Miysa Likesa Dis Armor

14 07 2010
Looking for mission entrance, North East Wartorn Valley, click for larger view.

Looking for mission entrance, North East Wartorn Valley, click for larger view

It was about their 40th team mission since Babaengy and Babaemphee began using mission slider settings said to favor collecting Miy’s armor when it finally paid off.  Although the settings (CHAOS FULL RIGHT) consistently provided missions with non-human, non casting mobs, and a several other breeds known to drop Miy’s (Aquans, Mantises, Cyborgs) this was the first mission to see any Miy’s drops.

This quality 47 mission yielded a total of 5 Miy’s pieces ranging from QL 35 to 54.  Babaengy was able to immediately equip a pair of QL35 ranged armor boots for some nice buffs to max health, strength, and duck explosives.

Babaemphee recently cast her first MP only weapon,  The Crotalus.

Babaemphee recently cast her first MP only weapon, The Crotalus. Click for larger view.

The problems is both an engineer and an MP do not generally raise strength, stamina or sense that much, which tend to be part of Miy’s requirements.  This means the only Miy’s they can equip is going to be levels below what they could equip of regular junk shop food armor like Cyber Armor and Sekuteck Armor.  It does show that, even using the optimum mission settings, Miy’s drops are somewhat rare (once out of 40 outings).  Babaoroody an Enforcer tells us that the most plentiful place for Miy’s is either PW Borgs, or Mort Borgs.  For example, clearing the main dunes area north east of the Main Borg base in PW is always sure to net 2-3 pieces (approx 40 Borg).

Alien city raid nearby a recent mission entrance.

Alien city raid nearby a recent mission entrance. Click for larger view.

It was on team missions over this past weekend that Babaengy and Babaemphee met their first individual and their first team wipes in mission Boss rooms.  Once they hit level 42, the difficulty settings they were using on the mission terminal was giving them QL 47 t QL 50 level Bosses.  Both team members are stuck at a plateau where it will take 3-4 more missions to level up enough to equip a stronger pet.

The result is that rather than having pets that are much stronger than the team Bosses, the match up is more equal, which means factors like small Boss rooms and strong Boss minions count for more.  There was a repeat of the situation where Babaengy takes the elevator in first, and gets pounced on by both the Boss and it’s minion.  By the time Babaemphee and her heal pet have zoned in, it is too late to heal up the health deficit Babaengy has suffered by then.

In the wipe scenario in that followed in the next mission, there was some difficulty in identifying if team members were fighting the same targets at the same time.  When all team damage dealers are not focused on a single target, they lose, as comparatively, they cannot stand toe to toe individually with these mobs that are higher in levels than they are.  It was actually a bit of a shock, for the last 20 or so missions have been relatively easy, with no team member ever dipping below 75% health.  It is clear now it is time to use different tactics when

Matchin armor sets in progress, MP is done, Engy needs Energized sleeves.

Matching armor sets in progress, MP is done, Engy needs Energized sleeves. Click for larger view.

Babaemphee is going to have to step up to the plate and be the first one in from now on.
Her first task will be to debuff if possible the Boss and it’s minion(s) and initiate her pets attack on the weakest mob, while starting the heal pet on herself.  Babaengy will then follow, sending the bot to attack, and then attacking himself on Babaemphee’s target.
It then becomes a game of alt-tab and first aid stiming where necessary.

When commanding such a team in combat, so many things are going on at once that it is not a time to be trying to devise strategy.  They need to have several plan B’s in place so they can quickly react to new and different threats.  There were also several times when the pets did not seem to respond.  In particular, they seem to have some problems with line of sight and sometimes getting stuck behind pillars.  Babaengy’s bot sometimes seems to be not paying attention and unresponsive.  Babaemphee found that the follow command seemed to be useful to get a pet to come out from behind a column.

Tag Teaming The Boss

Curiously both Babaengy and Babaemphee since reaching level 43 have started to see their Time and Space and MaterCreation skills capped.  This restricts them to a single point increase with each level and has put a crimp in their usual ‘equip a much better pet’ every few levels progress.

The big switch in strategy has been for Babaemphee to enter the Boss room elevator first, and to debuff the Boss and any minions first thing.  Babaengy follows and sets his pet to work on the Boss or minion depending on the situation.  If Babaemphee’s attack pets are holding agro, she puts her heal pet on her attack pet, while Babaengy and his bot take out any minions.  While mopping up minions, Babaengy takes care to health stim Babaemphee if needed.  Babaemphee has to be ready to switch her heal pet to whoever the main aggro switches to.  At this period, the pets seem to be able to hold aggro fairly well.

Stuck in a Spider Hole

Our pet team found itself trapped in a recent mission.  They normally would have never accepted the mission due to its location, but as the reward was an MP mission/loot only masteries nano, they choose to take the risk.  The mission was located in a cave at the same location as a level 65 Dyna-boss and a group of minions.   Getting in was fairly easy, run quickly past the mobs and Dyna into the cave and perhaps suffer a hit or two.  Getting out would be harder as there would be no convenient escape hatch nearby. The has completed the mission and has logged off sitting in the mission entrance.  They knew that when they logged back on, they would either still be there and have to run out, or worse they could materialize under the noses of the spiders, and be easy pickins while their clients spooled up. They enlisted trader Tireen (level 76) to fly over in her Yalm and train away the Dyna and a few other spiders.  She trained them over the hill to the Rhinoman village where it ought to take them a while to find their way back.

When our pair logged in separately, Babaengy first, who found himself still in the mission entrance.  He buffed up his defensive buffs and ran out.  He ran due east to the nearest player city.  Several spiders chased him, and at one point a human Omni hunter snared him, so that the spiders had a chance to beat up on him for a few moments.  Fortunately his AC buffs keep his damage low, and once the snare wore off, he was able to outrun the spiders, and make it to the player city whompa that took him to Newland City.  Babaemphee materialized next, but outside the mission.  She easily outran several spiders and got to the player city whompa without any further drama.




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