5 Froob Shopping Tips

26 10 2009

Baba's Halloween 09 outfit, click for larger view.One of the greatest disadvantages Froobs face is how they are locked out of the Anarchy Online player shops and the shop searching mechanism. As players advance, there are basically two ways to acquire the best weapons, armor and buffing items. Get them directly by killing the appropriate mob or completing a quest. This is not always possible. This alternative is to buy the needed items from other players. Subscribers can browse player shops and/or search all player shops using the in game GMS search function.

There is a way for determined Froobs to find and buy their needed items. All it takes is a little more effort.

Here are 5 tips to help Froobs find and buy needed items:

1. AO Junkyard and Rogue. These two things combined make a Froob alternative to the GMS.  No, it is not the equivalent, but it can help you find sellers who are ready to sell what you need at the moment.  It involves using the Rogue in-game web browser and the AO Junkyard website. Rogue is a free in-game web browser that minimizes the CPU and memory load involved with running AO and a browser at the same time. It is coded to enable one to use it on top of an open AO window while still having full control of the game.  AO Junkyard lists in real time, all posts to the shopping channels in AO. It lists the actual text of the each selling Shopping Channel post and the name of the player that posted it. It will also tell if the poster is online at the moment.    NOTE: Since the time of writing, Rogue is no longer available, Google Chrome is a lightweight browser alternative to loading up your twinked out and most likely memory hogging regular browser (I am looking at you Mozilla and IE.) (10-25-2010)

2. Auno.org and AO Pricewatch These two web sites can provide valuable background information to help you be able to determine what a reasonable price for any AO item might be. Auno.or is a popular database of all things AO and it can provide helpful price and availability information. The comments under popular items often contain posts about the selling price of items, where they drop or can be obtained originally, and other pertinent information. While the comments can sometimes be way out of date, the more information one has the better one can bargain. AO Pricewatch, keeps a historical record of asking prices pulled from the AO shopping channels, which can help give one an idea of what the ballpark price for an item has been.  NOTE: Pricewatch stopped getting updates over a year ago.  (19-24-2010)

3. Friends List. Once a potential seller of a desired item has been identified, add their name to your toon’s friends list and keep the friends online tab open when online. This will let you spot when they come online so you can send them a direct personal tell immediately to make your offer.

4. Be Prepared to Deal. Have more than enough credits on your toon for the purchase, and make sure there is enough empty space in your immediate inventory to allow the transaction to take place.  Complete your research ahead of time so you will know what is the maximum you are prepared to pay for an item. If the item is unique, make sure ahead of time that you do not have a lower quality version and either get rid of it, or have it in your immediate inventory so you can delete it if required in order to pickup the new unique item. (AO will only allow a player to have 1 of any item marked unique).

5. Trade at OA or BOR Grid. Determine the best place to trade with your intended seller. It is important to do a whois check on the name of your potential seller to learn which faction they belong to. If they are clan, and you are clan, than Old Athens grid is probably the most convenient place to meet. If they are omni or neutral, then Borealis Grid will be the best place to meet. When both sides are omni or neutral, then Borealis Grid may still be the most convenient location to trade due to being reachable by whompa and grid.

When you do send a private tell to your potential seller make it short and to the point.


Hi  (name of seller), I want to buy your  (name of item) for  (number of credits) credits, meet at (name a grid location) grid?

This tells them what you want to buy, what you are offering to pay, and suggests a place to meet. Remember the other player at this point may be occupied killing mobs or completing a quest. Be patient and be prepared to agree on a future time and place to meet if needed.

Be flexible on where to meet and when. Players are often occupied at the moment, but still motivated to set up a future rendezvous or they may request you come to them.  As long as the alternative place they suggest is relatively safe, you may have to agree in order to get what you need.




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