Baba Beats Borg for 135

27 07 2009
Sand Worm Dynacamp in far West Perpetual Wastelands, Baba spotted this on his way from Mort Sentinels to PW Borgs. click for larger view.

Sand Worm Dynacamp in far West Perpetual Wastelands, Baba spotted this on his way from Mort Sentinels to PW Borgs. click for larger view.

Baba returned to Perpetual Wastelands to work on his 135 level this past Sunday.  Having done nothing since hitting level 134 other than sort loot and trade, his experience bar was empty.  This would be a good time to try an experiment, with no experience to loose, he headed for Tir County.  He had seen the Vermin Disposal Unit, a unique Dynacamp many times before as a lowbie traveling around the region.  He could not tell how difficult it would be for him to take it on, so he was going to find out tonight.  Heading west from Tir city, he quickly found it in a narrow strip of green just south of a player city in the west end of Tir.  Perhaps because it looked just like the waste control units back on Shuttleport Island, he thought it would be a push over like they were.  This did not turn out to be the case.

Unusually crowded reclaim in Newland City, click for larger view

Unusually crowded reclaim in Newland City, click for larger view

It was it is a lot tougher than it’s health bar and warning imply.  It turned to out hit very very hard, slicing through Baba’s armor and dealing him 1900 damage for ‘normal’ hits and 2500 or more for crits.  With hits like that, Baba barely managed to cut the unit down to 75% health before Baba was looking at 25% health.  Baba tried to mongo for enough health to let him run away, but he soon found him self back at reclaim, which was unusually crowded tonight.

He stopped off in the Advanced store to give himself a healing pop from the implant machine and then sat down next to the bank terminal to pass the next few minutes.  Checking his skills window he remembered that he still had to allocate out IP points from hitting level 134.  Due to a virus problem with the ether net, his usual spreadsheet was not immediately available, so he had to do this one from memory.

Baba has finally reached the stage where most of his basic skills are starting to max out, so he is beginning to have a surplus of IP points and can start building up a few areas he has had to short change in the past. These have been primarily evades and duck skills.  After topping off all of his important priorities, he put a large amount into evades.  Hopefully at some point, this will result is fewer crits landing on him.

While he as doing this, two kind souls, both doctors in his range, who happened to also be passing the time in the shop ninja buffed him with various heals, which he gladly thanked them for.    Once his IP were saved, he headed out the door and ran for the grid terminal outside the Newland City Gates.

He took his usual route to PW, which is grid to Sentinels in Mort, and then fly due east to Perpetual Wastelands and then across PW to the north east corner.  For the second time in recent visits, he seemed to be arriving just after someone else had cleared the field of Borg, and only a handful of Borg could be seen.  This was fine with Baba, as sometimes, a full field is hard to pull single Borg from.

By the time Baba had hunted down enough of these Borg to reach about halfway on his experience bar, he got an important sub-galactic phone call, that he did not want to miss, so he retired to his safe spot over by the cliffs and went into suspended animation so he would not waste the experience stim he had running.

Close call after bad pull, click for larger view.

Close call after bad pull, click for larger view.

After the call finished, and he returned refreshed, he went back to hunting the Borg.  He had one bad pull that got him a Major and two Generals.  It was a very close fight, with both he and the final Borg being down to less than 20% health at the end.  Fortunately the Borg seem to stop landing crits once you have them down past 30%, so Baba did prevail.  The next pull was almost an exact copy, except the 3 Borg were just Majors, and Baba had no problem taking them down.

Baba has gotten his Borg kiting moves down much better now.  Once he has the Borg(s) kited to the spot where he wants them, and he gets them running in a circle, he first hits his Fast Attack, and then Brawl.  Curiously he has found that his Brawl special will not fire if more than one keyboard button is depressed.  This was preventing him from using it, as he was using the forward and left arrow keys simultaneously to run in a circle.  He found that in order to get the Brawl key to respond he has to lift either the forward or the left key for just long enough to depress the Brawl key.

Baba dings 135 at PW Borg Dunes, click for larger view.

Baba dings 135 at PW Borg Dunes, click for larger view.

He usually lifts up on the left key, causing him to run straight for a second.  Baba uses his action panel buttons as indicators to show when the cool down for each of these attacks is reached.  After using one of these attacks, the button is grayed out, and it comes back to full color when the cool down period is over.  Baba had two other keys he uses while kiting Borg this way.  He has his hotbar key 1 set to fire his Flurry of Blows and his hotbar key 2 to fire his library of foul language taunt. He often throws in the taunt while waiting for Fast Attack and Brawl to recharge.

Once again, he had to move south to the uneven dunes section close to the Helipad for more Borg.  Tonights loot take of note was a few Miy’s pieces in the 130-200 range.




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