4 09 2010
New looks, Links Engergized and Solar Guard, click for better view.

New looks, Links Engergized and Solar Guard, click for better view.

Babaengy and Babaemphee dinged level 75 in the Biomare sewers while working in Tri-Plumbo’s area.  This section has the bloaters placed with much greater distance between them than in the sewer sections where it is common to get swarmed by 6 or more at a time.  There are six bloaters in this section that make a nice loop where the mobs respawn fairly quickly so there is no waiting.  They gave Tri-Plumbo a go and got sent back to reclaim rather quickly.  At this point they decided that it was time to go run team missions in order to roll some much needed new non-shop buyable nanos.

The went back to sitting around a mission terminal rolling missions while keeping an eyeball on Clicksaver.  At level 75 they were pulling missions at around 82-83 level.  They must have seen at least 5 go by with Beacon Warp.  They took one of those, but since Babaengy already has one equipped, it was just as an investment.  The most badly needed nano is the next best healing pet Calling of Restite.  Sanoo can not out heal the damage dealt by level 80+ mobs at this point.  A better mezz pet would help, and a better bot heal could make the difference in Boss fights.  Solar Guard would help immensely with Babaemphee’s survivability since it adds +100 to all defense.

They took break from RK2 and were doing some necro post reading in AOFROOBS in the professions sections.  One post in particular Easy Froob MP formula from Llie pointed out that the measure of a pet profession was the best pet they could command and stay out of OE self buffed, meaning the best pet that even with a outside buff to cast, that they could continue to keep under control with self buffs.  Pets operate under the same Over Equipped rules as many other AO items.  As long as the pet caster maintains their required skill at 80% or more of the requirement, they will remain in control. This meant that Tireen could help them  with wrangles to each cast a higher pet, with the limit being what they could keep out of OE.

Creation: Solar Guard gives 169 to ACs and +100 Add All Def

Creation: Solar Guard gives 169 to ACs and +100 Add All Def

After some calculations it was clear that with a +40 wrangle from Tireen, Babaengy could cast a level 113 bot and Babaemphee could cast a level 111 attack pet and keep them out of OE with Babaemphee’s masteries.  This required a bit of log-in juggling at first.  With Babaemphee first buffing up herself and Babaengy.  She then logged off, and Tireen logged in to put a wrangle on Babaengy.  With this wrangle running he was able to cast his better bot.  With the shell in his inventory, he logged out, so Babaemphee could log in and get her wrangle from Tireen.  This done, Tireen logged off after giving Babaemphee her wrangle and seeing her cast her better pet.  (They later found that triple logging would make this much more convenient.)

With both higher pets cast, team pets then headed out to their missions.  These two new attack pets went through the level 82 mobs like a hot knife through butter.  Even the mission bosses were done away with quickly.  Too quickly, in fact as in one mission, Babaemphee’s pet finished killing the mission target before Babaengy could take the elevator into the Boss Room to ID the target, so they forfeited that mission.  Even thought they did not get the wanted nano, they did nab a few nice pieces of Miy’s and Nova Dillon armor.

As part of their break from Biomare to mission for much needed nanos, Babaengy and Babaemphee invited Tireen to tag along for several team missions.  Tireen is level 75 so she would get experience and she would always be there to help them cast the highest attack pets.  It put a bit of a load on the computer, but it was manageable.  If dual boxing two toons was a juggling challenge, triple logging is even more so.   The three missions they pulled went very well as Tireen’s massive shotgun crits helped put the mobs away that much faster.

The only problem was that Tireen is by far the most squishy of the three, and the team had to be careful to manage aggro by letting the attack bot build up aggro before the rest of the team launched into any particular mob.  There were two fatalities, both caused by the same issue.  Babaengy was running a new hostile AOE nano, and several times it attracted a number opf unwanted adds.  The first casualty was Tireen, and the second time it happened it was Babaemphee.  After that, Babaengy canceled that nano, and will not be running any hostile AOE nanos.  Probably the only time they might be used would be in PVP, which they do not plan to take part in for some time, if ever.

Full set of Links Energized armor (in social tab), click to view larger version.

