Leveling at Biomare Computer Core

11 10 2010


Biomare Computer Core Pulling Spot

Biomare Computer Core Pulling Spot, click for larger version


Babaengy and Babaemphee returned several times over the next few days to the same spot, the hallway just on the other side of the third golfball, where Babaengy would leave the team to pull bodyguards singly back to the team from the computer core room.  The loot from these mobs is definitely a step up from that dropped by the previous mobs at Biomare.  A single bag, when shopped by trader Tireen, often brings 150,000 credits.  So in addition to a nice leveling spot, it is also a great spot to build up a healthy credit balance.  This is badly needed for pet classes as many of their store bought nanos go for about a half a million credits each.  The bodyguards have a fairly good drop rate on gamma ejectors, and over the last few nights Babaengy has also found several personal safes which are said to often contain valuable items.  Babaengy’s breaking and entering skill was too low to crack open the safes, so he may have to let Babaoroody give it a try.  On a Monday evening, things were rather slow at the dungeon.  They saw one team back before the second golfball which caught up with them much later and passed them at the compute room.  As they were getting close to the end of their current pets 2 hour timers, a twinked level 100 enforcer (Omni) showed up and offered to help out with anything as he was waiting for someone else to show up and had nothing to do. Babaengy and Babaemphee thanked him for his offer but explained that they just needed to level.  They think they need to be closer to level 100 and have the top pets they will ever cast at that level before they attempt the Director or the recall beacon quest.

Both Babaengy and Babaemphee have reached their maximums on Matter Creation and Time and Space, so at best leveling to 100 will only gain them one or two more points.  They did discuss with Babaoroody the possibility of a side trip, with him tanking, to take down Zuwadza for is excellent MP only shirt that gives 22 MC and TS.   They dinged 83 and were very close to 84 when they ran out of time on their last visit.

Babaengy and Babaemphee dinged 85 this past evening at the Biomare Computer Core leveling spot.  During their hour and 40 minute session, they watched at least two teams pass through on their way to either the Director, TIM, the recall beacon quest or perhaps to mix it up with Rik-Rak.

The evening started off a bit shaky, on the first pull, things went totally downhill quickly, as Babaengy was back at reclaim before he knew it.  The problem turned out to be that Babaemphee’s hot bar focus had gotten changed from her primary hot bar, so none of her usual combat actions were happening, things like /assist %t, or /heal.

Babaoroody made a trip out to see Emile Zuwadza, and found out the hard way that he cannot solo him just yet.  Emile hits pretty hard for a 110, like 600-800 or so fire damage every few seconds.  Now Baba is wondering if Babaemphee’s current heal pet is strong enough to out heal this rate of damage.  Currently her Restite heal pet issues heals in the 300 to 400ish range.  So the answer is not quite, but perhaps with the combined damage of the both attack pets and Baba, they can reduce his health faster than he can reduce Baba’s with the heal pet slowing things down.  Baba will also need to dust off and have both his Assault Class Tank Armor Assault Screen (2000 absorbs) and Withering Flesh Skin of the Believer (500 absorbs) absorb ready.  Other tactics, to include will be Babaemphee’s best debuff Rage Abolishment (-156 combat inits), -20 damage.  The Blackshirt of Zuwadza certainly would help Babaemphee get a better attack pet on thanks to its +22 MC and TS.

Team Pets made another trip to Biomare and managed to ding 86 in and around the Computer Core room.  For a Thursday night, it was a rather busy place.  They saw several teams pass through and at one point even stood aside briefly to allow a couple of players to kill body guards till they got their Gamma clearances.  After hitting 85 it is taking longer to level at this spot as the number of points required went up quite a bit.  They were only at around 85% of leveling when they reached the time outs on Babaemphee’s pets, so they had to leave to get rebuffed by trader Tireen.  Babaengy took his opportunity to unload 9 packs of loot to Tireen who quickly fed it to the Newland City Traders shop terminal for around 700,000 credits.  Babaengy banked several more personal safes as well.

