Subway to Shade Pipe

15 09 2008

Babaente started this past weekend as a level 24 NT.  Friday night she laid out her plans for the rest of the weekend.  She had spent the  last few nights as a level locked 24, slaying cyber types in the deep  subway for Living Cyber Armor drops.   After countless kills, she came to the conclusion that the only Living Cyber Armor to drop there were the helmet, gloves, and pants.  She made several inquiries on OCC Clan Chat and AOFroobs chat, where her suspicions were confirmed by several other players.

With this background the Living Cyber Armor Quest started looking good,  so she enlisted Babaoroody’s help.  Babaoroody agreed to run the  chest quest for intelligence gathering purposes, since the armor is no  drop and the max quality of 50 makes the reward useless to him.  He  ran the chest piece quest which involves:

  1. a find item mission in Old Athens.  The mission is generated in a random building in Old Athens,  so omni may have to do some sneaking about and running from guards. Once inside the mission, the mobs are about level 50, however the  mission itself is short and small and can be blitzed since it is a  pick up item type mission.
  2. a fix item type mission next to Foreman’s in Longest Road.  Besides being a long run for the yalmless, which most toons are while under level 50, the mission is located within the Biomare Omni installation.  While there are only a few guards, and a bunch of level 50ish mobs, it provides clanners with their challenge, while omni can breeze through.  The task is to get inside the mission, find a carbon rich rock on the floor, and use the item gained in the last mission on it, then take it to a NPC out in the middle of Wartorn Valley.

Once Babaoroody had done it once, Babaente was able to complete the mission in one go, knowing exactly what to do, where, and where the bad guys are to avoid.  Babaente then ran the quest for the last remaining item she needed, the boots.  This quest involves a kill person mission out in the middle of Varmint Woods which required some cautious navigation to reach.  The mobs were 50ish level in the mission, and the target was a human mob that was easy to take down.  The quest then required her to take the mission reward to a NPC out in Newland Desert just north east of the lake outside of Newland City.  While this quest was not particularly difficult, it was time consuming, and by the time she completed them, Friday evening was over.
Babaente started Saturday, outfitted with her Living Cyber Armor armor set.  First she paid a call on the Strike Foreman, and he dropped another set of construction sleeves, which she left to rot, or for some lucky Nubi to find.  Then it was on to the Deep Subway. On the way she found a Eumenides corpse with a set of Living Armor Gloves which she left for some other Nubi.  She was about halfway to the bottom, when she came to one of the smaller rooms on the way.  Inside was what looked like a smallish team duking it out with the 4-5 cybers in the room.  She should have looked closer. Instead she assumed they were just cybers and went ahead and tried to run through.  Big mistake!  It turns out one of the cybers, was Virgil Aneaid!  The boss mob that has wiped Babaente more than any other.  Even though she did not aggro it, for some reason it came after her, and forgot about the small team, which high tailed it towards the exit.

Babaente quickly decided to do the same and once she got up to speed, hit her Terrain Knowledge buff from the Boots of Infinite speed.  By the time she got to the upper subway, she could no longer see Virgil behind her, but her system window still showed him attacking.  She ran all the way out the exit and sat, healed and rebuffed.

When she re-entered, Virgil was there waiting along with a couple of Infectors.  Nice set up she thought.  She could hit him with her best nukes, and then step outside to heal.  After about 3 cycles of this, she had him down to about 50% health, so it looked like it was going to take quite a while.  The next time she entered, there was a full team with a tank and a doctor beating on Virgil.  Babaente joined in, and soon, Virgil was no more!

The next time you see someone train a dungeon end boss to the entrance; do not assume the toon was doing it maliciously.  Babaente had been minding her own business when someone else trained a boss up from where it belongs, and she was just trying to escape to save experience.
This time when she go about half way down she got an invite to a 4 man team and joined up.  The team had a doc, and while not the strongest team, was doing ok.  They fought down to Abbmouths area and cleaned out the area while waiting for him to spawn.  Babaente got her first request for an NT buff!  The doc was asking team mates if anyone could give him nano.  Hello Humidity Extractor!

While waiting for Abby to spawn, a twinked out 24 Enforcer showed up sporting Neleb’s rod ect.  and the team joined up with him.  Babaente wanted to get at least one Abby kill under he belt before she left the subway.  She already had the ring, so this was just for bragging rights.  Rather than sit around waiting for Abby to spawn the team went around the deep subway thining out the other mobs for experience.

  • Heavensgates  32 opifex male MA, clan
  • Ajrimmer 24 atrox enforcer, clan  – twink
  • Sithsold 27 atrox soldier, clan
  • Darlema 22 opifex female MA, clan
  • Hoshikagelee 24 solitus male Doctor, clan
  • Botijo  26 solitus male soldier, clan
Abmouth trophy shot, Botijo, Hoshikagelee, Sithsold, and Babaente, proud hunters.