Full set of Links Energized armor (in social tab), click to view larger version.

Babaengy used these occasions to demonstrate the worth of the Beacon Warp nano, by bringing the team mates back from reclaim much faster than them having to revive and then make their way by grid, whompa and flying.  Out of six or so missions they netted for Babaemphee the following nanos, Creation Solar Guard, and Creation Summon Absum.  For Babaengy they netted Rebuild Casing, while Tireen bought him an Overdrive Combat Array from a store.  At the end of the missions, Tireen had dinged 76, and Babaengy had dinged 77 to catch up with Babaemphee who had just hit 77 before Babaengy’s trip to reclaim.

They estimated that it would be 3-4 more levels before they can equip higher attack pets, and there was not much else they needed that they could roll so they were about to head back to Biomare, when Babaoroody showed up and offered to pull a few missions for their level 123 combat pets.  123 is at the lower range of what Baba can pull, and should be pretty easy, however he asked Babaemphee to come along to provide healing support.  Baba knows all too well that having to self heal after every fight with health kits is very tiresome.  They were a little concerned that Babaemphee would be too squishy around 120+ mobs.

Baba was successful in pulling missions for the desired items, however, Babaemphee was too low to team with him according to the team mission machine, so Baba had to pull regular solo missions.  He did duplicate the keys and gave the copies to Babaemphee so she could accompany him in the missions.  This went way much better than any one of them had thought.  Any time a mob even looked sideways at Babaemphee, Baba would mongo and keep Babaemphee safe.

While Babaemphee’s current heal pet may still be somewhat weak against 120+ mob damage, it did very well.  While several times it had a hard time keeping up with the healing, Baba’s health never dropped below 60% in each fight, and was usually back at 100% by the time the next mob was faced.  Babaoroody the Enforcer is fun when he does not have to worry about self healing.  It gives him the freedom to use things like rage and mongos more freely.  He can see that it may be worthwhile to start putting IP into Nano Init so he can cast his Rage and Mongos faster.

Baba Loves His Black Clan Tank Armor, (even if it is just social and Veil of the Revoked does the work)

Baba Loves His Black Clan Tank Armor, (even if it is just social and Veil of the Revoked does the work)

It was also great to have the extra damage from Babaemphee’s attack pet, especially in those unavoidable times when two or mobs are found close together in a mission and have to be fought at the same time.  It might be different in a team mission, however Babaemphee does so little damage comparatively, that there is little trouble keeping the aggro on Babaoroody.    Baba still has the daily mission kill x smugglers in Smuggler’s Den running and he is seriously thinking of bringing Babaemphee with him.  Tireen would be useful, however she is on the same account as Baba, so they will never share a team.  Babaente might be useful if her calms and/or roots will land on the 120ish Mantis crowds that have to be waded through to get to the heart of the dungeon.

In addition to acquiring an Inferior Frenzy Embodiment level 123 for Babaemphee and a Semi Sentient Guardbot level 123 for Babaengy, the was an added bonus of finding a Creation Living Shield of Evernan in one mobs loot.  The shield provides around 140 ACs, some parry skill and 342 health.  It is odd that even though it is a higher quality level than the Solar Guard, it provides less protection and cannot compare to the +100 add all def provided by the Solar Guard, so we suspect Babaemphee will be using the Solar Guard for some time.  There also turned up a few pieces of Miy’s and Rhinoman armor, which Baba let Babaemphee loot as they were too low to do him any good.

Tireen is going to be busy shop fooding most of loot Team Pets and Baba netted recently.  Babaengy and Babaemphee are now planning on heading back to Biomare for some more levels.  They make take a shot as Tri-Plumbo after they level enough (80ish) to equip their QL123 pets, and may even ask Tireen to help out.  They are also starting to think about when they should make a run to Steps of Madness for Neleb’s robes and later COH for even better robes, and to Beacon Warp Baba in so he can farm some phats.  Baba smiled as he watched Team Pets discuss these things with enthusiasm.  He envied them. For FROOBS, level 70-100 is a very good time to be on Ruby-Ka, with several dungeons open at that level offering serious buffing items both for use and selling for profit.


