Temple of Twinks Working

31 07 2010
The once busy meeting place that was the Temple of the Three Winds, deserted.

The once busy meeting place that was the Temple of the Three Winds, deserted.

A few years ago, a Friday evening  visit to the Temple of the Three Winds would find the area outside the entrance crowded with low level 1-60 toons and high level 120+ toons.  The lowbies were there for the Temple and the high levels were there for Inner Sanctum.  Babaoroody, our Froob Enforcer has many fond memories of evenings spent there.   Showing up as a sub level 61 player, one first had the challenge of finding a team in the crowd.  On busy nights, this could take a while as many people were just sitting around chatting, or waiting for someone else to show, or looking for a specific person or team.  It was a great exercise in people watching, and listening (vicinity chat).  Most TOTW pickup teams were usually just 6 toons running from mob to mob and wailing away on said mobs.  Occasionally, in the top Boss room, teams would emerge that actually functioned as teams, with tanks tanking, healers healing, CC toons controlling adds, and damage dealers, damaging.  Once and a while a twink would show up to “pwn” Azzy, but for the most part, these were leveling new toons.

Back then, the Guardian of Time was far more likely to be camped by one or more twinks and their customers/friends.  The fact that every mob there, even low 30s cultists, will aggro every player including level 60s combined with the design of the place and the many new players, led to frequent massive trains.  These trains were lethal only to low end players, and a nuisance for every one else.

Babaengy and Babaemphee (at level 59)  made their first visit this past Friday evening, and things have definitely changed.  TOTW could now very well stand for Temple of Twinks Working.  After teleporting in from the portal in Newland Dessert  they were first struck by how deserted the outside area was at prime time.  There were perhaps 4 players to be seen, and each of those was a level 60 solo twink. Not a team to be seen.  After entering they did not see another player until just before the Defender of Three’s hall, where they spotted a level 60 twink with a baby crat in tow.  Inside DOT’s hall, the only other players to be seen was a smattering of low level solo Enforcers leveling up off of cultists.  Those were the closest we saw to new players for the evening.  After easily wiping the floor with DOT, our team headed down to left wing.  Here they had a short fight with the Re-animator and netted Babaemphee a Skull of Lamentation for future use.  Once they made it down to Lien, they found he was being camped by another 60 Enforcer twink.

Coming back out from Lien’s , they passed another solo Enforcer leveling on Deathless Legionnaires.  A couple of the Legionnaires aggroed our team and after putting them down, Babaengy looted a Frosted Scythe just for the fun of it (if he changes his mind at some point to go 2 hand edged.)

Next was the north middle wing, where they had a short and victorious fight with the Curator that  netted the rock crusher gloves but no notum rings.    Nematet had just been killed by the only full team we saw all night.  They appeared to be systematically camping Nematet-‘s room.  Our pet team decided that was enough for the evening, and headed out and back to Newland City via the player city whompa just  west of the Temple.   It had been a good excursion.  They were basically doing recon this time around, mainly to get a feel for how their current set ups would fair.  The set ups were doing very well.  They never lost a pet, and no one every saw their health dip below 75%.

Babaengy and Babaemphee are now debating adding level 60.  They may very well need it to equip slightly better pets and nanos to take on the top Bosses at TOTW.

It was a bit disheartening to see TOTW, SO once lively and full of newbie’s reduced to a handful of leveling solo Enforcers and polished level 60 twinks farming items.

The next day, Saturday, our pet pair were back for their second TOTW run.  This time they headed for the East hall hoping to net some Exarch Robes.  This did not happen however.

Where is Azzy?  He was too much for the lvl 60 soldier and crat that did so well with Uklesh and Khalum.

Where is Azzy? He was too much for the lvl 60 soldier and crat that did so well with Uklesh and Khalum.

