Taking the Aggravation Out AggDef

26 05 2010
Agg/Def Bar

Agg/Def Bar

It sounds so simple.  The AggDef calculator says you will get your toons best defense and fastest offense with a setting of  88  (as an example.)  You move your mouse pointer down to the bar and drag it to where you think/guess 88  is.  And that turns out to be the problem.

The AggDef bar has no precise indication of what any position on the slider equals, so the best anyone could do was to eyeball and guess where the slider should be.

There is a solution to the problem, but it will take a small amount of effort to set up.  It is possible to use a combination of chat commands and information windows to learn precisely where the AggDef bar is set at any time.


  1. Create a text file  with the contents of the code found at the link below, in your AO help folder and name it  addall-stats.txt.  It should be saved in this folder:
    Anarchy Online/cd_image/text/help

  2. Create a macro to display this file as an information window.  Open a chat window in game and type: /macro showaddall /showfile addall-stats.txt After pressing Enter, an AO macro button should appear attached to your mouse pointer which you can now drop onto the hot bar of your choice.
  3. Move your AggDef bar to your best guess of where your desired setting is.  Activate the macro you just created by clicking on the macro button.  An information window should appear that says Misc Stats.

    Resulting Information Window, click on the "Misc Stats" link.

    Resulting Information Window, click on the "Misc Stats" link.

  4. Click on Misc Stats, and a second information window should appear listing a number of different statistics.

    Misc Stats Information Window, click on Aggdef-Slider

    Misc Stats Information Window, click on Aggdef-Slider

  5. Click on the one that says Aggdef-Slider and the information window should then display the actual numerical value of the AggDef bars current setting.

    Opps too far to the right

    Opps too far to the right

The values can be confusing at first because most discussions of the Agg/Def bar refer to it as a scale running 0 to 100%. Another factor that often confuses people is that the bar actually is laid out with Def on the left and Agg on the right.

The values returned by these scripts divide the scale into two sections.  The Defensive left half values run -100 to 0. (Counting up from -100,-99,-98 etc.) The Aggressive right half runs 0 to 100 (Counting from 0, +1, +2 etc.)

Comparison of Calculator VS Script Output Values

Comparison of Calculator VS Script Output Values

In order to utilize the recommendations from the Agg/Def Calculator some translation is needed.


  1. Suppose the calculator recommends a setting of 47%.  Since this value is less than 50 it will be in the left side scale, so we divide the recommended value by 50 and then multiply the result by 100, and finally add that value to -100.
    47/50 = .90
    .90 x 100 = 90
    (-100)+90= -10

    The desired script output value will be -10.  You then need to adjust the slider to where you think 47% is, run the script and see if the reported value is -10.  Re-adjust and re-run the script until you find the script reports -10.
  2. If the AggDef Calculators value is greater than 50, subtract 50 from it, and multiply by 2 to get the corresponding script value.  If the Calculator gives 60,  then 60-50 = 10 followed by  10 *  2 = 20.  A script value output of +20 should equal a setting of 60 on the AggDef bar.
    60 - 50 = 10
    10 x 2 = 20
  3. If the AggDef Calculator value is 50, the desired script output will be 0.

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When the G word lurks

27 07 2008
On top of the Clondyke Omni tower

On top of the Clondyke Omni tower

As anyone experienced in denial knows, one of the first rules of denial is to completely avoid the use of the word or words that describe or name that which is being denied. When Baba accepted completing his 1k token board as his current short term objective, he already had about half the amount through missions he had run previously for specific items or credits. At that time, missions were a respite, or change of pace from leveling fast and furious on Borgs after leaving Foreman’s at 70. Now that he had earned almost 2 hundred more, the objective is no longer fresh, and the feeling ‘lets get this over with as fast as possible’ is starting to creep in. You can try to ‘blitz’ token missions, but it still seems to take forever since one has to put down most of the mobs. It is starting to feel like the G word that rhymes with bind, kind, or find.

It reminds of Baba of his earlier levels 25 to 50. He had completed most of the low level quests available to 25 and unders, and made an exploratory trip to the Temple of the Three Winds just to see what it was all about. Unfortunately, none of the guides, at that time, mentioned that the lowest level mobs there were all 27 to 80-ish. His first time running into the entrance hall, he got about 10 feet before 2 level 27 cultists put him away. So Baba vowed not to return to the temple until he hit level 50 and he had a full set of decent implants. Baba was still lacked the confidence to join teams then, so solo-ing 25 missions became his obsession and he slaved away night after night until level 50 came around, and he was able to pull together and get his implants and go on to teaming.

With Baba’s long absence from the game (7 months) he again needs to get comfortable with his skills, before he gets involved again with teams again.

Ring of Haste

Ring of Haste

Running solo missions does have its up sides. One is the loot is getting better on QL 110 and above. Baba does not know if it is because that is the nature of the game as levels increase, or if the loot tables have been favorably tweaked during his absence. A few missions back Baba found a Ring of Haste in a chest. It adds 100 runspeed, which is a gift from above for Enforcers. He is also starting to see a regular steam of QL 129+ implants and clusters. Of course Baba had to balance out his good fortune with a typical Baba blunder last night. He was so excited when he hit level 114 and he saw that his skills had increased enough to equip one of his next step up nanos. His blunder was that he went out and bought the nano, only to find later that he already had one in a pack in his bank. Then he remembered that he had gotten the nano quite a few levels ago and at the time could not use it, and then forgot about it completely.

Baba always has trouble when he finds nanos as loot, wondering if he has it already. He used to be able to carry around all of his found but can’t equip yet nanos, but that is not possible as one gets higher up the level ladder. To help out we made him in game help file with a list we can update of all enforcer nanos with checks on those he has. Making your own in game help files is 10 times more convenient and useful than relying on loose scraps of paper, bulky notebooks, etc. It’s quite easy and doesn’t require any mad coding skills. The mirrored site of the now defunct Anarchy Online Arcanum has a great How To on making your own help files. Be sure to grab it before it too fades away.

Player City, Northern Broken Shores

Player City, Northern Broken Shores

The other enjoyable aspect of running missions is getting out and seeing more of Rubi-Ka. Prior to this, Baba has never been to Clondyke, Belial Forest, Eastern Foul Plains and a few more regions. His last mission in Belial Forest, which brought his token count up to 697, was actually in a swamp, with the entrance being in the form of a small green dewdrop shaped pod with a yellow door on a tiny island in a convincing looking swamp complete with lots of tangled up, broken down tree stumps.