6 Slot Belt Makes Happy NT

23 10 2008
Six Slot Belt

Six Slot Belt

Wednesday found Babaoroody tasked with rolling and completing a mission for a 160-170ish 6 slot belt. As a froob, the in game market is difficult if not impossible to buy from other players.  While the thegms bot on Rimor and a similar one on Atlantean, provides everyone including froobs with access to a sort of classified system, it is problematic since one still has to track the seller down in person to make the exchange.  If there is one thing Funcom could do to make froobs more viable, it would be to give them access to player shops.

So even though there were 6 slot belts listed by a handful of players, Baba knows from past experience, it can take weeks to track down a seller and arrange a meeting.  He did try monitoring the shopping channel, but did not see anyone selling one and he did not feel like paying 1 million for one.  It made sense for him to see if he could roll one up.

It took about a half hour, and roughly 30,000 credits.  The mission was a repair item type in Pleasant Meadows at about the 160-170 level.  Baba did not know what to expect mob wise as he buffed up at the entrance.  He had used the same settings that Babaente and Tireen had been using, and all the mobs in this mission were cyborgs, his favorite!  The mission had several nice big hallways and rooms where he could kite the borg, so he did not have to use his health kits very much.  He had planned to blitz the mission, but since they were Borgs, he completed the whole mission, and got some tokens as well as the belt.

To get Babaente into the Belt was going to take some implants for Computer Literacy.  Tireen collected all the parts for QL 80 head and eye implants and Baba assembled them.  After Babaente got them in she was still 4 points short.  Since she was close to leveling, she thought she could finish the level at the Temple of the Three Winds.  She used the Newland Desert portal to get there fast, but she soon discovered that she was getting no experience off the cultists, and she was not strong enough to solo Deathless Legionnaires safely.



After a close fight with a Lego, she left the temple, and picked up Tireen so they could return to the NW Mine in Lush Fields, to top off her level.  This was her first time out with a CPU upgrade installed in her belt, and even though it was a low quality one, it made a major difference in her nano use.  It seemed to reduce greatly the amount of nano depleted.

Once she had leveled to 55 after just 2 kites, they returned to Newland, where she put the 4 points of new IP in and then got the 6 slot belt on.  Along with the belt Baba provided her from his bank a better CPU upgrade and a Nano Recompiler QL 119.  Next she took off for the back yard to try out her new setup.



Thanks to the nano recompiler increasing her nano init by 127 points, it only takes about half a second to cast her area of effect now.  This will make kiting so much safer and may enable her to kite higher level mobs.

If we ever roll another NT, we will most definitely make computer literacy a priority for IP points.  The sooner a 6 slot belt goes on, and with it a nano recompiler, the sooner a NT can kite more easily because they will be able to cast their single and area nukes in less than a second.




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