First Token Board Awards

13 10 2008
Web Cloak

Web Cloak

Babaente and Tireen finished up this past Sunday running team missions.  During the day, they both completed and obtained enough tokens to get their first token board awards.  The first awards provide a modest  +20 health.

We have been continuing to work on streamlining our dual logging control system.  At this point we are concentrating on the most basic actions.  By only running two windows in Windows the alt/tab key combination can be used to quickly switch from one Anarchy Online instance to the other.  Function key 2 and a macro on a hot bar, tells Tireen to target Babaente and follow her.

We are still ruminating on what is the best way to engage Tireen in combat to assist Tireen.  We want to use the fewest keystrokes as possible, and/or a one key macro would be ideal.

We tried an assist macro, however, since we have auto target mob turned on, it could not be used.  We tried relying on the auto target and hoping that hitting the attack key was all that was needed.  This worked some of the time, but other times, it seems to do nothing, even when the mob is right in front of her.

Near the end of the day, what was working was alt/tab to switch between instances, F2 and a one key macro to follow, and then click on the mob and press the attack key, then alt/tab back to Babaente.

While working on this, and completing missions, the pair suffered quite a bit of rubber banding, path-finding problems when Tireen was on follow, and just plain old lag.

We even witnessed first hand the ‘toon running endlessly into the wall’ scenario.  At one point when lag and rubber banding was really bad, Babaente’s screen showed Tireen running in place against a wall.  Tireen’s screen showed her calmly standing beside Babaente.  Apparently Babaente’s client had lost some data from the server, and the last working data it had on Tireen, was that she was running.  This scenario is very familiar in busy locations like Borealis and dungeons like the Temple of the Three Winds.

The last two missions, they had to skip the boss room due to each room had all the mobs and the boss too close to the teleport point, such that the Boss and the all of the other mobs would instantly attack.  Their boss room procedure at this point is for Tireen to teleport in first and with out moving off the teleporter, visually scout the room, and then teleporting out to share the information with Babaente and to devise a battle plan.  They usually select ‘target the mission objective’ type missions, so if the boss room is problematic, Tireen returns to the room long enough to target the mission objective, and then she teleports out after getting the mission complete message.  As a result of having to skip the boss room, the loot take was not as plentiful; however, Tireen did get lucky and found a QL 37 Avangeline Terrigena Web Cloak as a chest drop.  This particular one offers 20 to 30 more AC points than her current Acolytes Robe plus it adds 4 ranged init, so on it went.

Babaoroody reported in on Sunday also.  As he was passing through Varmint Woods on his way back to Newland City, he made a visit to the meteor crater for some payback due the several big cats prowling around there that had made life miserable for Babaente and  Tireen.  After dispatching several, he got into the swing of things, and took out the blaster beetle that clambers about there just for the fun of it.




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