Dual Logged Team Missions

2 10 2008
Interesting camp near rock with a tunnel through it found in northern Galway County

Interesting camp near rock with a tunnel through it found in northern Galway County

Babaoroody has spent quite a few hours flying about the mainly neutral regions of Rubi-Ka in search of a kiting field with 50-60 level mobs. He found tons of QL 60-70, and 70 to 80 concentrations, but very few 50’s. In Stret East Bank, just east of the tall rock formations just beyond 2HO, he saw the largest concentration of QL 60-70 claws and mutants he has ever seen. In Upper Stret East Bank, while searching for kitable 50s, he found a concentration of QL 100-150 Noken in a dense forest northeast of the outpost at the end of narrow inlet of water. They are hard to spot as they blend in quite well with the large trees of this forest. He also spotted some Chirop larva, another weird looking beast nearby.

Babaente and Tireen seem to have hit a dry spell in regards to kite leveling. Babaente and Tireen had their last good kite run in Stret East Bank just south of the ferry landing, with a dense area of malles and scorpiods ranged 50-60.

Unfortunately, the mobs do not have a fast re-spawn, and most of them are gone now. Baba found two villages in Northwest Pleasant Meadows with 50ish level human mobs, but the landscape between the coast and these locations is sprinkled with Slayer droids, and would be problematic to reach on foot for Babaente.

With no good kiting prospects at this point, it seems as though the pair will need to either run some team missions, or head out to the Temple of the Three Winds individually.

Team missions might be the best bet, as they both need to start working on their prospective token boards. In fact that is exactly what Babaoroody recommends. He did not do well at TOTW from the 30 to 40 level range, so he concentrated on leveling up to 50 via missions and collection tokens. With level 50 and the benefits of the first few token board steps, he was able to handle most of TOTW with few problems.

So now the question will be what level missions to pull and what kind. After some research on the net, the pair decided to let Tireen, the lower level member roll the team missions, at about 45% setting. The slider settings were all Evil, All Chaos, All Order, All Open. These settings gave missions with mostly human mobs, fewer traps and hidden areas. They chose missions for how close they would be to minimize travel time, which is problematic when dual logged. While the follow command works great, each zone takes walking each toon through individually and then reestablishing the follow, necessitation constant switching back and forth between sessions. Once in their mission, however the NT, Trader combo works well because the higher level NT can be controlled directly, while the trader, on follow, will auto attack anything if attacked. They found that in the Boss rooms, the best approach was to have Tireen enter first and start combat, and then Babaente would follow and also engage. Once Tireen has entered combat, she will continue on auto attack, so it is only necessary to control Babaente. Unfortunately NT’s will only auto attack with their pistols, not their nanos.

They ran 4 missions, 3 of which went very well and one which they abandon. The one they abandon had been an experiment with rolling a mission at 50% difficulty, and the end boss was too hard for the two of them to take down. They were both very close to leveling and had gained allot of experience since their last saves, so they thought it better to save the experience and move on to a new mission.

The only rough spot was Babaente seems to have problems with mob MP’s in missions. When they engage one, Babaente auto targets the MP’s meatballs, however, when they die, and before the MP can cast another, she has not been able to target the MP. Or she gets it targeted, and but nothing happens when she tries to cast nanos on the MP.

Fortunately Tireen was able to finish the MP’s off. She is doing quite well as a damage dealer since she recently equipped a level 52 Vektor ND shotgun. She also found a 56 and a 69 in Omni Trade that she bought. In addition, she recently looted 107 Vektor ND Lizard for future use.

Team missions besides giving good experience, definitely yield far better loot. In just 4 missions, they came up with several very relevant weapons. In one mission chest they found a sealed weapon receptacle with a soft pepper pistol in it. One of the end bosses gave up a ql 36 original electrocutium that Babaente will be able to equip fairly soon. The pepper pistol however is going to require Babaoroody to level up a bit more until he has enough weapon smithing skill to assemble it.

In one of the chests they picked up the nano pylon that is required to rebuild the soft pepper pistol after it is liberated from the receptacle. The rest of the take included several loot only nanos, nothing super rare, but bread and butter types. Tons of adventurer only type armor. Baba is thinking of having an adventurer rolled just to have someone to give this stuff to instead of shop fooding it.

Tireen gained two levels bringing her to 38 while Babaente only gained one level bringing her to 46. Babaente still has a another level or three before she will be able to equip her next higher up Area of Effect nuke. They will need to experiment more with the difficulty setting so that Babaente gets more experience. At 50% most of the regular team mission mobs give her experience and are not a problem to beat. It is the team mission Bosses, that seem to be running 50-50 in terms of being something this pair can beat. They both also gained mission tokens, so they are on their way in regards to their token boards. We suspect they may use team missions to level up until they are both over level 50, at which time they may head out to the Temple of the Three Winds.




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