They were prevented from farming Exarch robes when a twink 60 soldier and a crat friend or dual log started in on the final three bosses.  It took them quite a while to fight the first two placeholders successfully.  During this time Babaengy and Babaemphee took down all the mobs in the south, west and east parts of the final hall.  They even pulled a couple of Exarchs while the soldier was still busy with Khalum.    Once Azzy came out, the soldier and crat seemed to really have their hands full.  Babaengy and Babaemphee kept their distance and watched as Aztur eventually sent the soldier and crat to reclaim.  In retrospect this would have been a great chance for team Baba pets to take on Azzy due to the first two mobs being out of the way.  They had not really even started to think about what their strategy might be, so they decided not attack Azzy and went looking for Gartua the gatekeeper instead.

They did find one notum ring on an Exarch corpse left by the Soldier, so that was a plus.  The did find Gartua the door keeper, but after a short fight, he dropped nothing.  They then noticed that the Guardian of Time was blocking the exit door.  After topping off all the teams buffs, including the pet combat buffs, they rushed GOT.  They were surprised on just how easy it was.  Neither toons or pets took much damage, with only one heal had to be given to the attack bot during the fight.  For their efforts GOT dropped a Guardian Circuit board, amplified bracelet and a damage ring (ring of tattered flame).

After fighting their way out through the obligatory halls of grays, it was back to Newland City to peruse their take for the day.  Babaemphee got a nice ncu boost from a platinum ring of three, plus some ac, health and damage.  Babaengy equipped the Guardian Circuit board to enjoy the additional 15 NCU it provides.  They also turned experience back on, hoping to tick 60 for the benefit of a few more IP points.  Babengy is 12 BM points away from equipping Beacon Warp, which Tireen and Babaente looted during their token mission grind and gave to Babaengy.


Baba Beats Babyface

11 07 2009

Babaoroody came out this past Saturday afternoon to roll a few single missions from Newland City. His objective was simply to get back into the swing of things as we have been spending more time with our Nanotechnitian and Trader lately.  Before rolling the missions at the terminals across from the Bronto Burger stand in Newland City, he took some time to sort through all the loot/party favors he received recently from the 8th Anniversary AO celebrations.  He filed away most of the novelty and social items into his bank, and just kept the experience boosting items with him in a backpack so he can have them ready for use anytime he hooks up with a good team.

Mission spot at Milky Way Omni Base, click for full view

Mission spot at Milky Way Omni Base, click for full view

He rolled two missions, one in the very southernmost part of Stret East Bank, and the other in the middle of an Omni base in Milky Way.  The first mission involved a mix of snakes and cyborgs and went by in a flash.  Having gotten used to team missions, single person missions now seem like just a warm up exercise.  The second mission involved more cyborgs, humans, and several Babyface type mobs.  The incongruity of the foreboding look of this mob with the humorous baby talk type audio coming from this mob had Baba chuckling all through the mission.  Baba had been wiped a few times by very high level Babyfaces, so at first it was taken very cautiously, but after about the second one, it was clear these were lower levels and quite easy to knock over.

Flying from Harry’s at Lush Fields, over the inner waterway, Baba enjoyed turning on the AO music which always is a big enhancement to the experience of viewing Rubi-Ka’s lush landscapes.  The outdoors, open spaces music that plays when transversing long distances in AO is very soothing and really adds to the enjoyment of the moment.

Baba beats up on Babyface, click for better view

Baba beats up on Babyface, click for better view

Once Baba completed both missions he headed back to Newland to sort through his loot, starting a couple of bags for monster parts.  He had one interesting drop from the missions, a personal grid beacon which Baba plans on sending over to Tireen, or trader.  It will be a while before she levels up high enough to equip it, but it will be waiting for her. He’s glad he found it as it prompted him to look it up at Auno.org and there he spotted ‘Walk the Grid’ which is better and which Tireen should be able to equip fairly soon.

His loot included several different cool sounding projectile type weapons, which unfortunately did not turn up on his handy loot only weapons list, so they most likely will be shopfood.

While sorting loot, he made a quick side trip to a backyard in order to buy 4 more backpacks, mainly to serve as bank storage items.

