experience pool to draw from, each kill gave him 60-140K plus another 20k or so from the pool.

Baba got into a rhythm of running along until he found a good single Borg to aggro, and then taking it out, and soon he was close to leveling again. He aggro-ed one Borg which he thought was alone, but it turns out there were several behind a small rise in the ground that also came running with him. Now Baba realized that the +200 runspeed from the 1k board was still not enough to safely outdistance Borgs. It was still not enough to at least put enough distance between them so that Baba could stop long enough to cast a nano. Which illustrates Baba’s problem soloing Borgs. It is difficult to cast many of his nanos while running. While he special attacks all seem to work fine, if he tries to cast a Mongo, or Challenger or rage, it will not take if he is running. The problem of course is that if he stops long enough to successfully cast one of these nanos, the Borg will catch him and land one and perhaps two hits before Baba can get back into running mode. If your health is down to 10%, one or two Borg hits is all it takes to send you back to reclaim.

Sitting back at reclaim in Sentinels for the second time that evening, Baba fumed a bit at himself for not doing proper recon on that last encounter. Saving a few extra seconds doing recon, had cost him another half hour at least of recovering the experience lost.

After his mind cleared a bit, and his temper cooled, and his health returned, Baba scampered back to the crater rim to resume his counter clockwise hunting route.

On this circuit he came across several rim sitters. Rim sitters are Borg who have been pulled away from their normal spots on the rim, and have gotten stuck down at the base of either the outside or the inside of the crater. While it takes an extra effort to find them and get to them, it is worth it, as they are usually alone. Baba spotted his first this evening thanks to his mini-map. He always uses it when hunting Borg at Mort crater. In addition to doing recon as to the number of Borg in the vicinity, it also shows Borg that may be out of sight, behind the crater wall for instance.

This one was just a little ways past the northern point of the rim on the inside. There were several giant slug things nearby, but Baba was able to use his 30 meter taunt to bring the Borg to him, forcing it to do all the hard work, running up the crater wall.

Ring around the Mort sign, helpful Borg kiting aid.

Ring around the Mort sign, helpful Borg kiting aid.

The next time around the crater, when Baba approached the ramp leading down to the Sentinel outpost in the crater, he spotted a lone Borg. Baba had been using the plentiful warning signs as kiting aides tonight. By kiting a Borg around one of these signs, the sign provides enough of a pathing distraction, that the Borg shoots even less, probably because much of the time the sign is blocking their shot, but not Baba’s Panther strikes. This time, Baba kited the Borg to one of the signs that is right in the middle of the down ramp, next to a street light and a Sentinel Guard. The guard must have been feeling easily irritated that evening because before Baba knew it, the Sentinel Guard unloaded his weapon on the poor Borg, and stole Baba’s kill!

At first Baba thought he had angered the Sentinel and it was shooting at Baba, but Baba’s health did not go down, and when the Borg died, Baba got 0 experience. Baba had one more surprise during that evening’s hunt. He had just flew over the southern point camp and de-Yalmed, when he engaged lone Borg major. During the entire evening, with the exception of the few times when he got wiped, Baba rarely got hit by the lone Borg he was kiting. This meant he hardly used any health kits for the night. This one particular Borg had gotten in a lucky crit and knocked Baba’s health down to 50% before Baba sent it packing.

The Borg dropped an interesting weapon, a type of knife which Baba had never seen before. Baba was inspecting it and not paying attention to his surroundings, when a new Borg spawned just a few feet away and immediately attacked Baba. This was the first time Baba has actually seen a Borg spawn on the Mort rim proper. He has seen them spawn in the southern camp, when teaming and farming that spot, but never out on the crater rim.

After a few more circuits, which included usually flying over the camp at the southern rim, Baba was able to level again to 122 and fill his 5 loot backpacks.

He headed back to the Sentinels grid to take him back to Newland City where he sat down in one of the shops to sort through his finds.

Miy's sorting, the relaxing and rewarding end of a Borg hunt.

Miy's sorting, the relaxing and rewarding end of a Borg hunt.

Baba loves hunting, kiting, and looting Borg. He had collected so much new Miy’s armor this trip, it was time to re-organize his banked Miy’s collection. After 20 minutes he had 4 Miy’s bags, sorted by quality level. The best part being that one of those full bags is all QL 120 to 200 Miy’s armor, giving Baba several nice pieces to ‘grow’ into as he levels and his skills increase. He sighed when he remembered that he had come across a Cyborg token board, but could not pick it up because he already had one in the bank.

