Who are Babaoroody, Babaente and Tireen?

This is a continuation of the adventures of Baboaroody (and his alts) making his way in the world of Anarchy Online, a free and/or paid Massively Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Game. His previous exploits starting at the Temple of the Three Winds can be found in Babaoroody’s Tempel of the Three Winds Journal.

Baba is the first character on this world to be played by the author, Jon Jonz, so this is the story of learning and progression hopefully. Comments and suggestions are welcome.  Jon Jonz comes from a long career in Information Science and Information Technology.  He has years of experience setting and meeting goals and objectives, project scheduling, and meeting deadlines.  For Jon Jonz, a major attraction of Anarchy Online’s Rubi-Ka is the freedom from committments, schedules, objectives, and deadlines.

Babaoroody, in his high resolution, slideshow setting

Babaoroody, in his high resolution, slideshow setting

Babaoroody is our first Anarchy Online character.  He faces Rubi-Ka with all the privileges and limitations that come with a froob account.  He is your typical atrox enforcer, nothing more fancy than a mongo here or a Library of Foul Language taunt there, and of course the endless swing of his two handed axe.  Most of the time combat involves simply running right up to the mob, planting both feet and slugging away.  His specialty is Borgs and other ranged mobs that have to be stationary to fire.  These unfortunates get the Enforcer kite treatment where Baba leads them in running circles while slicing them to ribbons.   Despite the fact he enjoys massively more health and strength, as well as heavy tank armor, with hardly any self healing capacity, he is limited in what he can solo.  His best role is in providing meat-shield services in a team.  His build and nature allow him to have the margins to allow him to absorb punishment for the team, while the team contributes damage to the mob and replenish his health with stims, and nanos. Baba is currently  at title level 4.

Baba can be painfully shy sometimes, which unfortunately may cause others to think he is aloof and narcisisstic which is not his intention.  In a social MMORPG, this can be a major drag on advancement, so he is working on his social skills as best he can.

Tireen hugs her Vektor Shotgun

Tireen hugs her Vektor Shotgun

Tireen is Baba’s first alt.  A trader, she was started to trade Baba’s loot to omni shop terminals, thereby taking advantage of the traders additional margin.  When leveling her up to 25 to be able to use the special trader shop terminals, the trader tool set and the massive crits from her Vektor shotgun were addicting.  The Vektor provides an imposing visual presence, and with the help of 5% crit chance, it packs massive crits fairly often.

She is also proving a valuable asset due to her wrangles, helping  Babaente to equip various items with the help of more skill points.  Tireen is the lowest in levels, and probably the squishy-est.  Leveling on her own is painfully slow but possible.

It really pays to have her around though as she can not only sell things for a better price, but she can shop in the Omni Trade shops, which seem to be the most well stocked stores on the planet. In a team, she provides buffs and deals significant damage to speed up the death of mobs.

If it is for sale via shops, then Tireen can most likely find it and get it.  This comes in handy when shopping for implants and clusters.  She is on the same account as Baba, so she will never be able to meet up with him to team, trade buffs, etc.

Babaente in her basic black look.

Babaente in her basic black look.

Babaente is a Nano Technician. Ever since an Angels of the Night guild mate Renfred, took Baba along to a snake kiting session in a far off corner of Belial Forest, Nano Technicians have been Baba’s most envied profession. Large explosions, with glorious flames and expanding shockwaves, what’s not to like about that.

Even without having to resort to kiting, NTs, can dish out some serious damage.  In a team Babaente has to hang back while pouring hurt on the mob, providing nano to the whole team, and some minor healing in a pinch.  She can level faster than Baba, due to her area of effect nukes and kiting.

While Baba can kite Borgs that are much higher in level than him, he can only hit them one at a time.  Thanks to her AOE nukes, when Babaente kites, she drops all of the mobs in the kite at about the same time.  She teams with Tireen now, so Tireen can benefit from the fast leveling.  They also run team missions together.  She is on a separate Anarchy Online froob account, so she can meet up with Baba any time.


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excellent blog 🙂

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