Neleb and Temple Passed By

25 11 2008

Assault Class Tank ArmorOn their last training mission, the final boss was taking forever to kill.  It was so bad, Baba had to resort to using both his Hasty Augmentation Field and use the 20 second shield from his Assault Tank Armor, before it would go down. Oh, and lots of Mongos, too.

Backpack of SurvivalAn interesting item that dropped was an adventurer only Backpack of Survival.  It is a backpack with the added benefit of providing ACs like an armor back piece. This one is QL 101 and it has 505 to 400 ACs and +20 to perception.  The only requirements are adventurer profession and 202 in adventuring.  It should be a nice twinking item for lowbie adventurers.  Now that AOGMS has stopped it’s service and the in game mrshop and thegms are also no more, Babaoroody and his alts are back at square one in terms of selling loot.  Shopping channel on Sunday afternoons, looks like the best remaining option now.

One of the other goodies that also dropped from this last tough boss was a QL99 OT Windchaser SM32 PSB which we passed on to our trader Tireen.  On paper, or online in Auno’s damage simulator it looked better than her current QL 90 Vektor Lizard, and with it’s much shorter attack and recharge times, it allowed Tireen to crank her Agg/Def bar back to 56%.

She first tested it out on a few Rhinomen in Newland Dessert and then via several team missions with Babaente.  After the trial run, she decided to go back to the Vektor.  She has to keep her Agg/Def bar at 100% Agg due to the slowness of the gun, but from her logs, it appears to hit consistently higher regular and critical hits.  We have experienced a great degree of variation between what the official stats say a guns performance should be and what shows up in our logs.  We have also found that individual guns even vary by QL level.  We once had Vektor that was 5 QL’s below the next higher up one we had, and the lower QL one consistently delivered better damage.

This is similar to some behavior Babaoroody experience below title 4, where similar 2 hand blunt weapons would diverge from the published specs and sometimes a lower QL version would out damage a higher quality version.  We suspect it may be true for many weapons in AO, so our advice is to pay close attention to your damage logs, especially when upgrading weapons.

Over this past weekend Babaoroody and Babaente made several more unsuccessful tries at Neleb in the Steps of Madness.  What seems to get them into trouble is the geometry of the place.  Very often what looks like a clear line of sight is not, such that the floating meatballs may be able to press their attacks, but our enforcer is unable to reach them with his axe to cause damage or with taunts to draw them closer.  This leads to Babaoroody having to get so close to a group of mobs that some of them aggro on Babaente.

Babaoroody and Babaente see lots of other players doing well there.  Even teams of lvl 50-60 players.  Baba does not want to scare off others from trying the Steps, but he and Babaente are just not doing well there now.  Our pair decided to call it quits for now.  The objective, Neleb’s robe is just not worth it at this point.  Currently Babaente has more than enough nano, NCU and nano skills, such that getting the robe now would not make any significant difference.  The exarch robe she currently has gives 30 more AC and 35 health and has the same nano cost reduction.  They may return someday when both have leveled more.

Next Babaente and Tireen went scouting for a new kiting spot, having decided there was nothing else they absolutely had to have from the Temple of the Three Winds. They found a promising site, and Babaente dropped down for a few trail kites to see how it would go.  These mobs were in the range of 60-75, a bit higher than anything she has kited before.  She cautiously picked a small number for her test kites.  Even though they were small kites, it was enough complete her 61st level, while Tireen still has a way to go at level 60.   Passing level 60 means Babaente can never enter the Temple of the Three Winds again, since it is level locked to players over level 60.  As we did with our pairs previous kiting spot, we will not identify thier new kiting spot until Babaente and Tireen have leveled out of it.

While out scouting for a new kiting spot, an problem that they had been trying to ignore came back to plague them.  About 5 levels ago, when they implanted Map Nav to equip the monster map upgrades, they also made an effort to get and equip all the maps they could also equip while the temporary implants were in.  While most of the maps they choose went in with no problem one would not load, giving the message to check their skills and the maps requirements.  Babaente had more than the amount stated, but the Map would not show up in her profile or when in the zone.  While scouting they had found a promising site, but it was a zone where the problem map would not load.

Babaente even purchased another copy of the map which also would not load.  She entered a petition at around 9 pm and was contacted by an ARK at about 9:45.  The ARK was very polite and walked Babaente through many diagnostic steps including having to zone several times. After allot of troubleshooting, Babaente was finally able to use the needed map.  Every time you petition, you are putting yourself at the mercy of a volunteer at the other end. The ARK on this evening was just fantastic, no attitude, just technical expertise, humor and polite firmness when nescessary.  We have gotten a some less than friendly ARK’s in the past, so after getting good service from this one, we were sure to send a postitive write up to the survey PM address that was given at the end of the session.

Although it may take a while sometimes, it does get results.  We would caution everyone however to ONLY enter a petition when you have sought help elsewhere, done independent research, and exhausted your own resources.  You may also want to weigh the potential time involved.  Is it worth your time (at least 45 minutes or more) and that of another person?  In the same amount of time, could you achieve what you wanted in another way?