Implanting Belts and Monsters

26 06 2010
Map with directional arrow, people, and monsters upgrades showing.

Map with directional arrow, people, and monsters upgrades showing.

Belts and map upgrades do not go O.E. (Over Equipped.)  With this fact in mind, new characters on Ruby-Ka can get the benefit of a 5 slot belt and most of the useful map upgrades without spending a great deal of IP points. This is done by implanting the skill points just long enough to equip the items.  Once the items are in, the implants can come out, so these temporary implants only need the bare minimum of clusters for the desired skill and another cluster if required to make the implant be based on a preferred ability (Agility in Baba’s alts).  The implant slots can then be filled with implants buffing other more important skills.

Babaengy and Babemphee as pet classes, have been putting the max amount of IP into their nano based skills which determine how high a pet they can cast, at the expense of being very stingy with IP points to map navigation.  They have also maxed computer lit at every chance.  At level 29 after a quick review of their stats, it became clear that they were within range to implant enough computer lit and map navigation to be able to equip five slot belts (259 for QL 103) and get the map upgrades for direction, people, monsters, and machines (130 Map nav).  They enlisted Babaente to build two sets of implants. One set of 3 to buff computer lit, and one set of 3 to buff map navigation.

Five slot belt equipped with 5 memory chips.

Five slot belt equipped with 5 memory chips.

Both Babaengy and Babaemphee are level 29 and have the same base computer lit stat at 190.  Their map navigation stats were, 62 and 66 respectively.  The computer lit implant set gave 71 IP points, and the map navigation set gave 75 IP.  Combined with expertise buffs of +20 in each skill and +12 to their basic skills the total should put them with enough points to equip the 5 slot belt and add the map upgrades.

Babaente, a level 75 NT was called on to purchase and assemble the implants as she has just about the right level to nano-programming skills to create QL65 implants.

Not wanting to spend all day camping for QL65 basic implants, Babaente constructed the implants in varying levels between 62 and 65 depending on what she could find in shops.
Since it was a Saturday morning and the 9th anniversary celebration was going on, the OA shops were crowded.  Babaente took the grid to Newland City and then two whompa hops later started shopping in a deserted shop in Hope.  After about a half hour, she had been able to get the required basic implants ranging from 62 to 65 in quality.  Only two implants required more than one cluster and that was solely to change the skill base to Agility, so credits were saved by only buying 8 clusters for the six implants.

Once the two sets were constructed, she handed them off to Babaengy in the Newland City shop.  He proceeded to don his med suite, buff up, and then tagged the surgery clinic.  First the computer lit imps were swapped in.  Once they were in he stripped his memory chips and then his belt.  The new QL 103 5 slot belt went in with no hang-ups and with several IP points to spare.  After scrounging another NCU memory from Babaemphee, he sported a five slot belt with 5 memories giving around 98 NCU (an increase of 18.)  Hopefully this will suffice until he levels up further and his computer lit gets within range to equip a six slot belt.

Babaemphee graduates to 3 pets.

Babaemphee graduates to 3 pets. Larger image available.

Done with the belt, the computer lit buffing implants came out, and a set of map navigation implants was inserted.  With well over 130 map nav, he bought the map upgrades and installed them immediately there in the shop. Next he removed those implants and put his original QL 50 implants back in the slots the map buffing imps had taken.  He then handed off the backpack with the computer lit and map buffing imps to Babaemphee.

Babaemphee tried to repeat the whole process but even though she started out with the same base computer lit as Babaengy, she came up short of meeting the 259 requirement.  She was showing 253.  It seems that she had more computer lit implanted already with her QL 50 implants, so that in swapping them out of the 60+ buffing implants she did not have as much of a net gain as Babaengy did.  She will just have to hit another level or two to make up the 6 points.  She did manage to get the map navigation buffing implants in, and did manage to install the same map upgrades as Babaengy.

The 9th Anniversary party was going on at the time, but none of Baba’s tele-presences felt like making it this year.  The Froobination of the generic composite nano buffs is the best Funcom birthday gift so far, so the other items like the headphones and the duck social clothes just did not interest Baba or his alts.




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