Ashes ashes, all fall down

29 11 2008
7/24 Shop in Newland backyard

7/24 Shop in Newland backyard

Babaente, our NT, has spent the last day or so out kiting, with Tireen our trader tagging along for the experience.  Without telling you where the new kiting spot is, we can give you some hints.  It is a region that seems to be rarely visited by other players.  All the time they have been there, the only other players sighted have been a couple of players fighting an alien raid on a nearby player city.  As far was we know, there are no dungeons in this region.  There is a suspicious looking pumpkin patch; we will file away for paying a vist next Halloween season.  Babaente has several interesting lag related things happen while kiting.

Instead of the usual lag induced massive damage; while the screen shows lots of distance to the mobs being kited, the opposite happened several times.  Babaente would be kiting a group of mobs through some obstacles, i.e. logs and stumps in the ground, that usually slow down the mobs as their path finding has to decide what to do.  In this case they were getting stuck, and Babaente would have to turn around and run back closer to them to regain their attention.  Several times she had her kite disperse because she apparently got too far ahead of it, and the mobs gave up the chase.  It is a good feeling for Babaente to finally have to be able to quickly out run kite mobs if necessary.  For Babaente, necessary comes about once and a while kiting.  Due to a mistake or lag, should her health dip down to 25% or less, the extra run speed lets her put some distance between herself and the mobs so she can use stims to heal up while still keeping the kite together.  Once she has healed, she can stop long enough for the mobs to catch up, and then resume the kite.

Looking for Brontos? Try SE BS

Looking for Brontos? Try SE - BS. Click for larger version.

IP wise, Babaente is going through a bit of a dry spell as far as equipping new nanos. The next step up in all of her nano progressions have a rather large jump that is going to take another 5 or so levels to reach.  Since the mobs she is kiting now are several levels above what she has kited before, her area of effect nuke is starting to seem rather meager, such that it takes quite a few applications to bring down her kites now.

The high point of her last kite session was to see the result of an almost perfect kite, with all of the mobs dropping at the same time.  She knew it was going to be a good kite when she first spotted a group of about 8 Bio-Rejects close together and she successfully targeted and area of effect nuked the Bio-Reject in the center of the group.  She had found the group quite a distance from where Tireen was waiting, and so she had quite a long jog back to her, nuking the kite as she went along.  By the time she reached Tireen, the mobs health bars were down to about 30%.  She had only made about 2 laps around the tree logs she was using as a kite focus, and the health bar for the mob she had targeted looked like it was about to flat line. She stopped and turned briefly to pick out another target, and was greeted with the sight of the entire group, not just her target stopping and falling dead in their tracks.  Next came a warm fuzzy feeling while a stream of experience gains scrolled by in her combat log.

Challenger size boost demo

Challenger size boost demo

Tip: to beginning NT’s, if you want to do allot of kiting, start maxing your run speed from day one. You may not need it in the subway, but as soon as you try and kite mobs outside, you will.  Babaente did not do that with her run speed and when she started kiting at around level 27, it took her several painful levels before she could max it.  Even then two indispensable buffs anyone can get are the Boots of Infinite Speed and a hacked boosted graft of playful cub.  With these, you will have no need of begging in Borealis for Gridspace Freedom.

So it was good to be back in Babaente’s field of expertise and it was a welcome salve to the wounds still tender from her last visit to the Steps of Madness with Babaoroody and things did not go well.




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