Baba Beats Borg for 135

27 07 2009
Sand Worm Dynacamp in far West Perpetual Wastelands, Baba spotted this on his way from Mort Sentinels to PW Borgs. click for larger view.

Sand Worm Dynacamp in far West Perpetual Wastelands, Baba spotted this on his way from Mort Sentinels to PW Borgs. click for larger view.

Baba returned to Perpetual Wastelands to work on his 135 level this past Sunday.  Having done nothing since hitting level 134 other than sort loot and trade, his experience bar was empty.  This would be a good time to try an experiment, with no experience to loose, he headed for Tir County.  He had seen the Vermin Disposal Unit, a unique Dynacamp many times before as a lowbie traveling around the region.  He could not tell how difficult it would be for him to take it on, so he was going to find out tonight.  Heading west from Tir city, he quickly found it in a narrow strip of green just south of a player city in the west end of Tir.  Perhaps because it looked just like the waste control units back on Shuttleport Island, he thought it would be a push over like they were.  This did not turn out to be the case.

Unusually crowded reclaim in Newland City, click for larger view

Unusually crowded reclaim in Newland City, click for larger view

It was it is a lot tougher than it’s health bar and warning imply.  It turned to out hit very very hard, slicing through Baba’s armor and dealing him 1900 damage for ‘normal’ hits and 2500 or more for crits.  With hits like that, Baba barely managed to cut the unit down to 75% health before Baba was looking at 25% health.  Baba tried to mongo for enough health to let him run away, but he soon found him self back at reclaim, which was unusually crowded tonight.

He stopped off in the Advanced store to give himself a healing pop from the implant machine and then sat down next to the bank terminal to pass the next few minutes.  Checking his skills window he remembered that he still had to allocate out IP points from hitting level 134.  Due to a virus problem with the ether net, his usual spreadsheet was not immediately available, so he had to do this one from memory.

Baba has finally reached the stage where most of his basic skills are starting to max out, so he is beginning to have a surplus of IP points and can start building up a few areas he has had to short change in the past. These have been primarily evades and duck skills.  After topping off all of his important priorities, he put a large amount into evades.  Hopefully at some point, this will result is fewer crits landing on him.

While he as doing this, two kind souls, both doctors in his range, who happened to also be passing the time in the shop ninja buffed him with various heals, which he gladly thanked them for.    Once his IP were saved, he headed out the door and ran for the grid terminal outside the Newland City Gates.

He took his usual route to PW, which is grid to Sentinels in Mort, and then fly due east to Perpetual Wastelands and then across PW to the north east corner.  For the second time in recent visits, he seemed to be arriving just after someone else had cleared the field of Borg, and only a handful of Borg could be seen.  This was fine with Baba, as sometimes, a full field is hard to pull single Borg from.

By the time Baba had hunted down enough of these Borg to reach about halfway on his experience bar, he got an important sub-galactic phone call, that he did not want to miss, so he retired to his safe spot over by the cliffs and went into suspended animation so he would not waste the experience stim he had running.

Close call after bad pull, click for larger view.

Close call after bad pull, click for larger view.

After the call finished, and he returned refreshed, he went back to hunting the Borg.  He had one bad pull that got him a Major and two Generals.  It was a very close fight, with both he and the final Borg being down to less than 20% health at the end.  Fortunately the Borg seem to stop landing crits once you have them down past 30%, so Baba did prevail.  The next pull was almost an exact copy, except the 3 Borg were just Majors, and Baba had no problem taking them down.

Baba has gotten his Borg kiting moves down much better now.  Once he has the Borg(s) kited to the spot where he wants them, and he gets them running in a circle, he first hits his Fast Attack, and then Brawl.  Curiously he has found that his Brawl special will not fire if more than one keyboard button is depressed.  This was preventing him from using it, as he was using the forward and left arrow keys simultaneously to run in a circle.  He found that in order to get the Brawl key to respond he has to lift either the forward or the left key for just long enough to depress the Brawl key.

Baba dings 135 at PW Borg Dunes, click for larger view.

Baba dings 135 at PW Borg Dunes, click for larger view.

He usually lifts up on the left key, causing him to run straight for a second.  Baba uses his action panel buttons as indicators to show when the cool down for each of these attacks is reached.  After using one of these attacks, the button is grayed out, and it comes back to full color when the cool down period is over.  Baba had two other keys he uses while kiting Borg this way.  He has his hotbar key 1 set to fire his Flurry of Blows and his hotbar key 2 to fire his library of foul language taunt. He often throws in the taunt while waiting for Fast Attack and Brawl to recharge.

Once again, he had to move south to the uneven dunes section close to the Helipad for more Borg.  Tonights loot take of note was a few Miy’s pieces in the 130-200 range.


