Biodomes not safe for tourists

4 12 2008
The end of a small kite.

The end of a small kite.

One of the things Baba and all his alts really love about Rubi-Ka, is having the freedom to just take some time off and go sight seeing when ever the mood strikes.  Tireen felt a twinge of this the other night, and rather than tag along with Babaente for some more kite leveling, she decided to tour Belial Forest by Yalm.  She had passed by the Biodomes many times going to missions, dropped down near the most north westerly one for a closer look.  While the building was impressive, the only mob around was a guide or guard of some sort and it was not particularly interesting to look at.  Tireen was about to leave, when she spotted a small camp of little huts nearby, and flew over to investigate.  Hovering at ground level she attracted several swamp denizens called bile drinkers.  She successfully trained them off to several islands a distance away, and then returned.  She was admiring one of the huts up close when, she got an alarming “Resurrected Swamp Witch” attack notices in her system log.  Since she was not really looking for a fight, she blasted up and away in her yalm, and headed for the closest zone to return to civilization.  She got about half way there when she was teleported instantly back to a spot in the camp right in front of the swamp witch.  This was repeated several times until she realized it was not going to end, that the witch could and would warp her back infinitely.  While Tireen had done a save before heading out to explore, she resigned herself to another rez session and stopped trying to escape.  The witch and the by now returned bile drinkers make quick work of her, so she did not have to wait long.

TIP:  Unless you are level 200 or above, or have friends along who are, don’t go sightseeing at ground level near the biodomes, unless you want to get sent to reclaim.  Give these spots a wide berth.

Babaente went out kiting again this Monday evening.  The current site has a huge supply of mobs, however they have a very slow respawn rate, and it looked like someone had been there ahead of her as about half of the usual supply of mobs was gone.  The mobs that were left, while plentiful, also has a few much higher level mobs mixed in, and the groups tended to be tightly packed.  The first kite went well.  The second kite, pulled 20 or more mobs.  Babaente has found at this site that if she pulls more than 10 or so mobs, things do not work out.  It appears like lag, possibly because of the large number of mobs involved, but invariably, if there are more than 10 mobs in the kite, she will suddenly get hit by almost all of them even though she is far ahead of them and gets sent instantly back to reclaim.  By taking greater time in selecting her kite targets, she was able to resume and successfully run kites of 6 to 8 mobs with ease.

The other factor that she has to look out for here is to avoid pulling any of the much higher mobs sprinkled about here.  They are about 20 levels higher than the rest of the mobs, and just a couple of hits from one can send her back to reclaim.  They are the same type of mob, so the only way to identify them is to inspect each one prior to starting to pull.

Lag also seemed to be a borderline factor that evening.  Most of the time, frame rates were fine, and there did not appear to be any lag, but several times, things slowed way down, and the kite would rubber band several times.

Her mini map would show the kite right behind her, but then she would notice that she no longer had anything targeted, and suddenly the kite appeared on her mini map to be quite a large distance away.  Sometimes she had to run back and re-gain aggro, and others, she just stopped and waited a bit for the kite to catch up.  While it’s nice to start having a surplus of run speed, it is aggravating when the minimap can’t display an accurate picture of what is going on.  Her current run speed is 322, and she buffs that with Terrain Knowledge and Playful Cub to 462.  She had been wondering what it would be like to kite with a Gridspace Freedom’s +720 run speed buff, so perhaps she will try to beg for it in Borealis at least once just for the fun of it.

What puzzles her is that the type of lag you get when visiting infamous lag pits like Borealis or Old Athens or Newland City, should not be present when one practically has a playfield to oneself, which was the case this past evening.  A /list command showed no other players present on this playfield.

Progress was slow and haphazard.  She lost a quarter of a level to one of the bad pulls that netted 20+ mobs and resulted in getting sent back to reclaim. Due to the poor conditions, she had to break and return to Newland every time she moved the level progress bar past one of the quarter points.

Of course we have  no idea how much of our performance problem is due to bandwidth, and how much is due to our ancient computer.  When we see AO videos on Youtube, of people getting butter smooth action at huge resolutions, we have to wonder.  We are in the market for a new computer again, this time for certain, as our current laptop is starting to get rather noisy.  We have our eye on a certain model and was looking at it in the big box store this past weekend.  The salesperson told us it was slated to go on sale soon, so hopefully we will be playing a much higher resolution soon.

Eyemutants Camp, click for larger view

Eyemutants Camp, click for larger view

The next day, having the day off, Babaente and Tireen, changed venues.  The spot they had been working was proving just too problematic.  Like Rosanna Rosanna Dana used to say, “if its not one thing, its another!”  Again we can’t reveal the location just yet, suffice to say, this spot features eye mutants.  Spending the better part of an afternoon there, they racked up about 1 and a half levels easy.  Babaente is closing in on upping her multi ranged in order to equip a higher quality pair of Electrocutiums.  In the 60s, she seems to be at a step that is taking some time to get past.  Most of her next nano upgrades are still 4 or more levels worth of IP away.  Tireen was able to up her pharmaceutical skill enough to be able to start making plasma from the monster parts these mobs drop prodigiously, netting them both a tidy sum at the trader’s terminal in Omni Trade.