Tireen recons Omni-Trade grid

31 07 2008
Guards at Omni-Trade grid

Guards at Omni-Trade grid

Tireen made her fist report back to Baba from scouting Omni grid locations in Omni Trade and Omni Entertainment districts. Clan exiting the grid at these locations should do so only if they are yalm equipped, as there are multiple heavily armed guards at both locations that will make short work of clanner on foot. The whompa exists are less heavily guarded, but still not recommended for passage on foot. Tireen also reports that there is really little or no reason for clan to want to pass this way at all. There is nothing in Omni Trade that would interest clan players. While there are a nice concentration of shops, with slightly lower prices and better selection, there are just enough guards roaming the city, to make shopping sprees quite costly for clanners. As far as using Omni Trade as an exit point to reach nearby regions, Omni entertainment might be a better choice for that purpose, and Tireen will cover that in her next report.

Notum Transports

Notum Transports

Baba had one mission left from the previous night, so he next found himself in the north eastern corner of Clondyke, near the extensive mining site. It was a kill person mission and the target was blocking access to a door leading to several more rooms with 5 more mobs. He tried buffing up and running past the target, however this time the target did attack him. Since it was a human melee type mob, Baba tried to see how long he could ignore it and concentrate on killing off the remaining mobs. This was not going to work tonight, as with a combination of the luck of the role, Baba caught several crits from both the target and the first mob he attacked, such that by the time the first mob hit the floor, Baba’s health was down to less than 25%. Rather than risk continuing to kill mobs while the target attacked him, and most likely getting sent back to reclaim, Baba chose to take out the target. This saved Baba’s life, but caused him to forfeit the mission’s tokens.



Baba finished the remaining mobs, to at least get the experience and meager credits, and then returned to Newland City to roll 3 more missions. The gods of rolling and permutations must have hiccupped somewhere as Baba found 3 missions in just a few rolls, each with a battle suit (worth 150K+) as part of the reward. Baba usually considers it lucky when he pulls even one of these.

Baba was still grumbling to himself about this, all through the next mission, when one of the mobs he felled gave up an extra clan token. Also on his way to one of the missions, he passed the Omni base in northern Clondyke where the giant Notum cannons fire their payloads into orbit. He normally flies quite high when over Omni bases, but he was flying tree top this time, and as a result spotted another one of those armored land trains again. This one was not painted in military camo, and he now surmises that they are some kind of Notum transports, meant to carry Notum to the base from the nearby mines.

He only completed one of the Battle suit missions and had to quit early that evening. He also reviewed his logs from the last mission which had Borgs as the mobs. Fighting a Borg stationary fashion incurs 3 times as much damage as kiting them, at least that is what the log shows. Baba is has been wondering for some time what other mobs this also applies to. This is something Baba intends to try and find out on his next few missions.

Froob Enforcer Mission Gold

29 07 2008

Back when Baba was level 65-70, he became quite comfortable with the revenue stream that was the sewers in Foreman’s/Biomare. He even locked his experience for a week or two to build up his credit balance before leaving. It was a good strategy for he spent levels 70 to 100 leveling on Borg teams, which are superb for experience but rather meager in terms of loot and credits. There are still some nice pieces that drop leveling on Borgs, but they are not very frequent, mostly Miy’s armor.

When not leveling on Borgs, Baba collected/bought a new implant set based on bumped shop QL 125 implants. At the time he was wondering where he would ever find higher quality implants when he needs to upgrade his implants again. In the last few missions he has started finding a steady source of QL 129+ implants and clusters, so much that he has even started separate storage/holding packs in his bank.

Baba and Babtrice

Baba and Babtrice

Baba started this past Sunday off with a transfer session with his mule Babtrice and his alt trader Tireen from their new ‘base’ in the backyard on ground level at the very end of the Newland City canyon. First Baba has to plug into his bank and he sorts out any loot that he wants to save and then finds an appropriate pack in the bank to store it in. Still smarting from his recent mistake of buying a second unnecessary enforcer nano, he sorted out all of his enforcer nanos into one bag and updated his in-game help file to correctly list all the enforcer nanos he is holding until his skills allow him to load them.

Next Baba and his mule Babtrice exchanged his full loot bags for her empty bags. Baba also gave her a stack of shotgun shells for Tireen. Then it was time for Baba to log off and for Tireen to log in to accept the full loot bags from Babtrice. When this was complete Tireen would run to the Mir shop to trade in the loot. Tireen previously did a price check and found that the Mir shop machines give her the same rate she gets from street NPCS or vending machines in Omni-Trade. Tireen now only goes to Omni-Trade when she needs to purchase something. She never however, needs to buy shotgun shells, since Baba seems to find enough in his missions to keep her well supplied.

