Babaente’s Big Break Through

12 10 2008
Babaente in Playful Cub form

Babaente in Playful Cub form

Up until this past Friday evening, things had slowed way down for Babaoroody’s pair of alts, Babaente, (NT) and Tireen (Trader).  They had been alternating between Babaente kiting, and team missions, and they leveled up quite fast after leaving the subway.  They made very fast progress thanks to Babaente’s kiting at in Lush Fields at the Shade Pipe and the SW Mine.  Things slowed down from there, as none of the traditional kiting spots for 40-50 levels, as described in forums several years ago, are feasible today.  The sites, like NW mine in Lush Fields are now infested with lots of higher level mobs that make it impractical.

The last week or two has seen both Baba and Babaente, after she and Tireen got their Yalms, doing a lot of scouting the Rubi-Ka country side.  In the process they uncovered some potentially great kiting/leveling spots for levels 60 and above, but nothing very fruitful for the range they needed now.  They found a few rather weak spots in Varmint Woods, but so far these spots had a low number of kitable mobs available, and usually they had a very slow respawn rate also.

Two things happened on their outing this Friday evening that point towards faster leveling again.  The first is they did find a level 40-50 kiting spot in Varmint Woods.  While it is nowhere near as dense as the mutants and claws are at SW Mines, it is more like the Shade Pipe in terms of the number and spawn rate of the mobs.  We will identify the exact location, and mob types, AFTER; Babaente and Tireen have leveled past it, hopefully in a short time from now.

Both Babaente and Tireen hit a ding after they had been at this spot for a little while.  Tireen hit level 42, and Babaente hit level 48.  While Tireen’s additional IP when added, did not signify a new nano, weapon, or armor equipping event, for Babaente, it was a milestone.  Level 48 gave her enough skill points to finally equip a Hacked Boosted Graft Playful Cub.  The main benefit of this graft is a 100 increase in runspeed.  For kiting NT’s, just as with fighter pilots, speed is life.

It was a gift from Baba, who discovered them as a byproduct of grinding out tokens when he was in the 60-80 level range, they could be rolled as rewards in missions.  By the time he hit 80 he had quite a collection of most of the various boosted grafts, and could also hack most of them himself.

He personally uses as needed, Playful Cub, Hasty Augmentation Field, and Lesser Defensive Screen.  He also found they were a profitable source of income, since other players will buy them.  To equip they have no level or profession requirements, only various skill requirements.  They can be rolled or bought from other players for reasonable amounts, meaning amounts that title 2 froobs can muster.

Saturday afternoon, they were back at their Varmint Woods kiting spot, and both came away with another ding, but not without an initial surprise.  As they were returning to their spot, they noticed that it was now showing as a “no-gas” land control area, so they needed to move their resting spot to outside that area, and then draw the mobs out there, beyond the control area.  They had just moved and Babaente was getting ready to buff up when a 60+ blubbag that had been some distance away, attacked Tireen and although Babaente nuked it repeatedly, it would not come off Tireen, thanks to her hard hitting 55 Vector.  Tireen got sent back to reclaim.  Nothing however was lost since they had both saved, before leaving Newland City.

After she returned, they resumed their kite.  Babaente was finding the extra run speed provided by the Playful Cub to be just enough of an edge so that she did not have to worry as much about lag, although it still bit her a few times.  When this happened the extra speed allowed her to put some distance between her and the mobs and give her time to get her health back with a few stims.  Babaente experimented with the generic store bought Enmity taunt nano.  When Babaoroody used to use it, the result always seemed to be pulling all of the social animals in sight.  Babaente did not find this so, in fact it did not do as well as just nuking a mob in the center of a bunch with an area of effect nuke.  She is still learning how to herd her kites, and to monitor the health of the targeted mob, and how to switch targeting to the one with the most health left.

Saturday evening they continued their kiting in Varmint Woods until both of them gained another level, Babaente to 49 and Tireen to 43.  When allocating out her IP points, Babaente noticed that her MC is locked, since her implants put her over the skill cap for her level, she cannot put more IP points in when they are available.  Since it does seem to increase with leveling, she is hoping that by level 50 or so her MC cap will increase enough so that she can increase it just 4 more points.  That is all she needs to equip the next step up in area of effect nukes.

After they both allocated out their points, they returned to Newland City to run team missions.  They ran two team missions that went well with the exception that they had to skip the boss in both.  They did complete the missions and both got tokens, since it was a simple identify the mob type mission they could target the mob and exit the boss room.  In both cases, the boss room was small, and all three mobs, the boss, the regular mob and the target, were placed close to the spawn point so that when the players spawned in, they were immediately attacked by all three mobs.  Situations like this usually result in death for both Tireen and Babaente.  As they both had substantial experience gained since their last saves at the start of the missions, they choose to just pass on both boss rooms.

During the next morning, on Sunday, they ran two more team missions.  In both cases, the boss room was spacious, and they were able to teleport in and take the mobs on individually, which is manageable for them.  No special loot drops, but plenty of shop food that eventually filled their packs and now require Tireen to make a trading trip back to Omni Trade.




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