Small square Boss rooms

5 06 2009

Babaente and Tireen are so close to thier 250 token boards, they can almost taste it.  It won’t be much longer till they reach it, and can go back to Kiting and possibly the Biomare dungeon.  They may even take a vaction, while Babaoroody gets back to leveling.

Rhinoman Cockpit Oasis - Click for larger image

Rhinoman Cockpit Oasis - Click for larger image

June 4 found them rolling team missions in Newland Dessert City.  After the drubbing of the previous outing, they have dialed down the difficulty level a few points. They completed three team missions Thursday. The first was left over from the day before, and the other two were new rolls.  All three were in mine type locations with an odd mix of mech dogs, mutants, and mantises.

Using the north gate mission terminals in Newland Dessert City, they have been pulling missions located mostly around Meetmedere or to the east near the Rhinoman Cockpit Oasis on the other side of the acid river and the high flat top ridge.

Small square Boss Room with obstacle - click for larger image

Small square Boss Room with obstacle - click for larger image

They also had a run of the the smallest type Boss rooms.  This room type is immediately recognizable for it’s small square layout and a large square rock/pillar in one corner from which the team can often conveniently hide and lure minions to without aggro-ing the Boss.  Generally this room is one of more easy and flexible Boss battle grounds.  There is one variation that they ran into with the first Boss room of the night that was not so easy.

It is one of our least favorite Boss room arrangements, where the  Boss and minon(s) are waiting practically on top of the teleport spot.  This presents a curious bit of a strategy conundrum.  Should the team concentrate on one mob at a time and if so which one?  The popular consensus seems to be that the team is most effective if it concentrates fighting one mob at a time, in what order however is up for debate. In traditional real time strategy scenarios, the rule is eliminate the greatest threats first.

This may not be wise in the Boss room scenario, because some Bosses may take quite a long time to down due to thier special abilities or defensive strengths above that of normal mobs.  Long enough that if not stopped a minion could go through the health of one or more players in that time.

So far in most scenarios our pair have faced, the best strategy has been when faced with the necessity of fighting the Boss and one or more mobs at once, has been to focus on the weakest target first, eliminate it, and then retreat to the previous level to heal before returning to take down more minions, or if none are left , the Boss.

What about crowd control?  What about using calms and roots you say?  These topics are rather sore with our pair at this stage in thier career.  From levels 1 to around 40, the calms and roots they could equip seemed to be mostly unreliable and ineffective.  Around level 50 they found that roots started actually working, at least 50% of the time.  Even if one lands, the longest lasting they currently have is about a minute

Rhinoman Cockpit Oasis mission entrance - click for larger image

Rhinoman Cockpit Oasis mission entrance - click for larger image

We have not been able to determine from our reading and asking around if this is par for NT’s and traders in the 50 to 70 range.  So far the most success our pair have has been with roots in mission situations where a mob can be spotted from a fairly good distance, like a mob in a room at the end of a long hall.  At thier current levels multiple re-casting is out, either to get a landed cast or to re-root a mob that is about to have its root time out.

This is mainly because roots take a pretty healthy chunk out of Babaente’s nano supply.  This is not advisable because nano is Babente’s ammunition.  If she uses up 50% or more of her nano with more than one root cast, she does not have enough nano left to bring the mob down.  The few times she has tried this, she was able to escape by using her Notum splice to refresh her nano supply, but this is not a routine strategy since the splice has a 30 minute cool down.




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