Team Baba Pets Moves to Foreman’s

19 08 2010
Foreman's Front Door Mischief

Foreman's Front Door Mischief, click for larger view

Unceremoniously, Babaengy and Babaemphee’s last trip to TOTW was this past Friday evening.  They have everything on their must have lists, and wanted to give another try for the two elusive Notum rings.  They both have the PM/SI versions but the MC ones would be more useful, however they came across some posts which point out that Rings of Presence usually drop frequently for players as they level up, and they buff from +2 or more (depending on quality), all nano skills.  In fact between all of Baba’s alts, there are about 8 of various quality sitting in their banks.  The nugget of information convinced Babaengy and Babaemphee that it was not worth putting up with the trains and spite camping twinks at TOTW any more than they already had.

On this last trip they saw several variations on the “spite camping” twinks.  These are twinks, equipped with top shelf expansion goodies, much costing billions or only available from higher level players, while in and of themselves are of passing technical interest, stand out because of the actions.  They tie up bosses by camping them for hours, preventing anyone else from getting access while they already have all the items they can equip.  One Enforcer twink who choose to run a circuit around the three main wings and their bosses, when it saw other players coming through Gartua’s room, went and popped several mongoes and trained every spawned Windcaller, Exarch and reverend to the area just inside the door to Aztur’s hall just as our pair were entering.   It actually saved our team time, and just meant all of their objectives were in one spot.  While it did take a little extra work for the healpet, they soon had all the mobs down and looted, but no Notum rings were found.

Babaengy and Babaemphee then ran back to DOTS cross roads, and found a twink and a tagging on lowbie fighting DOT.  Babaengy and Babaemphee waited for the fight to finish and then started to run towards the door to the middle hall where Nematet is.  The twink and lowbie saw this and immediately also ran for that door, exhibiting that ‘me first‘ attitude prevalent in these juvenile epeeners.  Babaengy smirked to himself how well his miss-direction had worked.  He watched them run off towards Nematet, because he and Babaemphee really wanted to go visit Lein.

They had to fight their way all the way down to Lien, which is always a good sign, i.e. that no one else was around or camping Lien.  They did see a curious spectacle play out.  When they had progressed to having just two more corners of Legionnaires left to kill and pass, this 38 or so lowbie with a Neleb’s rod, but not much else, tried to run past the remaining Legionnaires.  The lowbie got all the way to the second set of Legionnaires, aggroed them, and then realized he was in trouble.  He was trapped by six Legionnaires, and they wiped him long before Babaengy and Babaemphee could get near.

Once team pets, had cleared out all Legionnaires, they had a 5 to 10 minute wait for Lein to spawn.  They spent this time, rebuffing, and recharging, so when Lien did spawn, the whole team was primed.  The attack went by the book.  Keeping their distance, Babaengy first ticked his bots positive aggression trimmer into gear, and Babaemphee, cast her attack pets combat buff on it.  Then Babaengy sent the bot in to attack.  After the bot had a chance to get in several good hits, Babaemphee sent in her attack pet and mezz pet.  By keeping their distance, Lien’s Ju Ju dolls were immediately rooted by Babaengy’s root aura and were too far from Babaengy and Babaemphee to hit them.  After the meatballs got in a few hits, Babaemphee cast her debuff on Lien, after which Babaengy and Babaemphee started to let loose with their alphas, various TOTW damage rings for Babaengy, and a cold nuke from Babaemphee.  The team took less damage in this battle than any previous Lien fight.

They were well rewarded at the end, with Lien dropping two dark memories and a memory loop.  This just happened to be exactly what was left on team pet’s Lien checklist.  On their previous trip they had both managed to fill their 5 slot belts, and this trip gave them both an extra DM for when they upgrade to six slot belts.

Babaengy and Babaemphee decided to head out to Biomare, having reset their profiles to start collecting experience again, and looking to get back on the leveling path.  They first stopped at the small base just outside the Biomare facility to grab the first quest from Ace Starr, who hands out the clan Biomare quests.  Entering Biomare, for clan, is a bit dicey, especially for pet classes.  Due to the fact that the base is an Omni controlled area, trying to walk in, will result in attacks from the many well equipped guards.  The best way to get in, is to fly in using Yalms, quickly so that any guards around don’t have time to take any shots.  Neither Babaengy or Babaemphee likes flying with pets cast.  It just seems like a cruel thing to do.  Fortunately the entrance to Biomare consists of a quite long hallway with the first mob at the other end, which means clan can enter, go to the side, buff up and cast pets without getting attacked.