Borgs and Backpacks

13 07 2009

Babaoroody headed out for Perpetual Wastelands from Newland City Sunday evening, determined to get back on the leveling train. His experience bar was sitting just past 50% towards a new level, so he was hoping to tick it over tonight.

He took his usual route there, which consisted of using the grid from Newland City to the Sentinels post in Mort. From there he flew due east in his Yalmaha, passing over sandworms, anuns and mantises.

He paused at the Mantise Dyna camp name Tranquility just inside Perpetual Wastelands, but although he is levels above the 105 Dyna, the enclosed nature of the ‘fort’ style camp and the fact it is packed with 70-100ish mantises, leaves him unwilling to try and find out if he can attack that Dyna without getting swarmed by the rest of the Mantises.

Bridge of Escape, the plateau is too small to out run a Dyna borg.

Bridge of Escape, the plateau is too small to out run a Dyna borg.

Baba did drop down at the next Dyna camp with two 105 and 110 type Borg Dynas.  The spot is called ‘Ruins’ on the map, and is in a small platueau surrounded by gorges, with two large suspension bridges for access.  He thought he had had approached so that he could just pull one of them, but when he got close enough to trigger aggro, they both came running.

Baba made the mistake of trying to stand toe to toe with these two, and before he knew it, he was down past 50% health.  As soon as Baba dropped one, Baba started running east and crossed the suspension bridge with the other Dyna in chase.  He needed to run long enough to use and cycle his First Aid stim at least twice.  Once he had done this to bring his health back up, Baba circled around and kite killed the remaining Dyna.  While the loot both dropped was nothing Baba could use, it was good shop food.

Borg Highway, levels 110-140 Borg, in North East Perpetual Wastelands.

Borg Highway, levels 110-140 Borg, in North East Perpetual Wastelands.

Baba headed a little farther east and when the road turns from going due east to heading North East, he could see Borgs every few hundred meters, guarding the area.

Baba got buffed up and started kiting Borg singly and in groups of two to three.  These Borg were for the most part in the 110 to 140 level range, and a fitting warm up for Baba.  Eventually he planned on hopping over the Borg mine and main base and work on the level 175+ Borgs in the dunes north of the Helipad.

His experience bar was gradually moving towards the top the farther up the road he progressed.  Just before he reached the area labeled ‘town’ on the map, he stopped to rebuff and then recharge his nano.

Taking a break from kiting, to watch an Alien raiding a player city nearby.

Taking a break from kiting, to watch an Alien raiding a player city nearby.

As he was sitting there, he spotted an Alien ship raiding a player city off to the south east.   By the time Baba had worked his way to the ‘town’, he was very close to getting a level.  There is now a Tower field just west of the town, which eliminates pulling Borg to that area for kiting.

Baba first proceeded around the outer perimeter of the base and pick off the Borg he found there.  He started making careful forays into the town, to pull single Borg out.  When he approached the center portion, he spotted a high level 200 Dyna, General Chira Sulanol, unmistakable in her shiny greenish aura.  Baba took note of her position, and retreated to the back side of the base, where he picked off the remaining Borg that were outside of the Base.

General Sulanol where she made short work of Baba in PW

General Sulanol where she made short work of Baba in PW

He was getting so close to leveling that he was starting to think about his return trip from this expedition, when things took a wrong turn.  He tried to stay around the North side of the base because General Sulanol had been spotted on the South central portion.

After pulling several Borg from the North West corner of the Base, he squeezed through an alley between two buildings to try and taunt a few Borg he could see in the North central part of the base.  They came running soon, but they were trailed by General Sulanol.  He guesses that the General had a habit of waking around the base more than the typical high ranking officers.  Baba did a 180 and ran a fast as he could, but her level 200 skills enabled her to up the distance quickly and she sent him back to reclaim in a few seconds.  Baba is not sure if this is a new Dyna, or if it had been trained from a spot located due east of the town on the other side of some hills. Several maps show a 200 level mob located there.

After rezzing to at the Newland City reclaim, (the one on the hill overlooking the city), he was a bit discouraged, but he also knew that when he returns to kite the Borgs his experience pool will speed up the leveling.  He was feeling good about his Borg Kiting skills, had he not gotten too close to Sulanol, he took hardly any damage while kiting this evening.

His many backpacks were mostly full, so he took some time to sort them out.  He had gained almost a half bag of various Miy’s armor, which he is sure Babaente and Tireen will thank him for eventually. After sorting out the Miy’s, the monster parts, 125+ implants and clusters, and interesting items, he handed off 8 bags to Babaente, our Nanotechnician, who in turn transferred the bags to Tireen, Baba’s trader alt.

Tireen took the bags to the Trader terminal in Newland City and was turning in the shop food there, when a fellow Trader, Sypherdias (level 93 male Omni Trader, member Good Old Days) took note of Tireen’s Solar Powered Backpack.  The trader offered Tireen a bag of 60 of the experience stims, which Tireen might sell for many credits.  Tireen had no idea what the going market rate was for these, and had no idea as to just how liquid such a resource might be.

