Taking the Aggravation Out AggDef

26 05 2010
Agg/Def Bar

Agg/Def Bar

It sounds so simple.  The AggDef calculator says you will get your toons best defense and fastest offense with a setting of  88  (as an example.)  You move your mouse pointer down to the bar and drag it to where you think/guess 88  is.  And that turns out to be the problem.

The AggDef bar has no precise indication of what any position on the slider equals, so the best anyone could do was to eyeball and guess where the slider should be.

There is a solution to the problem, but it will take a small amount of effort to set up.  It is possible to use a combination of chat commands and information windows to learn precisely where the AggDef bar is set at any time.


  1. Create a text file  with the contents of the code found at the link below, in your AO help folder and name it  addall-stats.txt.  It should be saved in this folder:
    Anarchy Online/cd_image/text/help

  2. Create a macro to display this file as an information window.  Open a chat window in game and type: /macro showaddall /showfile addall-stats.txt After pressing Enter, an AO macro button should appear attached to your mouse pointer which you can now drop onto the hot bar of your choice.
  3. Move your AggDef bar to your best guess of where your desired setting is.  Activate the macro you just created by clicking on the macro button.  An information window should appear that says Misc Stats.

    Resulting Information Window, click on the "Misc Stats" link.

    Resulting Information Window, click on the "Misc Stats" link.

  4. Click on Misc Stats, and a second information window should appear listing a number of different statistics.

    Misc Stats Information Window, click on Aggdef-Slider

    Misc Stats Information Window, click on Aggdef-Slider

  5. Click on the one that says Aggdef-Slider and the information window should then display the actual numerical value of the AggDef bars current setting.

    Opps too far to the right

    Opps too far to the right

The values can be confusing at first because most discussions of the Agg/Def bar refer to it as a scale running 0 to 100%. Another factor that often confuses people is that the bar actually is laid out with Def on the left and Agg on the right.

The values returned by these scripts divide the scale into two sections.  The Defensive left half values run -100 to 0. (Counting up from -100,-99,-98 etc.) The Aggressive right half runs 0 to 100 (Counting from 0, +1, +2 etc.)

Comparison of Calculator VS Script Output Values

Comparison of Calculator VS Script Output Values

In order to utilize the recommendations from the Agg/Def Calculator some translation is needed.


  1. Suppose the calculator recommends a setting of 47%.  Since this value is less than 50 it will be in the left side scale, so we divide the recommended value by 50 and then multiply the result by 100, and finally add that value to -100.
    47/50 = .90
    .90 x 100 = 90
    (-100)+90= -10

    The desired script output value will be -10.  You then need to adjust the slider to where you think 47% is, run the script and see if the reported value is -10.  Re-adjust and re-run the script until you find the script reports -10.
  2. If the AggDef Calculators value is greater than 50, subtract 50 from it, and multiply by 2 to get the corresponding script value.  If the Calculator gives 60,  then 60-50 = 10 followed by  10 *  2 = 20.  A script value output of +20 should equal a setting of 60 on the AggDef bar.
    60 - 50 = 10
    10 x 2 = 20
  3. If the AggDef Calculator value is 50, the desired script output will be 0.

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Preparing for The Temple

20 10 2008

The Original Electrocutium

Babaoroody’s alts Babaente and Tireen, reached a major objective recently, they both have reached or passed level 50. Thanks to Babaente’s NT kiting abilities, she completed leveling Tireen to 50 and herself to 54. The last two kiting grounds have been a small ruin with Rhinomen in Varmint Woods, just north east of Majestic Bridge, and then NW Mine in Lush Fields. At Lush Fields they relied on Babaoroody to stop in occasionally and put down any lifebleeders that were in the way. They set the level 50 targets as the level when they would like to give the Temple of the Three Winds their full attention. While there is no level requirement, and it is quite possible for low teen players to do well in teams there, it can be frustrating for low levels because of the train problem there.

By the time a toon is at level 50, they should be immune from most of the trains, with the only exception of trains that include any of the major bosses.

Before they could move their operations to the temple, they both had a few tasks to take care of. Tireen was overdue for a better set of implants, and Babaente’s stats had advanced close enough to equip a Quality Level 67 Carbonum Armor set that is a hand-me-down from Babaoroody. The carb had been a gift to Baba from a Angels of the Night guild mate Renfred.

