Baba’s Back!

31 05 2009

Baba is BACK! ! !  Babaoroody, along with Babaente and Tireen are roaming the wide expanses of Ruby-Ka again after a several months absence.

Babaente celebrates Grid Armor Drop! (click to view larger version)

Babaente celebrates Grid Armor Drop! (click to view larger version)

Babaente and Tireen, our NT and trader had just started the 3rd level of a QL 52 mission when Babaente stopped to open one of those nondescript looking brown box square in the main hallway of a mine type location. She was fully expecting to see yet another mostly useless bit of shop food pop up as is the case so often.

She had to read the description several times, and look closely at the item before The reality sunk in that she had just found a QL 60 Summon Grid Armor Instruction Disk! Fists pumping, she broke out in her Pulp Fiction dance to celebrate, while took a screen cap to document the find. The reality several days later, has still not fully sunk in, both of how much this item is worth, but in the alternatives it opens up.

It was such a total surprise to Baba and Tireen as well. Our collected wisdom on finding Grid Armor had led us to think that any chances we had would most likely be after leveling up some more to where our pair could pull level 56-58 level missions in order for the Boss to have a possibility of dropping the QL 60 Grid Armor item.

Even though Babaente and Tireen have reached level 68 at this point, they have been pulling level 52 missions mainly because Babaente is a not really a tank, but must function as one, when our pair do missions together.

When they returned for action in Rubi-Ka in early May, we had to generally relearn all our hotkey setups and we had to get re-acquainted with our pairs nanos. A good week or two was spent reviewing these things. They spent a couple of evenings just trying out thier various nanos on low level mobs just outside of Newland City.

One of the first things this pair did was to decide on a short term goal. They decided to work on running missions in order to acquire thier 250 token boards mainly for the major buffs they supply. Buffs like this are hard to come by for Froobs like our toons.

Babaente and Tireen on top of the flat top ridge in North East Newland Dessert

Babaente and Tireen on top of the flat top ridge in North East Newland Dessert

After a few weeks in May, their token counts are both in the 180s but they are starting to get tired of the repetitiveness and have been thinking of moving on to Biomare aka Foreman’s dungeon. They would like to go now, but they are just too squishy now. Hopefully, once they get the level 90 to 100 range, they will be tough enough to go there as pair and at least farm some well paying Foreman’s loot.

Keeping in mind that they are part time Froobs they wanted to minimize mission related travel to get the most out of thier 12-15 hours a week on the planet. Newland City is still working out to be the best ‘home’ location for them. It saves at least 50% of mission travel time thanks to the fact that it is one of the locations that player citys found in every region of the planet all have Whompas straight back to Newland City.

Since Babaente is clan and Tireen is omni, they are mostly limited to taking missions in neutral territories. Again, Newland City fits the bill here as it is neutral. We tasked our pair with sampling the mission terminals in Newland City to see if there is any discernible difference there. Tireen pulled 10 team missions from each team terminal in Newland City. The locations of the terminals were:

  • Terminal next to Reynolds Building, across the lane from Bronto Burger.
  • Terminal next to the Miir Shop.
  • Terminal next to the North City Gate.
  • Terminal close to the West Gate.

In addition they also recorded the mission types given. After some experimentation our pair choose the following mission terminal slider settings:


(Where L=full left, R80=Right 80%, M=middle and so on)

This consistently gave the same mix of mission types at all 4 team terminals of: 3 Find Person, 1 Return Item, and 1 Kill Person type missions for each pull. This is said to be the most effective setting to yield the most possible loot since you usually keep the find item which is in addition to all of the usual mission loot.

This setting also results in the mission mobs being non-human and as a result, there are no nano-casting mobs. It also increases probable revenue per mission because non-human mobs often drop monster parts which can be trade skilled into blood plasma which in the quality level of 50 to 60 may yield 5 to 7 thousand credits each. One pack of plasma at these levels easily yields as many credits as 7 or more back packs of the usual mission loot.