The Solar Powered Backpack was a promotional gift handed out by NPCs during the 7th AO Anniversary weekend celebration.  It looks nifty, and works like a standard backpack in both capacity and function (it gives no buffs).  In the year or so since she acquired it from an NPC at the ICC Whompa center, she has perhaps seen one or two other players wearing one.  So while in a typical stroll down the streets of Borealis you will spot many copies of supposedly rare or hard to get back items, Tireen very rarely sees another Solar Powered Backpack.  Since traders as a profession seem to lack a trader specific back item, she feels her nifty backpack sets her apart.

It is the most unique possession Tireen has at the moment on Rubi-Ka.  She may not sport the best implants, armor or weapon, but she is proud to display her unusual backpack.   She ended up turning down the offer.  She knew how much she got out of wearing the unique backpack and she did not really want to use the experience stims to speed up leveling.  Beyond that, she did not savor trying to sell them.  Even though she is a trader, trying to hawk stuff on shopping chat channel is not her preferred way to pass the time.

So after she declined, and finished feeding shop food to the terminal, she traveled back to meet up with Babaente, to return Baba’s empty backpacks and his new credits (Baba’s 8 backpacks of mostly Borg loot, netted around 800,000 credits).

Solar Powered Backpack and the Refitted Backpack

Solar Powered Backpack and the Refitted Backpack

When she met up with Babaente, they posed for a picture framing both of their special backpacks.   Babaente’s backpack is the second type handed out by NPC’s during the 7th Anniversary celebration.  It is named a Refitted Backpack and it looks exactly like the Empowered Robust Backpack, which is one of the harder to get rare items since it must be made by combining two items which drop in Camelot Castle in Avalon.  The items are dropped by a mob called Administrator DeValos who spawns following the death of Tarasque. The two items are the Robust Backpack and an Infusion Device.  Combining the two items makes the Empowered Robust Backpack which provides 1000 in all ACs and +80 in all damage to the wearer.

Double Flags of Righteousness at Dawn

15 06 2009
Goodbye to Rhinoman Cockpit Oasis, click for larger version

Goodbye to Rhinoman Cockpit Oasis, click for larger version

As Babaente and Tireen, ascended in their shiny silver Yalmahas into the clear blue Rubi-Ka sky and the Rhinoman cockpit oasis recedes from view below, they shared a warm feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment.

They said their goodbyes to this mission location, a lonely desert setting on the fringe of the Newland Desert, just past a huge ridge wall and an acid river.  They probably would not be returning to this place again now that they both had completed their quests for their 250 token boards.

They had chosen to limit their token board missions to Newland Desert so as to limit travel time and take advantage of Newland City’s neutral status, although out in the desert Tireen has to keep a wide distance from any Watchers and other clan sided guards.

Babaente gets her Dawn token board, click for larger view

Babaente gets her Dawn token board, click for larger view

One really nice feature is that when one first gets the new token board, epaulets appear over the toon’s  shoulders showing the symbol for that particular board.  It would be awesome if the epaulets stayed visible for a few days so one could walk around Rubi-Ka cities to show off. Unfortunately, they vanish as soon as your toon zones.

Babaente was awarded her “Dawn” token board, in the middle, not the end of a mission.  How?  She got her 250th token as a Clan Bravery Award when looting a mission mob.  View the larger version of the picture to see that the mini-map shows an uncompleted level.  This is something to keep in mind when running team missions for token boards.  Looting of mobs needs to be rotated or some agreement needs to be made about how the bravery awards are taken.  If an omni player loots the mob, it will be an Omni award and if a clan player loots, then it appears as a Clan award.

Tireen nets her Double Flags of Righteousness token board, click for larger view.

Tireen nets her Double Flags of Righteousness token board, click for larger view.

Since Babaente and Tireen have been teaming as a result of ‘dual-boxing’, it was too much trouble to try and switch back and forth on looting, and normally we have Babaente do all the looting.  As a result she got her 250th token about 2 missions before Tireen.

When Tireen finally collected token number 250, she got a much more impressive token board title “Double Flags of Righteousness.”  Besides the mind-numbing grind that missions can become, this stint has been somewhat profitable for them. Since they had been pulling missions in the 55-60 range, they had come across 2 Grid Armor Mark I instruction disks, fairly valuable finds for title 3 toons.

The 250 token board is the highest level board title 3 froobs can hold.  It gives substantial buffs to the holder.  Here is the breakdown:

Max Health      +500
Max Nano        +500
Add all Off.    25
Add all Def.    35
% Add Exp.      6
Add Damage      10 (Proj., Melee, Energy, Chem., Rad., Cold, Fire, Poison)

It’s hard to think of any loot items that title 3 toons have a reasonable chance of acquiring that offer comparable  or better benefits.