Once all the shop tasks were completed, Tireen and Babtrice logged, and it was time for Baba to roll some missions. He decided to try rolling from there in Newland City, rather than from the mission terminals he had been using near apartment 16 in Old Athens. To save steps, and travel time, the terminals just across from the Bronto Burger seemed to be a good candidate and worth a try. That worked out perfectly, after pulling 8 missions and running them, they were no different in location or type than those he had been getting at the other location, so for the near future Baba will be using Newland City as his day-to-day base. He’s still keeping his apartment back in Old Athens’ for the same reason most people avoid moving, it would be allot of time and work to move all of his stuff from one location to another.

Many of his missions have been to Clondyke, Broken Shores, Pleasant Meadows, Milky Way, Belial Forest, Stret East Bank. Prior to hitting level 100, he rarely if ever had missions there. In trying to learn about these areas and how to quickly and safely travel around them Baba put in a little study time with the maps of Rubi-Ka with attention to the grid and whompa locations.

Baba’s Clan Safe Grid List:

Completely Safe:
Broken Shores
Old Athens
Borealis (just don’t ask the omni-guards at the satellite dish for autographs)
West Athens
4 Holes

Use with Caution:
(Yalmaha only – not on foot)
2HO (25% zone, don’t tarry)
Galway County
Lush Hills (keep a building between you and the guard)

Not Safe:
Omni Entertainment
Omni Trade
Rome Omni-Tek 91 2

Accessible but high computer lit requirements:
Camelot – not scouted yet
Mort/Sentinels – clan safe
Omni-HQ – not scouted yet

One of the main reasons why Baba choose Newland City for his base is that there are whompa entrances to Newland City practically everywhere in Rubi-Ka thanks to the player cities. So for most missions now, Baba use’s the closest safe grid or whompa route to get there and almost always, uses a player city whompa to return. He is going to coordinate with Tireen who is going to run some reconnaissance on the Omni and Rome grid and player city whompas for possible surreptitious clan use.

There was not a great deal to comment on in this past Sunday’s batch of missions. There was one curious encounter at the end of one mission that has puzzled Baba. It was a find person type mission and Baba had managed to take out all the mobs except one which was in a room just past the find person target. Since the find person target was a pretty weak looking human type mob, Baba decided to risk it, and planned on running past it and attacking the other mob, hoping to kill it, while absorbing the blows from the find person target, and then engaging the target.

To prepare, he ran one of his Challenger nanos. Since it was in a very tight and close cave type location, he had to run right past the target by just a few feet, directly in front of it. To his surprise the target completely ignored him, and stayed put, leaving Baba to continue running into the room beyond. After Baba took out the last mob, He peeked back out through the door. By now his Challenger has worn off but the target was facing the other direction, so he was able to select the target and get his reward and tokens. He then decided to try running past again, but this time the find person mob attacked him, which was no problem to deal with, but it was perplexing. Why did it ignore it the first time?

At the end of the day, Baba had leveled to 115 and gained several nice Froob buffing items. Both are boosted grafts, which start out being profession specific, but with enough skill and a hacking device, can be hacked so that they can be used by any profession. It does not require high tradeskills, just a few extra points in breaking and entering which always helps opening chests in missions. It was easy for Baba to hack both.

Hacked Boosted Graft Periodic Checkup

Periodic Checkup

Baba is the most excited about a doctor graft called Periodic Checkup, a respectable HOT (heal over time, 22 to 35 health points every 5 seconds for 20 minutes). The first time he tried using it on a mission; he never had to resort to using his treatment kits while it was running. The only shortcoming is it only works for 20 minutes but has a 30 minute skill lock, so it can’t be run non-stop. For an Enforcer it’s the next best thing to having a Doc along. These things are gold for froob Enforcers.

The next item provids a respectable damage reflect, but has an extremely limiting skill lock. It is known as a Lesser Deflection Shield hacked-boosted graft. The plus side is that it reflects 13% of damage. The downside is that it locks Time and Space for 30 minutes. Since first aid kits require Time and Space to be used, Baba has been able to come up with only one scenario where it could be useful for Enforcers and that is when teaming Bosses at the end of raids, missions, or dungeons. The buff would help and it would not matter if Time and Space was locked in those scenarios.

Before logging for the day, Baba spent some downtime allocating out his skill points from hitting level 115. As a result he was then able to equip two Enforcer nanos he has been looking forward to upgrading.

Gird for punishment

Gird Nano

Ther first was the layers nano Gird for Punishment, which can be re-cast between encounters. The other was the Mighty Challenger to Gargantua, which buffs damage and offense as well as making Baba taller and more imposing. While not valuable as items, they are part of the standard Enforcer tool kit, that must be upgraded every few levels. Baba has been able to get almost all of his profession specific nanos from missions, further reinforcing the value of running missions.

The last thing Baba noted was his token count, which was now at 727, practically at the 3 quarters point to his 1k board goal. Once gets his 1k board full, it will be time to hit the LFT (looking for team) menu again.