Claw Camp, the NT Magnet

6 07 2009

Our level 72 NT returned to Claw Camp in Pleasant Meadows again on the last day of the long 2009 July 4th weekend. Tireen, our 72 Trader came along to make a two person team.

One of Babaentes successful kites at Claw Camp.

One of Babaente's successful kites at Claw Camp.

First Tireen scouted the area in her Yalm for Slayer Droids.  While the camp has been known to have up to six Slayer Droids arranged in guard duty around the perimeter, tonight there was only one, and it was situated about a 100 meters to the south east.  It was far enough away that Babaente could safely run around the outside of the camps fence and not get close enough to pull aggro from the Droid.

Babaente’s pre-kite buff was her usual, with the addition of also popping one of the 8th Anniversary experience boosting items.  Since Babaente had leveled there recently just before the lag canceled visit, her run speed is getting better, so that combined with Playful Cub and Terrain Knowledge, she found she can now comfortably out run the Claws far enough so she can stop to cast securely.

Babaente was greatly relieved as she pulled the new kite out from the camp and to the area next to the small hill to see that lag was not present.  She did experience a re-occurrence of something that seems to be happening fairly often now.  If she gets too far ahead of the Claws, or does not nuke them often enough, some of the kite break off and leave the kite.  This causes problems because although the Claws that break off from the kite start walking back towards the camp, they do it so slowly, that it becomes difficult to avoid them while circling the kite.  Get to close and they may attack and cause serious damage.

Tireen watches Claws leave after sending Babaente to reclaim mainly due to lag the previous day.

The previous day under bad lag conditions, Tireen watches Claws leave after sending Babaente to reclaim.

She was able to manage the few who did break off, by arching the kite wide and bringing it around behind them so as to re-gain aggro by having a nuke go off in the kite when the kite was next to them.  This stills leaves a minor problem because the returning Claws will not drop when the rest of the kite does.  As a result, Babaente missed out on a nice piece of loot.  Even though she managed to bring down the errant 3 Claws fairly soon after the rest of the kite dropped, the corpses from those that dropped first started vanishing before Babaente could get to them.

In one particularly galling case, she opened one corpse to find an Instruction disk for Enfraam’s Major Fortification, an NT nano that usually costs a bit, but her inventory was full so she could not pick it up.  By the time she transfered an item from her inventor to a backpack, the disk and corpse vanished.

It has been quite a few levels since she equipped her current AOE nuke “Limited Shrapnel Spray” and it is really starting to show.  Babaente tried modifying the frequency that she nukes her kites there.  It had been taking her 7 to 8 minutes from start to finish there.  This was at a rate of casting her AOE nuke after every 6 running steps while in Playful Cub form. The seemed to work well in regards to managing nano, as her nano level would rarely drop below 75% at this rate where clearly her buffed nano delta was working well.  When she increased her rate to nuking once every 5 steps, the kite did go faster, ending in about 5 minutes, but the increased nano use rate brought her nano down to around 10%.  When this happened she had to do a quick F1 toggle to target herself, and activate a nano stim, and then toggle F1 back to a Claw so as to resume nuking.  This brought her nano level back up past 50% and allowed her to finish the kite.

Babaente is a bit dejected that it seems it will be another 8 or so levels before she will have increased her Mater Creation enough to equip the next step up in AOE nukes.

Babaente was able to get 3-5 more good kites in before here Playful Cub hacked boosted graft timed out.  During that time, Tireen dinged, and Babaente was at about 95% towards a level.  Babaente still felt fresh, and went ahead and recast Playful Cub when it ran out.  She was just about to go pull another kite, when she noticed that another kite team had shown up and was currently kiting most of the camp.

Babaente retired to sit at the top of the hill and observed the new team for a while.  There were two high level MP’s and an NT at about Babaente’s level.  With various buffs and healing from the 2 MP’s the NT was able to dispense with most of the running.  Babaente decided that the best use of her limited remaining time for this session would be for her and Tireen to return to the outpost to save their experience and allocate out their new IP points.


ICC Shuttleport shortcuts

3 09 2008
Babaente, Baba's NT alt, starting out at Newbi Island.

Babaente, Babas NT alt starting out on the island.

Baba has contracted a raging case of alt-itis over the long Labor Day weekend, using the time to create a female NT Babaente. Running through the quests of newbee island gave us to chance to refresh our knowledge of the place and discover a few useful shortcuts and tips.

The Shortcuts

The shortcuts are all a variation on one theme, jumping down from the upper level of the island to the lower levels. To complete the needed tasks and missions on the island, Newbees have to do a great deal of running back and forth from the upper level to the several beach locations.