When they returned there was a small team pulling in the hallway and another team pulling at the other end of the computer core room.  Team Pets decided to run through the room and explore the rest of the dungeon, but when they got to the next section, found yet another team busy there.  They noticed that the two teams that had been pulling from the computer core room had now left so they returned to the lower hallway and continued to pull and put down bodyguards until they  both dinged 86.  Both have maxed MC and TS now and are using the IP surplus now to bring up MM,  PM, and SI.  Babaengy so he can equip the Neleb’s Master robe, and Babaemphee so she can eventually cast her Infuses.  Babaengy is only 4 points off from equipping his next bot, while Babaemphee still has a huge 30 point gap to close to equip her next QL 129 attack pet.
They both have also been using a few extra IP points (cheap too) on vehicle air, so that they no longer have to use an implant spot for vehicle air.  Both have been able to raise their vehicle air high enough so they are ready to upgrade implants.  Babaengy’s treatment is high enough to allow him to get into level 125 implants, while Babaemphee is still a bit short for 125’s.


Vindicator Gulch, Stopping Point For Many Unfortunates

Vindicator Gulch, Stopping Point For Many Unfortunates, click for larger version


On Sunday, TEAM PETS made a number of Biomare Computer Core.  On their first run, they passed a full team that was having to fight through the Chemical Vindicator section.  A little while later, in the room that overlooks TIM’s area before the last golfball, TEAM PETS was buffing up, when they watched a different team train what looked to be mobs from the whole length of the Mutant caves.  It was a huge train, including Bio-Constructs, Shadows, Vindicators, and Guards.  A little while later, when TEAM PETS had just pulled a single guard into the hallway just outside the computer core, this training team returned going the other direction, and landed a room full of level 90 guards and techs on top of them.  There were too many of them and Babaengy and Babaemphee could not get to the emergency exit in time to avoid a wipe.


The Train Stops Here

The Train Stops Here, Fortunately we have the proper security clearance.


TEAM PETS had their first team that included another player recently.  It came about serendipitously when a lone player showed up while TEAM PETS was farming experience at the computer core in Biomare. The most notable outcome was Babaengy spent the first few minutes fumbleling around with his chat windows trying in vain to display the team chat window.  It was only later that he remembered that the team channel is listed in the public channels.  He had to resort to using vicinity chat.  Unfortunately for the new player, TEAM PETS was very close to grabbing the ding they were there for, so they bid the new guy farewell as soon as they both had dinged.

A few hours later, after they had unloaded their loot via Tireen, they returned.  On the run down to the computer core, they thought they spotted the same player getting chased by a bunch of guards in the hangar area where Johnson is.  He must have somehow managed to follow a team all the way down to the computer core previously.

At the end of that Sunday, they were both at level 89.  At level 88 Babaengy was able to squeeze into a step higher bot, and Babaemphee was able to go up a step with her major combat debuff.  With most of her nano skills reaching their maxes, there was very little she could put IP into, so she choose to use this time to up her 1 hand blunt in order to finally equip one of her Howling Skulls.  They are a nice weapon.  When she runs at full aggressive, it deals a steady fast stream of damage.  Dual wielded, with melee init maxed, and related skills maxed, they appear to be a formidable choice for toons like Subway twinks.  Sporting just one, it considerable upped her damage contribution to the team, without causing her to draw aggro on to herself as it is still way less than their attack pets.

Current Foreman’s Twink Preference

Babaengy and Babaemphee, while leveling at the Foreman’s computer core, have seen plenty of level 100 twinks pass through that hallway on their way to either the Director, TIM, RIK-RAK, or the beacon droid, often with a lowbie in tow (friend or paying customer).  The most popular seems to be level 100 crats, followed by Enforcers with battle rods or howlets.  The crats seem to outnumber the Enforcers by about 3 to one.

The following Monday evening found TEAM PETS back at the Biomare Computer Core to grab level 89. They are starting to feel rather confident and beginning to think they may be ready to explore the west tower of the cloning facility.  Baba had been there only once and very briefly, having been splattered by a one or more of the level 90ish Bodyguards who hang out there.  The level 80 Bodyguards in the computer core are very manageable now, and it is taking longer to level up off of them, so it may well be time for TEAM PETS to start working on the bodyguards in the west tower.