Baba also took some time to think about what his short term goals should be.  He reviewed his current equipment, including armor an implants, back item and weapon.  He definitely wants to step up from his Panther to a Pained Panther, and hopes to snag a team going to Crypt of Home for this.  Although it seems he is over the 110 level entrance cap, he can still get in with an Engineer warp.  Either that, or pony up a several million credits.

Armor wise, he seems to be doing ok, with Miy’s drops of Borgs.  In another 10-15 levels he may be in the range for a higher quality Alby back item.  Eventually, after maybe 20-30 more levels, he may in range to equip a Black Clan Tank Armor, a friend donated.  At this point, implants are his biggest question mark.  Getting implants over Ql 125 is much more involved than getting implants under QL 125 was.  Previously one can shop for store bought implant components when looking for under QL 125 implants.  Over 125 is another story. The highest basic implants stores carry are 125.  To get basic implants over 125 requires finding finished implants in missions and as drops from mobs and then having a tradeskiller strip them and then combine them with the appropriate clusters which are available in stores in Qualities over 125.  For Baba, the process of designing the desired implant set is a formidable undertaking.  Add to this the great effort required to collect the needed parts, and QL 125+ implants become a very daunting expedition.

There does not seem to be a good rule of thumb out there for determining of often one should upgrade implants.  It seems to be more of ‘do it as often as you can stand’ type thing, as the benefits have to be weighed against the costs in time and credits.  Baba does not have the credits to buy a set quite a few levels above his current level.  His best bet we think is to make do with his current ones and in another 10 or so levels start thinking about putting together a set from what he can find and getting it bumped up some.

Baba then decided to update his equipment configuration at Auno.org.  He swapped back in a Notum Ring of Three, that he had replaced for a while with a Ring of Haste.  The Ring of Haste is useful when kiting Borgs in Perpetual Wastelands as it gives 100 run speed, but for missions the Notum Ring is better for the added damage and extra ACs.  After making an up to date equipment configuration, he decided to look back through some of his equipment setups all the way back to day one.  We decided to dedicate a separate permanent page to Baba’s equipment configurations as they display a rather complete time-line of his progress.

Neleb and Temple Passed By

25 11 2008

Assault Class Tank ArmorOn their last training mission, the final boss was taking forever to kill.  It was so bad, Baba had to resort to using both his Hasty Augmentation Field and use the 20 second shield from his Assault Tank Armor, before it would go down. Oh, and lots of Mongos, too.

Backpack of SurvivalAn interesting item that dropped was an adventurer only Backpack of Survival.  It is a backpack with the added benefit of providing ACs like an armor back piece. This one is QL 101 and it has 505 to 400 ACs and +20 to perception.  The only requirements are adventurer profession and 202 in adventuring.  It should be a nice twinking item for lowbie adventurers.  Now that AOGMS has stopped it’s service and the in game mrshop and thegms are also no more, Babaoroody and his alts are back at square one in terms of selling loot.  Shopping channel on Sunday afternoons, looks like the best remaining option now.

One of the other goodies that also dropped from this last tough boss was a QL99 OT Windchaser SM32 PSB which we passed on to our trader Tireen.  On paper, or online in Auno’s damage simulator it looked better than her current QL 90 Vektor Lizard, and with it’s much shorter attack and recharge times, it allowed Tireen to crank her Agg/Def bar back to 56%.

She first tested it out on a few Rhinomen in Newland Dessert and then via several team missions with Babaente.  After the trial run, she decided to go back to the Vektor.  She has to keep her Agg/Def bar at 100% Agg due to the slowness of the gun, but from her logs, it appears to hit consistently higher regular and critical hits.  We have experienced a great degree of variation between what the official stats say a guns performance should be and what shows up in our logs.  We have also found that individual guns even vary by QL level.  We once had Vektor that was 5 QL’s below the next higher up one we had, and the lower QL one consistently delivered better damage.

This is similar to some behavior Babaoroody experience below title 4, where similar 2 hand blunt weapons would diverge from the published specs and sometimes a lower QL version would out damage a higher quality version.  We suspect it may be true for many weapons in AO, so our advice is to pay close attention to your damage logs, especially when upgrading weapons.

