Tokens and Loot

6 11 2008
Find the Boss elevator.

Find the Boss elevator.

Everyone remembers the times they popped a chest in a mission and had a rare or semi rare item show up for the taking.  This positive reinforcement gets a privileged place in the memory cells.   The myriad times where popping a chest only disclosed bizarre and obscure items that at first glance have you crossing your fingers while you look it up on or by using a bot in game.  It is easy to forget all of these disappointments.

While slogging away at collecting tokens via QL 47-60 team missions, Tireen and Babaente have been noting some peculiarities of the recurring loot and rewards.

After running perhaps 30 or so team missions, our pair of female hunters have turned up exactly 0 of the big Phatz purported to be possible at this level.  No Home Defenders for Tireen.  No dyna only nanos, no grid armor, and so on.  They have noticed a steady stream of Ithaka k8s, old English pistols (QL 47), and S. A. Confident Home Defenders.

Will Babaente get an apartment just to have somewhere to display her new frig?

Large Frig

They are not sure why, but during this time, they have found about 5 additional clan tokens on individual mobs within the missions and only 1 omni token.  So far the most unusual or ‘I have never seen that before’ bit of loot is the large refrigerator that Babaente found in a chest.  It appears to be place able on the ground, so it could be used to outfit an apartment.



Tireen’s odd loot find is a ‘chair’, which can be used as a melee weapon.  Tireen discovered something about the social tab that was new to her.  She and Babaente were in a Boss room after they thought they had killed all the mobs there.  They had just looted some weapons they had not seen before and Tireen was trying them out in her social tab so they could see what they really looked like.  Just then they were attacked by another mob that had been hidden behind a pillar.  Babaente had not yet healed after the previous boss fight so her health was already down to 50% and she really needed Tireen’s help now.  Unfortunately, Tireen was to learn first hand that when a weapon is equipped in the social tab, you cannot fight or attack at all.

While thinking of loot Babaente wants to take the opportunity to rant about another of her sure fire ideas to pump life and interest into AO without requiring a ton of new development.  Her idea tonight is have mobs drop as loot the weapons they use against you.  Continuity wise, it is normal to expect that if you drop a mob that was shooting at you with a shotgun, that you would then liberate the same shotgun off the corpse.  Ditto for ammo.  How hard could this be?  The model is already called up, why not extend its use?  While this might not have much of a monetary effect, it would give the whole thing a greater sense of continuity.




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