Froob Docs and Trader Pwn Azzy

22 10 2008
Female Froob Trio Downs Temple Boss Trio of Uklesh, Khalum and Azztur

Female Froob Trio Downs Temple Boss Trio of Uklesh, Khalum and Azztur

This past Monday evening, it was time to take Babaente to the Temple of the Three Winds.  No more preparation, leveling up, researching, but time to get real and just do it.  To simplify getting there she went to the Newland Desert whompa and bought a pass off the cultist there.  With the pass she can right click on the portal there and be instantly teleported right in front of the temple’s front door in Tir.

Babaoroody also planned to be there to provide Essence buffs and moral support.  He thought he would try the portal route as well.  This did not work out.  It turns out that, even though the cultist will sell the pass to players over level 60, the portal itself will not accept them.    Baba then used the grid to get to Tir and then flew out to the Temple where he cast Essence on Babaente.

When she tried to enter the temple, she could not.  She got a message saying the playfield had the maximum number of players in it.  This happened once a week or so ago.  Is this a good sign?  After a few minutes there were a handful of toons trying to get in the door.  She kept trying and after about 2 minutes she got in, along with the other 7 or 8 players.  This worked to her advantage as she hung back at first and allowed them to forge ahead and engage any cultists ahead.

At level 50, she found she did get instant aggro from the cultists in the first hall, but she killed a few just as payback.  Here first cultist that did not fold easily was a big trox with a hammer that guards the place where the main hallway runs into the two branches.   This took several of her strongest individual nukes to take down, and when it was over, she noted that her nano level was down to about 25%.

All this time kiting, when she was relying on a fairly nano efficient area of effect nuke, did not prepare her for this.   Nano management was going to be a problem tonight.  She used her mini-map to scope out the two branching hallways.  The one on the right seemed to have the fewest cultists present, and a team fighting their way through, so she chose that hallway.  She managed to get as far as the corner room, where 2 docs and an adventurer were fighting several cultists that had been trained into that room, plus the regular 4 cultists with Katanas that guard that room.

Babaente jumped in and started taking down cultists.  As she was fighting she got an invite to join their team, which she accepted right away.  One of the teammates commented that it was an all female team.  You don’t see that very often, especially in the temple which seems to be a magnet for male melee types more than any other.  There is always lots of troxes and martial artists.  The layout of most of the temple favors close in melee fighting.  It can be challenging for ranged professions.

Team make up, Monday evening 10-20-08

  • Ilione – 53 solitus female adventurer omni, Random
  • Kirelyn  – 60 nano female doctor Neutral, Heretic’s Creed,
  • Lovelucy – 49 opifex female doctor clan

The team easily fought its way down to GOT’s room, where the Guardian had just spawned.  They forged ahead immediately and attacked GOT.  Babaente really had not had time to inspect any of her new teammates, so she as yet had no idea if they had a chance against GOT.  She was still under 50% towards her next level, so she had nothing to lose, so she was not reluctant to go ahead with the GOT attack.  That was when she started realize some of her teammates were a cut above the average temple toons.

Before this team, GOT wend down quickly, with hardly a dent in anyone’s health bar.
All that dropped was the Guardian’s circuit board and Ilione spoke up for it first.  Next they fought their way through Gartua’s passageway, with Gartua and about 4 trox types, which gave Babaente an excuse to break out her AOE nukes.   Gartua did not drop anything this time around.   About this time Ilione had to leave due to some Real Life emergency.

On they went to the main hall and cleared it quickly of the various windcallers and reverends.  A trox type got to the exarchs before they could, and must have looted the robes, as when Babaente checked she found none.  Once everyone was ready, Kirelyn charged Uklesh.  Babaente also attacked directly and helped as much as she could when Kirelyn got stunned.  Uklesh’s stun did not stop Babaente from being able to cast nukes.  It was amazing to see how the two docs were able to out heal the bosses damage.  About the time Uklesh was going down, Babaente was out of nano, and just got a recharge in before Khalumn spawned next.  Khalumn seemed to go down faster than Uklesh.  By now Babaente was resorting to battle prepared nano kits to recharge.  It would give her enough nano to cast 7 or 8 nukes before she had to recharge again.