Over this past weekend Babaoroody and Babaente made several more unsuccessful tries at Neleb in the Steps of Madness.  What seems to get them into trouble is the geometry of the place.  Very often what looks like a clear line of sight is not, such that the floating meatballs may be able to press their attacks, but our enforcer is unable to reach them with his axe to cause damage or with taunts to draw them closer.  This leads to Babaoroody having to get so close to a group of mobs that some of them aggro on Babaente.

Babaoroody and Babaente see lots of other players doing well there.  Even teams of lvl 50-60 players.  Baba does not want to scare off others from trying the Steps, but he and Babaente are just not doing well there now.  Our pair decided to call it quits for now.  The objective, Neleb’s robe is just not worth it at this point.  Currently Babaente has more than enough nano, NCU and nano skills, such that getting the robe now would not make any significant difference.  The exarch robe she currently has gives 30 more AC and 35 health and has the same nano cost reduction.  They may return someday when both have leveled more.

Next Babaente and Tireen went scouting for a new kiting spot, having decided there was nothing else they absolutely had to have from the Temple of the Three Winds. They found a promising site, and Babaente dropped down for a few trail kites to see how it would go.  These mobs were in the range of 60-75, a bit higher than anything she has kited before.  She cautiously picked a small number for her test kites.  Even though they were small kites, it was enough complete her 61st level, while Tireen still has a way to go at level 60.   Passing level 60 means Babaente can never enter the Temple of the Three Winds again, since it is level locked to players over level 60.  As we did with our pairs previous kiting spot, we will not identify thier new kiting spot until Babaente and Tireen have leveled out of it.

While out scouting for a new kiting spot, an problem that they had been trying to ignore came back to plague them.  About 5 levels ago, when they implanted Map Nav to equip the monster map upgrades, they also made an effort to get and equip all the maps they could also equip while the temporary implants were in.  While most of the maps they choose went in with no problem one would not load, giving the message to check their skills and the maps requirements.  Babaente had more than the amount stated, but the Map would not show up in her profile or when in the zone.  While scouting they had found a promising site, but it was a zone where the problem map would not load.

Babaente even purchased another copy of the map which also would not load.  She entered a petition at around 9 pm and was contacted by an ARK at about 9:45.  The ARK was very polite and walked Babaente through many diagnostic steps including having to zone several times. After allot of troubleshooting, Babaente was finally able to use the needed map.  Every time you petition, you are putting yourself at the mercy of a volunteer at the other end. The ARK on this evening was just fantastic, no attitude, just technical expertise, humor and polite firmness when nescessary.  We have gotten a some less than friendly ARK’s in the past, so after getting good service from this one, we were sure to send a postitive write up to the survey PM address that was given at the end of the session.

Although it may take a while sometimes, it does get results.  We would caution everyone however to ONLY enter a petition when you have sought help elsewhere, done independent research, and exhausted your own resources.  You may also want to weigh the potential time involved.  Is it worth your time (at least 45 minutes or more) and that of another person?  In the same amount of time, could you achieve what you wanted in another way?

Baba’s gotten a bit rusty

18 11 2008

This past Thursday evening Babaente and Tireen ran a few more team missions for tokens and Babaente finally reached 120, and was awarded her 120 token board.  The next token award requires 250 tokens, so it is quite a jump.

Not your cookie cutter mission room, but an original.

Not your cookie cutter mission room, but an original.

Tireen also got a step up Thursday evening.  After hitting level 60 she was able to equip a better ransack skills (Ransack skills).  When cast on top of Deprive Skills, her shotgun skill was boosted by about 90 points which allowed her to equip a ql 90 Vektor ND LIZARD.  In the last mission they ran, she was getting crits of 1200 to 1400, which helps cut Bosses down to size.

They tried running a couple of missions with their agg/def slider set to full defensive.
Although we have not yet looked at the log statistics, in practice the added number of mob misses was not enough to counter balance the huge reduction in damage rates for Tireen and Babaente.  The battles took longer and in the end, they both lost more health in each fight.  With each fight taking longer, the mobs were given more chances to land a strike.