They have spent the last few evenings working thought the first set of clan quests.  Babaente, Baba’s NT, and Tireen, his trader alt, skipped Biomare entirely, relying solely on Babaempee’s kiting to get them to their 70s.  They both are currently stuck trying to do the ‘System Intrusion’ daily mission.  Tireen’s calms just don’t cut it, she rarely gets past the first L shaped hall.  Babaente’s calms work much better, and she can calm her way all the way to the end boss who is level 90.  Babaente can calm her, but not kill her, so she can’t complete the mission as long as she has aggro from this boss.  She is strongly considering calling in Babaoroody to throw his level 149 weight around for help.

Babaengy and Babaemphee are finding Biomare alot more fun that it was for Babaoroody.  When Baba did it, he barely found teams often enough to complete the basic security card guests, but he also had to do alot solo.  Soloing is not recommended there unless you are talking about a twink.  Mobs are placed in close together groups, and most of the time it is impossible to pull single mobs before one gets security clearance.  The sewers can be soloed, as can the second golf ball cave section, but the bodyguards in the third section, are very strong and hit hard, and present quite a threat to solo players.  The three bosses are tough also, requiring a good full team, or a much higher level toon with top level pets cast.

The completed the first quest, disable 6 security cams, by focusing on the 3 cams, the first one outside Rodriquez’s area, and two more further down the same hall.  This required dealing with guards which go down fairly fast when Team Pet’s attack bots have their best combat buffs running.

The next set of quests, kill 6 floaters and then kill 6 bloaters is where they first ran into trouble.  Getting swarmed by floaters and bloaters is common when other players sometime train them on to others, but Team Pet was getting swarmed repeatedly.  The got badly swarmed by bloaters once where Babaemphee got sent back to reclaim, which meant Babaengy had to beat a hasty retreat via the emergency exit. Babaengy had just dinged 62, so after she returned, they spent a good 30-40 minutes killing floaters so she could catch up and also ding 62.  They filled up all their bags about half way through, so Babaengy inspected each corpse and only looted really expensive or valuable items, like battle suits or Notum chips.

Babaoroody had told them that he thought Biomare was much better designed than TOTW.  Things like the security cards and the emergency exits go along way in preventing the epidemic training like what goes on at TOTW.

Later they reviewed their various running buffs and are guessing that ‘Intrusive Aura of Entanglement’ is aggro-ing every mob within 20 meters, so they are going to try not using it on their next visit.   It also has the negative effect of getting Babaengy flagged for PVP, and open to ganking by some opportunistic higher level omni there.

They decided to level up some more before taking on the kill Tri-Plumbo boss quest.  The sewers provides fast leveling for them, and TONS of loot.  The best thing about Biomare, in addition to good leveling, is the income.  Mobs at Biomare drop tons of semi-valuable loot.  A single average bag can easily bring 90,000 credits when vendored by Tireen.  It’s quite easy to fill 10+ bags while getting a level in the sewers.   With all bags full and both hitting 62, they left for the evening.

Later while allocating out their new IP in a Newland shop, Babaengy realized he had just increased his skills enough to be able to use ‘Beacon Warp’ which Babaoroody looted a year or two ago.  This opens up a lot of possibilities, from warping lowbies in for phatz, to warping Babaoroody in for places like Crypt of Home.

They made a short follow up visit the following night, and refrained from using the Intrusive Aura as well as any reflect damage things, and as a result, had a much more manageable time in the sewers, grabbing about 10 bags of stuff, and a level each (level 63).  This finally allowed Babaemphee to be able to cast her first Chant, so she cant’ wait to try it out.  Babaengy however is in one of those stages where it will be several levels before he can bump up a level on his bot or any of his nanos.   They both are also still inching towards equipping level 70 first aid and treatment kits.  Stores only sell these in 50 and 70 steps so they have been trying to make do with some 60s that dropped in a team mission a while back, but these have been used up and they are stuck with using puny 50s now.




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