S.O.M. – Single file, Obscured, Monotony

20 11 2008
Think we can take it?

Think we can take it?

Babaoroody and Babaente set out for the Steps of Madness dungeon Wednesday afternoon after spending the last few days running practice missions together.  Babaoroody needed to re-arrange his hot bars a bit so they were more similar to those now standardized somewhat by Babaente and Tireen.  Standard hotkeys are things like stims, heals and nano rechargers and some really basic combat macros (only the officially sanctioned Anarchy Online type, using the macro command) like follow and assist.

As we have described it before, Steps of Madness, involves a very long, narrow, almost rail shooter exerience, with vaious types of lighting based obstructions, and numerous repetions of a handful of mob types.

Click for larger version.

SOM - Steps of Madness Entrance

With a map of the Steps printed out for reference they buffed up and entered the dungeon.  Things went pretty well for the 1st half of the dungeon and they got to the halfway mark where the Notum Habit’s little side cave is in about 20 minutes.  It was slow going as Babaoroody did most of the fighting and since Babaente has no calms or roots that are powerful enough to be useful here; Babaoroody had to fight every mob one by one.  To avoid having to use health kits, Babaoroody also took the time to recast his absorb shield after every few mobs.

I think they would have made it all the way, but greed did them in.  The other times Babaoroody has made it all the way to Neleb, he has basically fought his way in, without stopping in any of the side rooms like the Notum Habits.  Before setting out Babaoroody had reviewed a guide at Anarchy Online Universe that told of some nice Phatz that drop from the Notum Habit, specifically Dark Dreams (20 NCU with 1% root resistance).  Babaente could really use one.  The problem turned out to be that the mobs in this dungeon have a fairly short respawn time, something less than 10 minutes.  Just in the time it took to stop and fight the Notum Habit and then a minute or two for both of them to rebuff, the mobs in the passage outside of the Notum Habits lair, were starting to respawn just as Babaoroody and Babaente had started to enter the next room.  While Babaoroody was taunting and fighting the first few mobs in the next room, several spawned in the previous passage and since Babaente was standing in the open doorway, they attacked her.

We may have to fudge the size of this one in our report.

We may have to fudge the size of this one in our report.

It was their worst nightmare come true, as we have discussed before, our big old enforcer is limited in that he can only fight mobs one at a time, and while he has the health reservoir to survive the time it takes to fight them all off, Babaente does not, and before Babaoroody could swing fast enough to kill all of the attacking mobs, Babaente was sent back to reclaim.  Babaente, as an NT, is meant for kiting or support, not standing toe to toe with multiple mobs at once.  She can face single mobs her own level one on one, but not multiple mobs at once. They know now, that if they want to reach Neleb’s room in the future, they need to keep moving forward, even if it means not re-buffing for a while.  There is room at the end to re-buff before the final fight with Neleb and his closest cronies.


Happiness is a full tank

28 08 2008
Baba sports his new Albrecht Tank Armor

Baba sports his new Albrecht Tank Armor

Sometimes Rubi-Ka can be like one of those 80’s country tunes “one step forward and two steps back.” Baba set out Tuesday evening to accomplish a few tasks, nothing momentous, just needed. One task was to try re-arranging his hot bars. Another was to try and purchase a better back item.

He had been playing AFK tells for a week or so with a toon who had a Albrecht tank armor for sale in his thegms shop. Being a froob, this represents a considerable challenge, since froobs can not use the automated player vending machines, so to buy something, it has to be done face to face.

Sometimes it is difficult to connect, and some players do not keep their thegms shops up to date, so one is often chasing something that has already been sold. Lastly there is the human factor. People change their minds, or no longer feel it is worth their time to complete the transaction.

One would think that giving froobs access to the function of the automated player vending machines would improve the in game economy for everyone.

After a couple of weeks to trying to connect with the first Alby seller, who stopped responding to Baba’s tells, Baba took him off his buddy list and decided to look elsewhere. Rather than try thegms shop roulette again, Baba turned to Aofroobs.com and posted a WTB (want to buy) in the Rimor Requests Forums.

That evening, after logging in, Baba went to OA grid hoping to find his seller there. After a while passed Baba remembered to actually look up the seller with a whois command, and saw that the seller was omni, so would not be likely to be hanging around OA.

Meanwhile, an enforcer approached and politely asked Baba for a behe buff. Baba stood up to give him his Essence of Titan, however, he forgot he had rearranged his hot bar a little while ago, and instead of hitting essence, he hit mongo. Baba never realized until then that mongos will aggro the guards in clan cities. So before he could do anything else the closest guard sent him to reclaim.

After returning from reclaim, Baba tried to cast the essence again, but this time it would not cast. Again, it took him several minutes to realize his nano was too low, and it had not been recharged properly because, three guesses, he had moved the hot key.

Baba then moved to Borealis grid, and tried to send a tell to his seller. Great embarrassment ensured when he realized he sent the tell to his guild channel, and not his seller. There is no excuse for this one. Baba wishes it was just one, as he seems to do this almost nightly now. He keeps sending his tells to the wrong channel.

Finally a ray of light in Baba’s evening his seller showed up and made Baba a fair deal of a nice QL 157 Albrecht Tank armor. It did give Baba a decent 200 increase in AC’s, and some more nano space. It has a less severe nano cost multiplier than the medium tank Baba was using. The only downside is that the runspeed penalty is a few points higher. Thanks go out to The_Brinkman and his toon Amtrack for selling Baba the good looking Alb and kudos to DocJones for also making an offer in the forum.

It does look smart! Baba took some time to take a few pictures, as getting ones first proper/full tank armor is an Enforcer milestone. Next Baba wanted to try it out, so it was off to Perpetual Wastelands and the dune Borg. When Baba arrived he had the place to himself. He quickly found that although the new armor has a roughly 50% AC increase, he still has to treat Borg with respect. The first pull went badly, bringing two Borg at once. Both Borg got lucky and landed crits early which sent Baba’s health well below the 50% point. He was able to outlast them, which would not have happened with the old medium tank armor. Every time he had been down to 50% early on with 2 Borg previously, it has ended badly. Baba soon found that unless the Borg get lucky, the new armor piece does improve things and after about 45 minutes of Borg hunting, he figures he used fewer health and first aid kits.