Friday evening we read a post in AOFroobs for posting your GUI.  We went ahead and posted Tireen’s current setup and after doing so, decided to take some time to re-organize it.  Now that we have a bunch of levels under our belt with both the NT and the trader toolsets, we thought we could decide which things were really needed, and which had just been put up because we didn’t know any better.  The same evening there was another post at AOFroobs that mentioned a program Keyclone, which intrigued us, as it is for sending keystrokes between multiple windows or dual logging as we call it in AO and the World of Warcraft types call multiboxing.

We spent an afternoon trying to get Keyclone to work for us and like several other utility programs meant to run together with AO, it was more than our aging computer could deal with.  While it ran, and did pretty much what the box says, it was slow and flakey on our system.  After sometime messing around with it, we decided to pass on it.  If your computer is relatively new (ie multiprocessor, at least circa 2006) then it might work great for you.

Not having much luck with Keyclone, we posted a call for help with it at AOFroobs and got the thread locked by the moderator Tarradax which was a bit surprising seeing how he had participated in the previous thread there where Keyclone was discussed and had not said a peep about it then.

Baba doubted he would fit in that.

Baba doubted he would fit in that.

After putting that behind us, both Tireen and Babaente refused to run any more missions for a bit. They were both demanding a change of pace.  Since they both hit thier targets of getting thier 120 token boards and level 60, it was time to give them some fresh activities.  Since Tireen has the weakest back item, she went first and headed out to the Temple of the Three Winds via the portal next to the Newland Dessert outpost whompa.  At level sixty she was alble to breeze through the first hall with-out aggro, but she picked up a massive train running through the right L shaped hall.  She dumped the train using the hop the wall at DOT trick.  She worked her way then down to the guardian of time’s room.  She passed a couple of 60 level players coming the other way, and when she got to GOT’s room it was empty.  She dialed her adddeff to full defense and was then able to by pass the six to eight cultists on the other side of the door out of GOT’s room leading to the Exarch hall.  She moved east towards the east hall that enters the left side of the Exarch hall.  This way she only picked up one cultist to fight before the left hall and avoided Gartuas room with his 4 cultist trox buddies.  After entering the left hall, she went back to full agg and worked her way through the cultists till she was in the exarch hall.  She picked off the windcallers one by one, and was able to handle them fairly easily.  Windcaller Yatilla however was actually harder than the Exarchs.

Then she went for Exarch Ecclese and a sure robe drop.  She got lucky and landed a couple of crits in the 1200 range, and soon was a new owner of an Exarch robe.  It helped a great deal, cutting many temple mobs down to minimum damage.  She took out the other two exarchs and picked up a tattered flame ring,  a weeping flesh ring, a silver ring of three, and a notum ring of three.

She headed over to the east wing for a try at the Reanimator for one of the shoulder items, but ran out of luck there, with the Reamimator makeing short work of her.  We will have to review the logs to see why the reanimator was soo hard after having a easy time with the Exarchs.

It was Babaentes turn next, she and Babaoroody headed down to the Steps of Madness and got as far as the first room with mobs, where things got a bit confused.  Dual logging with Tireen and Babente has had plenty of practice, but Babaoroody and  Babaente together was really a first and we got bit confused since there were a few differences in thier hot bar layouts.  They decided to back out of the dungeon and return later after running a few team missions together to work out thier hot key layout and best ways to work together.

Sunday Babaoroody and Babaente rolled a few missions to get into practice working together.  A good hour was wasted when none of the duplicated mission keys would work when they got to thier destination.  Since they are too far apart to team, one has to roll solo missions and then duplicate the key for the other.  For some reason none of the first set of rolled mission keys would work as duplicates.  After re-rolling another mission, they headed out to Lush Fields south of Harry’s.  They worked out several things. mostly having to do with re-arranging some of Babaoroody’s hot bar keys.

