Secret Varmint Woods kiting spot revealed

14 10 2008
30-50 Kiting Site, Varmint Woods

30-50 Kiting Site, Varmint Woods

Monday evening Tireen and Babaente ran several more team missions.  The only bit of loot of note was another web cloak which Babaente now sports. Now both of Babaoroody’s alts are using web cloaks as back items.  Even Baba used one when he was in his 50ish levels.  At that point, it seems to be a fairly common drop for mobs of that level and Baba and none of his alts have so far found as loot or as store bought items any better back items for their level.  They still have Exarch robes as a far off gleam in their eye, but until then the web cloaks will have to do.

During the missions, Tireen leveled up again and Babaente was very close to leveling, so they logged on Tuesday morning and went back to their Varmint Woods kiting spot.  After several kites, it became obvious that Babaente was no longer getting experience here, so we will reveal it now.  The spot is located at a small ruin in the woods just north east of Majestic Bridge (Bully Bridge as some call it.)  There is a small band of 30-50 level Rhinomen there (8-10), that have a fairly fast respawn rate and while Babaente was under level 49 and Tireen was under level 45, they gave good experience points.  The Rhinomen are good kite fodder, as they are melee fighters, and do not have very high run speeds.  No, it is not an uber kiting spot like SW Mines, but if you know of a better one with 30-50 level mobs that is NOT infested with numerous other higher level mobs, please let us know.

Now they are scouting around for another kiting spot with 50-60 mobs.  They found a mixed group of human hunter types and mutants at the western most point of the river, on the north bank.  While getting buffed up, Babaente noticed there were also Blubbags in the same range in the hills a little further east.  She took on one of the blubbags first thinking it would be enough to level, but after killing it, she still needed more points to level.  She tried nuking a bunch of the hunters and mutants, but only one mutant and two hunters ended up chasing her.  The mutant and one of the hunters dropped very quickly, but the last hunter, started casting roots and run speed debuffs.  If there had been more mobs left in the kite it would have been curtains for Babaente, but with only one mob left, she switched to using her stronger one-on-one combat nanos and quickly dropped the final mob and got her level 50 ding.

This is what she has been dreading while hunting humanoid type mobs, getting rooted.  The free movement stims, anti-virus, and purge nano kits that she can equip do not seem to be very effective, in that they rarely, if ever break roots cast by mobs in missions or the wild.  Speed debuffs also seem to be immune to the counter measures now available to her.  Even though she just broke into the 50 range, her skill levels have a long way to go before she will be able to equip the NT roots, and calms.  The root and calm she does have seems to be pretty useless, either never landing or too short termed for practicality.

Hitting level 50 is a milestone as it is one of the levels where the amount of skill points awarded each level goes up.  With a combination of the extra IP and the level, she now could equip the next major area of effect nuke, Expanding Neutron Pulse.




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