Tireen dings 50

18 10 2008
View of NW Mine from Fixed Dungeon Entrance

View of NW Mine from Fixed Dungeon Entrance

Babaente was very busy Friday evening and Saturday afternoon at the NW Mine in Lush Fields.  She had the help of Babaoroody, who would drop in from time to time to give her an Essence of Titan health buff and do some trimming of the Lifebleeder population.

She confirmed her theory that kiting might go smoother if she did away with using the auto-target and auto-attack settings.  Hunting this way, does not require any more key presses.  She usually manually targets the first key mob, and when the kite is getting near the end, she manually uses the next hostile mob button to select the most healthy mob remaining in the kite.  The best part being that she had absolutely no occurrences of the stop, cast fails, and auto turning to face the kite.  This became fairly obvious after only the first 2 or three kites.

Flat road area, Tireen pulls her kites to this area.

Flat road area, Tireen pulls her kites to this area.

The next kiting factor she worked on was spiraling in at the very end of the kite.  This is useful mainly when the kite is very large and if the kite has mobs with varying health levels or the mobs were picked up at different times.  In these cases, running long straight patterns tends to cause the weaker mobs that are getting close to death to fall behind.  If they fall too far behind, they can lose aggro and go back to standing or milling around.  This is wasteful of your time, if not checked and can be dangerous if you happened to double back  on one that may not be exactly where your systems tells you due to lag.  The near death mob then becomes an attacker again, and can inflict some surprise damage to your health bar.

To counter this, a circular or semi circular route works very well.  You have to experiment with the radius of the circle versus the run speed of the mobs that are healthy and the ones that are slowing down. When done right, the slowest mobs will gravitate to the center of the circle, where they will continue to be damaged by the nukes aimed at the stronger ones that are running faster.

It’s a great feeling when you start to see the yellow experience numbers start to flash up in front of you when the tail of the spiraled kite starts to die.  It is also time to be extra careful to insure you do not collide with any of the weakened mobs.

Another thing that Babaente only realized fairly recently is that if you are a kiter, you benefit from putting IP into first aid because you can use first aid kits while running.  Since they lock first aid skill for 40 seconds, the higher the quality level the better.

By the time Saturday afternoon was ending, Babaente was at level 54 and Tireen was at level 50.  They had said that when they were both 50 or above, they would head over to the Temple of the Three Winds.   There are just a few things they need to do before that.  One is that they need to buy and equip the various nanos that they both have increased their skills enough to meet their requirements.  For the trader Tireen this includes Advanced Health Funnel, Capable Health Haggler, Deprive Skills Lesser, Skill Wrangler Commonplace, and Strip Assets Continuously.  For Babaente this includes Crunch Com Compressor and Curtain of Darkness.

In reviewing both of their stats after the recent levels, they also have some other immediate needs.  Tireen has reached the point where she could easily fit into some QL 74 implants which would be a logical progression from her current QL 50 implants.  They would also give her enough Shotgun skill to be able to equip the QL 69 Vektor ND she has waiting in the bank.

So rather than be at the temple Saturday evening, it looks like it will be the excitement of shopping for clusters in Omni Trade for Tireen.




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