A few days later, Babaengy was getting very antsy regarding the monotony of leveling at the Biomare computer core.  They had been there since their eighties, and it looked like they would be there for another ten levels till they approached 100.  First the decided to try moving deeper into one of the towers.  This did not go well as the guards in the West tower are placed such that it is very likely more than two will be aggroed at any one time.
The next idea was to enlist Babaoroody and make a group run at Eliane Zuduwaza for his nice MP blackshirt.  Although he is listed as a level 110, his health bar is much greater than what you would expect, and he nukes, so the entire party takes damage.  This meant that the heal pet went down fairly soon and one by one the rest of the party.  They did manage to get him down to one last health bubble, so perhaps they will try again near 100.

Team Pets then made a trip to Mort Borgs and quickly found out they are not yet ready for them, since they really have no clue as to how kite with pets, and going toe to toe is fruitless.   Babaengy decided to try his hand at a daily mission, and pulled the destroy computer core mission at the Borg citadel in Avalon.  He took Babaemphee along, and they had no problem using their pets to steamroll the 70-90ish level Borg there, and he soon had his 92 level.  This put him 1 ahead of Babaemphee. When she pulled a daily, it was the Embrace the Shadows mission, which is pretty much impossible unless you can either mezz the crowds of Shades, or sneak past them.  It’s a breeze for crats, but a pain for everyone else.  After failing once she deleted that mission.

With his level 92 IP Babaengy was finally able to equip his Neleb’s Master Nano robe, which gave a significant boost to all his nano skills such he was able to get into a higher attack bot.  After another trip to Biomare computer core, Babaemphee leveled also to 92 and bumped his skills up enough so that she was ready to equip a better mezz pet.  They called on Babaoroody to roll missions for the better mezz pet and a better bot heal nano for Babaengy.  He took Babaemphee along for her heal pet, which helped him save on med kits.  She did get sent back to reclaim twice when adds attacked her from behind while Baba was focused on a mob in front.  Baba has to become more vigilant in making sure there are no potential adds lurking nearby before he engages the mobs directly in the path to the mission objective.  They mostly blitzed these missions, going straight for the room farthest from the entrance where the objective can usually be found.

Over the next few days TEAM PETS alternated between daily missions and Biomare.  At their current level range, they get three mission choices.  Two of which they delete asap.  These are the crash site and the embrace the shadows mission.  The shadows mission looks to be only winnable by a mezzer.  The crash site looks like it could only be done with the help of an much higher level player.  The third mission, the one they can do, is the system intrusion mission. They even dragged both trader Tireen and NT Babaente through when they pulled that mission.  Between pulling it themselves and helping Baba’s other alts with it, they are getting quite good at this mission.

This brought them to level 95 for Babaengy and level 94 for Babaemphee.  Babaemphee was able to equip here Quantum Wings and has been trying it out.  While it is nice for flying around cities yet still appearing social, it does have drawbacks.  One is that it gets canceled when using a Whompa or the Grid, so it is not really conducive to traveling.

Next time, Crypt of Home.




3 responses

12 10 2010

Good to see your duo is doing so well. In Foreman I always get the director reward Collar of Amplification before saying goodbye to it. By that time I got most of the items I would want from there.

For the Embrace the Shadows mission, my agent was able to sneak to the trash pile those grumpy shadows protect. I often equip a Cloaking device to bump up my concealment too. My trader unfortunately needs an escort.

You might want to give the crash site a try. Its outside and you should be able to pull a mob at a time. Plus the second mob set are drill’s and they do drop Miy’s armor which include Miy’s Nano armor. The bileswarm might be to tough at the end. These hunting missions do not need to be fully completed.

Happy Hunting

12 10 2010

Great tips :-). Babaengy and Babaemphee will try be sure to be back at Foreman’s when they are level 100 and may also give the Crash Site a try at that level too.

9 03 2011

Nice to see some current AO write-ups. I’m currently doing Biomare and enjoyed reading about your experiences there. Tonight I discovered what happens when you attack Rik-Rak. Imagine my surprise!

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