Again the two docs had no trouble keeping the teams health close to 100%.  It was taking a while to bring these bosses down, but considering the level of the team, it was impressive.  Aztur was just like the previous 2 bosses except his health bar was even longer and he seemed to take longer to wear down.  Babaoroody has seen Aztur go from 50% health back up to 100% if you give him a short breather, so he must have a fantastic health delta.

Kirelyn, Lovelucy, and Babaente stand over the vanquished bosses.

Kirelyn, Lovelucy, and Babaente. Click for larger image.

Babaente had to break out in dance to celebrate when Aztur finally hit the marble floor.  Since none of the team use edged weapons, the Styg was going to rot, or some lucky bystander might find it.  Babaente did get a ring of tattered flame off his corpse.  Babaente mentioned that what she really needed was an Exarch robe, and before she could finish her sentence Kirelyn had engaged one that just popped, and Babaente was soon the proud wearer of an Exarch robe.  Kirelyn asked if there was anything else anyone on the team needed from the temple.  Babaente spoke up that she still needed to get a Notum Splice off DOT.

So the team headed off towards DOT.  On the way, Gartua and his gang challenged them again, and when he dropped, Babaente was allowed to loot Gartua, and bingo, a Keepers Vitality.  Babaoroody could only shake his head when he heard about it later.  He must have camped and killed Gartua 70 times and never seen it drop, and Babaente gets it on the second try.

When they passed through GOT’s room, it was not present, so they proceed on, cutting a swath through the various cultists.  When they got to the last hall before the up ramp, they were confronted by GOT which must have been trained there.   Soon it was history, and Babaente got the go ahead to loot, and again she got lucky finding a Guardian Circuit Board.  It had taken a number of kills before Babaoroody had gotten his.

When they finally did get to take on DOT, it dropped two Notum splices, of which Babaente picked up one.   Babaente inspected Kirelyn‘s setup and was really impressed with the 140ish implants on a level 60.  Other goodies included a Neleb’s upgraded robe, and a Neleb’s battle rod.  The nuube Babaente asked Lovelucy why she had locked experience at level 49, and not 60 like Kirelyn.  It was interesting to hear that it was done for Battle Station where classes are determined by title level, hence 49 is the highest title 2.   When nuube Babaente commented that as a froob she did not pay much attention to Battle Station, both Kirelyn and Lovelucy revealed that froobs can do Battle Station and they both have some Battle Station experience.

By now several team members mentioned that they were running out of time and had to log soon, so Babaente thanked the team and made a beeline to exit.  On the way out she ran into a problem with zoom.  An overly active shove on the zoom scroll wheel, sent her zoom way out and she discovered an interesting new problem in AO.   We have only witnessed this recently, and are surprised we never saw it before.

When zoomed out in any of the 3rd person views and changing rooms, sometimes the camera gets stuck and tries to pass through the wall unsuccessfully.  The only way to fix this is to hit the function key 8 to get back to first person view.  Of course this happened to Babaente when she had a fairly good sized train of cultists around her.  Yes, she had trained a few, but this huge mob was someone else’s handiwork.  She kept peeking at her health bar while frantically looking around for the key to bring about first person view, since her external zoom was stuck and offering an unhelpful view of a wall.

Back at the clan outpost, she sat down to review her new items and to determine what she could equip.  She also took a while to think about how inspired she was by the super froobs (Kirelyn and Lovelucy) she had just teamed with.  Perhaps someday, after Baba, Babaente and Tireen have leveled up to 200 or close to it, she will be in a position to start twinking out low level characters.

She also took a while to review her performance and realized that she really needed to do something about her nanopool.   She felt pretty useless and helpless when she ran out during the temple boss fights this evening.   The first thing she did was equip the Guardians circuit board, and then, plug in a CPU upgrade that gives a nano cost reduction.  A six slot belt with a nano formula recompiler would not hurt either.   Neleb’s robe is starting to change from a vague idea to a definite need to get.   Her stats are high enough now she could equip it and stay out of OE (over equipped).  She also was able to get the Notum Splice in with a little help from Baba.