Here is a quick cheat sheet outlining title levels, and token boards:

Title        Levels          Token Boards
1            1-14            10 tokens
2            15-49           30 and 60 tokens
3            50-99           120 and 250 tokens
4            100-149         400 and 1000 tokens
5            150-189
6            190-200
7            205-220

One minor gotcha, is that token boards are for sided players only. Neutrals have no token boards other than Cyborg token boards that are dropped by mid level Cyborgs.  For title 5 and above, there are additional token boards, but the requirements for each are very specific and different quests.

Our pair are now itching to get out in the open, and for Babaente to get back into practice kiting.  Because the levels can fly by pretty fast while NT kiting, our pair need to make sure they stop some time in this short run to title 5 (level 100) that they again run a like number of team missions AGAIN in order to pick up the next token board, which requires 400 tokens. They also will need to make sure they get through Biomare/Foreman’s dungeon as it is level locked to 100 and below.

Mort Crater, the circle track of DOOM, click for larger view

Mort Crater, the circle track of DOOM, click for larger view

Babaoroody was prodded by Babaente, out of his title 4 rut, to make 3 passes through the Sentinels base small building with Babaente tagging along.  They are looking for a Ring of Haste to drop from an level 115-ish Entwined soldier, but this week end they cleaned out the static dungeon 3 times, but came up dry in regards to a Ring of Haste.  The ring is a no drop item, but it adds +100 run speed, so it definitely would be a bonus for Babaente when kiting.

It was fun lumbering around and popping Challenger and Mongo nanos when any of the Sentinels mobs put up a decent fight.  Pumped up with the increased size of a Challenger nano, adjusting the camera became a bit of a problem in the tight quarters of a mission setting.  In third person view, the only way to see a fallen mob is to have Baba sit.

It brings us to Baba and why aren’t we leveling him?  After getting past the midway point of title 5, the options seem to have narrowed significantly.  It’s either team missions or PW Borg pickup teams.  While solo kiting PW Borgs is still an option, the experience is slow glowing when you have to kite and kill them one at a time.

We have nothing but admiration and wonder for froobs who have made it all the way to 200, and a ton more if they are ‘pure’ froobs.

Babaente and Tireen are really excited about getting out in the wild again for some fast kite leveling, but first, they will be sorting through and marketing thier loot from this last run of token missions.  Once that is done, they will be out scouting for a nice kiting area suitable for a 71 level NT.

Push and Pull; Kiting PW Borgs

6 06 2009
Greetings from Baba, click for larger view of his mug

Greetings from Baba, click for larger view of his mug

Babaoroody was doing his aerobic routine with some ancient pre-nano musical artifacts as someone called “Rufus Thomas” sang about the “Push and Pull”.  His routine had been fairly unchanged for decades, the last major change instigated by the time they pieced him back together after getting torn up pretty bad by some high level Claws on a day the reclaim service was down.  The Med Vac team had rushed him to one of the best micro surgery theatres on Rubi-Ka, but this was back in the days before insta-grow nu-bone, when they had to use medieval kludges like steel rods, plates and screws.  After that, he had to drop the drop-splits from his routine, and just replaced them with more running in place.

He had just passed the point where the splits had been, always a reminder of that ordeal, when he noticed some activity on his guild chat channel.  It was Heschol, a general in his org “Angels of the Night” with an  invite for PW Borgs.  Although Baba was still pretty rusty, this would be only his second outing since his recent absence, asking an Enforcer to pass up a Borg team can only have one outcome.  He flew his Yalm from his apartment in Newland City, out to the grid entrance next to the city and then took the Mort Sentinels exit from the grid.  From there he had to fly over half of Mort and most of Perpetual Wastelands to get to the Northwest Borg base.  It must be nice to have access to the Fixer Grid and be able to get to PW minus the long slow flight he thought as he watched familiar PW geography pass by below. When Baba arrived the team was  waiting at the Helipad. Baba said hello to the team:

  • Aoephreek  131 Nanomage male NT, clan
  • Babaoroody 131 Atrox Male Enforcer, clan AOTN
  • Habanerina 166 Solitus Female Agent, clan, AOTN
  • Heschol 131 Solitus Male Soldier clan
  • Thermospy 131 Opifex Male Agent
Tireen inspects Newland Guards all trained up 06-05-09, click for larger view.

The previous evening Tireen inspects Newland Guards all trained up 06-05-09, click for larger view.

Thermospy was in a kiting mood and obliged the rest of the team by False Profession-ing as an NT and doing most of the heavy lifting.  He was so skilled he easily had rounded just about all of a full spawn of the dunes area north of the Helipad and they were soon looking for more Borgs.  They found a few stragglers the small base just north of the dunes, and then they headed to the south entrance of the Borg mines, where the NT proceeded to pull pretty good sized kites out of the mine site and finishing them off, often all at once.  They then moved north and while the Agent/NT Thermospy cleared out the Borgs between the mine and the Helipad base.

