Yalms and Map Upgrades

5 10 2008

The Original Electrocutium

After Baba’s alts Tireen and Babaente completed their first batch of team missions, it was discovered that Tireen seemed to be missing her token board.  We posted a question to Auno.org forums to see if it was possible to get a replacement.  The answer is yes, the basic start up shop terminals in backyards sell them.  So Tireen ran back to Omni Trade and found a start up terminal and bought one.  When she went to install it, there was a Omni smelling salts in the neck slot.  When she went to move the salts to her social tab, guess what, there was the ‘missing token board’.  Apparently token boards do not function when worn in the social tab and neither does the smelling salts.

The pair, Tireen and Babaente and starting to get the dual logged team mission routine down.  Most of the time Tireen is set to follow Babaente around, while the NT does most of the work.  Auto-attack on Tireen is somewhat unpredictable.  Most of the time, if a mob attacks the NT, she does not react.  Occasionally she returns fire, when it is Babaente who is being attacked, but not often. Babaente has learned that sometime she can train Tireen into a room containing a mob, and hope the mob attacks Tireen first.  This gets Tireen pumping lead, at which point the NT can start throwing nukes.

Boss rooms require taking control of Tireen, having her teleport into the boss room first, drain the closest mob and start shooting.  Once she has started fighting on auto, one has to switch back to Babaente and teleport her into the boss room to join the fight.  The great thing about boss rooms is the teleport is a great panic escape.  If either or both get to low on health, they can teleport back to the previous room to recharge and heal.  It is not a complete panacea, as most boss mobs seem to take the interlude to heal up also, as when they return, the boss mob usually has regained most of their health. This can go on indefinitely, or until a few lucky crits tip the balance against the boss.

When this past Friday evening rolled around, we realized that both Tireen and Babaente were now within striking distance of equipping better belts, map upgrades, and Yalmahas, with the proper implants.  A full custom set was designed for the trader Tireen, and for Babaente an implant set made up of 3 custom and the rest premade implants.

Tireen set off to Omni Trade to shop of the components.  As is her wont, as she made the rounds, she also routinely checked the car terminals as she passed.  This paid off Friday evening when she came across a QL 34 Yalm for 4 million with a very low air nav requirement of 84.  With this purchase sitting in her bank, we redesigned 3 of her implants to give the needed air nav skill.

With shopping complete, the materials were handed off via mule to Babaoroody, who proceeded to build the QL 50 custom implants set for Tireen.  With the generic treatment boost, the surgery clinic 100 boost and a full med suit (+79) Tireen put in the temporary implants for map navigation.  With those in, she proceeded get the monster, pointer, and machines map upgrades. Once the map upgrades were in place, the map nav implants came out, and the full permanent custom implant set was plugged in, which gave her enough skill to equip her new Yalmaha.

It was Babaentes turn next.  Inspired by Tireen’s good fortune with finding the low QL Yalm, she set out to Old Athens to haunt the high end shops in search of her own low QL Yalm.  It took her about an hour and a half of checking around before she located a QL 36 Yamaha which she immediately purchased.  When she went to install her QL 75 implants, that Tireen had shopped and Babaente had built (the 3 custom ones), she came up 5 points short in Sense to equip 2/3 of them.  The ones she did get in did allow her to equip her Yalmaha.  The implants she could not yet install were needed to get her map upgrades. Since she was already using all the boosts and buffing methods for sense she could think of, it looked like she would have to ding a level to get the needed points.

She and Tireen started running team missions again, but now they both had yalms, so they could consider farther away missions. At first they thought they would go to the city of Home in Broken Shores to pull missions, but discovered they were both short the needed computer lit skills needed to use the Broken Shores grid exit.  So they decided to stick with pulling missions in and around Newland City for the time being.  On the first mission, Tireen ran from the mission terminal directly to the mission at the other end of the city.  Once she was inside, Babaente started running across the city, only to see a very strange sight.  There was Tireen running circles around Babaente in the middle of Newland City.  We brought up the window with Tireen, which showed her sitting calmly inside the mission, while Babaente’s window showed her running around in the city at the same time.

We wrote it off as one of those client glitches, that show up every once and a while, like those toons you seen perpetually running into walls in the Temple of the Three Winds.

During the first mission, Tireen dinged to 39.  This had the beneficial effect of upping the level of the mobs in the next team mission she pulled for them, so that Babaente started getting experience from more of the mobs.  After they completed their second and final mission for the evening, Babaente was close to getting her next level.




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