Missing the 40-50 Level Kiting Spots?

11 10 2008
Huge Bronto herd in south east Broken Shores

Huge Bronto herd in south east Broken Shores

While waiting out rez-sickness after her latest ill-fated kite, Babaente inspected her weapons tab and realized she was still wearing a 4 slot belt, even though she is well able now to equip a fiver.  While she had the 5 slot belt in her bank, it was also time to upgrade her memory modules to 31-64 parts.  This caused Tireen to be enlisted to go shopping in Omni Trade for memory for both of them, since Tireen could also use some higher capacity memory modules.  After she returned from Omni Trade, they both sported 5 slot belts filled with leveled up morphing memories in the first slot and 31-64 parts in the 2-5 slots.

Over the last day the pair have tried a number of spots in Varmint woods for Kiting with not very good luck.  It seems that the mobs that are low enough are too few and spread out, while the mobs that are too high are plentiful.  The meteor impact site was promising, with lots of low level human mobs, but it was also laced with very high level big cats, snakes, and silvavanes.

The last spot they tried was just east of the player city north of the meteor crater, filled with 50-60 blubbags.  Babaente had a really good kite going with 7 or 8 blubbags, but she fell prey to lag, as she was a good distance ahead of the kite when suddenly her health hit 0.  There were no mobs near her, yet her log showed about 5 hits from blubbags in a row. They were then considering trying another region like Tir or even going back to Newland Dessert.

They next ran several team missions, mainly for experience and tokens.  First they went to Home in Broken Shores to try rolling missions, there, but the only missions that came up were in other regions far away, so they returned to Newland City to roll.

The next evening, Babaente went to scout Tir County.  The “40” level Shades in northwest Tir described in many old forum posts from 5 or more years ago were found to be 70 and above now, and heavily guarded by sand worms.  Every thing else in Tir seems to be 30 or below with the exception of the robot guards along the northern border which look to be about 70 as well.  She also scouted the Rhinoman camp in northern Tir, but there were only 2 or 3 above 30, so they would not have been worth the time.

The situation with the Tir Shades is similar to the often refferred to NW Mines in Lush Fields as a good 40+ kiting spot in older forum posts.  While Lifebleeders may have been the exception then, possibly appearing occasionally, the place is crawling with them now.  In addtion, there are a number of 60 and 70 level mutants and other type mobs also mixed in with the Shades there.

She even dropped in to the Temple of the Three Winds, being in the neighborhood.  There was a slight problem, the game was having a system hiccup, and no one could enter.  People were exiting, but no one could go in.  While waiting one of the local giant spiders attacked, and Babaente made the mistake of using an Area of Effect nuke, which aggroed several of the human nano thief types, and before she knew it, she was back at reclaim.  Fortunately she had done a save, so she lost no experience.  She was a bit surprised however, when a minute or two after rezzing back at the Varmint Woods whompas, to see 2800 experience points get racked up to her running total.  She guesses that that was from the spider back at the Temple of The Three Winds.

They ended up staying around the whompa in Varmint Woods, with Babaente kiting the 40-50ish floaters, snakes, and a few Rhinomen in that range, but it is slow going.

They also returned the next day to the same place, and Babaente extended her roaming a bit further, until she started running into QL 70 or 80 panthers which she had to lead back to the whompa guards in order to escape certain death.  At one point while kiting a couple of thugs and an emerald adder, the thugs just stopped and stood still in one spot.  After she completed kiting and killing the adder, she went back to the thugs, and had to re-attack them to get aggro again.  Kited mobs seem to occasionally think you have vanished, as they sometimes suddenly just stop and go back to roaming around.  At another point, a human mob that was being kited along with a snake and a floater, stopped underneath Tireen’s Yalm and started shooting up at her.  After that, we made sure that Tireen hovers at the same height as the tallest tree in the area.  Too close to the ground and the mobs recognize her as a team member and aggro her.

If any readers know of a good kiting spot for froob NTs in the 40-50 range, please let us know, as it is very slow going at the moment.  In all of our scouting, we have found tons of 60 and above locations, but zip in the 40-50 range that is not infested with various much higher mobs.




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