Mortiggs, Scorpiods and Beacons, Oh My!

16 10 2010


Babaengy's Look at Level 100

Babaengy's Look at Level 100


Babaengy had recently equipped a Disruptive Photon Absorber which sends out an Area of Effect blind for 3 minutes, and he as anxious to try it out.  TEAM PETS debated making another run at Emile Zuduwaza or returning to Biomare to either take on the Director or do the Recapture Beacon mini quest.  They eventually decided to do the Recapture Beacon quest a try, as they figured it would be the most likely to be successful.

The Recapture Beacon Quest has three steps.  The first is to collect one (they are unique) SD Power Core.  These drop from many of the mobs in Biomare, and you should have seen at least one drop by the time you make it to the final section.  The second step is to travel to the East tower, and give the core to the Containment Unit System Droid waiting there.  Once the core has been handed to him, it proceeds to start releasing five Mortiggs, one by one, and after them, two scorpiods.  If you can manage to kill each mob fast enough so you do not have to fight more than one at a time, and you survive them all, the dead Scorpiods will drop Recapture Beacons.  The Transgenic Experiments (the Mortiggs) and the Scorpiods are level 90, however the Mortiggs health bar is much larger of the two.


The Biomare Jog in Progress

The Biomare Jog in Progress, From Front Door to 3rd Golf Ball


When they completed the jog down to the third golf ball they got there just in time to see a pair of tunes taking TIM down.  They then completed buffing up and proceeded to the Computer Core room, and found it occupied by a team that appeared to be farming experience there which meant the way was clear for them.  They decided to try the west tower, as Babengy was not sure if any of his defensive nanos would aggro Rik-Rak.  Previously when they first entered the west tower they were attacked by 3 body guards.  This time there was only two near the first door, and the third was on the other side of the large circular room.  They put away those two guards with no problem and proceeded up the spiral ramp.


Babaemphee's Look at Level 100

Babaemphee's Look at Level 100


Next they had to take down two more bodyguards outside the Director’s office.  The then proceeded to the East tower and ran down to stand next to the droid waiting at the base of the tower, surrounded by 5 red dots encircling the room.  Babaengy and Babaemphee used this situation to re-cast all their short term pet combat buffs, and freshen up any other nanos needing it.  Once everyone was ready, Babaengy gave the power core to the Data Collector droid.  At first nothing happened, but eventually after a minute or so, it started to unlock each of the 5 holding pens that ring the room.  Babaengy made sure to cast his Disruptive Photon Absorber and then the team attacked the first Transgenic Experiment (looks like a Mortigg).  The Mortigg had a health bar quite a bit larger than the Bodyguards, and Babaengy drew his breath at first in awe.  After about 20 seconds, it was clear that the AOE blind was quite effective, as none of TEAM PETS, were taking serious damage.  It was clear that they would prevail against this one, but the question was, would they be able to kill it fast enough so that it would be dead before the droid released the next one.  They just manage to slay each one a few seconds before the next arrived, so there was no chance to pause to heal or rebuff.


Biomare's West Tower, Cleaned of Varmints For Now...

Biomare's West Tower, Cleaned of Varmints For Now...


The two scorpiods did arrive before the last Mortigg went down.  Fortunately TEAM PETS took little to no damage from them, as by not yet attacking them, the blind nano was proving effective at hindering the scorpiods.  The scorpiods seemed to have about half the health of the Mortiggs, but were still formidable since they were released two at a time.  A review of the logs after the battle showed that Babaengy’s Ql146 Flawed Warbot was outdamaged by Babaemhee’s QL139 Superior Frenzy Embodiment by about 60%.

Once the last scorpiod dropped,  Babaengy was quick to loot his Recapture Beacon.  Babaemphee decided to see if she could find one, and did manage to loot one for herself off one of the other dead scorpiods.  Most of the guides out there have been a bit vague about this, and do not say if each scorpiod drops a beacon, or just one.

After they returned to Newland City, the rest of the team logged off, then Babengy headed over to Borealis because he wanted to try this new toy out to see how it worked.  Once in Borealis, he kept his yalm equipped and simply right clicked on the Recapture Beacon. In a few seconds he was hovering in his Yalm just in front of the Foreman’s main doorway.

So he learned that it works with Yalmaha’s equipped, which might be the best way to approach this maneuver, there is still the very dangerous possibility that an omni guard could be waiting in the area just as one zones in.  With the yalm equipped, one can make a fast get-away.  Having proven to himself the utility of this nifty item, he flew out of the Foreman’s base and over to a nearby player city whompa in order to get back to Newland City.

This item will certainly make TEAM PETS remaining outings at Biomare more convenient.  It will also be a boon for any future Biomare twinks.  Now they will be able to meet with trader Tireen in Borealis, cast and buff pets, and then instantly be at Foreman’s front door.  Of course all that remains for them is to take on the Lab Director, mainly for Babaengy who could use the nice CDR pistols.