The NT went ahead, but after he did not come bounding back with Borgs in tow, the team heading into the base in the hopes of catching up with the NT who was probably out on the Helipad by now, pulling Borgs from the Dunes.

This assumption was wrong.  The NT got hung up in the notorious south gate of the Helipad base, and had gotten sent to reclaim as he struggled with the entry.  When Baba got to the gate, he too was delayed, but just enough so that when he did manage to try and pass through the base, he ran into bunches of Borgs near the north entrance.  By the time he reached the helipad he had 5-6 Borg chasing him.

Meanwhile another NT kiting team had showed up and was busy working the Helipad with Borgs from the Dunes.  Before Baba could get things sorted out as to where his team mates were, and who was aggro-wing which Borgs, he got wiped by several stray Borgs.  Baba met up with the also reclaimed Thermospy at OA grid where Baba got his first taste of the Fixer grid.  When Thermo asked if he was ready to grid, Baba said OK, not wanting to admit he had no idea what to do next.  After a minute or so of inaction on Baba’s part.  The Team patiently explained to our challenged brute the simple process of watching for the data receptacle to show up in his inventory and then selecting it and dropping it on the Grid Terminal.

Data Recepticle, pick it up from inventory, place on grid terminal, and shazamm!

Data Recepticle

Baba can be a bit slow, especially if he has not had done any homework research on a topic.  Even after they explained it patiently he, was having trouble until, his little Atrox brain realized he was supposed to be looking for the data receptacle in his inventory, not his NCU list.  There was some side chatter going on in the team channel about the NCU list, and Baba misinterpreted some of those comments to be related to trying to get into F-grid.

The Fixer Grid, the first time is spooky.

The Fixer Grid, the first time is spooky.

Once inside the Fgrid, Baba was quite dis-oriented at first.  It looks somewhat like the regular grid, except more exotic.  There is one entrance elevator in the middle on the the ground floor.  Each level is circular and has two up/down elevators each.  The exits are arranged around the periphery of the levels.  It took Baba a few moments to get a handle on the situation, find and navigate to one of 3 Perpetual Wasteland grid exits.  After materializing from that he found himself standing somewhere near the far north border of the zone, so he popped into his Yalm and started heading south.

Before long he was back with the team, who were now just south of the Borg mines. After the NT cleared out the mine area they proceeded to the area between the mine and the next base.  This was about the time that Lyanka joined the team.  Some one pulled a group of 3 or 4 Borg out near the group and it turned into a major fur-ball type conflict.  Baba was still pretty rusty, this being his 2nd outing in more than 4 months, so he was trying to play conservatively, but conservative is really not a term used much by Enforcers.

Teams just keep getting better the higher you level. By Title 4 team mates can soup up their team with a wide collection of buffing nanos.  Tonight Baba was lucky to have Dr. Hack N Quack, Grid-space Freedom, an NT nano HOT, and a couple of other buffs he forgot to make note of at the time.  This resulted in him having really amazing run speed for an Enforcer.  He was having difficulties adjusting to the massive run speed buff.  He found he was outrunning the Borgs too quickly, and he did not have the moves down on how to effectively use this speed in kiting Borgs, but he was doing the best he could and was starting to get a handle on it.

He was trying to hold down the forward button while quickly tapping the right key to run a tight circle around 3-4 Borgs.  For some reason, he failed to hit the forward key and was suddenly spinning in place, before he could correct his mistake. 4 Borgs shot him almost simultaneously, and there could be no doubt that 4 900 plus dips in the health bar are an express ticket back to reclaim.

Some of the team had to call it a day, and a few decided to go to  Shadow Lands.  This was fine with Baba, since it was getting later into the afternoon, and he did need to take some time away from Rubi-Ka to take care of some RL business.  Despite getting himself sent to reclaim like a total noob, Baba did get to see an awesome fireworks display by  the team’s Agent/NT and he picked up a few nice Miy’s armor drops.  He took some notes on the NT kiting technique on Borgs which he plans to pass on to his friend Babaente, a now title 3 NT.

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Baba Heads Out to Sentinels

1 06 2009
Baba waves HI from Newland City

Baba waves HI from Newland City

Babaoroody, a level 131 froob enforcer, sat in his apartment with his eyes closed listening to the synthetic sea shore audio that always soothed him. Yes, it was definitely time to shake up these old and many times fractured bones and get them back into action. Somethings in RL had required his absence from Rubi-Ka, and he knew all to well how much he had probably forgotten. The cool down times for all his nanos, the best moves and combos in combat would all come back, but he really did not want to embarrass himself in front of others while re-learning them so he was trying to think of an appropriate venue to take this outing.

