Baba Seizes Suspicious Crate Contents

16 05 2010
Baba Waits Out a Stuck Petition

Baba Waits Out a Stuck Petition during a regular mission. The result of jumping through the ceiling geometry.

Baba was really happy that he had decided to join the Smuggler’s Den team a few nights ago.  Even though he did not have an actual mission running, he gained both a greater familiarity with the Smuggler’s Den layout and was reminded of a few tricks he had forgotten.

It has been quite some time since Baba had been in a team playing tank role.  The last time was back when he was between level 60 and 70 often at Foreman’s.  After that most of the teams he played in were teams hunting Borg in Mort and later in Perpetual Wastelands.  At first teaming Borg only requires one competent role which is that of a puller.  Once a Borg is pulled the ‘team’ runs in circles kiting it, with everyone in constant movement.  It helps to have a Doc or occasionally some crowd control, but mostly its just group kiting.

In these situations there is no need to maintain aggro on the tank, and since kiting is the main form of defense, it pays to set Agg/Def to full Aggressive to speed killing.  In these kind of team environments, Baba lost sight of what it means to tank and instead started to focus on improving his run speed and Attack Rating.  As he leveled up into the 90s and early teens, he found himself often kiting Borg solo, it was fast and reliable way to gain a level then.  As Borg are very social, pulling in usually done out in the wide open spaces where one can use distance and things like hills and sand dunes to tactical advantage.  Because Borgs are highly social, Baba had stopped using taunts to pull because they would bring the entire complement of Borgs in the area running.  Instead he just cautiously approached the most isolated Borg until the Borg would sense him and attack.

Baba had been soloing a great deal then for simple reason that there have been fewer and fewer players looking for teams on Rubi-Ka.  It seems that all of his paying org-mates are off in the various expansions most of the time.  The new daily missions, for the last few days have brought many of his org-mates down to Rubi-Ka which means teaming opportunities for planet stuck FROOBS like Baba.

While no one complained during Baba’s most recent team outing to Smuggler’s Den, Baba was not happy with his tanking performance so he spent some time re-outfitting himself and practicing his pulling and taunting skills in a few solo regular missions.

Enmity Nano

Enmity Nano

He reconfigured his Hot bar to include to items that he almost forgotten about.  While Enmity is a low level generic beginners nano, it can be an excellent pulling tool up through mid-game levels.  The key to Enmity’s value is the 35 meter range.  This range is over double the range of other taunts.  With all but the most social mobs like Borgs, it usually only pulls one mob.  This advantage is very helpful in situations where dangerous mobs are grouped close together by allowing the pull of only one mob far away from the other mobs where it can be engaged by itself.

Baba placed the Enmity button on his top row hot bar for frequent and convenient use in his HUD.  He still keeps his other more powerful taunt on one of his other hot bars for quick access.

Library of Foul Language

Library of Foul Language

The other item he rescued from a his bank was a “Library of Foul Language”, an Enforcer only taunt tool.   The highest level QL he can equip now is a 167, which gives a 714 taunt and 42 radiation damage.  Since it locks Psychology for only 6 seconds, it can be spammed in battle to help keep the mobs attention while chipping away at its health.  The library is for Enforcers only.

Da Taunter

Da Taunter

Other professions can use a similar tool “Da Taunter” but only if they are atrox breed.  Da Taunter works much the same giving slightly less damage and taunt for the same Bio Met requirement.

Friday night issues in RL 4 kept Baba from rezzing back on to Rubi-Ka until rather late in the evening, well past the sweet spot for hooking up with org-mates or others in his time zone.  By then most of them were occupied with various missions, quests, etc, they started in the early evening.  He headed over to the Old Athens daily mission office and was handed the Smugglers’ Den Inspect Crates mission for about the 5th time.

Before he set off for the mission, he made one last adjustment, moving his Agg/Def bar from full Agg back to about 48% which is where the Agg/Def calculator indicated he would get the optimum defense while maintaining his swing rate.

After taking the Newland City short cut (talk to NPC Zyvania Bagh), he was at the entrance to Smuggler’s Den in a few minutes.  As usual there was not another player in sight.  Baba buffed up and ran in.   The passage ways were sparsely populated with low level mantises, evidence that some one had passed though some time ago.  He only met a handful of mantises by they time he reached the indoor stream cavern.  This is the cross roads where one has to choose between the first door on the right that leads to a honeycomb section with higher level mantises, or taking the middle passage way that leads to the mantise queen, or the left most passage way that leads to the Smuggler’s Den. Once Baba headed in the direction of the Den, he figured the previous party must have gone north, as the passageway he was going through were now fully populated with mantises.

About 75% were gray to him with a only a few being orange.  It was slow going, but he at least was being quite successful using the Enmity taunt to pull single mobs away from groups.  When he finally exited into the larger cave where the entrance is to the Smuggler’s Den proper, he was at first relived to see no Smugglers but dismayed to see it was still guarded by two closely placed heavy turrets.   It was such a  close fight, Baba had to resort to using his Assault Tank screen to outlast the second turret.

Thanks to some research at AOFROOBS, Baba had a pretty good idea of where to look for the crates.  Someone had written in response to his query about their location, that they could be found just inside the first doorway.  The crates were there, but another turret was also there along with a Den Loot Controller or two.  Once Baba dispatched them, it was time to see if his 273 Breaking and Entering was really going to be enough to open these crates.  The mission briefing mentioned that at least 250 B&E would be required.  He soon found that he was able to open the creates, however he was a bit perturbed that he could only bring back the contents of one of the crates. Both crates held the same type of item, and when he tried to pick up the second crates contents he got the “You already have this unique item” message.  This left him a bit concerned, but still greatly satisfied that he had gotten this far.

All that remained was to fight his way back the way he came, which was fairly uneventful and a repeat of going in with one exception.  He found the large open area that leads from the left into the cavern with the stream had been fully repopulated with mobs.  He started pulling them one by one and taking them out.  He had almost cleared the area and moved to the edge of the area where the bridge is when he stopped. To his surprise a pair of Mantises dropped down on him from the elevated arch that crosses over the cavern nearby.  Baba had been concentration so much at the job at hand he had never looked up to notice it or to notice there were mobs on it. After dealing with these two, getting through the cavern with the stream was easy and he caught a break when he reached the next section.  A small team with a mezzer in it passed by heading into the dungeon, leaving all the mobs from there to the exit mezzed, so Baba gladly ran the rest of the way out un-impeded.

Baba Dings 147 as a reward when completing the mission back at the mission office.

Baba Dings 147 as a reward when completing the mission back at the mission office.

It was with great satisfaction when he received his level and a half reward (bringing him to level 147) for turning in the contents from one of the crates at the mission office.