Claw Camp times

5 07 2009


It was all timing.  First a title 3 Trader, Tireen popped out of suspended animation to sit on top of the small hill overlooking Claw Camp in Pleasant Meadows.  She equipped her Yalm and did a quick scout flight of the surrounding area for the bane of kite parties, the Slayer Droids.  She found none, so the server had not been reset since someone had trained the somewhat dim Slayer Droids to the middle of nowhere.  Her duty done, she waited for the title 3 NT Babaente to pop in.

Babaente, as soon as she materialized out of suspended animation, went through the steps to team Tireen and herself.  This done she proceeded to buff up, while, Tireen popped off one of the 8th Anniversary experience buffs, and then re-equipped her Yalmaha and positioned her self 50 or so meters above the batch of dead tree trunks next to the hill where Babaente would be leading her kites to.



After Babaente completed getting her usual set of buffs running, she activated one of the experience buffs just as Tireen had.  Glancing at her NCU panel before closing it to clear her HUD, it was fuller than normal, thanks to the experience buff and an Fixer run speed buff some generous soul had ninja’ed her with as she had been sitting outside the Newland City Advanced Shop.

The extra pressure of having to ‘make the best’ of these timed buffs added more butterflies than usual to her just before the kite starts nerves. The Claws were rather spread out with many outside the camp, making it hard to collect a bunch at a time, so she settled for just two at first, but she quickly found that with the wonderful amount of extra run speed from the Fixer buff, that she could lead the Claws around with impunity as she wished, so she casually routed them around the camp to pick up a good sized kite eventually.



She then lead it over to the tree log area and had fun with the wonderfully abundant run speed.  She had ample time to stop and cast more frequently than she had ever had before, so she took advantage of this.  This brought the kite down much faster with her casting AOE nukes about twice as often as without outside buffs. By the time at least half the kite had dropped, her HUD flashed the always welcome ‘new level’ icon. It was just after that that trouble reared it’s head.

Her Nano bar was hovering at around 40%.  In her usual set up, her rate of kiting and nano use (from nukes) rarely put her nano bar lower than 75%.

While she was able to continue at the faster rate, and she completed the kite, she had a rather flummoxing experience as soon as she finished looting the kite’s corpses.  When she sat down to use a nano kit to start recharging her nano, it would not work, giving her a message that she could not be in combat to use the kit.  This was crazy as she was not in combat, but she noticed that her combat logged still showed new lines of “attacked by xx Claw etc.” scrolling up, yet no Claws were near her.

At first she thought maybe one of the other minor outside buffs she had picked up in the city were locking the skills required to use the nano kit, but a frantic inspection of all her running outside buffs, yielded nothing untoward.

So here she was, frustrated and disappointed. With a sinking feeling she watched her NCU panel show the Fixer run speed buff running down while it seemed to take forever for her Humidity Extractor buffed nano delta to recharge her nano to where she could start another kite.



She should have been kiting like crazy now, and leveling herself and Tireen up like mad, She was just about to log off and write it all off to some kind of weird server problem, when Bitbomber (lvl 29 NanoTechnician, male, clan, J’avais envie) ran up in Playful Cub form and asked if Babaente was kiting the camp.  Babaente told the fellow NT  that she had been, but that she was having some problems, and could not continue, so she encouraged the Bitbomber to go ahead and start kiting the camp. After several more exchanges so everyone was clear it was OK for the new-comers (several other players in the NT’s team had arrived one by one) to ‘play through’ and take over the field, as Babaente was finished there for now.

So Babaente retired to the hill near by, while the new team went about kiting the camp.  Babaente noticed that her combat log was still showing the new NT’s mobs as attacking her, so she could still not recharge her nano.  She eventually moved to the opposite side of the hill where the server finally figured out she and the other NT were two separate toons, and the ‘attacked by x Claw’ lines stopped appearing in her log.  Rather than run out her excellent run speed buff just sitting there, she decided to log off and return some time later and hopefully when the camp was free again.

Later she reviewed the log to find:

Other hit by nano
Claw-C27 Outlaw was attacked with nanobots from Bitbomber
 for 185 points of projectile damage.
Attacked by Claw-C27 Outlaw!

Babaente is wondering if these Claws aggro every player in sight when anyone attacks them.  It has to be that or some sort of weird server or lag problem that was causing the system to not recognize that she was out of combat and should have been allowed to use her nano kits.

Babaente returned the following evening determined to get some leveling out of her Fixer Run Speed Buff, but fate said it was just not in the cards.  The lag demon was out and about Pleasant Meadows and Babaente got wiped twice in a row before she decided to stop trying.  Both times her HUD showed her well ahead of the kite, when suddenly, with no warning, her scrolling combat log went dark red with “Claw hit you for xxx damage” lines and the reclaim white out took over her HUD.  After the second time she resigned herself to spending the rest of that evening allocating out her IP points gained when she dinged 72 the previous day.


Double Sun Greetings

9 08 2008
Baba greets the day wearing his new Double Sun token board.

Baba greets the day wearing his new Double Sun token board.

Saturday morning found Baba in Newland with 994 tokens rolling missions he hoped would complete his 1k board token quest. The previous evening, after running 6 missions in a row, he had run out of steam, and just could not keep his eyes open any longer, even with those last 6 tokens within reach.

Baba purposely took the first 3 mission that came up with Broken Shores as the location. With the missions close together in the small city of Home, travel time between missions would be eliminated. The first mission was rather uneventful, with Baba concentrating on experimenting with various combos of specials and some new combat moves.

Just one more to go!

Just one more to go!

When Baba completed the first mission, he found he had a total of 999 tokens! He remembered last night that the last mission, he got 5 tokens, plus found another single one in a mob body. Baba started the next mission, just a few doors down in the city of Home. It was hard to concentrate on completing the mission, as he was already starting to think about what the 1k benefits would be. The mission went buy quickly, being a mix of Rhinomen and ninjas. Ninjas are pretty weak and are easy prey for Baba. Rhinomen are tougher and quite social, but they drop that wonderful Rhino armor. Even though it was a rather short mission, there were quite a few Rhino armor drops. Baba was fortunate to pick up some QL 111 Rhinoman gloves to replace his ql 80 ones.

Once the long awaited moment arrived, Baba canceled the 3rd outstanding mission.

Baba sat down where he was when he completed the mission, and removed his token board so he could right click it. This done, Baba’s stats improved drastically. Baba found his run speed amazingly fast on his way out of the mission, thanks to the 1k token board’s boost. No need to put IP into run speed for a while now he thought. The next thing Baba wanted to do was to equip a six slot belt, which his increased computer literacy would now allow him to do. He returned to Newland City and sat down in a shop next to a bank terminal and went to work. Out came his various memory chips and other bits and then he removed what had been the trusty Guardian’s Circuit Board. Then he put in the 6 slot belt, that he got has loot off a dyna-boss quite a while ago. Into it he put 2 morphing memories improved up to level 117, 2 dark memories, and a memory loop. The net result was an increase of 40 or so NCU. Baba had a nice 63k memory module, in inventory, but he was still short some skill points to equip it. Hopefully Baba will be able to equip that soon.

It may be some time before Baba even goes near a mission terminal, and then only if it is as part of a team mission. It time for Baba to get back into playing with others. So the next time he logs in, he may be heading straight for Mort to do a little solo Borg bashing while he waits for his Looking For Team (LFT) entry to snag him a team spot. He is looking forward to being able to kite high level Borgs without needing an outside run speed buff. But don’t let the Borgs tendency put you off, Baba is interested in trying anything froobable. Even some team dyna hunting could be fun.