There was a time when his reflexes placed him as a serious contender, and his strength and stamina were solid. Years of battles, small and large, quick and fast or drawn out endurance marathons had taken their toll. There was not one part of his body that did not display the curious scar designs left there by fate and his many foes, most of which were deceased, and a few who still lived, but now carried signs of Baba’s work on their bodies. The battlefield favors the young. What does the Enforcer do when they leave youth behind? There is always treachery and experience that can be leveraged to defeat the young and fast.

When the steel apartment door slammed shut behind him, he let his musings fade out and he concentrated on navigating his 6 foot plus hulk in the direction of the grid entrance just outside of Newland City. He exited the city through the west gate and noted there were seven or eight guards on duty, twice the normal number. As he passed the shiny upscale flyer lot on the lake to his right and the Battle Station terminal on his left, he took in the group of 16 or so toons waiting to take part in BS. (Battle Station).

Sentinels (click for larger view)

Sentinels (click for larger view)

He made his way in the grid to the Sentinels exit and found himself suddenly deafened by one of those howling dust storms Mort is know for. Through the dust he could just make out 3 buildings, graduated in size much like the items in the house of the 3 little bears.

For those with out Grid access yet, Sentinels is in the Mort region and can be found just down the hill a bit from the outpost that sits near the northeast rim of the largest Mort crater.

Baba started with the smallest brown building. Inside it is laid out like a typical brown interior mission and featured level 115ish Rhinomen, Medusas, Entwined soldiers, and Bileswarms.

The second Entwined soldier he came across dropped a +100 run-speed Ring of Haste. Baba could not pick it up because he was already wearing one he had gotten off a Medusa months ago. Babaente, Baba’s NT alt would love to have one, so she hopped in her yalm and tried to make it there from Newland City before the corpse faded.

Ring of Haste, +100 run speed, NODROP

Ring of Haste, +100 run speed, NODROP

She might have made it, via the grid, but when she got to the Sentinels exit, it would not accept her. She had forgotten that the Sentinels grid exit has one of the highest computer literacy requirements on the planet of 461. She tried to fly from Meetemedere to Sentinels, but she was only half way there when Baba reported that the soldier had vanished. Even though she was disappointed, she now knew where to go to try and find her own Ring of Haste once she can handle level 115 mobs.

Baba finished clearing out the first building and proceeded to the next, which was the middle sized building. It held 140ish Aquans, Grunts, Human NPC’s and Penpods. By now Baba was pretty much re-acquainted with his hot bar layout and combos, so he had not trouble with any of these mobs.

After clearing the middle sized building out, Baba entered the final and tallest building houses which housed 150ish Cyborgs and Humans.

Baba at Sentinels (click for larger version)

Baba at Sentinels (click for larger version)

These mobs definitely meant business and Baba had to start using his Challenger and Mongo nanos to finish these mobs off. By the time he was finished he had accomplished what he had set off to do when he had marched out of his Apartment back in Newland City, and that was to re-familiarize himself with all his old moves and nanos. He came away with roughly 2 bags of loot plus change. The loot included several Miy’s armor pieces. He was also glad he had found a location for Babaente and future alts to look for the very useful Ring of Haste.

Doublesun Token Board, last of the token only boards.

Doublesun Token Board, last of the token only boards.

On the trip back to Newland City, he thought about what to do next. He checked his token bar and realized he had forgotten that he had already filled it to the Double Sun level. While there are several levels left to go, these are special levels that require completing high level quests or raids, rather than merely collecting tokens.’s page on token boards lists the higher boards and each boards page gives information on what is required to obtain them.

As he entered his Newland Apartment he thought about perhaps making his next outing to Perpetual Wastelands Borgs.

Sentinels not Omni friendly

16 08 2008
Unleashing his mug with the help of the new social tab options.

Unleashing his mug with the help of the new social tab options.

It looks like Baba needs to move on to find a location populated with Borgs of a higher level. Ever since Baba passed level 120, (he was hit 126 on his trip to Mort this past Thursday) he has noticed the experience points earned is starting to slip downward and the loot is getting worse. The first he is certain about, the loot part he is not so sure.

It seems like when he was killing Borg there when he was between levels 90 and 120, Miy’s armor droped on practically every other drop. In the last two nights, after filling 10 bags with loot, only 2 Miy’s pieces were seen. Baba has not heard of this before. His readings have indicated that loot drops are strictly derived from a table of loot and probabilities for each mob. He had never read of the players level entering in to the equation. Either he has missed something previously in his research, the game has been changed, or his conclusion is mistaken.

When Baba had reached filling his leveling experience bar to about 50%, and had 5 full bags of loot, he made a quick trip back to Newland to swap loot with his alt trader Tireen and resupply his med kits. Baba assumed that Tireen would be ablet to buy the advanced health kits at a lower cost than him, even from Newland terminals, but on a hunch he decided to check. The price to Baba in Newland for an advanced health kit that night was 17k. The price for Tireen was 20k. Tireen ran back to Omni trade via the ICC whompa in Newland and found her price there to be 19k. It must be that because Baba’s computer literacy is quite healthy after getting the Double Sun token board boost that it outweights the low level trader advantage. One less reason to use Tireen to buy things at this point.

