Scouting Broken Shores

8 10 2008
High-level Mob Concentration, North East Broken Shores

High-level Mob Concentration, North East Broken Shores

Now that Babaente and Tireen (Babaoroody’s alt NT and Trader) added new implants and gained their own Yalmahas this past weekend, they returned to running missions, with the main goal of getting a ding for Babaente so she can up her Sense enough to get the rest of her new QL 75 implants in.

Through several team missions, they both added tokens to their token boards, and Tireen dinged again to level 40.  This is good for Babaente since Tireen pulls the team missions, the level of the mobs is increasing enough so that Babaente is getting more experience than she was when they first started teaming and Tireen was level 32.

As a pair they can easily handle all of the in team mission mobs, with the exception of the final bosses.  Since they are both so squishy, they often have to make use of the boss room up elevator to escape and recharge while whittling down the number of boss room mobs.  Quite often one of them gets sent to reclaim.

After about the third mission, they hopped in their Yalms and flew out to Pleasant Meadows to try some kiting again.  Posts in forums have always referred to the human type mobs at several camps in PW as being great kiting targets, IF, one has significant outside buffs for additional speed and health.  Babaente went ahead and tried kiting one camp east of the radar outpost.  The kite was fatal rather quickly, as some of the human mobs there sport ranged weapons, and the time Babaente has to stop long enough to cast her nukes, is more than enough for the ranged mobs to get shots off.

Giant Yalmaha, in 20K

Giant Yalmaha, in 20K

They retired to the store in 20K, to lick their wounds, and decide on their next step.  Up until now Babaoroody had limited his scouting for kiting spots to neutral areas or areas accessible to neutrals.  Now that they have yalms, they may do some scouting on their own now of the non-neutral areas Baba skipped.  Some of the areas they plan to scout next are Broken Shores, and Wailing Wastes.

When Monday evening rolled around and they tried to log back in, they found themselves stuck outside the store in 20K and unable to enter.  The system must have been having problems, as they found they could not zone at all. They came back about an half hour later and every thing seemed to be working fine.  The first order of business was for Tireen to purchase at her Trader’s discount, the Viral Assault nano for Babaente which will give her some more punch in team missions.  That done, Tireen logged off, and Babaente went to scout for a kiting hunting ground.

Babyface surprise waiting in Dead Maze

Babyface surprise waiting in Dead Maze

Her first stop was Broken Shores via the clan whompa, since she lacks the comp lit to use the BS grid exit.  She scouted most of the region, and found mostly mobs that were too high a level for her to kite at this time.  While exploring the maze in the upper northwest corner of the region, she came upon a ‘babyface’ mob.  If you have not seen one yet, it is one of the weirdest creations in Rubi-Ka, being a large sumo wrestler type with a baby where its head should be, creepy.  Since this babyface was standing at the bottom of one of the maze ravines, Babaente thought she would fly up to the ledge overlooking the ravine and take some pot shots.  Bad idea, as soon as she hopped out of her Yalm, Mr. Babyface jumped, or teleported to stand right next to her, and then quickly send her back to reclaim.  Babaente had just done an insurance save back at the Broken Shores whompa, so she continued to explore the region.

Alien tower guarded by clan scientists in Broken Shores

Alien tower guarded by clan scientists in Broken Shores

Also in the north section she found huge groups of high level mobs collecting at the northern border beneath some cliffs.  A little east of this, she found a bunch of clan scientists, and high level clan soldiers guarding a strange looking green alien tower that had a very long health bar.

Finding nothing she could kite in Broken Shores she headed out to Belia Forest via the Wine Whompa.  While scouting the Wine beach ninjas, a Noken started chasing her.  She gained altitude to be at the top of some very tall trees and stopped, and found out the hard way the Noken can either jump very high, or they can climb trees, as the last thing she saw before reclaim was a Noken right next to her.  Again she had just saved at the Wine insurance terminal so, no experience lost.

She then headed a little east from Wine, on foot at first.  Eventually she started seeing some snakes in the area that were way to high for her, so she started to get in her Yalm.  Just as she was starting to move away she caught a glimpse of a huge yellow claw waving over her.  The last thing she saw before reclaim this time was a pair of huge forest eremites closing in on her.

At this point she decided that Belia Forest was best left to title 5 and above players, and she headed out for Varmint Woods.  After saving at the insurance terminal near the Varmint Woods whompa she went exploring eastward just a little ways and found a mixture of thugs and floaters that were in the 30 to 50 range, and she pulled a few test kites successfully.  There were also Rhinomen in the vicinity that were in the same range, so she sent word for Tireen to Yalm over for some kiting goodness.

Since is it a partially wooded area, she would not be able to use the long zoomed out overhead 3rd person view while kiting so she spent quite a while experimenting with the various camera positions and the set and reset fixed camera options.  What was wanted was a way to have a typical chase view to kite with most of the time, and a way to have a view that would show what was behind her via a quick toggle.  If any readers have a handle on this, please share it.

With Tireen in her Yalm just above the treetops, Babaente started kiting the floaters and occasional human type mobs in the areas around the Varmint Woods Whompa.  After pretty much cleaning this area out, they switched to east across the river and the woods around a player city there.  There was a mixture of Rhinomen, humans, spiders, and blubbags as well as a few human type mobs.  Before the evening was over Babaente had leveled to 47 and after doing so, immediately set off for a shop in Newland City to hopefully install the remaining QL75 implants.  After upping her Sense and buffing it with the generic boost nano, she met the requirements and in went her QL 75 eye, hand and arm.  This upped her map nav to over 130 so her next step was to visit the map terminal where she purchased and installed the monster, people, machines and directional arrow map upgrades.  The monster and people upgrades helped a great deal right away as she went back to kiting east of the Varmint Woods whompa.




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