Bridge jump shortcut to beach tunnels

Bridge jump shortcut to beach tunnels

The first shortcut is found on the small bridge on which the Unicorn soldier and the medic are standing. When going from say Travis Molen near the whompa tunnel entrance to the beach or the docks, run to this point and jump over the side and you will find yourself in the depression where the two beach tunnels exit near the up ramp, so this saves running down the winding ramp.

Stair jump, shortcut to docks.

Stair jump, shortcut to docks.

The next shortcut is a bit more technical, but easy once mastered. Jump up on the left wall of the ramp going up to the area with Travis Molen and move to the top, then turn left and face the wire fence. Run a step or two and jump and you should clear the fence and be on a large ledge that you can then jump from to quickly reach any part of the docks. This one is big timesaver when farming melted circuit boards.

Back to the crash site shortcut.

Back to the crash site shortcut.

The third shortcut is to get from the Travis Molen area back to the crash site. Run to the path that leads to the landing pads, when you get to the T where the path intersects with another, jump over the side and bingo, your close to where you started. Another variation is to use jumping down to the beach as an emergency exit when swarmed by roller rats or bots on the landing pads. This can be very useful on the kill the saboteur mission. Sneak onto the landing pad past the roller rats to the saboteur and take out the saboteur. If aggroed by the roller rats jump over the side to escape. The entire terraformed area just past the landing pads has one continuous ledge from which you can reach any part of the beach.

General ICC Shuttleport mission tip: Don’t try to complete the sided armor quests from Travis Molen first thing. The mobs involved are way to high for the damage you can do and your pitiful health at the start. Squishy toons should instead spend some time just killing easy mobs on the beach and level up to level 10. Do some of the other easy quests, like the monster parts for health kits one. Buy your first beginners nano collection with proceeds from farming cargo driods on the docks for melted circuit boards.

Bonus tip: Even though the patch that enabled the social tab implies that things worn in the social tab do not function, if you equip a backpack on the social tab back slot, you get it’s full use. If functions exactly as normal, you can open a window, put things in or retrieve them, so you get the benefit of having another backpack to carry stuff, without using an inventory slot.

Baba has always envied those impressive nukes NT’s have and could resist the lure no longer. Of course there was some major play style differences right from the beginning. Yes your freshly minted NT comes with a pistol, but it’s rather wimpy. The damage it does is so small that it takes much longer to kill a mob with, than an NT’s health will support. With very little health to loose, NT’s need a faster way to do damage, and that is where their combat nanos come in. They have lots of different damage nanos, that vary in the type of damage and can be single mob or area of affect type damage.

From the island Babaente met up with Baba in Athens where Baba fixed her up with a few very modest twinks. An infusion of credits to buy some starter implants, plus a 3 slot belt, a pair of 8-15 NCU memories, a IQ ring (% Add Xp 2), and a capsule of thin blood (Body Dev. 2). In return Babaente contributed to the cause by presenting Baba with his much wanted range meter, something he missed when he started out due to it’s being counter intuitive. How could a range meter do a melee fighter any good? It is not logical, but it does increase your chance of a critical hit by 1%.

Babaente popped into the Athens subway and hit up a violent vagabond for a vagabonds coat for the token add all def 35. Next she made her way to a general store and acquired and installed a set of QL10-20 store bought implants. Next stop was the nano section where she collected about 10 nanos which she has a reasonable expectation of being able to equip before hitting level 25. To help pay for it, she did the bio-communicator quest and used it to create blood plasma from the rats killed doing Tibors quest. She just resold the armor rewards as it is not as good as the sided island armor that levels.

This all done, it was time to hit the subway in earnest. For a while she dabbled in the beginning section just before you get to the strikers. She could level off the various bots and muggers there. She also hooked up several times with singletons to form a pair team, which increased the leveling rate. When she reached level 13 she the stopped for the night. The next day, after leveling up her armor and morphing memory, she re-entered the subway with her looking for team checked on. She picked up several teams. Things were very par for AO at this point with the usual mixture of really good and gallant players sprinkled with goofballs and 6th graders. The last team was the perfect leveling sweet spot for her at that time. Her 3 person team met up with another 3 person team in the striker room, so they formed just one 6 person team. With the strikers spawning quickly, team members were leveling at a good clip. When things petered out, she had reached level 15. The team broke up in the slow crumble style. One person ran out of ammo, so left for the store, another did the same a few minutes later, then another just plain vanished. That left just Babaente, a crat, and one enforcer. Baba quickly learned that anything less than a full team in the striker room is not a good idea.

Before logging off, Baba had to take a few minutes to allocate out her new IP. By now was able to equip all of her nanos, and could also now replace her dreaded light bar with a much more stylish Floating Torch.

In the meantime, Baba has been taking a break, having gotten a bit burned out hunting the same 5-6 dynas hoping for a drop of the dyna only Skill of Highlander. He had decided he would rather be leveling, so if you have one to sell, give Baba a tell.