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13 09 2008
Too proud to team with a 24 NT.  No kite leveling for them later.

Too proud to team with a 24 NT. No kite leveling for them later.

While reading up about all things NT in the NT forum, Babaente came across some comments by one hahnsoo, an established level 220 player, who has his own general AO guide and numerous other writings. Hahnsoo is one of those people who has such a tremendous fount of Anarchy Online knowledge, that even when he is commenting on one particular subject, his off hand side comments may also prove to be golden for newbies and the average AO duffer.

In this particular case, he was commenting in the NT forum on NT subway kiting, and in the process threw in a remark about how he equipped an NT of his when it was fist starting out.  His NT weapon of choice at the time was The Original Electrocutium, which can be bought inexpensively from most any backyard peddler.  The nice thing for low level NTs, that at quality 9, they give +3 nano init, and +2 to nano programming and NCU memory.  With very low pistol and multi ranged requirements, (41, 23), they are simple to dual wield and net a total of +6 nano init, +4 nano programming and +4 NCU memory. The damage they do is nothing special.  Babaente had been sporting a leet doll for the +3 nano init it gave while only doing 1 damage, so after reading that tip, she ran to the nearest backyard and set herself up with a pair of the Electrocutiums.  The nice part is that they look WAY cooler than the leet doll.

Dual Electros', stealthy social outfit over Acolyte Robe and cyber and Living Cyber armor.

Dual Electros with stealth look social over cyber and living cyber armor.

Babaente made a trip to the temple Thursday evening, but the toons were sparse, and she could not get a team.  While her overall goal there is to get an exarch robe to wear back to the  subway, she wanted to test out the Electrocutiums in combat.  Previously, she could not solo a single lowly cultist reliably.  The Electrocutiums made a huge difference.  She tried fighting her way into the first hall.  The Electrocutiums were still too puny in terms of their damage, but she did manage to kill 3 cultists individually before a massive train arrived bringing cultists, reverends, and an exarch or two.  She tried running against the grain, into the temple, which worked fairly well. The only train she picked up were a few cultists along the way. She got all the way to DOT’s hall, with a small train in tow, when deathless legionnaire someone had trained up to that level sent her back to reclaim with one blow.  The second time she tried it, she successfully lost her train using the patented jump the low wall at DOT trick.  She ran down the ramp to the east hall, however she was challenged by a cultist at the door to the last hall before the big puppy. (Guardian of Time). She was squaring up to do battle with the cultist when a reverend spawned behind her and knocked her clear back to reclaim.  So while the Electrocutiums did not make a world of difference, they made enough so that she could at least hold her own with a single low level cultist, which she could not before.  See The Jynne Guide to Auto-Attack for details.

Damage = max[(min damage * (1 + (attack rating / 400) + damage buffs)), ((random (min damage, max damage) * (1 + (attack rating / 400))) – (target AC / 10) + damage buffs)]

The gist of AR is the higher, the better.  It affects not only the chance of landing a hit, but also the chance of landing a crit, and is pivotal in determining the amount of damage done by your hit.  The system compares your AR to the mobs defense rating and if yours is higher,  your chances of landing hits and the amount of damage they do increase.  If your AR is less than the mobs defense rating, then you will miss more, and your fewer hits will each do less damage.

NOTE: Babaente has been advised that the formula does not apply to NT combat nanos.  The formula does not consider them “weapons”.  So increasing an NT’s AR with pistol buffs, does not benefit combat nano effectiveness.

Babaente made another furtive attempt for an exarch robe at the Temple of the Three Winds Friday evening.  There were no more than 16 toons shown on the list command at any time during the hour or so she was there.  She had her looking for team toggeled on and was also spamming vicinity with lft shouts, but she got no invites, not surprising since she only saw two teams actually form up and go in during that time.  There were lots of solo toons in the 30 to 60 range. She did try to go in solo several times.  Using Chilling Stream as her main combat nano, she was able to solo the cultists in the halls, however on one foray she got hit by a train, and on the second trip got as far as the Defender of Times room, however, it was a real mess, as it had been stirred up by toons running every which way, and she was almost immediately aggro-ed by more than one cultist, which is fatal in this situation as she dare not use an Area of Effect nuke as there are just too many potential adds nearby.

Neutral backyard, spacious and varied, Neuts get the nicest backyards.

Neutral backyard, spacious and varied, Neuts get the nicest backyards.

She even resorted to asking politely in the AOFroobs channel for help getting an exarch robe, but the only person to reply thought the Vagabond coat was better than an Exarch robe.  Several hundred AC outweighed by +25 all defense?  Since she had the Vagabond coat in one of her backpacks with her, she tested it out, and the drop in AC from the Acolytes robe she had was immediately felt as she could no longer stand up to single cultists in the entrance hall while the +25 all defense seemed to have no effect.  After getting no help, and finding herself at the clan outpost reclaim another time, she decided to use what remained of the evening to return to the Subway, and try her luck in the deep subway looking for Living Cyber Armor drops.

Babaoroody met her at the subway entrance, and gave her a Essence of Titan health buff.  While it really helps make up for the wimpy nanomage health reservoir, it also takes almost all of her NCU, leaving just enough for her to still cast the Basic Humidity Extractor.  She was also trying out another small tweak, which involved equipping taking advantage of the social tab and the way it allows you to get the benefit of more than 2 rings.  She placed a modest ring that buffs several damage types by 3-5 points in one of the hand slots.

Once she reached the entrance to the deep subway, she faced her first infector since adding the Electrocutiums and her other tweaks, plus the Acolyte Robe, and Baba’s health buff.  Amazing difference.  She barely lost any health taking pairs of infectors.  She was able to solo her way all the way down to the bottom level, having to take on in several places 3-4 cyborg types, and rarely seeing her health go below 75%.  Whenever she was mobbed, she would switch to using her current best Area of Effect Nuke, Brief Poison Fog, which is only a few damage points less than Chilling Stream, but damages all the mobs attacking her.

She then turned around and made the return trip and by this time, almost all of the cyborgs had respawned. Since she only saw two other players the whole time, she had the place to herself.  She netted about 6 Living Cyber Armor drops, the only downside being that they were all helmet pieces.  After taking out the infectors near the last leg before returning to the upper subway, she ran into Eumenides.  It was quite a battle, and she surely would not have survived without the health buff from Baba, but she was able to cast Chilling Stream fast enough to out damage him and when she looted the corpse, she did a little victory dance after seeing her prize was the Ring of the Nucleus Basalis, more NCU! The nice thing about this ring is that it levels up with your character.

What a difference, going from being the weakest, squishyest toon in one dungeon, to becoming a well oiled destroyer in the other dungeon.  Uplifted by her success, she may stick around the Subway for a few more nights, looking for the Living Cyber Armor pants or chest piece.  She may just pass on TOTW for a while, and instead may try some basic outdoor kiting once she is done with the Subway.




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