Sentinels and clanners get along just fine.  Omni need to give them a wide berth.

Sentinels and clanners get along just fine. Neutrals and Omni need to give them a wide berth.

At one point Baba had just finished off a Borg close to the Sentinal guards near the downramp that leads to thier outpost in the center of the crater when a level 90 Omni MP with several pets ran up out of nowhere and asked Baba to team. Baba thought why not, and they took off around the rim counter clockwise. It’s been so long since Baba has teamed at all and especially at Mort, he totally forgot about checking to see if any teammates are omni since the Sentinels will attacke Omni on sight. Perhaps the MP was new to Sentinels and was unaware of this or just how deadly these guards are for as they started to pass the ramp and the Sentinals, the MP did not change course to the far side of the rim. Before Baba could do anything, two Sentinels were attacking the MP. Baba actually had not been closely watching and does not know if the MP attacked them first or if they just got to close to one of the Sentinels.

Baba was at a loss as to what to do next. He was not about to attack the Sentinels. There was no way the two of them stood a chance against two Sentinels. The MP tried ineffectively to mezz or calm either Sentinel by herselft or with her pets, and the Sentinels made short work of her. She removed herself just as quickly from the team, leaving Baba to wonder about what had just transpired. Was he to blame for not taking the time to run a wide path around the Sentinels? Should he have tried to save the MP, even if it was impossible? If he had been teaming with an omni and come accrose omni guards, would he expect the teammate to follow him in attacking the guards?

Perhaps it is a sign to Baba that it is time to move on to better hunting grounds. According to others, the northeast corner of Perpetual Wastelands should be he next stop for Borg hunting. The Borg there are a bit higher in level than the Mort Borgs. Baba has been there a couple of times before in teams, so he is familiar with the area. So PW is Baba’s next stop.

Got Borg?

10 08 2008
Lightning and Sandstorms, perfect Mort Borg weather! Click for larger view.

Lightning and Sandstorms, perfect Mort Borg weather! Click for larger view.

On his first outing since equipping his 1k ‘Double Sun’ token board, Baba chose to return to one of his old stomping grounds, Mort, where the Borg are. Baba used this occasion to inaugurate his use of the Sentinels grid exit. With the extra +210 computer literacy from the board, he is now able to get to the third floor of the grid and use most of the terminals there. Once at the small outpost that is Sentinels, it was time to make a quick save to an insurance terminal, even though he has practically no experience due to leveling before logging off the previous night. He ran the short distance over to the Mort crater and said hello to a few of the Sentinel guards, before buffing up. He then started counter clockwise around the crater. He met a steady string of single Borg until he reached the Borg outpost at the southern portion of the crater. There 8 or more Borg bunched up close together there, so Baba did not feel confident yet enough to risk pulling the whole lot, so he hopped back into his Yalm, flew a short hop over the outpost and dropped down to running on foot on the other side to continue around the crater. By the time he made it around to the northern part of the crater rim, the 90k to 150k per Borg experience points had brought him very close to leveling.

Baba was perhaps was feeling over confident at this point, when he came upon a group of 5 Borg fairly close together. He waited for a minute or two, until it appeared that one had ventured closer to him and away from the others. Baba went ahead and used his 30m range taunt, but the one Borg was still close enough to the others to call them join in. Baba has survived such encounters before, even if it meant losing quite a good deal of health. When he switched from mouse control to keyboard at one point, something unfortunate caused him to start spinning. Nothing seemed to work to snap him out of it. While the keyboard was responsive, the mouse was not, and nothing could be done to stop the spinning.

Spinning in place, is definitely NOT a Borg survival technique, and Baba got a fast but instructive review of just how hard Borg hit, and how few Borg hits it takes to wipe out all of Baba’s health.

Baba has been caught by this technical glitch a few times in the past. It seems to require some very odd sequence of unlikely events to occur in the just the right permutation. We suspect the cause may have been an optical mouse, but so far we have not been able to recreate the problem for diagnostic purposes.

Thanks to his wise decision to do a terminal save at Sentinels, Baba rezzed back there, and used the now briefer rez sickness period to enter the shops and review the various requirements for the higher levels of health kits and first aid kits. Ever since hitting level 110 or so, Baba has started to find very high QL level advanced health and nano kits as mob and chest loot, such that he rarely has to buy any. He has built up quite a stash of such kits that are of such high level that he can not equip them yet.

