KITE, a new definition

16 10 2008
A Lifebleeder, not welcome.

A Lifebleeder, not welcome.

Kite as in Anarchy Online kiting, usually stands for “killing in transit”.  To kite in AO, is to aggro one or more mobs and run fast enough to stay a comfortable distance away from them and use a weapon or nano to deal damage to them.  This past Thursday morning Babaente learned another appropriate meaning for KITE.

Babaente and Tireen continued on kiting at NW Mine in Lush Fields through Wednesday evening.  Both were getting very close to leveling, and they stopped for a breather.  When they were ready to resume, Tireen logged off so Babaoroody could log on had get rid of a couple of pesky lifebleeders.  There were two in particular that were each in the center of large clumps of mobs.  The was a fairly large conglomeration of mobs on top of the same mountain with the static dungeon, but it had a lifebleeder in the middle.  Baba got rid of it and one other that was not too far away.

Next he tried kiting several using his yalm, and tried to lead them to a far away corner of the region.  This did not work as they, immediately returned to their original spawn points.  Next he tried kiting them to a far off spot and then killing them, hoping they would only respawn where they had died, but this also was unproductive.   Their respawn points seem to be within a set rather small area, regardless of where they die.  For now, Babaoroody will have to settle for dropping lifebleeders mainly when they happened to be located in the middle of the kite field or too close to a large number of mobs, and hope they either respawn much later, or farther away.

After buffing up, Babaente started her run using the clump on the mountain to start with.  The kite was the largest yet she has managed at this location, but the visibility was good, and there was a period of fairly good network performance, so response was crisp.  With such good conditions she decided to lead the kite around a few other areas in the hopes of picking up more mobs in the kite.  This succeeded, but greatly extended the length in time of the kite.  By the time the last mobs dropped, most of her 30 minute buffs were running out.  Both Babaente and Tireen leveled off this kite, Babaente hitting 51 and Tireen going up to 46.

After allocating out their new IP points, even though it was late and time to log, Babaente wanted to use the occasion, i.e. having zero experience, to try and kite one of the lifebleeders as a purely information gathering exercise.  The information the exercise provided was that low title 3 NT’s have no business trying to kite level 81 lifebleeders because not only do they have a very fast run speed, but they appear to be able to cast their ranged energy attack while they are moving.   The lifebleeder deals damage at a much greater rate than a low title 3 NT, and after a very short chase, Babaente was back at reclaim with the knowledge that she needs to give lifebleeders a wide birth.

Only 4 more levels to go, until Tireen is level 50 and then they will be off to the Temple of the Three Winds.

The trio returned briefly Thursday morning before work to get a kite in.  Determined to make it count, Babaente collected her largest kite yet at the top of the mountain where an unusually large number of mobs had gathered again.  She then led it down through the east part of the mine area, and then out to the west side of the mine.  All was going well, until the weaker mobs started breaking off.   This was a new occurrence for her, previously when her run speed was less; the weakening mobs would keep up the chase until they dropped.  With her better run speed now, if the fall too far behind, they break off the chase and go back to wandering around.    This has been manageable when dealing with 10 or less mobs, but it just became a big mess, with this kite of over 20 mobs.

It also did not help that there is a very wide range of different mob types at NW Mines.  There is a mix of shades, and most of the mutant variations, such that they all have different run speeds, and health bars.   This had not been a problem at SW Mines, so we are not sure why it is here.

She was trying to run circular patterns so the weak mobs would get picked up again.  It kept getting harder and harder to avoid the many strays, plus lag was turning up with the result that out of the blue, she would see her health drop down to 10 percent.  She recovered several times, and got the kite back together, but there were just too many, and it was too difficult to keep such a big kite together. Finally after getting bitten hard again by lag, or perhaps a few weakened mobs that did not show up on the map, she took a huge hit to her health, and decided to run for the fixed dungeon to survive.

She made it to the dungeon, where she logged off safely, vowing to keep her kites at NW Mines to more manageable groups of 5 to 10 in the future.  She also vowed to clear out the central section first, so as to have a wide open kiting area and not have to worry about unwanted adds.  Babaente’s new interpretation of KITE is “keep in temperate enumerations”.




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