13 11 2008
Spotted hovering over Omni HQ

Spotted hovering over Omni HQ

Babaente and Tireen have been steadily slogging their way through team missions for that last week or so.  Babaente has locked her experience for now at 60, in case she needs to escort Tireen at the Temple of the Three Winds, which Tireen plans to visit after she dings 60.  While they both have been there before, Tireen needs to be able to get to Lien for dark memories mainly.  She also still lusts after an Exarch robe.  Babaente has hers along with a Notum splice which she has yet to have utilized beyond equipping it.

When they started running this string of missions, there was a pretty good sized gap between the two team mates, with Tireen in the low 50s and Babaente in the high 50s.  With Tireen rolling the missions, the mobs were pretty easy for Babaente at first, but now that they are both about the same, the boss mobs are getting to be pretty hard to handle.  Time to dial back the difficulty level a bit when rolling.

For a week or so now they have been diligently using mission buddy to choose only missions with rewards they could use or sell. Beyond the rare and not likely to be seen loot, they have been mostly going for boosted grafts which can then be hacked to remove the profession requirements.  For them the most sought after are the Hasty Augmentation Cloud, a damage booster, Lesser Protective Field, an AC booster, and Blood Circle, a heal and health delta booster.

Bank mules line up, with names like Armorbank, Buffsbank, etc.

Bank mules line up, with names like Armorbank, Buffsbank, etc., seen at ICC whompas.

After about 15 or so missions, they had collected one or more of what they were seeking and could reasonably expect to find.  With this in mind Tuesday evening they thought they would cut out the time required to roll and select missions, and just take the first missions that came up which they could reach.

They figured that if this could buy them time to even run one or more missions per night it would increase their odds of finding something phat while getting to their over all goal of filling out their token boards as fast as possible.

Well, it did not quite work out that way.  The bosses in all three missions were way over anything they have faced before.  The first one, a ninja type, surprised them by warping them back to him, if they tried to exit the boss level to heal.  This resulted in Tireen getting sent back to reclaim.  Babaente finished off the boss, and then waited for Tireen to return to apply the fixit item to complete the mission.

Tireen with Flag of Sacrifice award

Tireen with Flag of Sacrifice award

The next boss was a super engineer that had some kind of aura that made it almost immune to Tireen and Babaente’s damage.  Babaente tried to exit to heal, but got warped back again, with the result being sent back to reclaim.  Tireen was able to finish off the Boss and she went ahead and picked up the ‘find it’ item.  This was a mistake, as it caused Babaente to miss out on tokens for that mission. Apparently if you are not in the mission when it is completed, you get no tokens.

The last boss was also very hard.  This one also seemed to have an aura that stopped most of Tireen’s energy damage.  Babaente’s poison nuke worked, but the only way she would survive was to kite the boss by running around the walls of the end room.

At the end of the evening, Tireen exactly 120 tokens, so she quickly upgraded her token board resulting in her total health topping out at 1440 now, compared to lvl 60 Babaente at 1k now.  Tireen was also able move from a ql81 Vektor to a 96.  Her stats are starting to get high enough to start replacing her maxed out ql 47 living Cyber Armor with a grab bag of hand me downs and looted armor including a Miy’s nano helmet.




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