When he was at lower levels, say 50 to 100, he used to buy these kits in large quantities, because they rarely came up as loot, and it was insurance against running out of them when on a team or far from shops. He is finding now, that with his growing stash of high quality kits, he only needs to buy one or two, at any one time, since with luck, he will loot something he can equip fairly soon.

While in the store, Baba used the surgery clinic to bring his health and nano back up to 100% before leaving when the rez sickness passed. After a quick run back to the crater rim, he was back in business, picking of single Borg. This time with a large experience pool to draw from, each kill gave him 60-140K plus another 20k or so from the pool.

Baba got into a rhythm of running along until he found a good single Borg to aggro, and then taking it out, and soon he was close to leveling again. He aggro-ed one Borg which he thought was alone, but it turns out there were several behind a small rise in the ground that also came running with him. Now Baba realized that the +200 runspeed from the 1k board was still not enough to safely outdistance Borgs. It was still not enough to at least put enough distance between them so that Baba could stop long enough to cast a nano. Which illustrates Baba’s problem soloing Borgs. It is difficult to cast many of his nanos while running. While he special attacks all seem to work fine, if he tries to cast a Mongo, or Challenger or rage, it will not take if he is running. The problem of course is that if he stops long enough to successfully cast one of these nanos, the Borg will catch him and land one and perhaps two hits before Baba can get back into running mode. If your health is down to 10%, one or two Borg hits is all it takes to send you back to reclaim.

Sitting back at reclaim in Sentinels for the second time that evening, Baba fumed a bit at himself for not doing proper recon on that last encounter. Saving a few extra seconds doing recon, had cost him another half hour at least of recovering the experience lost.

After his mind cleared a bit, and his temper cooled, and his health returned, Baba scampered back to the crater rim to resume his counter clockwise hunting route.

On this circuit he came across several rim sitters. Rim sitters are Borg who have been pulled away from their normal spots on the rim, and have gotten stuck down at the base of either the outside or the inside of the crater. While it takes an extra effort to find them and get to them, it is worth it, as they are usually alone. Baba spotted his first this evening thanks to his mini-map. He always uses it when hunting Borg at Mort crater. In addition to doing recon as to the number of Borg in the vicinity, it also shows Borg that may be out of sight, behind the crater wall for instance.

This one was just a little ways past the northern point of the rim on the inside. There were several giant slug things nearby, but Baba was able to use his 30 meter taunt to bring the Borg to him, forcing it to do all the hard work, running up the crater wall.

Ring around the Mort sign, helpful Borg kiting aid.

Ring around the Mort sign, helpful Borg kiting aid.

The next time around the crater, when Baba approached the ramp leading down to the Sentinel outpost in the crater, he spotted a lone Borg. Baba had been using the plentiful warning signs as kiting aides tonight. By kiting a Borg around one of these signs, the sign provides enough of a pathing distraction, that the Borg shoots even less, probably because much of the time the sign is blocking their shot, but not Baba’s Panther strikes. This time, Baba kited the Borg to one of the signs that is right in the middle of the down ramp, next to a street light and a Sentinel Guard. The guard must have been feeling easily irritated that evening because before Baba knew it, the Sentinel Guard unloaded his weapon on the poor Borg, and stole Baba’s kill!

At first Baba thought he had angered the Sentinel and it was shooting at Baba, but Baba’s health did not go down, and when the Borg died, Baba got 0 experience. Baba had one more surprise during that evening’s hunt. He had just flew over the southern point camp and de-Yalmed, when he engaged lone Borg major. During the entire evening, with the exception of the few times when he got wiped, Baba rarely got hit by the lone Borg he was kiting. This meant he hardly used any health kits for the night. This one particular Borg had gotten in a lucky crit and knocked Baba’s health down to 50% before Baba sent it packing.

The Borg dropped an interesting weapon, a type of knife which Baba had never seen before. Baba was inspecting it and not paying attention to his surroundings, when a new Borg spawned just a few feet away and immediately attacked Baba. This was the first time Baba has actually seen a Borg spawn on the Mort rim proper. He has seen them spawn in the southern camp, when teaming and farming that spot, but never out on the crater rim.

After a few more circuits, which included usually flying over the camp at the southern rim, Baba was able to level again to 122 and fill his 5 loot backpacks.

He headed back to the Sentinels grid to take him back to Newland City where he sat down in one of the shops to sort through his finds.

Miy's sorting, the relaxing and rewarding end of a Borg hunt.

Miy's sorting, the relaxing and rewarding end of a Borg hunt.

Baba loves hunting, kiting, and looting Borg. He had collected so much new Miy’s armor this trip, it was time to re-organize his banked Miy’s collection. After 20 minutes he had 4 Miy’s bags, sorted by quality level. The best part being that one of those full bags is all QL 120 to 200 Miy’s armor, giving Baba several nice pieces to ‘grow’ into as he levels and his skills increase. He sighed when he remembered that he had come across a Cyborg token board, but could not pick it up because he already had one in the bank.