Jack’s Mystery Spawn Site

23 11 2008
5 Verified Jack Spawn Locations, click for larger view

5 Verified Jack Spawn Locations, click for larger view

While running missions the other night in Varmint Woods Babaoroody stumbled into one of the groups of Jack the Legchopper’s placeholders and got wiped out by surprise.  To avoid that in the future I decided to map out all six of the given spawn points for Jacks clones.  My map shows where I was able to verify the presence of the placeholders for 5 of the spawn sites.  The site that is supposed to be at 2200 x 1300 is not circled because I could not find any placeholders there, but instead there is a player city there now.

For those of you unfamiliar with Jack the Legchopper, he is the target of a set of quests.  He cannot be found directly, but there are locations where there are 5 (various type)swapper mobs that  have a good chance of spawning one of Jack’s clones when they are killed.

Here are the coordinates given by Anarchy Online Vault and Anarchy Online Arcanum.

2200 x 1100
2200 x 1300
2500 x 500
2800 x 2700
3800 x 1000
4100 x 350

Baba and Babaente were exiting from a mission at the crash site next to the spawn point shown on my map as the bottom left circle.  The spawn points are populated by 5 or so tough mobs in the 100 to 150 range with names like lifeswapper and soulswapper etc.  As a 131 enforcer, Babaoroody was able to take them down one on one, but they appear to be social and the whole group can be quite lethal to title 4 and below players.  If you are title 4 or under, unless you are in a team assembled for these quests, you would be well advised to avoid these spots.

Floating building where 2200 x 1300 spawn site should be, click for larger view.

Floating building where 2200 x 1300 spawn site should be, click for larger view.

So what is going on at 2200 x 1300 since Baba found a player city there and no placeholders?  It is only about 200 ticks north of where Baba verified the 2200 x 1100 spawn site  (the middle left circle on the map).  Baba took a screen shot of the vacant of placeholders spot to show you what it looks like.   While the plot of ground looks like normal city type ground, Baba does not recall seeing other city buildings floating like that before. Was the six spot eliminated or has it been moved, and if so where? Let us know if you know the answer.




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