Leveling Location With Miy’s Armor

14 07 2009
Auno.org chart of leveling progress, link to larger view.

Auno.org chart of leveling progress, link to larger view.

The graph at Auno.org of Babaoroody’s leveling progress represents an odd looking staircase of sorts. It displays short periods of rapid ascension, followed by long periods of little or no upward movement.  In typical enabler fashion we have shared Baba’s tendency to towards denial when it comes to his progress.  Many excuses come fluently to the tongue.

There’s no leveling dungeon after Forman’s” is one.  Or “Borgs and missions are too repetitious” is another.  “Been too busy starting other characters” (Babaente and Tireen, both around level 73) is also heard from. The stark reality of the Auno Character Database page jolted Baba out of his secure comfort level and motivated him to get out of Newland City and head to Perpetual Wastelands to get back to leveling off the Borg in the upper North East quadrant.

Baba however, has not been sitting around doing nothing these last few weeks.  More than once he has been within one or two kills of leveling to 132 when he has gotten wiped.  If that is karma, then we think he should have a pretty clean slate now.

PW Borg Dunes Map, link to larger version.

PW Borg Dunes Map, link to larger version.

After touching a few hundred yards north of the Helipad dunes, near the cliff wall, Baba set about buffing up. Once his standard buffs and his hacked boosted graft Hasty Augmentation Cloud were running, he ran to within a fifty meters of so of the main Borg group.  When he was sure that there was no one else there to hunt these Borg, he opened his inventory and popped one of his 8th Anniversary extra experience stims.  This combined with his huge saved experience pool, should help bring that next level to fruition much sooner than usual.

Hunting the dune Cyborgs as a solo Enforcer, Baba finds the beginning of the hunt the most dangerous.  This is when the dunes are usually full of 50-60 Borg.  At this juncture care must be taken to approach single Borg at the farthest edges of the group.  This is done so as to hopefully only draw aggro from one Borg at a time.  Any misjudgment and the solo Enforcer finds themselves trailing a train of multiple Borg, which can be lethal if not managed well.  Baba was fortunate this outing, and he only had two instances where more than one Borg chased him at a time.  The first time, it was 3 Borg, and the second time it was two.  When things were timed right, and all of his Enforcer alpha attacks are available, the first two Borg went down quickly, while the third took a while longer to wear down using only basic attacks.

The most dangerous Borg on the dunes seems to be the Brigadier General ones who happened to be small females.  They appear to have more run speed than the others, and almost always manage to get off one or two shots, even when on the run as Baba kites. With the added speed, Baba has to adjust his circular running to include more short straight stretches, so as to keep a healthy distance from these hard hitting little Generals.   Baba tries to make sure his alphas like Flurry of Blows are ready for use when approaching one of these.

By the time Baba’s experience stim had less than 5 minutes left, the Borg had been reduced to a single lone Borg in the middle of the Dunes.  Baba still pulled them to the south end of the dune to kite it there, due to the problem of re-spawns.  When the Borg had been down to 3 or 4, Baba made the error of kiting one not too far from the center of the dune plateau.  In the middle of a kite with one, a new Borg spawned right next to where Baba was running and the Borg manage to get a few melee hits in, before Baba maneuvered to bring it into his kite.  This process of pulling the kites to the north end of the dunes, did eat up more time, but Baba was determined, the closer he got to leveling, to not get sent back to reclaim due to some avoidable threat.

Baba reaches level 132 at PW Borg Dunes, link to larger view.

Baba reaches level 132 at PW Borg Dunes, link to larger view.

With less than 3 minutes left on his experience stim, Baba hit level 132 after taking out his last Brigadier General for the day.  Baba returned to the spot near the cliff wall to the north where he can log out/in with reasonable expectation of not re-animating next to a Borg.

For Froob’s, one of the real advantages of this leveling location is the Miy’s armor that the Borg drop.  Sitting by the cliff wall, Baba went about sorting through his latest loot.  He was very happy to find a QL 151 Miy’s Scary Body Armor.  He quickly put it on, swapping out the 145 Miy’s Ranged Body armor he had been using.  The Scary offered a handful of additional ACs across the board and covered up the holes in Chemical, Radiation and Poison AC that the Ranged piece had.

Baba sits by cliff wall at PW Borg Dunes, link to larger version.

Baba sits by cliff wall at PW Borg Dunes, link to larger version.

Baba paused for a few minutes to consider the idea of sticking around Perpetual Wastelands for a while just to farm more Miy’s.  He considered it, but decided that if he just kept trying to level normally, he would get plenty of Miy’s before PW Borgs went gray for him.  For Froob Enforcers who like to solo, the PW Borg dunes is a great place to level and the armor loot has some of the best qualities, it is a) great armor for Froobs, and b) and most importantly, it drops in ranges that the leveling Enforcers  can equip right away or fairly soon.




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