Another major problem with his hot bar surfaced after they had exited from one of the shops in Newland city after restocking Babas med and nano kits.  He was going to put himself on follow, and out of habit hit the 0 hot bar key that Tireen and Babaente both use.  Unfortunately, on his bar this pulled a mongo.  As he was standing right next to three guards, they promptly sent him back to reclaim having been aggroed by his mongo.

The mission turned out to be too easy, with Baba putting down the mobs before we could alt/tab to Babaente and doing any support casting.

That evening they decided to make another run at the Steps of Madness.  Baba realized once they were about 2/3 of the way through the dungeon, that he had removed his long range taunt from his hot bar.  The previous times he has been to Steps, he had relied a great deal on this long range taunt to allow him to take most of the mobs one at a time.  Singlely, they are a piece of cake for him. But since they do fair damage while taking a while to kill, getting swarmed by 3 or more is usually fatal for Baba.  They pressed on anyway, with several near death fights, and actually made it to the final long room. Without his long range taunt the final room proved to be thier undoing.  Previously with his taunt, he would pop his head in the door, and taunt one mob out away from the others.  With out the taunt he and Babaente had to enter the room completely and as a result, they both got swarmed with several mobs.

Earlyer a much higher a few high level players had passed them heading for Nelebs room.  As Babaoroody and Babaente approaced the room they could see on the mini map a good number of the mobs in the final room, getting trained somehow to the part of the room where the entrance they needed to pass through is.  Baba was able to survive, but Babaente succumbed to the swarm and got sent back to reclaim.  Babaoroody then terminated himself so he could join Babaente.

The design of Steps seems to follow a what seems to be a fairly standard AO dungeon plan which is basically a linear passage through a large number of proceedingly higher level mobs, starting with easy ones, but quickly moving into a range that requires them to be taken one at a time.  There are almost no large open places or alternate routes and almost all of the dungeon is very tight and cramped, with lots of mobs in close proximity.

This puts Enforcers at a disadvantage since they cannot use Mongo, one of thier main tools.  If Baba mongoes in the Steps, he attracks all the mobs in whichever room or hall he is in, which is not a good idea.  The problem with the Steps mobs is that they seem to have much higher amounts of health for mobs of the same 50-60ish level.  It seems like they have 2 to 3 times the normal amount.  Since Enforcers are melee and have no area of effect attack, they can only damage one mob at a time.  If, as is the case with the Steps, the mobs take 3 times longer to kill, that means the other mobs in a swarm have 3 times as long to pound on the poor enforcer.  It is also bad news for Babaente, because when they get swarmed she is really at a disavantage as there is no way she could outlast one of these monsters one on one, much less several.  This is because of her pitiful nanomage health bar.

One thing that sets Steps apart from the other dungeons Baba has done is the use of light.  There is one spot about halfway in where as you pass through a narrow door into the next section, the waiting mobs floating in the air cannot be seen because there is a strong light source shining directly in your eyes.  This is a place where Baba used his taunt before with good results.  Without it, he had to blunder into the room, getting attacked by several at once.  Another thing that is characteristic of Steps is there are multiple places where the world geometry is just plain messed up.  On every trip in so far he has seen various mobs stuck in the walls in different places.  There are also many places where there are invisible barriers where although it appears you have a clear line of sight to a mob, the game tells you it’s not there or cannot be targeted.  This combines with the narrowness of the halls and the lowness of the ceilings to make camera use difficult.  In many places it is impossible to use a long zoomed out view. While this may be manageable for solo players who can do ok in first person mode, it makes it hard to keep up with the status of teammates.   These irregularities tend to give an overall unsettled feeling the further you go into the place.

Because of this and perhaps some other issues previously discussed here (how the mobs are actually alot tougher than the given level they are supposed to be) he has yet to see any players of that level there.  Almost every single player he has seen has been title 4 or higher, sometimes like himself with a lowbie in tow.