Abmouth trophy shot, Botijo, Hoshikagelee, Sithsold, and Babaente, proud hunters.

After fully clearing the level, they returned to wait for Abby.  When it did show, the team was ready and buffed.  The fight went very well, and luck was with the team, as there were no additional spawns to deal with.  The Doc and Babaente stood back a bit, while the rest of the team, and the super enforcer grabbed aggro. Babaente used this occasion to unload several of her 12 second uber nukes that do around 200 damage.  It was encouraging to see Abby’s health bar shrinking at a brisk pace.  When it was all over, the team leader oversaw handing out the goodies.  The only drop was the ring, and Botijo seemed to be the only person who wanted it, so it was his.

When she returned later in the day, it was with the goal of seeing how high she could go in the Subway.   After getting one last Essence buff from Baba, and buying up the NT nanos she might be able to use in the next few levels, she entered the Subway for the last time after hitting F10 and turning experience back on.

She fought her way solo down to about half way to the deep subway, when she hooked up with a small but feisty team.  They proceeded to roll over every mob in their way, and in the process Babaente dinged 25 and then 26.  Quite a bit of the experience for 25 had been gained previously.  They had just cleared out the large room and hall section where the large bloodcreeper usually can be found, when Virgil Aneaid came at them.  Unfortunately, they also picked up a number of additional spawn mobs, a mix of shades, cybers, and slum runners.  At first Virgil homed in on the team’s soldier, and Babaente was trying to help him, when Virgil turned on her.  Omegahunter and Willk were occupied elsewhere, so it was just Babaente and Botjo against Virgil.
Babaente’s Last Subway Team

  • Botijo 26 solitus male soldier, clan
  • Omegahunter  21 solitus male adventurer, clan
  • Willk 22 opifex male fixer, clan

Babaente unloaded quite a few 200 point 12 seconds to cast nanos, but her nano ran out before her health.  She tried sitting to use her emergency nano kit, but since she had auto attack toggled on, she could not sit long enough to use it, as she would stand right back up too soon.  They did have Virgil below 50%, and she feels that if she had known how to use the emergency nano kit, they could have beaten him.  The green flash of Virgil’s blaster was the last thing Babaente saw of the Deep Subway, for when she rezzed back at reclaim, she was level 26 and no longer able to enter the subway.

Take away lesson for nubies; learn how to use battle health and nano kits.

With the subway now behind her, Babaente had to decide where to go next.  The temple of the Three Winds is out, at least until she gets to the upper 50’s.  At 26 she could now equip a better AOE nuke and several stronger single nukes.   After getting them, she set out to become familiar with the stock and trade of NT’s, kiting.  She had heard of several sites for title 2 players to get started in kiting.  Both are located in Lush Fields, so she made a quick stop in a shop to pick up a copy of the area’s map.  Babaoroody did her a favor and scouted the area out first by Yalm, and he came back with some good information on how to find the areas and potential hazards to avoid.

When she got to the Lush Fields grid exit, she discovered her computer lit skills were too low to exit, so she had to grid out, and then cast the computer lit expertise buff before she could exit at Harry’s.
At Harry’s she took advantage of an insurance terminal to make a quick save, and then she headed west down the road.  Baba had not flown low enough at one point and had not taken a look at the outpost that lays on this road.  Babaente is still not too clear about the status of Lush Fields and she learned a hard lesson.  Since Harry’s is neutral, she thought most of the northern part of Lush Fields was neutral, so she got a rude awakening when a omni guard popped her when she approached the omni outpost.

Shade pipe, just north east of SW mine in Lush Fields.

Shade pipe, just north east of SW mine in Lush Fields.

After rezzing back at Harry’s, she set out again, this time giving the outpost a wide berth.  He destination is a location known as Shade Pipe.  Shade Pipe is north east of the SW Mine.  It is hard to miss as it is literally a large pipe on top of a large hill. The area is populated with around 60 level shades.  She quickly found that her run speed was too slow to kite.  Her speed was about the same as the Shades, so she really could not put any distance between them in order for her to have time to cast.  She determined to fight them one by one, and start putting IP into run speed as she leveled.  This worked well and after leveling twice, she was able to max out her run speed, and then she was able to start kiting.

Kiting involves hitting a mob that is close to some others and then running away.  Once there is a wide enough gap between your toon and the mobs, stop and cast a AOE nuke, and start running again ASAP.  After 3 or 4 tries, she had it down, and before she knew it the day was done, and she had leveled up to 33 with 5 of those directly as a product of kiting.




2 responses

3 10 2008

for maps use “aork”.
check froobs guide for more info.
you can use “Quickness” runspeed buff to increase runspeed for 30pts.
there is also ao forum.

3 10 2008

fixers can also give you speed buff. ie hack grid vector.

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