The Miy’s Man

14 08 2009
The well dressed Fr00b decked out for Borgs in Perpetual Wastelands, click for larger view

The well dressed Borg Hunter in Perpetual Wastelands, click for larger view.

Earlier in the week Baba had made a trip out to Perpetual Wastelands Borg Dunes, only to find it occupied by several higher level toons.  There was a title 5 fixer kiting the Borg in mass out on the main dune.  Baba is not sure why high levels hunt Borg here, as it must not be very good experience.  The best guess is they are farming Miy’s armor for alts, however often these toons don’t bother to loot the corpses.

Baba went south west a little to the town area and started hunting the slightly lower level Borg in that region.  He netted quite a few nice Miy’s pieces which he will be saving for his alts.  He had not trouble with these Borg and could easily kite several at a time with not difficulty.  The trouble he ran into was in the area near where the main road bends westward to go to the bridge.

Target rich Perpetual Wastelands dunes, click for larger view

Target rich Perpetual Wastelands dunes, click for larger view

There is a cliff to the south and Baba had spotted a single Borg down at the base.  He hopped down there to take out the Borg only to find that there were about 5 Borg there and a couple of high level mantises.  He managed to run out of the ravine and up the hill towards the road.  In the process he lost the mantises and the Borg by themselves was manageable.

The next evening when he returned to the dunes area, there was another title 5 Fixer out on the main dune area.  Baba went to the area next to the Helipad, but after he had killed a few Borg, the Fixer rolled in and kitted away all the Borg.

Since about half of Baba’s bags were full from the night before, he choose to go back to Newland city to sort out his loot and sell it.  After he competed this (including meeting up with Tireen who fenced the items at the trader shop) he returned to the dunes to find the Fixer gone.

There was still a problem.  The fixer had left a tigntly packed group of Borg on the main dune.  Baba had never seen so many Borg in such a small area.  Baba tried to slowly approach to just aggro one, but he had to high tail it when the whole pack turned on him.  They stopped chasing him by the time he was just a few hundred yards from the canyon to the north.

At this this dispersed the Borg knot, and when he returned he was able to start kiting them in ones and twos.  He did this for about an hour and decided to log off after his anniversary experience boost wore off.

Ohtizz leveling near central outpost in Newland Dessert, click for larger view

Ohtizz leveling near central outpost in Newland Dessert, click for larger view

Ohtizz our adventurer put in a few hours this week.  He leveled up to 24 in the wilderness around the outpost in the center of Newland Dessert.  He experimented with several different sets of pistols and in the end decided to stick with the upgraded starter weapons for now.  The Electrocutiums did slightly better damage, but were painfully slow.

It is just psychologically unacceptable to get killed while waiting for you weapon to shoot.  Also the lack of any special, makes combat with them a single button push of boredom.  At least with the Surge pistols, if he pays attention, it pays off with additional damage from every Fling Shot.  After hitting 24 he headed back to the subway.

OHtizz almost outhealed Eumidess damage, but not quite, click for larger view

OHtizz almost outhealed Euenides's damage, but not quite, click for larger view

We found him at 24 to be somewhat less powerfull than our NT had been, but better than Baba as a baby enforcer had been.  His damage is about the same as Baba’s then, but his self healing gives him an edge over the enforcer at that level.  The NT definitely out damages both of them.  Our NT could easily solo Eumedies,  Virgil Aneid and Infectors.  Ohtizz had a run in with Eumenides  at the entrance to the stairwell to the deep subway.

It turned out to be a fairly long battle.  As long has his nano lasted, Ohtizz was able to out heal the damage of the mob.  Ohtizz’s damage was too weak, and was not enough to beat the mob before Ohtizz’s nano ran out.  Once his nano ran out, he could no longer use his first aid stims, and since his damage was slower than the the mobs, the mob beat him.  At the end both had just a sliver of health left.




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