After they healed up, they pulled another mission for practice again.  Things were going well, however they made one mistake in judgement near the end of the mission.  Even though they really were not concerned with the loot or the mission reward, they found themselves in one of those end of mission quandries.  It was a spot the person type mission, and the target person was in the middle of a hall, blocking the only way to 3 other mobs and rooms.  They should have taken thier lessons from Steps that Babaente is still squishy and if they get attacked by more than one mob at a time, she is vulnerable.  This is because even though Babaoroody easily overpowers mobs in Babaente’s range, as a melee fighter, he can only do damage to them one at a time.  If more than one mob attacks Babaente, Baba is limited to attacking those mobs one at time in series.

Baba made the mistake of trying to run past the target and take on the two mobs just past it.  This did not work out as all three mobs aggroed him and Babaente.  While he tried to fight them off, Babaente succumbed, since she was way overmatched with the single mob that had attacked her while Baba was busy taking the other two down.

Subway Payback

9 09 2008
Senpai Tertius Decus Armor Coat, gift from Baba

Senpai Tertius Decus Armor Coat, gift from Baba

Over the past weekend Baba continued to hunt dynas and help Babaente now and then.  He had no luck in finding the elusive Skill of Highlander. He thinks he can perhaps stand another week of this before it will get to be too much.  In between dyna camp trips he stopped off in Athens a few times to check in on Babaente and provide her with a few gifts.  These included a set of ql30 store bought implants.  He checked his bank but could not find any armor items that had low enough requirements for her, so Baba’s omni trader Tireen made the rounds of Omni Trade basic shops and returned with a nice set of mostly worn cyber armor that should hold Babaente until she levels enough to equip some nice carbonum.  Baba also helped purchase another round of NT nanos that she should be able to equip while under level 25.

Babaente started the weekend at level 19 which is an awkward level for NT’s.  This is because many of the lower level mobs are now gray to her, and the new yellow level mobs do damage faster than the puny nukes she has at this point.   A quick perusal of the auno.org nano chart showed that in one or two levels she would be able to equip nanos that would do twice as much or more than what she had been doing.  Fortunately she did not have to solo at this stage and hooked up with a small team that actually made it all the way to Abby.

On the way she got totally lost at the spiral stairway.  She had paused while her teammates ran down it first, so when she got to it, a trick of perception caused her to run UP the stairs, which go up and then drop you off back where you started.  At first this was totally confusing because it is partly an optical illusion.  It looks like you are going down, and it looks like you have reached another level.  Only after some head scratching did she figure out the down side was on the right.  Babaente picked up at least one level before they were wiped by Abby.

Long stairs, leads to dead end hide out.

Long stairs that lead to a dead end hide out.

When she returned on Saturday evening, she was killing slum runners down by the deep subway entrance, when a MP with dual skulls asked her to team which she did, on the way they picked up one other player.  This MP was incredible, killing practically every mob in the deep subway in seconds, so fast that Babaente rarely got a single cast off before they were dead.  It was not enough for Abby, which quickly flattened all three.  When checking Auno.org it seemed to at odds.  It showed the team mates as being much higher levels, and being at those levels  a week earlier, so we will not trust that data for now.  There is no telling where the problem lies.

There was the usual occasional team chat lag and even a few link deaths over the weekend, but no more than usual.

This player was just incredibly fast.  Babaente was pressed just to keep up in the same room, much less have time to inspect their information or send bot inquiries.

Later that after noon, she leveled her self up to 23 mainly off slum runners and the fleas in the farthest back washroom on the right or south.  She frequented the striker area, but the teams there were too low for her now.  Finding a room full of lowbies leveling off strikers did have a payoff. She was able to proceed to the Strike Foreman and take him down without getting swarmed by other strikers.  This was sweet payback for all the times Baba as a lowly enforcer had been wiped here.  To make it even sweeter, there was the drop of Boots of Infinite Speed, which is a bit of a misnomer.  The boots do not have to be worn, but have a temporary speed boost that can be activated when the item is in your inventory.  The actual speed boost is +30 run speed for 10 minutes, not infinite, but still useful for lowbies.

