Mystery Buffing Items

29 10 2008
Face only visible from air, north of Wartorn Valley

Face only visible from air, north of Wartorn Valley

If someone told you about an item that gave 950 health, you might assume that it is rare, in limited supply, or not seen often.  If someone told you of an item that gives 950 nano, you might think it would cost a bundle of credits on the AO market.  If someone told you about an item that gives 210 runspeed you might assume that it has very high skill requirements.  If someone told you about an item that gives +210 comp lit, you might think is all of the previous.  If someone told you of an item that gave 210 nano programming you will most likely think the same again.  Ditto for an item that gives 140 Concealment, or items that give +7% experience, or +60 defense,  or +20 damage.  Surely you think, such items must be obtainable only via the highest level elite raids and then only by a combination of points and lottery luck.  Finally you might think such items are out of the reach of beginners and froobs especially.

All of these buffs are available to beginners and froobs, at a cost practically any player can afford.  The best part is that they all come from one item.  The cost for this item, is practically nil, although you will need a handful of credits to get started.   It does require that the player join omni or clan.  The only other requirements are 1) completing missions and 2) killing all the mobs in said missions.  We are talking about the common token board leveled to 1000 tokens.  Players have to pay for the cost of rolling missions, however, this should be more than recovered from the combination of mission loot and rewards, so a beginning player will need a few hundred credits to get started.  There are title level requirements.  As players progress in title levels, the token board rewards increase from a healthy 20% increase at title 2 to a huge 100% at title 4. (Based on increase to base health, exact percentages vary due to breed and profession.)

Token  boards as twinking items are often overlooked and not mentioned because of their one  and only drawback which is the lack of being available immediately.  There is no easy way to blitz tokens.  One can team and leech tokens, but to pay high level characters to carry you through token missions would be expensive given the time required.

The significant cost of token boards is the investment of the players time.  The number of tokens per mission seems to be determined mainly by the number of mobs found in the mission and eliminating at least 95% of them.  To get to 1k tokens may take 250 to 300 missions, so it is a long term objective.

Realistically, only the most dedicated hard core twinkers will be willing to complete 250+ token missions with a level locked toon.  Fortunately token boards give out rewards in steps, so even if  you take your time accumulating the tokens, you get modest rewards along the way.  For all the details has a great page listing all the token boards and their rewards. The Anarchy Online Wikia also has a very informative token board page.

Token awards display above Tireens shoulders, Double Ribbons of Skirmish in this case.

Token awards display above Tireens shoulders.

Speaking of token boards, Babaente and Tireen have been running team missions, primarily for tokens recently.  In the process, Tireen reached her 53rd ding, putting her just 3 behind Babaente now.   The last few team missions have been all human mobs, with a heavier than normal mix of MP types.  MP’s and engineers take a bit more hands on control of the dual logged Tireen, since her auto-target often selects the pet rather than the master mob.  A few well thought out macros and hot bar keys helps the dual logging control go smoothly.  With Tireen set to follow Babaente, here is how the drill goes.  Directly controlled Babaente enters a room’s doorway, aggros mob, and pulls it out into the hallway.  If mob attacks Tireen, her auto-attack kicks in, so there is no need to further control her.  Continue with control of Babaente, pouring nukes into mob until dead.  If mob does not attack Tireen, then
Alt/Tab to switch windows to Tireen’s window, press the key for select nearest hostile, then press the key for attack, Alt/Tab back to Babaente’s window, start pumping nukes into mob.

Most of the time with works quite well.  The main problems usually appear in boss rooms where there may be up to 3 or more mobs (including pets).  One such problem occurred Sunday evening.  The mission was an observer the person type mission.  Their current Boss room Standard Operating Procedure is for Tireen to teleport in first, drain and then start pumping lead, with Babaente following as soon as Tireen gets her shot gun going.  The problem tonight was there were three mobs in the boss room:  A boss, a regular human mob, and the observe target human mob.  They all attacked Tireen at once.  Before Alt/tabbing away, we made sure Tireen had the boss targeted and was attacking it.  There was a slight delay in Alt/tabbing to Babaente and getting the teleport to work, such that by the time Babaente materialized in the boss room, Tireen had switched her targeting to the objective mob and was 99% done in killing it.  The observe target mob hit the floor before another Alt/tab could be issued.  The outcome, discerned by reading the Tireen’s log, was that when she targeted the objective mob, the system recognized the mission as complete and the mission reward was issued.  Tokens however were not awarded, because the Boss mob had not yet been eliminated.  This particular mission had been a small one, i.e. it had just a handful of mobs in it, so not killing just one mob was enough to deny awarding the tokens.

In retrospect, it served them right because they actually had NOT followed SOP for boss rooms.  Their 1st procedure for any boss room is for one team person to teleport in and simply scout the room and teleport back without engaging any of the mobs.  Even so, at this point we are not sure what strategy to use in the future in similar situations.  How to get the benefit of both players firepower, without risking one of them targeting the observe objective mob before the other mobs and/or boss.




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