Back to Lush Fields

16 10 2008
Curios Bronto near NW Mine in Lush Fields

Curios Bronto near NW Mine in Lush Fields

Babaoroody found himself back at NW Mine in Lush Fields this past Tuesday evening and Wednesday.  He was there running Lifebleeder control for Babaente and Tireen who were kiting the mutants there.  The Lifebleeders do re-spawn, but as long as they spawn away from the central area at the base of the mountain with the fixed dungeon on top, they don’t interfere with Babaente’s kites.

Now that Babaente has leveled up to 50 with a base run speed of 290, and the combined buffs from Quickness, (30), Playful Cub (100) and Terrain Knowledge (40), she can safely kite the 50-60 level mobs strewn about the NW Mines area.  This area is unlike the SW Mine, where the mobs are more concentrated in a smaller region.  Here they are spread out, with it being a rare situation when 5 or more are within targeting distance at any one time.  When it is daylight and visibility is good, Babaente can lead the train all around the mine area and pick up more and more mobs, all the while keeping a respectful distance from any lifebleeders that may have respawned since Baba made his last extermination sweep.  When it is nighttime or the weather causes visibility to suffer, the size of the kite goes down, as Babaente has to be more cautious, since the Lifebleeders profile does not stand out.  When Babaoroody inspects them, the info window says they are level 81 or above.

It looks like Babaente and Tireen will be here for a while, at least until, Tireen has reached level 50.  They may also take a few change of pace breathers and run team missions occasionally.  They overall plan is to go to the Temple of the Three Winds, once they are both 50 or over.

The TOTW train station, despite all the grief often associated with it, is the only source for several nifty items.  They both could use an Exarch robe back item.  Babaente would really like to get a Notum splice off the Defender of Three.  They both could also make use of the various memory devices that Lein drops.

We are not sure at this point if they will go individually, or try dual logging in the temple.  We are leaning toward individually at this point, but we may still consider the alternative

Tireen stands on top of one of the shapes over Harrys.

Tireen stands on top of one of the shapes over Harrys.

Hitting level 50 has it’s upside and it’s downside.  The upside is more IP points awarded with each level, easing some allocation problems.  The downside is that it takes a growing amount of experience points to level up, so while getting over 2k per mob on a regular basis is routine now, it is going to take many many  more kills to reach level 51.  After about 2 hours, Babaente and Tireen had both gained about 75% of the experience needed for their next levels.  When they first started kiting together, Tireen was leveling much faster the Babaente.  The rate seemed to be at least 2 to 1, with Tireen getting 2 levels for every 1 of Babaente.  Now that Tireen is much closer to Babaente in level, her experience bar still raises faster, but only by a degree, such that they both are leveling at about the same rate.




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