Once she got several AOE nukes, she practiced kiting muggers in the main entry hall for a while.  Another sweet payback came when she paid a visit the Shadows the bunch up in the central section.  She was able to kite about 7 and drop them all using her second nuke, and came out of it with more than 50% health.  While it was slow progress, it was exciting since Babaoroody had always had to avoid this bunch when solo.

Later in the evening she got a chance for some Eumenides payback, when someone trained him to the upper subway hall just near the dead end next to the strikers room.  There were several teams there, plus a few solo players, and everyone jumped into the battle.  It was Babaentes first time to really contribute towards putting this bad guy down.

Later she did hook up with another NT, Weth, who suggested the go out and ‘nuke something‘.  They were a pretty good team, having no problems with dealing damage, but a bit squishy, requiring plenty of stops to heal and recharge nano.  On the way they collided with another small team, and once they both reached Abby’s area, the two teams joined.  The team made a pass around the level, taking down just about every single native mob until all that remained was Abmouth.  The Doc protested, but secretly Babaente thinks they all knew that they probably would not be successful, due to their newbi skills and lacking any tanks.

Babaente got a bit nervous as she dinged to 24 after reaching the bottom level, and the action was so non stop, she had not been able to get to her settings screen to turn off experience.  She did not want to level to 25 and then be stuck in the dungeon.  Since 24 is the highest level one can enter the subway, she did not want to hit 25 yet because she has not had her fill of the deep subway yet and she would like to leave with at least one positive Abby outcome.

Babaente is a very reinforcing influence for Babaoroody, providing first hand experience on why tanks like Baba are needed.  Yes Enforcers may not deal as much damage, but they keep the aggro off the squishies long enough for them to do their major damage.

The group paused for this debate about attacking Abby, that Babaente was finally able to get to her setup screen and turn off experience.

  • Weth – lvl 20 clan nano male NT
  • Lovelucy – lvl22 clan opifex female Doc
  • Mezzedj00 – lvl20 clan nano male Crat
  • Princexavord – lvl22 clan opifex male Eng
  • Rotpada – lvl22 clan solitus female Crat

The team got blindsided by several adds right away, so that by the time Abby was strolling around, they had their hands more than full.   Before she could get of his line of sight, Abby clobbered Babaente so hard that she could barely move. While she tried in vain to reach a hiding place Abby sent her back to reclaim with another massive blow.

Tree landing after high altitude de-yalm over Athens

Tree landing after high altitude de-yalm over Athens

On Sunday  Baba was not able to pick up a single team, and spent most of her time just exploring the upper subway and trying out some nano combinations.  At one point someone trained a huge batch of infectors up and Babaente used one of her recent hidden type areas as an escape route.
In the old subway station area facing in the direction of the strikers room, take the 1st door on the left.  In the small hallway, turn left through a small door and proceed down a very long flight of stairs.  Go through a door to another abandon subway tunnel that proceeds north and dead ends with a few crashed cars, and a non working ticket dispenser.  Due to pathing issues only one of the infectors managed to make it that far, making it easy pickings for Babaente.

That evening Babaoroody showed up again with some gifts that included a set of Worn Cyber Armor the Baba’s alt  omni trader Tireen bought at Omni Trade, a few more purchased NT nanos that she can now equip, and several that required buffs from Baba to equip.  The armor was needed since the nice newcomers armor stops upgrading at level 15.  In addition Baba brought a Senpai Tertius Decus Armor Coat to replace that ratty vagabonds cloak.

After trying unsuccessfully to find a subway team, Babaente took the grid, (thanks to comp lit expertise buff), to Tir and then used the Boots of Infinite Speed buff to run to the clan outpost near the Temple of the Three Winds.  She made a insurance save there and then proceeded to the temple.  She got as far as the ramp up, when a huge spider sent her back to reclaim.

When she got over rezz sickness and she was able to return to the Temple.  No one there was interested with adding a lowbi 24 to their team, so she eventually tried going in solo.  This did not work out as just inside the door to the main entrance hall she was greeted by 7 or 8 already agitated mobs, who sent her back to reclaim before she could get more than one cast off.  She thought it was at least a try to see if she could get an Exarch robe before returning to see Abby off.