Baba, Babaente and Tireen all prefer Find Item and Fix Item type missions over Find person, Return Item, and Kill Person type missions. The Return Item missions take longer to complete since they require a trip back to your mission pulling spot. This can really add up the extra travel if you tried to pull a number of missions in the same general location so you can basically just go from mission door to mission door.

The Find Person and Kill Person missions can be problematic and difficult to finish mainly due to the fact that often the mission target person, may be place where they cannot be avoided in order for you to reach other parts of the mission or to kill mission mobs located past where the target is. Many times the mission target person will aggro your team and then you may be forced to kill them and there by forfeit your chances of getting the mission token reward. Since you have to target them to kill them, the act of targeting them, completes the mission.

The results about mission type seemed to be very consistent regardless of terminal used. The locations of missions, however seemed to vary greatly between terminals. Since our team is mixed we were primarily interested in find which terminal, if any gives out the most missions to the close by neutral play fields of Newland City, Newland Dessert, and Varmint Woods.

Here are the location results:

  • North Gate Terminal – 60% Varmint Woods, 10% Newland city/dessert
  • Miir Shop Terminal – 21% Varmint Woods, 32% Newland city/dessert
  • Trader Shop Terminal – 30% Varmint Woods, 13% Newland city/dessert
  • Reynolds Building Terminal – 38% Varmint Woods, 21% Newland city/dessert

We are not showing the other play field breakdowns. For example, the North Gate terminal gave 70% (60+10) missions to neutral areas and only 30 % to various non-neutral or far away locations. The Trader shop terminal at the other end, only gives out 43% in neutral areas and 77% are in harder to reach and non-neutral areas.


Doubled up mission mobs

5 08 2008
Busy Newland City mission terms on Sunday

Busy Newland City mission terms on Sunday

The mission terminals near the whompas in Newland City were busy this past Sunday. Baba continues to use Newland as his base of operations, as the location continues to be the most convenient for travel to and from missions. For getting to missions, it offers both whompa and grid travel. For quick returns, practically any player city in any region, has a ‘Reets-are-Us’ whompa ready to whisk Baba back to Newland City.

After the string of ring of endurance and ring of essence drops, Baba had thought he had seen his share of mathematical unlikelihoods for a while on his continuing quest to complete his 1k token board via missions. Sunday Baba ran quite a few missions and brought his count up to 879 tokens, and his level to 118. The very first mission set the tone for the day.

Bileswarm greeting party

Bileswarm greeting party

Waiting to great him behind the first door of the first mission were two Bileswarms. The theme continued through out the day, with him coming across pairs of Borg, mantises, snakes, and wolves.

Just to balance things out a bit, fortune wise, he also found a pair of shrines in one room. While several of the day’s missions featured Borgs, Baba’s personal favorites, he also pulled one with his least favorite, Hellhounds. They seem to take a bigger chunk of his health than any other comparable level mob, so once it was clear they were the main mob type in this mission, Baba loaded up his Delayed Health payment hacked boosted graft. When soloing before he got this graft, a mission with hellhounds meant drastically drawing down his supply of health kits. This particular boosted graft allowed him to avoid that. The steady infusion of health meant was enough that he only had to use health kits occasionally during the rest of that mission.

White dot is mission objective, to get tokens, it must be killed LAST.

White dot is mission objective, to get tokens, it must be killed LAST.

Baba also had a pair of mission types that have convinced him to eliminate find person and kill person type missions from his mission rolling choices. The two missions in question were kill person missions, where the intended victim happened to be located in the center of a large room, ringed by small rooms with single mobs in each of the room. Fortunately the victim does move about, albeit slowly and not very often, around the larger room. It took Baba from 30 to 45 minutes to complete each room because of this. It required waiting in a side room until the victim moved to the far side of the large room, then sprinting from one side room to the very next, hoping to not be spotted. Using this method Baba was able to slowly make his war around the perimeter of the room and finish all the mobs, and then kill the victim in order to collect the needed tokens.

While it may mean taking a few more minutes rolling missions due to reducing the number of acceptable missions, Baba will try it to see if it works better than having to use a quarter of an hour just to take out 6 or seven mobs.