Tireen spent the better part of Saturday evening buzzing laps around the shops in Omni Trade, collecting her new implant clusters and specifically level 75 basic implants. As always, it seemed to take longer to find the last two pieces, a quality level 75 cluster and a quality level 75 basic head. She obtained the basic clusters from the first machine on the left in the Advanced shop trade rooms. These vending machines feature basic implants where the quality levels are random. She eventually gave up trying to find a 75 basic head and settled for a 74.

Early Sunday morning she delivered them to Babaoroody, who dutifully assembled the implants. Tireen’s concern about the 74 basic head vanished when it was clear that almost every implant Baba assembled was bumped up by one or two levels, such that the 74 ended up being a 76 and most of the others came out 77s. We had forgotten how this happens when assembling implants from scratch, and must confess a lack of understanding as to how it is determined and how to manage it. Tireen was happy however to get the higher quality, her only concern was if the requirements had risen too much for her to equip them.

As we have discussed before, traders have to make several trade offs when trying to use store bought assembled implants, so custom implants seem to always make sense for Tireen.

When she donned her med suit, cast her self generic treatment buff and used the surgery clinic she easily had the required treatment. She did come up a few points short in stamina for 3 of the implants.

Unfortunately Tireen is on the same account as Baba, so he could not provide her with an enforcer’s essence buff for the extra stamina.

This meant it was time to head over to Borealis for a little buff begging. To make it as easy as possible, a few scripts were in order. The first script has her wave, ask “May I please have an Essence buff? :-)” followed by a curtsy. A second script was also created to serve as a follow up. This macro has her say “Thank you very much!” and then bow.

Here are the scripts:

To ask (filename: beges)

/delay 1000
/v May I get an Essence please 🙂
/delay 1000

To thank (filename: thkyu)

/v Thank you very much!
/delay 1000

If you have not used scripts before, these are text files placed in an Anarchy Online scripts folder. To use them in the game, you create a macro for each.

To create the first macro, enter at the command line in a chat window:

/macro beges /beges

After you press enter, a macro button with the name you gave it will appear under your mouse pointer. Move it to a hot bar, and click once to deposit it on the hot bar, where you will be able to activate it in the future by clicking on it. The procedure is the same for the next script macro, just change the script filename in the macro.

Thus prepared Tireen set out for Borealis with the typical enforcer profile clear in her mind. She has always had her best luck on the street in front of the general store entrance just north east of the Omni recruiter and the giant metal dog. It seems to be a place that always has plenty of people milling about. She used her macro and it worked quite well. She got her buff off about the 3rd Enforcer she asked.

With her essence buff running (they generally last over an hour) she headed back to her Newland City backyard, and completed installing the last 3 implants. The main benefit of these QL 77 implants is the healthy bump to her shotgun skill, this time enabling her to finally equip the highest quality standard Vektor ND available, a QL 69 one. The Vektor line continues with the Vektor ND Lizard line that goes into the quality levels above 100. She is now looking forward to using it at the temple where previously the QL 40ish Vektors she toted, had not been very effective against the 30ish level cultists she encountered in the first few halls.

It was Babaente’s turn next. She had made a slight mistake when calculating the buffs she could count on to help her quip the 67 carb. She had mistakenly counted the generic stamina boost as giving her 20 stamina. It was only after that failed, and she checked and found that the generic stamina boost only buffs 12 stamina. The big question was where to get 8 more stamina. The trio checked their inventories, but came up empty for any buffing items to make it up.

It turns out they did overlook a pair of concrete cushions that they had for sale. At quality level 10 they would have easily provided the 8 points of stamina needed. Of course Babaente did not remember the cushions until after she went to Borealis for an Iron Circle buff.

She used a copy of the same macros/scripts Tireen had used and quickly obtained the Iron Circle buff from an helpful doctor (Drcordova, lvl 123 nanomage Omni Doctor). Of course Tireen had to prove her nuube-ness, by not knowing it was a team buff, and being confused when the doc asked her to join his team. Thankfully the doc was gracious about it.

The carb went on then with no problems. It yielded practically double her Armor Class points all around, and gave her a healthy boost to her NCU and max nano.

They also upgraded or added a few new nanos. Tireen added Advanced health funnel, Capable Health haggler, Deprive skills lesser, Skill wrangler commonplace, Strip assests, Sticky ground and elementary delayed health payment. All are fairly well known and welcome with the exception of Sticky ground. So far the low end beginner trader root nanos have been rather dissappointing and weak. She is of course hoping Sticky ground will prove to be more useful.

Babaente added two nanos, Crunch Com nano compressor which will reduce the amount of nano used up when she casts, thereby extending the life of her nano pool. Curtain of Darkness is a progression up of the NT’s basic blinds.